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fic: this time is ours [love 'verse] - part two.

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“Well, this is super awkward.”

James shuffles his feet and looks over at Jeff, who has his arms wrapped around his bare torso like a teenage girl at a pool party.

“We’re men amongst men,” James says, and reaches out to pinch Jeff’s ass just for the hell of it. Jeff actually squeaks and James lets out a cackle.

“Not cool, man,” Jeff says, reaching back to rub the spot. “Why do we all have to do this at the same time?”

“Solidarity,” James replies, and Josh scoffs.

They’re all in the main fitting room of Alexander’s Tuxedo Emporium, and they’re all in their underwear. The Ackles and Padalecki boys had opted to join him and Misha on their journey to get their tuxes. No one could get a hold of Chad, so he’s on his own.

“No, seriously,” Josh asks. “Why are we all in our underwear?”

“I think the better question is, out of all the grown ass men in the room, why do the teenagers have the best bodies?” Misha asks, eyeing Jared and Jensen appraisingly. Jensen bows with a flourish and Jared strikes a bodybuilder pose, muscles flexing under the harsh lighting.

“What? No, fuck off,” Jeff scoffs, and James turns to look him up and down. “No way Jared is more ripped than me.”

“Dream on, big brother,” Jared says, baring his teeth in a grin. “You’re getting saggy in your old age.”

“I’m twenty-two, you little bitch,” Jeff snarls. “Alright, fuck this. We settle this right here.”

Jeff stalks over to the table in the corner and sits down, resting his elbow on the surface and holding his hand open expectantly. Jared raises a brow and Misha snorts a laugh into his first.

“Jeff, are you asking me to naked arm wrestle you in the back room of a discount tuxedo rental shop?” Jared asks, raising a delicate brow. Jeff merely stares challengingly at him, and Jared rolls his eyes as he drops into the seat across from him. “Are you sure, big brother?”

“Shut your mouth, beanpole. I will rule you.”

“I’ve got ten bucks on the kid!” Misha shouts, and James grins as he tosses his arm around Misha’s shoulders and pulls him in close. Jensen comes up behind Jared in his tiny black briefs, rubbing his shoulders and dabbing his forehead with a handkerchief.

“Are we making this interesting?” Jared asks, and Jeff reaches over to cuff him on the side of his head. “Ow, you fucker.”

“And here we have the straight male,” James starts, making a box with his fingers and looking at Jeff through it. “Notice how his hackles rise when his position as the alpha has been brought into question.”

Jeff holds up the middle finger of his free hand, growling when Jared takes his other.

“Kick his little snot-nosed ass, man!” Josh calls out from his place next to Jeff. Jensen tosses a sneaker at him and Misha ducks it as he leans in between them to rest his hands on top of Jared and Jeff’s.

“Two men enter, one man leaves,” he rasps, and Jared and Jeff glare into each other’s eyes with the kind of intense focus that only a sibling rivalry can bring. “Three, two, one, go!”

Misha pulls away and James snags him by the waist, all of them catcalling and cheering as Jared and Jeff push against each other’s fist.

“Holy shit,” Misha says against James’s ear. “Look at Jared. I think he’s gonna pop a blood vessel.”

“If Jeff loses, he’s going to cry,” James responds, and Misha scoffs out a laugh. Jensen pounds on Jared’s back, cheering loudly as Jeff’s hand starts to sink. Jeff counters it, face beet red as he pushes back. “This is… taking a really long time.”

“You cannot defeat me!” Jared shouts, and lets out a loud cry as he slams Jeff’s hand to the table.

“And Jared is the champion!” Misha calls out, and Jared barely has time to grin smarmily before Jeff is tackling him to the floor. “Oh, shit.”

“Get off me!” Jared shouts, pushing at Jeff’s shoulders. “Ugh, you asshole!”

“I could film this and make loads in the gay kink market,” James observes, and Misha turns to raise an eyebrow.


“Of money, you sick fuck.”

