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miss california.
03 April 2010 @ 07:08 pm
Let me preface this by saying that I have literally never been more tired in my entire life. I’ve taken what can only be called little naps since last Wednesday. I’ve gotten to that point of exhaustion where I can’t even SLEEP, I’m so tired. But anyway.

LA CON 2010!
Baby’s First Convention

Beneath the cut I will talk about road trips and spit takes and getting gay married and not-sleeping in shitty hotel room beds. And oh yeah, meeting those dudes from that show I like.

It’s a way too fucking detailed account, but my memory sucks and I’d like to look back on this later in life. BEWARE: This took me four days to finish and it's almost 10k words. I don't know.

friday; driving, more driving, a tricky angel, a prophet, a kick ass rock show, and booze. lots of booze.Collapse )

saturday; a couple of dicks with wings and some ghost hunting rock starsCollapse )

sunday; some hunter dudes and the fucking devil. and also more booze.Collapse )

monday; funnel cakes on the beach, goodbyes, driving, and more drivingCollapse )