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fic: absence from those we love (j2, adult.) master post.

Oh man, finally. Have some fic!

Title: absence from those we love
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Adult.
Word Count: ~ 41,000
Warnings: Minor drug use, and a slightly clueless protagonist with a massive size kink.
Disclaimer: Look up fiction in the dictionary. You won’t find a picture of this story, but the definition of the word ‘fiction’, which this is.

Summary: Jensen Ackles led a great life. It just wasn’t the one he planned on. Now he’s newly single, stuck at a job he hates, and sharing an apartment with his lovably psychotic best friend. When he’s given the chance to go back and do it all over again, he leaps at it. Only he soon comes to realize that no matter what’s in front of him, it’s impossible to leave the past behind. Considering what he’d be giving up, he might not even want to. (17 Again - J2 Style.)

Notes: This was written for an incredibly generous participant of my charity exchange who wishes to remain anonymous. She let me have free reign over the story, and when I suggested this idea she was crazy enough to let me run with it. I hope she likes it. ♥ This really is one of my favorite movies. It always picks me up when I'm feeling down, and I've been wanting to write my own version of it for awhile. Massive thanks to my cheerleader and beta kamikaze_redux. Without her, this story wouldn't exist. All art was made by me. Title taken from William Shakespeare. Enjoy. ♥

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