“You’re the one cracking jokes about breaking into the gay incest porn market, and I’m the sick fuck?” Misha rolls his eyes, and when they turn back to the boys rolling around on the floor they see that Jensen and Josh are tugging at their respective Padalecki’s shoulders.

“Stop it, you two!” Jensen calls out. “You’re both manly and strong. There’s no need for all this violence!”

“What in the fresh hell is going on back here?”

Everyone in the room freezes at the sound of the newcomer’s voice, and Jeff pauses with one hand around Jared’s throat and the other pulled back over his shoulder to turn and look at the tailor.

“I, uh, probably should have mentioned that we can’t be trusted alone in a room together,” James tells him. “We will destroy it and everything you love.” As the tailor’s eyes widen comically, James laughs and takes a step forward. “I’m kidding, man. Just a little roughhousing between friends. Boys will be boys, you know. Even in their skivvies.”

“Can we just get this over with?” Josh asks, and James looks over his shoulder to see Jared and Jeff pulling themselves up off of the floor. They’re both pouting like children, and when Jared reaches out to petulantly push Jeff by the shoulder, his brother pushes right back. Josh and Jensen roll their eyes in unison and push the brothers into each other, and they finally hug it out.

“Yes,” James chuckles. “Line ‘em up, boys! It’s time to get fancy.”

“I feel like a movie star right now.”

“Network television at best,” Jensen mutters as he signs his name again. He pulls back to look at it, comparing it to the other index cards with his signature on the table. “Okay, that’s ten. Trade me.”

Jared stacks his cards and they swap, smiling at each other.

“Okay, so we rank them,” Jared says, and Jensen nods decisively as he taps the stack on the tabletop.

“Yes, from one to ten,” Jensen clarifies. “One being free clinic doctor and ten being beloved celebrity.”

“Got it.” Jared leans over and snags a kiss before they get to work.

They have an appointment with a reputable tattoo artist in the city that afternoon, and they decided to sign their names ten times and let the other choose the one that would be their tattoo. Jensen is excited, heart fluttering wildly as he picks out his favorites.

It’s not long before they’re in the car, Jensen behind the wheel and Jared holding onto two index cards in the passenger seat. He hasn’t wiped the grin off of his face all day, and it warms Jensen’s heart to know that he put it there.

He swings into a parking space in front of the tattoo parlor, a small brick building tucked between an Italian restaurant and a clothing boutique. He cuts the engine and chuckles when he feels Jared’s lips on his cheek, damp and soft.

“You know how much I love you, right?” Jared asks, and Jensen lets out a soft hum as he leans back against the seat.

“Mm, not sure I do,” Jensen says through a grin. “Why don’t you tell me?”

“We have an appointment, Jen,” Jared says as he unbuckles his seatbelt. “Not exactly enough time for me to stroke your giant ego.”

“You’re tattooing my name on your beautifully sculpted torso.” Jensen leans over and snags Jared’s lips in a quick kiss. “That’ll do.”

They get out of the car and head into the shop together, tipping their heads up at the cool blast from the air conditioner. A blonde woman with colorful ink trailing down her arms perks up when she sees them, eyebrow arching high.

“Are you guys my four o’ clock?”

“That’d be us.” Jared grabs Jensen’s hand and tugs him away from the cool blast of air to bring him up to the counter.

“Well, if it isn’t my lucky day,” she says, and Jared and Jensen share a quick look. “Come on, boys. Let’s get you inked.”

The process is pretty much the same as Jensen half-drunkenly remembers from Santa Cruz. Their artist’s name is Katie and she checks their ID’s before having them fill out some paperwork, and soon enough Jensen is shirtless and resting in a chair that vaguely reminds him of the dentist’s office while Katie gets her supplies ready.

“What if it hurts and I cry like a girl?” Jensen asks, only half-joking. Jared chuckles and pulls a stool up next to his chair.

“You didn’t think it hurt last time,” Jared reminds him. “I remember you liking it.”

“I had enough tequila in me to sedate an elephant.” Katie slides up to his chair and pulls on a pair of bright blue latex gloves, smirking at him. She scrubs the spot over his heart with an alcohol swab and then presses the decal in place.

