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fic: undercover lover (reinventing love 'verse) - j2, pg-13

Title: undercover lover
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 1,100
Warnings: Complete lack of anything resembling angst.
Disclaimer: Look up fiction in the dictionary. You won’t find a picture of this story, but the definition of the word ‘fiction’, which this is.
Summary: To this day, Jensen and Jared still have no idea just how sneaky they were not.

Notes: This is a timestamp in the reinventing love 'verse and it takes place just before you can breathe now. This is for erinwren, who participated in my recent charity exchange. ♥ Beta by the always fabulous kamikaze_redux.

The two of them decided early on that they would wait to tell their parents about their new relationship until they’d had time to settle into it themselves. This was, of course, code for ‘have lots and lots of sex’. Also, they were sort of worried that the ‘rents would put a stop to their, well, sleepovers, for lack of a better term.

Jared and Jensen have been crashing in each other’s beds for as long as they can remember, but they weren’t quite certain that the moms and dads would let that continue if they knew what exactly was going on under the covers now.

So for the beginning of that first summer, it remains a secret. A horribly kept secret, of course, but a secret all the same. It’s Wednesday night and Jared and Jensen are on the couch in Jensen’s living room. Jensen is using Jared’s lap as a pillow, which is something that would have been completely normal even before they started dating, and maybe that should have told them something. Josh and Jeff don’t curl up together. Or maybe they do. Jensen doesn’t really want to look too hard into their relationship.

The only difference is that now Jared rests his giant hand on the flat of Jensen’s tummy, rather than the back of the sofa, and Jensen busies himself with stroking the smooth inside of Jared’s wrist as they watch television. But then Jared’s fingers sneak their way under the hem of Jensen’s shirt, creeping teasingly along the curve of his hip. Jensen shivers, fingers gripping Jared’s wrist.

“Hey.” Jensen looks up at the same moment that Jared looks down, and he jerks his head towards the dining room, where his parents are sitting and going over monthly expenses or whatever the hell people do at the kitchen table when there isn’t food on it.

But Jared, he just smirks and slides his hand up the center of Jensen’s chest, flicking his thumbnail over a nipple before pinching it until it stiffens up. Jensen hisses and shifts his hips, immediately eager to have Jared’s naked body all to himself. He’s so easy when it comes to Jared, but he supposes two years of sexual frustration will do that to a guy. As it is, Jared’s currently sporting a pretty impressive hickey on his neck. Turns out Jensen is pretty possessive, and Jared really doesn’t mind.

Jared leans over, twists his hips until he can press his mouth to the curve of Jensen’s jaw. They’re hidden from view by the back of the sofa, but it’s still a bit risky.

“Let’s go up to your room,” Jared whispers, breath hot against Jensen’s skin. “I want to suck you. Bet I can go deeper now. Wanna practice.”

Jared’s first attempt at giving a blowjob was a disaster. Or as much of a disaster as finally having the perfect mouth of the guy you’ve been fantasizing about on your dick can possibly be, which isn’t really much of a disaster at all. It’s not that Jared wasn’t into it. In fact, he was a bit too into it. He kept getting too eager and choking on Jensen’s dick, which was all sorts of dirty-hot, and Jensen had to finally grab fistfuls of Jared’s hair and physically pull him back.

And if Jared wants to practice, who the hell is Jensen to keep him from bettering himself?


It’s a good thing that Donna and Alan aren’t half as dumb as their children seem to think they are, or they’d never get anything done.

“Hey guys?” They look up from their books to see Jared and Jensen’s heads pop over the back of the couch. Jensen’s flushed pink and Jared’s eyes are wide. Donna raises an eyebrow and shares a quick look with Alan.

“What’s up, boys?” Jared and Jensen share a quick, dumbstruck look with each other. Donna watches as her son’s cheeks get even more pink, eyes going soft and fond as he bites down on his bottom lip. He finally clears his throat and looks back over to her.

“Uh, can Jared spend the night?” He asks, and Jared’s eyes go all big and pleading like they do when he wants Donna to make him something to eat. That finally gets Alan to close his book and prop his chin on his hand, looking at Jared and Jensen like they’re asking him to solve a mathematical equation.

“Since when do you ask if Jared can spend the night?” Donna asks, and the boys straighten up a little. “I usually never even realize he’s here until he stumbles down in the morning and demands waffles.”

“I like your waffles,” Jared says quickly, tilting his head to the side in a way that was adorable when he was six. “Can I please?”

Donna narrows her eyes and shares another suspicious look with her husband. “It’s fine if Jared spends the night,” she says slowly. “It always is.”

“Awesome, thanks!” They scramble off of the sofa and head towards the stairs. “We’re uh, pretty tired so we’re just gonna, uh, watch a movie and go to sleep. So, we’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night!” Jared chases Jensen up the stairs and Donna blinks as the two of them actually giggle as soon as they disappear from view.

Jensen’s bedroom door slams shut and Donna looks over at Alan, who’s busy narrowing his eyes in the direction of the stairs.

“So,” Donna says. “How long should we keep waiting for them to tell us that they’re doing it?”

“They honestly think that they’re being subtle?” Alan asks, smirking as he looks over at her. “They’re not just fucking with us?”

Donna just laughs and reaches over to pat the back of Alan’s hand. “They’ll tell us when they’re ready.” She nods decisively and smirks up at the ceiling. “We’ll just let them keep thinking they’re being sneaky.”

“And we’ll keep laughing at them behind their backs, right?”

“Well, of course.”


“We’re in the clear.” Jensen locks his bedroom door and spins around to grin predatorily at his boyfriend. “Now I believe you said you wanted to practice your blowjob technique? I suppose I could help you out.”

“You’re such a giver.” Jared grabs Jensen by the hips and shoves him down onto the bed, smiling at him as he slinks down to his knees.

Jensen just grins and lifts his ass when Jared pulls his jeans down.

Tags: charity fic, fic, jared and jensen are in love, reinventing love verse, rps

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