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Mozzie HQ

The girls all seemed very anxious for the next evening to come. They had all spent the entire afternoon cleaning up and redecorating, making the Mozzie HQ look as they had in the past. Moz wasn't really sure if their common room was large enough to hold the entire Mozquito tribe and the leaders from all the others, but Moz would make it work. Maybe it was time for some serious renovating. After all, they lived in a warehouse, which was next to other warehouses. They could probably manage to knock down some walls or put in some doors and expand. Especially if they got any new members. Moz grinned at the prospect. New girls to boss around and train. With time, they'd be a strong tribe again - Moz could feel it. The Mozzies had been through a lot. They had lost members, been betrayed, lied to - but no more.

Moz lay in her hanging cage bed, with her feet up. Today had been a good day. She was still feeling unbearably sad about the loss of her other girls, but was doing an excellent job of not letting it show. Showing emotion and weakness was the last thing Moz needed to do to build her tribe back up. But she would do it.
foolish mallrats

Mozzie HQ: Moz, Jade, and the Mozzies

Moz waited until everyone had eaten lunch and then shuffled them along into the common room to get their full attention. Marilyn, Frankie joined Jade on the couch, Pandora, Stella, and Chelsea gathered around the common room table, and Zora sprawled out on the floor. They all looked rather interested and were giving more attention than Moz thought many of them were capable of. Moz paced for a few minutes in the front of the room, and then stood and faced them directly, faintly smiling.

"As you all know by now, Marilyn and I are paid a little visit to Salene this morning. She played the sympathy card and claimed to have no idea that the color wars were as serious as they are. Now, that struck me as odd, as you know, she is our city "leader", and I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that she know these things. The Mall Rats have their militia, one of the largest tribes this city has ever seen, and are always out and about. So Salene was either lying through her teeth, or is truly even more incompetent than we ever imagined."

There was a little nodding among the other girls, and Marilyn added: "Tell them about Ebony, Moz..."

"I'm getting there. Anyway, after Salene and I chatted for a few, Ebony came storming in, defending Salene." All then girls instantly looked completely incredulous. "Yes, I thought that was strange as well. Ebony, our former ally, defending Salene. Now, I can't be sure, but it looks to me as though the Mall Rats are so busy having weddings and parties and welcoming new members that they are completely falling apart as an actual competent power in this city. While their numbers are stronger than ever, they seem weak. My favorite part of this is that I don't think that they think they're weak, but they are. They just don't know it yet. The teensiest feather would knock them all in the gutter, so to speak."

"Well...what are we going to do, Moz?" Frankie added in.

"You'll see. Tomorrow night when all the other tribes arrive, you will all know exactly what we are going to do."
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foolish mallrats

Mozzie HQ

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Moz looked up just as the rest of her tribe came shuffling back in the door. "Your meetings done?"

Zora was the first to speak up. "Everyone's coming, Moz. Leaders from the Jackals, the Orphans, and the Amazons."

"Good, good." Moz smiled. "I talked to Jet, she's coming too."

Frankie looked anxious. "What is the meeting about, exaxtly, Moz"

"Better yet," Chelsea interrupted, "how did your meeting with Salene go?"

"Well, well, it went well. I'm going to go get some lunch." Moz motioned to Jade. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the rest of my tribe? You were asleep when they all came barging in last night." She turned back to the others. "We'll all get something to eat, and then I'll tell you all about the meeting."

foolish mallrats

Mozzie HQ: Moz (Marilyn), Jade

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Moz nodded at Jade. "Glad you're feeling better." In reality, Moz didn't really care. Her old tribe members were still dead, and this new girl was still pretty much a total stranger. But, be nice. Moz was trying very hard to be nice.

"You made lunch?" With what? Moz knew there was no food. But, oh well. Maybe she had something of her own, or maybe the other girls dropped off food before heading out to visit tribe leaders. "Oh..the meeting went well." Moz smiled smugly. "You know Salene, always trying and promising to satisfy everyone while in reality she does absolutely nothing. But, the meeting went well."
foolish mallrats

The Mozzies and the Gulls: At the Markets

Moz stood around at the Markets feeling especially irritated with her Tribe. They had very little to trade, so they were going to end up with very little food. Moz thought bitterly of the bags of Ms she had back home that she had recieved from her deal with Ebony. How quickly they had become useless. She didn't know why she had ever listened to Ebony. When Moz had unfairly lost the election, she should have done something - anything - but get involved with Ebony. Moz was filled with disgust as she wondered with dismay how their City Leader situation had gone from bad to worse.

She sighed as she realized this outing was going to take much longer than expected. She knew she had to get to the Mall, and gestured for her Tribe to gather in a corner where they would not be heard. "Marilyn, you come with me. We have to go pay a visit to Salene now."