“How’s that?” She asks, holding a mirror up for Jensen to look into. “Are we good to go?”

Jensen looks at the decal, at the loops and points of Jared’s signature, and then turns his gaze to Jared’s face. His boyfriend’s eyes are bright, lips curved up in a smile, and Jensen lifts his fingers to touch Jared’s cheek as he nods.

“Ink it up, my dear,” Jensen tells her, and she grins at him as she grabs her tattoo gun from the tray. His heart hammers even more wildly and Jared takes his hand, fingers threading through his as Katie shifts into place.

“You’re awesome,” Jared tells him, leaning in to kiss his cheek.

“And don’t you ever – oh, shit.” He hisses as the needle touches his skin and Katie chuckles, waiting for him to settle before continuing. “Tequila definitely helped.”

Jared squeezes his hand again, eyes locked on the needle marking Jensen’s skin. Jensen takes a breath and holds Jared’s hand as his eyes slip shut and he relaxes into it. After a little while, the pain subsides into an almost pleasant buzz, stinging as it marks him.

It’s not very long before she’s done, and Jensen hisses as she wipes at it to clear away the excess ink and tiny drops of blood.

“All done,” she says, and hands Jensen the mirror.

“Wow.” Jared’s voice is soft and awed, and when Jensen looks in the mirror, Jared’s fingertips are just underneath the ink, where his skin is bright pink and raw. Jensen swallows hard at the sight of it, heart swelling and emotions tipping over.

“It’s beautiful,” Jensen says aloud, and Katie grins proudly as Jared kisses the corner of his mouth.

“You two are too cute,” she says. “Go ahead and switch places while I switch out my needle, and we’ll mark Jared up nice and pretty for you too.”

“I love you,” Jared says when she turns around, lips hot against Jensen’s mouth. “Love you so much.”

“Mm, love you.” Jensen kisses him soundly before sitting up, going over to a larger mirror to inspect his tattoo as Jared gets his shirt off to climb into the chair. Katie catches him to smear some ointment over the ink and when she covers it with a bandage, he’s almost disappointed.

“My turn!” Jared says happily, and Jensen rolls his eyes with fond exasperation as he drops down onto the stool and takes his boyfriend’s hand, skin still stinging pleasantly from his new tattoo.

“I’m not drinking nineteen shots, you jizzload.”

“But it’s your birthday!” Jeff slurs, tequila slopping over the side of a shot glass. “The rules of the birthday bash command you!”

“If I drink that much tequila, I will die,” Jared responds, taking a sip of his beer. “I promise you that I’ll get drunk and make a fool of myself, but I’m not putting myself into a coma to do it.”

“You selfish bastard.” Jeff slams back the shot himself, wincing at the burn, and Jared raises a brow. He watches as his brother pours another and thrusts it out, and this time Jared just rolls his eyes as he knocks it back.

“Mom’s going to be super blown if you give me alcohol poisoning, just saying.”

“She’ll get over it,” Jeff replies, and Jared rolls his eyes as he takes another drink of beer to soothe his throat.

“Why are you over here bothering me anyway?” Jared asks, and Jeff glowers at him. “Where’s Josh?”

“Who gives a shit?” Jeff replies harshly, and Jared blinks. “It’s not like we live up each other’s asses.”

“What’s going on with you two?”

“Nothing, Jared, shit.” Jeff grabs his beer and cracks it open with the ring on his left hand, a trick that he taught Jensen as soon as he was old enough to drink. Jared had never been able to master it because, well, he doesn’t wear rings. “Happy fuckin’ birthday.”

“Ooookay.” Jared watches as Jeff turns to slip back into the crowd, and thoughtfully takes another sip of his beer. He skims the crowd of people all packed into Josh and Jeff’s apartment. This is his birthday party, for all intents and purposes, but he knows less than half of the people in attendance. Par for the course, he supposes.

“Hey, hey. Padalecki.” Jared suddenly has an armful of inebriated Misha, and he quirks a brow as Misha kisses his cheek. “Happy birthday.”

