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I just... need this here. Guh, just guh.


I found this floating around tumblr with no credit. I know it was taken at vancon, but that's about it. If you know who took/edited this, please let me know so I can bow at their feet add proper credit.
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Sigh. I'm still blocked. Can't write anything. And I've been getting really bad migraines. I've always had a history of migraines but the last couple of weeks I've been getting them insanely frequently. Maybe I'm thinking too hard.

Anyway, I've turned to using my creative energy in photoshop, since I can't seem to use it in word. And since I've recently become obsessed with tumblr (follow me!) and I co-run fuckyeahrobbenedict, I keep making these little picspammy things. My goal is to do one from all his random roles for as long as it keeps me amused.

And it's fun, but I'd rather be writing.

Anyway, dumping them here for posterity's sake, with accompanying quotes.

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[boys] benedict - put on a happy face.

this is a rob benedict post.

So, guys, I'm smitten.

I've had a crush on Rob Benedict since Waiting, because let's face it, I always crush on the cute little nerdy guy. But yeah, it didn't get insane until he was on show, of course. And it didn't get intense until I discovered Louden Swain. Yes, the way to Carly's heart is through her one working ear. (Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on the true beauty of music because I am deaf in one ear. Like, maybe there's some certain magical sound that can only be heard through the left side of your head, and I'm screwed.)


woodstarling shares my deep appreciation for all things Rob, and we've taken to tracking down pretty much everything he's been in. (Fun fact: Rob's filmography reads like a list of amateur porn. Seriously, check it out.)

Last night we started watching Head Case, which is this obscure show he did for Starz a few years ago. He plays this douchebag talent agent in L.A. and just, wow. Funny shit. A lot of the show is improv and Rob just kills it. I can tell you from personal experience that Rob is a Nice Guy, and it seems it's always those guys that play douchebag so damn well.

Also, Rob Benedict on the beach in a tiny neon green thong. Yeah, whatever, I watch for the plot. BUT GODDAMNIT HE IS TOO AMAZING.

Anyway, to the real reason for this post. I am head over heels in love with tumblr now (my personal account is HERE if you haven't yet followed me). And so, with a little help from my friends, I give you:


As far as we know, this is the only tumblr out there dedicated to this rockin' dude. So yes, click. Follow. Tell your friends. We're going to try to post lesser known photos of Rob, but anything Rob (AND OF COURSE CHUCK FUCKING SHURLEY) related is definitely welcome.

Follow it. The power of Rob compels you.
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Some of you may have wondered where I got my user name, and the answer is of course, the musical Wicked. I have loved this musical ever since it first came out back in 2003. I got to see it performed in the summer of 2005, and tonight, I will see it again! This musical means so much to me, and I cannot wait to watch this marvelous story played out in front of me again!

I'm about to head to San Francisco with woodstarling where we will spend a marvelous weekend in the city with the always amazing juice817. Tonight, Wicked. Tomorrow, the city. Sunday, THE WORLDmoar city!

It's going to be a good weekend. I can feel it ~in the air~.

P to the S. During the Louden Swain webchat last night they talked about my tattoo, and Rob said that it was very touching and they seemed genuinely excited about it. It doesn't beat teh time I showed Andrew McMahon my Jack's Mannequin tattoo. He like, literally flailed with joy. That was one of the most epic moments of my entire life. But yes, it was happy making.

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Okay, someday soon I will stop talking about Louden Swain, but today is.. not that day! (P.S. This crossposted from louden_swain somewhat, so sorry if you get double posts!)

So check it out: The band is holding a street team contest. If the video I've embedded below hits 2,000 views, the band will hold a special web chat exclusively for street team members! NEAT, RIGHT?

When we hit 2000 plays on YouTube for this particular video we will hold an exclusive live webchat just for Street Team Members! (there's well over 100 street teamers, so that's just 20 plays per member!) We'll give you an hour of our undivided attention to chat, we can talk about our summer vacations, and maybe we'll even bust out a tune and serenade you... :)

So watch the video below (over and over, even) and be sure to sign up for the street team HERE at ReverbNation!

COME ON, GUYS! LET'S DO THIS! Seriously, if you all just clicked and let it play in the background even, I'd be forever grateful. ♥

And if you haven't heard Louden Swain, here's a nifty little widget to listen to their music!

Okay.. done now. For real.