The other girls looked dissappointed that they weren't going to get to come. "Stop your whining. The rest of you, stay here and don't go back until we actually have something to eat. Besides, we can't logically all go storming into the Mall, it'll look like an attack. And we certainly can't have that. Marilyn and I will give you a full report of what goes on, I promise."

Zora piped up. "Don't do anything stupid, Moz. The Mallrats, they have a lot of members, and....."

"Don't worry about us. Like I said, we're just gonna make nice today. They'll never see anything coming, I promise."

Moz and Marilyn walked away from the rest of their Tribe towards the Mall, with Moz feeling more confident than ever.
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The Moz Nest, Morning

Moz slept fitfully all night, and awoke as the first rays of light crept in through the tiny windows. She climbed out of her nest and walked into the kitchen, grumbling at the utter lack of food. "God, how much did those girls eat last night?" She'd have to send someone to the markets today to trade for something. Moz pulled out a loaf of bread and put it on the table. They weren't going to starve just yet, but Moz would feel better if her cupboards weren't so bare.

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Moz grinned as she sat down at the table and cut herself a slice of bread. Those Mallrats had better watch out....</p>
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foolish mallrats

The Moz Nest

Moz lay quietly in her bed, thinking. She could hear the other girls chatting in the other room, shushing each other occaisonally so as to not wake her. Not that it mattered - Moz couldn't sleep if she tried.

How could four members of her tribe be dead? Riz, Kay, Terri, and Erica - they had been the whole tribe for so long now. When the Technos took the rest of her mozzies, and Dee had abandoned them, they were closer than ever. And now they were all dead. How was it that Moz could lose four tribe members in one day, but the Mall Rats never lost anyone? Moz grumbled silently under her breath. The Mall Rats had no right to be as powerful as they were. What had they contributed to the city? Money. That had lasted all of a month - they had been too foolish not to realize that money didn't and wouldn't work anymore. An election. An election that Moz should have won.

Sure, the Mall Rats sent Dee and Lex around the city to keep the peace. Some good that did. Dee had been a useful member of the Mozquitos, and now she was a sherrif who couldn't even prevent fights from breaking out. She was wasted with them. The only progress that had come since the virus was brought by the Technos. Seemed that these days a tribe had to be ruthless and destructive to bring about any kind of change. Moz understood that, but not the Mall Rats.

Salene had no business running any tribe at all, never mind the entire city.  That should've been Moz's job from the beginning. For all the preaching Salene did about wanting to stop the color wars, she seemed to sit in her cushy little mall an awful lot. Maybe if she actually ran the city like she was supposed to, Moz's tribe would still be intact. Someone strong needed to be leading the city out the Techno Era, and that person should be Moz. Not Salene. Salene and the rest of her stupid Mall Rats were now directly responsible for the death of not one but four of her Mozzies.

They would pay. Moz had made up her mind. The Mall Rats had been stepping on toes for far too long now, and Moz wasn't going to take it any more. She would get her revenge.

The other girls came back from the kitchen, and Moz climbed out of her nest as they all sat down on the couches.

"Moz, are you alright? Do you need anything?" Marilyn asked. Pandora and Zora looked concerned.

"What are we gonna do about it?" Chelsea asked. Frankie looked ready for battle.

Moz stood up and started pacing around the Moz Nest. "We're gonna take back what's ours. Get revenge. The Mall Rats have been on top too long, and I'm not going to stand for it anymore."

"But.." Stella added, "Shouldn't we think about it first? I mean, it wasn't all the Mall Rats fault and we need to plan it out, and not rush into anything; we can't afford to lose anyone else."

Moz shook her head, heading back to her nest. "Get some rest, girls. You're gonna need it."

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Out with the Old, in with the New: Mozzie HQ

Moz sat up straight, the door to her nest had just burst open, the air blowing in, and what looked like 6 random street kids came walking in, one obviously very seriously hurt. "Get out of here!" she cried, standing up and cracking her whip, "What do I look like, the Mall, you want a hospital, drag that one out there!" She couldn't see their faces, it didn't matter too much. Jade was napping, she did a lot of that lately, and Riz had taken Kay and Terri out to do a little reconnaissance, information gathering, and shopping for the Tribe. Moz had stayed behind, she was not the domestic type, and she hated to do the real dirty work. They'd been gone a while now, but she wasn't concerned, she'd even been dozing a little, relaxing and trying to think of her next step when taking down the Mall Rats.

The door of the nest slammed shut behind the kids and her eyes darkened to the sudden light change, "Get out I said!"

"M-Moz?" a distinctive voice asked, squinting into the darkness of the nest. It had been a long time since these 6 had been in the nest, the Techno invasion had seen them put into a caravan and shipped off to a camp. It had been a long road home when the camp had fallen, but they were here, and Moz, their fearless leader, stood before them ordering them to get out.