“My, my. Aren’t you friendly tonight?” Misha rolls his eyes and gets up on his toes to press his temple to Jared’s cheek. “What’s going on?”

“I’m supposed to fetch you for a private party on the balcony,” Misha tells him quietly, and Jared chuckles when Misha’s lips find the bolt of his jaw.

“Okay, you’re trashed,” Jared says fondly, arm tightening around his waist. “And while I quite enjoy this warm and fuzzy side of you, perhaps we should find our boyfriends before they punish us with death.”

“They’re on the balcony,” Misha says, tugging Jared through the crowd. “James has your boyfriend.”

“That’s nine different levels of ominous,” Jared mutters, and Misha gives him a toothy grin before opening the door to the balcony and dragging him out onto it. He shuts the door behind them, shutting out most of the noise from inside. James and Jensen are sitting on the floor, backs pressed up against the railing with Jensen tucked up under James’s shoulder.

It used to be that Jared would always find Jensen out here smoking a cigarette, and he’s glad that’s no longer the case. He’s so proud of Jensen for quitting and sticking to it, and he smiles indulgently down at his boyfriend.

“Trade you,” Jared offers, nudging Misha forward without letting go of his waist. James grins up at him and lifts his arm from Jensen’s shoulder. Misha takes Jensen’s hand and hauls him up, kissing his cheek with a smacking sound before taking his place. Jensen tips forward into Jared’s arms, and they both hiss at the pressure on their new tattoos.

“You’re such a traditionalist,” James says with mock disdain, winking at Jared as he and Jensen settle down onto the floor across from them. “I have something for you.”

“I hope-slash-assume that it’s illegal.” Jared tilts his head up as Jensen’s lips find the sensitive spot on his neck just before he sucks Jared’s earlobe into his mouth. Jared rubs his back and rewards him with a soft moan. Misplaced oral fixation or not, it feels really good. “Because I feel like I have some catching up to do to reach the levels of fucked up that you all seem to have achieved.”

“You’re in luck, then.” James grins at him as he pulls a plastic bag from his pocket and extracts a joint. “I’m not sharing this shit with anyone else. It’s for you and yours on the glorious occasion of your birth.”

“And me,” Misha says happily, nuzzling James’s jaw with a smile. “Me too.”

“I love stoned Misha,” Jared chuckles, and Jensen laughs into his neck before peppering the skin with soft kisses. “James, will you do the honors?”

James grins and pulls the joint between his lips, Misha’s eyes on it as he lights the end and inhales deeply. His eyes slip shut and he holds the joint between two fingers as he tips his head back to exhale. Jared leans forward to take it, and James opens his eyes to look at him.

“Take it easy, sparky.” Jared flips him off and then takes a long, slow drag, eyes slipping shut as his lungs fill with smoke. He thumbs at Jensen’s mouth and then turns his head, opening his mouth against Jensen’s and exhaling. Jensen hums happily and flicks his tongue over Jared’s lips before pulling away.

Jensen exhales and takes his own hit, handing it over to Misha before burying his fingers in Jared’s hair to shotgun the smoke back to him.

It’s not long before they’re stoned, the alcohol just making everything more fuzzy and relaxed as they bask in the balmy night air.

“Thanks James,” Jared says slowly, shivering at the feel of Jensen’s tongue behind his ear. “You’re the best.”

“It’s good to be king.” James turns his head to catch Misha’s lips in a kiss and Jared smiles at them fondly even as a lazy spark of arousal flips over in his belly. He pulls Jensen onto his lap and presses their mouths together, teeth scraping across his lower lip.

Both couples lose themselves in each other for a bit, relaxed and happy. Jared slips his hands under Jensen’s shirt, tracing patterns at the base of his spine while sucking on his tongue.

Their quiet little bubble of stoned solitude is popped when the sliding glass door opens and Josh stumbles out onto it, knocking over an empty beer bottle and sending it skittering across the pavement.

