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hey guys, long time no lj. jfc this new interface is ugly.

ANYWAY. Last night it was brought to my attention that this person over on ao3 had stolen my story 'as this sunset turns to morning' in a way that was really bizarre. It wasn't an exact plagiarism in that they just copied and pasted it over, but were in fact rewriting the story line by line, scene by scent. It was all the same, same characters, details, names, locations, plot, emotions, everything, but rewritten. Apparently they thought this wasn't stealing? I don't know. Once people started commenting about it, she took it down.

But there's still one work up that me and some friends know we've read before, but we can't place it. It's really bothering us, and we're hoping some one can name the original fic. It's probably older, since it has the Smallville guys in it. Please take a look at the summary and let me know if it's familiar to you so we can get it taken down as well.

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