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[spn] dean - look away from me.

fic: the last of the great pretenders (spn/teen wolf)

Hey guys. I wrote a thing!

the last of the great pretenders
Derek Hale/Dean Winchester
Explicit. 3,825 words. PWP.

“The last time I fucked a hunter, she burned my family’s house down,” he grits out. He grabs the guy’s hair and yanks his head back, licking over the mark he’s left on pale, freckle dusted skin. “What’s to say you’re any different?”

“I know what fire can do.” He laughs, but there’s no humor in it, only pain. “I know what it can take away, trust me.”

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[spn] sam - a hint of a spark.

fic: Malibu Jared©: Anniversary Edition (j2, pg-13)

Title: Malibu Jared©: Anniversary Edition
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 3,000
Warnings: Unapologetic domestic schmoop.
Disclaimer: Look up fiction in the dictionary. You won’t find a picture of this story, but the definition of the word ‘fiction’, which this is.
Summary: Ryan isn't the only one that's a bit nervous about her getting older. (Timestamp to Malibu Jared©.)

Notes: This was written for trueshellz, who requested a Malibu Jared© timestamp that somehow included Chad for help_japan. I hope this fits the bill! Thanks to kamikaze_redux for the beta. ♥

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[fic] atsttm - boys!

fic: little victories [sunset 'verse] (j2, pg-13)

Title: little victories
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Josh (Jared/Jensen)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 2,800
Warnings: References to homophobia.

Summary: Josh has a lot of atoning to do when it comes to his little brother, and he intends to start as soon as possible. (A timestamp for as this sunset turns to morning. Josh POV.)

Notes: This is for the wonderful and amazing Emilie, who requested this in my charity exchange far too long ago. This Josh was very resistant to me poking around in his head, but I finally wore him down. I hope you like it! Thanks to kamikaze_redux for the speedy beta. ♥

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[spn] dean/cas - the things we don't say

fic: run right into you (sam/dean/cas, adult, collab with obstinatrix)

Ah, we've reached the end. ... Or have we?

Title: run right into you
Authors: _mournthewicked & obstinatrix
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean/Castiel.
Rating: Adult.
Word Count: ~ 8,500
Warnings: Mentions of underage sex and celestial voyeurism.

Summary: What the three of them have is all sorts of complicated, but it works. It works really well, actually, and at the tail end of a very bad day, Castiel just wants to go somewhere that he knows he belongs. Sam and Dean can give him that. (Follows like a slow fire burn and we crash and we roll.)

Notes: And this is it, my friends. The end of our wincestiel trilogy. We had a blast churning out all this porn, that's for sure. Thanks to kamikaze_redux for the beta. All titles from this 'verse come from the song Run by Matt Nathanson. ♥

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[spn] castiel - earth angel be mine.

fic: we crash and we roll (sam/dean, sam/dean/castiel, adult. collab with obstinatrix.)

WE ARE LIKE PORN MACHINES! That's 26k words of porn in TWELVE DAYS! Oh, the sexual tension~

Title: we crash and we roll
Authors: _mournthewicked & obstinatrix
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Castiel
Rating: Adult.
Word Count: ~ 12,300
Warnings: Mentions of underage sex.

Summary: After Cas set them straight about heaven's non-interest in the issue, Dean and Sam, with intermittent Cas, have fallen into something of a routine. Everything is awesome and becoming familiar, until the day Cas shows up and asks for something unexpected. (Sequel to like a slow fire burn.)

Notes: Apparently we were not quite done. As always, thanks to kamikaze_redux for the beta!

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[spn] team free will - business class.

fic: like a slow fire burn (sam/dean, sam/dean/castiel, adult. collab with obstinatrix.)

Title: like a slow fire burn
Authors: _mournthewicked & obstinatrix
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Castiel
Rating: Adult.
Word Count: ~ 13,000
Warnings: Minor drug use. Shotgunning. Plot completely ignored in favor of porn.

Summary: So maybe, when they're both under the influence, the Winchesters like to mess around. It's no big deal, except for the part where they're afraid to mention it in the cold light of day. And then there's weed, and Cas's insane angel logic, and somehow Dean ends the night with all the shame plowed right out of him.

Notes: Once upon a time, _mournthewicked and obstinatrix bonded over their love of shotgunning and threesomes, and thus, an unholy union was formed. This is what became of it. Eternal gratitude to kamikaze_redux for the beta. ♥

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