“James, goddamnit.” That’s all the warning they get before Josh points a bottle of Febreze at them and pulls the trigger. Jensen pulls away from Jared’s mouth, shrinking away from the falling mist like a startled animal. “If your stoner ass gets me evicted, I’m going to kick you in the taint.”

“Fine!” James coughs and waves his hand in front of his face. “We’re about done anyway, asshole.”

“Give me a hit and I won’t 86 you from my party,” Josh replies, dropping the Febreze and settling himself down on the other side of James.

“I guess I can share with our gracious host,” James says amiably, bringing the almost-dead joint back to his lips to light it. “Want to grab Jeff?”

“No,” Josh replies, and Jared raises a brow. He doesn’t have time to dwell on the reaction, however, before Jensen sets his teeth to Jared’s earlobe and tugs.

“Jared,” he breathes hotly, hand curling around Jared’s thigh to squeeze. “Jared, I need to go to the bathroom. And I need you to come with me. Please?”

“Go now,” Josh says, voice tight from the smoke in his lungs. “Because if I have to hear my baby brother beg for it, I will throw myself off this balcony.”

“What about me?” Misha asks with a sly grin. “Want to hear me beg for it?”

“You people sicken me.”

Jared laughs and hauls himself up off of the floor, dragging Jensen up with him. Jared leans over to kiss both James and Misha on the cheek, even pecking Josh on the forehead before standing up.

“Thanks guys,” Jared says warmly. “I’m gonna go get laid now.”

James and Misha cheer loud enough to barely conceal Josh’s groan of disgust, and Jared cackles as Jensen drags him back into the apartment. The bathroom is unoccupied, and Jared pushes Jensen into it before locking the door behind them.

“I want you so bad,” Jensen says as he pulls his shirt over his head, eyes glassy and bright as he backs up against the counter. Jared grabs him by the hips and lifts him up onto the counter, groaning as their mouths meet in a hungry kiss.

“Gonna let me fuck you?” Jared bites at Jensen’s bottom lip, tugs just enough to make him moan. “Right here with all those people on the other side of the door?”

“Yes, fuck. Do it.” Jared kisses his way down Jensen’s neck and chest, stopping when his lips reach the edge of the bandage covering the tattoo. He grabs the corner of it and rips it off, making Jensen hiss as he pulls back to look at the ink.

“Do you have any idea how fucking hot that is?” Jared rubs his thumb over the tattoo, still slick with ointment. Jensen whimpers and tugs at the hem of Jared’s shirt, mindless with lust. Jared pulls his own shirt off and Jensen pulls his own bandage off, leaning forward to press his lips just below it.

“Mine,” Jensen says hotly, biting at the sensitive skin just below the tattoo. “Want you in me.”

Jared growls and tugs hard on Jensen’s waistband, making him nearly slip from the counter. His arms fly out as he tries to keep his balance, sending various bottles rolling across the counter to drop to the floor. His shoulders connect with the mirror and Jared gets his clothes off, leaning between Jensen’s legs to eat at his mouth as he kicks off his own pants and underwear.

He grabs Jensen’s hips and tugs him to the edge of the counter, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as they kiss.

Someone bangs on the door and Jensen pulls away, nails scraping down Jared’s back hard enough to sting.

“Occupied!” Jared laughs and grips the back of Jensen’s neck, squeezing hard as their mouths meet again.

“Fuck, Jen.” Jared pulls him off the counter and spins him around to bite at the back of his neck. Jensen keens and grips the edge of the counter to stay upright, pitching forward when Jared fits his hips snugly against his ass. He knocks over a bottle of mouthwash and reaches up to slap his palm against the mirror.

Jared kisses and licks his way down Jensen’s back, stopping only to bite at the knobs of bone, to suck marks into the wings of his shoulder blades. He drops to his knees and spreads Jensen open with his thumbs, leaning in to lave at Jensen’s hole with his tongue.

Jensen cries out loud enough to spur Jared on, to press his mouth to that hole and get it nice and wet, teeth scraping over tightly furled muscle. He wastes no time in sliding one finger in, crooking it up expertly to rub at Jensen’s prostate.