"Marilyn?" Moz asked, almost incredulously, and her eyes, now adjusting to the light, landed on the other five, Frankie, Chelsea, Pandora, Stella, and a very clearly injured Zora. "What...where have you been?" She motioned for Stella and Pandora to put Zora in one of the dangling globe beds, walking up to Frankie and Marilyn, examining them. How, in all of the time that she'd been searching for her Mozzies, how had six of them suddenly found their way home? Moz almost felt like it was a trap, wondering if they hadn't been sent by someone.

"Moz! We thought you were dead! When the Techno's came, they chased us in the streets and loaded so many of us onto a caravan. The six of us," Frankie motioned loosely around the room, "We were put into a work camp almost out in the badlands, far away from here. We thought we'd never get home, but here we are!" Her catsuit was decidedly dirty, they were all torn here and there, they had lost their Mozzie Masks, but they were alive!

Moz was speechless, and then suddenly she was overwhelmed, though she didn't show it. "It's good to have you back. Get yourselves cleaned up, look around for clean suits and such, I'm sure we have some left over," she waved around the room herself and marched back towards the place she'd been lounging when they'd arrived, unable to hide the smallest hint of a smile. It was good to have her Mozzies back, that made 11 plus herself. Wait until Riz got back!

"There's more to tell you, it's about Riz," Marilyn said, watching as Moz stopped in her tracks and waited. "And Kay, and Terri. Erica too. We, on the way here, we were stopped by a group of kids in red and blue headbands, they were fighting and they had the kinds of guns the Techno's carried, Erica was fighting on the red side it looked like," Marilyn paused and looked to Stella who had rejoined her along with Pandora and Chelsea.

"Yeah Moz, uh, well, I guess those red and blue kids didn't like them interferin. Well, and Erica, she shot first," Stella was unable to finish, she couldn't tell her, it was too awful to even comprehend.

Chelsea rolled her eyes and stepped forward, "Look Moz, Erica shot Kay and she went down. Riz and Terri, well they attacked Erica, and it was a lot of noise and a big light show, but when the dust settled, well they was dead," she had a sour look on her face, the hurt of losing Tribe members was evident under her annoyance at the method.

Moz stood stock still, her eyes were wide with disbelief, and her breathing was shallow, she felt like she was going crazy, had these girls, who'd been gone for a while and just now returned, were they saying that Riz, her Riz, and Terri and Kay, they were gone? "What about Erica?" Moz was in shock, she didn't care about Erica, she'd deserted them, and she was annoyed that this was the first thing to roll off of her tongue.

"Yeah she's dead too," Chelsea replied easily, "They died, Moz, and some of them reds and blues. They're gone, it wasn't pretty but we checked em. They ain't comin back, but what do you care, we're here now!" She held her arms out and motioned around the nest, "Ain't it good to be home girls?!" A small cheer was given, they had traveled long and hard to be here, it was unpleasant to deliver news of their comrades downfall, but they were home now, surely that was cause to celebrate?

"Shut up you fools," Moz snapped, looking over her shoulder at them in irritation. "Have some god damn respect," she hissed before storming off to the part of the nest that was hers, flinging herself into her own bed and burying her face in her pillow. She was being a stupid girl, weak, but she liked Riz, she and Terri and Kay had helped Moz to rebuild at least a little bit of what the Mozzies were now, and just this morning they'd had what was almost like a family breakfast together, and now, they were simply just dead. Death. Moz hated death, everyone died and left you behind in the end, and now she had a vendetta, not just against Salene, their worthless city leader, but against the Mall Rats and these damn color wars. No one was doing anything about it and now, now members of HER Tribe had died, and they weren't going to get away with this!

The 5 girls who weren't hurt looked at each other in silence. There was some girl resting in one of the nests that they didn't recognize, but they figured she must be a new Mozzie and let her be. Zora, who had been hurt on the way home, really just needed some rest, and some cleaning up, and they weren't that worried about her really. They headed into the kitchen to get some food, there was plenty of time to get cleaned up, for now, however, they were just really glad to be home, despite anything else going on around here.
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Brunch - Mozzie HQ

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Terri turned as Jade entered the kitchen. "Sure, if you want to help. There's some fruit if you want to wash it off. I found some eggs at the market yesterday, so I thought I'd make them. And we've got some bread." She went to the stove to turn it the burner on. "It's no gourmet breakfast, but it'll do. It's a bit easier since the power and water got turned on."
The club they'd taken over had a kitchen, though it had been of minimal use originally. Now it got used more often, although she was usually the one using it, Terri couldn't help but think.

"Wonder how much longer we'll have either." Moz commented from the doorway. "Nobody's working at the power plants now-a-days."
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