“Please, please, please.” Jensen pants the word out over and over, scrambling at the counter and slapping at the mirror, pushing back against Jared’s questing finger to feel more. “Fuck me, baby. Want your cock, please. I need it.”

“Mm, love it when you beg.” Jared grins devilishly against Jensen’s spit-slick skin, tongue teasing at his hole as he slides a second finger in. “Again.”

“Jesus. Please.” Jensen spreads his legs wider, clenching down around Jared’s fingers. “I’ll be so good for you, baby. Come on, want your cock. Give it to me.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” Jared grins and curls his tongue around the knob of bone at the base of Jensen’s spine before grabbing the lube from the pocket of his jeans. He slicks his bare cock and lines up, reaching out to grab the back of Jensen’s neck and squeeze as he pushes in. “There you go, Jen. How’s that?”

Jensen doesn’t answer with words, but he lets out a loud moan, pushing back against Jared’s dick even though Jared knows it burns, knows he didn’t prep him enough. But that’s okay, he can take it.

Jared fucks into him, thrusts hard and rough, and he looks up to catch their reflection in the mirror. Jensen’s signature stands out starkly on his chest, skin rosy red fading into tan around the mark. The sight spurs Jared on, makes him thrust hard enough for Jensen to yelp and knock over a cup of toothbrushes with his flailing hands.

Jared leans forward to slip his arm under Jensen’s chest and haul him backwards, making him lift up onto his toes as Jared fucks up into him. Jared wraps his hand loosely around Jensen’s neck, thumbing at his jaw as he lets out a grunt.

“Look at us, so fuckin’ hot.” Jared squeezes Jensen’s neck just a bit, just enough to make him gasp and grind down hard on Jared’s dick. “My name on you forever, Jensen, fuck.”

“I love it,” Jensen pants out, reaching back to grip Jared’s hip while he keeps his other hand on the counter to keep them from pitching forward. “Harder, Jared. Wanna feel you for days.”

Jared lets out a growl and pulls Jensen’s hips back, pushing down between his shoulder blades to bend him over. Jensen braces himself on the counter, crying out when Jared takes him by the hips and thrusts even harder. The room is full of noise, their pants and groans of pleasure, the slapping of their skin.

Jared grips Jensen by the hair, fisting his fingers in the strands as he holds him in place. The need to take, to own, is nearly overpowering, and what’s better is that Jensen lets him. Wants it, even. He’ll let Jared mark him up and come back begging for more. It’s fucking intoxicating.

“Yes, Jared, c’mon.” Jensen swivels his hips and looks at Jared over his shoulder, lids heavy and lips swollen. “Touch me, baby.”

Jared lifts a hand to scrub at Jensen’s mouth before reaching around to curl his fingers around Jensen’s cock, stiff and wet in his hand. Jensen jerks and lets out a soft cry, hardening even further at Jared’s touch. He strokes just this side of rough, angling his hips so the head of his cock hits Jensen’s prostate on every stroke.

He loves Jensen so goddamn much, wants to make him feel so good, wants to make him scream until he can’t even breathe. It’s all too much, senses overwhelmed as Jensen comes with a shout of Jared’s name. His ass clenches down around Jared’s cock, pulls him inside so sweetly, and Jared slides his hand through the mess on Jensen’s stomach as his orgasm hits him like a punch to the gut.

He marks Jensen up on the inside, pulsing thickly inside of him as he buries his face between Jensen’s shoulders and bites down on the skin hard enough to bruise. Jensen barely flinches, just thrusts his hand back to touch whatever part of Jared he can reach.

He’s trembling, hips still twitching like they do when he gets well and truly fucked. He’s breathing Jared’s name, whimpering softly, and Jared feels such a surge of possessiveness and love that he wraps his arms around Jensen’s body and squeezes, lips pressing against the bite mark on his skin.

He slips out of Jensen and spins him around, knocking his legs apart and replacing his cock with two fingers as he presses their mouths together. He swallows Jensen’s cry as his fingers find his prostate and rub insistently at it, sucks on Jensen’s tongue as he tenses up and trembles.

“Jared – fuck, Jared.” He reaches between them to get his hand around Jensen’s half-hard cock, stroking it back to hardness as he fingers him. “Oh god, I can’t – “

“You will,” Jared promises hotly against his open mouth, biting at his lips as he rubs insistently at the head of Jensen’s cock. “Gonna come again for me.”

Jensen collapses back against the counter, head hitting the mirror with a soft thunk. Jared lifts him onto the counter and looks down at the mess between his legs, come dripping from his wrist down onto the marble below.

“Mm, baby.” Jared takes a deep breath to steady himself, quelling the urgency inside of him. He looks up at Jensen, flushed and panting, before pulling his fingers out and sliding his dick back inside. Jensen whimpers and Jared leans over to set his mouth to Jensen’s neck, sucking a bruise into the skin as he thrusts shallowly. “Feel good?”

“Always does,” Jensen replies, wrapping his arms loosely around Jared’s neck, eyes closed and forehead wrinkled as Jared swivels his hips. “Could do this forever.”

“Mm, gonna fill you up,” Jared promises, catching Jensen’s mouth again as he squeezes his cock, thumbing at the bundle of nerves under the head. Jensen’s breath hitches and he digs his fingernails into the meat of Jared’s back, sweat stinging the marks as Jensen comes again, spurting weakly against his stomach. “There we go.”

It’s not long before he shoots again, adding to the mess inside of Jensen and kissing him wetly. Jared loves to fuck when they’re stoned, when the seconds drag out and everything feels better, fuzzy and sharp all at once.

“So full,” Jensen mumbles, fingers burying themselves in Jared’s hair. “Love you.”

“Mm, c’mere.” Jared wraps an arm around Jensen’s neck and tugs, pulling him forward until he’s barely resting against the counter, Jared holding him up almost completely, so he can press their bodies together without pulling out just yet. They kiss lazily and Jared runs his fingertips up Jensen’s trembling thighs, and they both hiss when Jared pulls out. He sets him back down, swallowing hard as he looks up.

Jensen looks like the definition of sin, leaning back against the mirror with his legs splayed wide, puffy little hole leaking Jared’s come, his hand smearing his own into his stomach.

“Jesus, look at you,” Jared whispers, and Jensen’s lips quirk up into a smile.

“Happy birthday,” Jensen pants, and beckons Jared forward with a crook of his finger. “I hope you liked your present.”

“Loved it. Twice, even,” Jared replies, chuckling softly against Jensen’s mouth. He cups Jensen’s cheek in his hand and kisses him, peaceful and quiet, and then nearly jumps as someone pounds on the door. He’d nearly forgotten where they were.

“Are you two sinners about done in there?” It’s Jeff’s voice, irritated, drunk, and amused all at once. “We’ve had to divert restroom traffic to the Mexican restaurant across the street because of you two animals. Hurry it up!”

Jared and Jensen laugh, foreheads tipped together and fingertips on each other’s cheeks. They meet each other’s eye with fond smiles, and Jared drags Jensen off of the counter with a soft kiss.

Another birthday in the can, and somehow it was even better than the last.

James loves it when Misha laughs.

It’s something he does more often lately, since they’ve gotten together. It makes him proud to think that he did that, that he put the smile on Misha’s face.

Misha is laughing now, chuckling into James’s neck as he drags him through the front door.

“I have to pee.” Misha says this like it’s the punch line to a joke, something entirely amusing. “Can’t believe they just locked themselves in the bathroom like that. They were so loud.”

“I can believe it,” James responds with a chuckle. “Boys will be boys. Come on, sweets. Let’s get you to bed.”

“Bathroom,” Misha says resolutely, clutching to James like he’s the only thing keeping him upright. At this point, he very well may be. “Are you okay to drive?”

“It’s a little late to be asking me that,” James chuckles. “Considering we’re already home, but yeah. I didn’t have anything to drink.”

“Oh. I did.”

“I’m aware.” James turns his head to catch Misha’s lips in a quick kiss. “You’re cute when you’re drunk.”

“’m not cute.” Misha pouts, and James’s laugh is cut off by Misha’s mother rounding the corner. She’s dressed in sweats and an old robe, a glass of water in one hand. “Heeeey, Mom.”

“Looks like you two had a good night.” She quirks an eyebrow, amused. She looks like Misha, same big blue eyes and wavy brown hair. James sort of loves her by proxy.

“That we did,” James tells her. “I just wanted to make sure Misha got home safe, you know? Tuck him in good and proper.”

“You’re a sweet boy,” she tells him, voice drawling and low like maybe she partied a little too hard as well. “Just stay here for the night, yeah? It’s late. No reason for you to go back out into the world.”

Misha laughs loud at that, head tipping back and lips stretched wide. He seems to remember that she isn’t in on the joke and slaps his hand over his mouth, eyes crinkled at the corners as he tries to silence himself. James rolls his eyes and rubs his back.

“I’ll take you up on that, thanks.” She smiles at him and James smiles right back as he drags Misha towards the stairs.

“Goodnight, boys.”

“Night!” Misha calls out, clutching at James’s waist as they climb the stairs together. They slip into the bathroom and Misha relieves himself while James brushes his teeth, and then they switch places.

“You’re still winning the game,” Misha comments as they wash their hands together, fighting for space in the small sink.

“No thanks to you.” James grabs Misha’s hands, rubbing at them under the spray to rinse the soap away. “You almost blew it.”

“Oh, I’ll blow you,” Misha says, voice rough and warm against James jaw. He shudders and turns off the sink, turning to kiss the corner of his boyfriend’s mouth. “C’mon, take me to bed.”

“Or lose you forever?” James asks with a smirk, taking Misha by the wrist to drag him across the hall and into his bedroom. Misha wrinkles his nose and spins them around, pushing James backwards so he stumbles and lands on the bed.

“Nah.” Misha pulls his shirt off and climbs onto the bed on all fours, crawling forward until he’s propped up over James. He swallows hard at the sight, Misha so long and lean, muscles bunching under soft tan skin. “Pretty sure you’re stuck with me.”

James grins, reaching up to touch Misha’s cheek before flipping them over and pinning him to the bed. Misha makes a sound when James kisses him, something soft and pleased, and James sighs in return. They quickly rid themselves of their clothes and James wastes no time in slipping between Misha’s parted thighs, gasping as their naked hips make contact.

“Sure you’re not too drunk for this?” James is grinning teasingly as he reaches down to rub at Misha’s hole, making him arch up and let out a pleased hum.

“Never.” Misha smiles and wraps a leg around James’s hips. “Doesn’t matter anyway. Gonna make you do all the work.”

“Ass.” Misha hisses when James slips a finger inside, no prep to speak of, and James presses a kiss to his lips. Misha licks his way into his mouth as James preps him, fingers slick with the lube hidden under Misha’s pillow.

“Hey, hey. Look at me.” Misha opens his eyes, catching James’s attentive gaze as he pushes inside. Misha bites his lip and digs his fingertips into James’s spine, arching up to press their chests together as his mouth falls open.

“James,” Misha breathes once he bottoms out. “Mm, hey, James?”

“Yeah?” His voice is shaky, breathless as he swivels his hips a bit, sinking in as deep as he can. Misha smiles softly, damp lips quirking up as he reaches out to palm James’s cheek.

“I’m pretty sure you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Misha says it easy, like it’s not some huge declaration, like it’s something they say every day. James’s breath leaves him quick like a punch, heart clenching happily at the words. His arms are shaking and he stops holding himself up, instead settles his weight down on top of Misha and moves his hips, pulling out only to push in slow and steady.

“Ditto, sweets,” James replies quietly, like anything loud will break the spell. “Like you don’t even know.”

Misha smiles again, tongue trapped between his gleaming teeth, and James leans in to press his mouth to that brilliant grin.

[onto part three.]
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