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fic: this time is ours [love 'verse] - part three.

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“Why did I get a tux with a cummerbund? That’s such an ugly word. Cummerbund. It sounds like a sex act, doesn’t it? Something like – “

“Chad, stop talking.” Josh pinches the bridge of his nose and props his head up on his hand, slumping slightly over the side of the couch. “Just – for the love of all that is holy, shut your mouth.”

“Well then,” Chad says primly, sitting up straighter and tugging on his lapels. Jared smirks and smoothes his hands down his thighs. “Someone’s in a mood.”

“A violent one,” Josh replies calmly, inspecting his fingernails with the utmost concentration. “So pick your words carefully. The fewer the better.”

Jared snorts and drops the remote when he lands on a rerun of How I Met Your Mother. He, Josh, and Chad are all in various states of dress, tuxedo pieces scattered over the furniture like massacred swaths of black fabric. Jared is toying with his bowtie, wrapping it around his fingers and tugging on the ends. He needs Jensen to tie it, but he’s currently shut up in Josh’s bedroom with Sandy and Sophia while they get ready.

“Where’s Jeff?” Jared asks. He hasn’t seen or heard from his brother all day, and they’re supposed to be meeting James and Misha at the benefit in an hour.

“How the hell should I know?” Josh bites out, and Jared raises a brow. “Contrary to popular belief, and unlike you and Jensen, we function just fine without our heads up each other’s asses.”

“Why don’t we try that again,” Jared suggests. “With a little less asshole this time.” Josh rolls his eyes and scrubs his hand over his face before looking over at Jared.

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday,” Josh tells him, and he doesn’t exactly look happy about it. “But his tux is gone, so I’m assuming he’s going to meet us there. Happy?”

“Yes.” Jared and Chad share a look and Jared turns to face Josh again. “What crawled up your ass?”

“Obviously not Jeff,” Chad mutters, and Josh throws his nearly full water bottle at him. It hits the center of his chest and Chad hisses, rubbing at the spot. “Okay, jesus.”

“Aww, is someone feeling a bit persnickety?” Jared asks with an exaggerated pout, reaching over to pinch Josh’s cheek.

“I will punch you,” Josh says slowly, and Jared pats his cheek before pulling his hand away. “Until you die.”

“No you won’t,” Jared replies smarmily. “You still feel too guilty about the last time. I’m safe from your angry little fists.”

“Maybe that’s what I want you to think.” Josh crosses his arms and slumps down on the sofa, completely wrinkling his pants. “Maybe I’m just lulling you into a false sense of security so I can hit your stupid face when you’re least expecting it.”

“Love you too, dude.” Jared chuckles and shoots off a quick text to his brother, confirming that he is, in fact, meeting them at the benefit. He sighs and stretches, looking over at his shoulder at the bedrooms. “Jesus, what are they doing in there?”

“Girls will be girls,” Josh mutters, and Jared sighs happily when his back pops. “And they will do girly shit.”

“Jensen’s in there,” Jared reminds him, and Josh looks over at him.

“Your point being?”

Jared just rolls his eyes and chuckles softly under his breath. They’ll be out soon, surely.


Jensen is currently living the straight man’s dream.

He’s lying on Josh’s bed in nothing but a pair of tuxedo pants, watching an old lacrosse game on ESPN while Sandy and Sophia run around in their underwear and fuss with each other’s hair and make-up. He looks away from a particularly interesting play to see Sandy dusting some sort of shimmery powder on Sophia’s cleavage, and then turns his eyes back to the game.

He isn’t exactly sure why they dragged him in here, but he assumes it has something to do with him filling their gay friend quota. He’s allowed to see them naked simply because he has no desire to, and if they get a kick out of having Jensen in the room while they strut around in lace undergarments, who is he to deny them?

“Girls, we’re cutting it a little close.” Jensen sits up and swings his legs over the side of the bed, tilting his head to the side as Sandy shimmies her way into a dark violet dress.

It is sort of fascinating to watch the teenage female get ready for a formal event. Jensen really didn’t know how many creams and pressed powders and sprays went into creating such lovely works of art.

“You two are beautiful, you know.” Jensen says it because he means it, not because he has an ulterior motive, not because he wants to get into their pants, and they know it. Somehow his compliments mean more to them, judging by the way they smile at him. He has long given up trying to understand how they work.

“You’re sweet,” Sophia says, and leans over to kiss his cheek. She smells like fruit, sweet and almost sticky, and Jensen reaches out to pat her bare hip.

“Uh oh. We have a problem.” Sandy turns to face them, and Sophia lets out a soft, disappointed noise. It takes Jensen a little longer, but he spots it – Sandy’s bra, a black lace number, isn’t fully covered by the purple straps of her dress. “Shit.”

“Do you have another bra?” Sophia asks, trying valiantly to tuck the straps underneath the dress. Sophia is still in her underwear, a pink polka-dotted bra with matching panties, and Jensen takes a moment to think about how uncomfortable the underwear looks, dipping into the crack of her ass like that.

“Not here.” Sandy pouts, and Jensen gets up to cross over to them. “What do I do?”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to lose the bra,” Jensen tells her, because that seems like the only logical solution. “Will the dress work without it?”

“It should,” Sophia says, and she pushes Sandy’s hair out the way to unzip her dress. Sandy lets it hang around her hips and unclasps her bra, letting it slip down her arms to fall to the floor. Jensen looks away from the swell of her breasts as some show of propriety, but she really doesn’t seem to mind if he looks.

Gay or not, Jensen is smart enough to know that his brother is one lucky man.

“Hey, are you guys about – oh my god.”

“Jared!” Sandy shrieks and jumps forward, directly into Jensen’s arms. He hisses as her bare chest presses against his own, and wraps an arm around her to try to cover her up. He looks up at his boyfriend, who is just standing there gaping like a fish, and then over to Sophia who crosses her arms over her chest, but does little else to cover up.

“Dude, we’re changing!” Sandy says, words muffled against Jensen’s chest. He’s laughing – he just can’t help it – and he can feel Sandy’s flushed cheek against his skin.

“I didn’t think you’d be naked!” Jared’s voice is pitched high, and there’s a pink blush staining his cheekbones. “Why are you naked? Jensen’s in here!”

And?” Sophia asks, and Jared opens and closes his mouth a few times. Jensen chuckles and rubs Sandy’s bare back, trying to ignore the awkward, foreign feeling of having a pair of bare tits pressed against him.

“This is a gross miscarriage of justice!” Jared declares, instead of apologizing or leaving the room or any of the other things he could possibly be doing. “You’re discriminating against me. I’m not exactly sure how, but you are. I’m really pretty sure that this is a hate crime.”

“I’m gay,” Jensen offers, just to fuck with him. It’s worth it to see the outraged expression on Jared’s face, and he buries a laugh into Sandy’s soft hair.

“Uh, as the guy who had your dick in his ass last night, I feel fairly confident in saying ‘ditto’.”

“Yeah, but you’re recently inducted.” Jensen squeezes Sandy tighter against him and she giggles and slaps lightly at his chest. “I’ve been a card carrying member for years. Getting to see tits is a privilege, Padalecki. Not a right. You have to earn that.”

“Hate crime!” Jared says again, and Sandy laughs into Jensen’s shoulder. It makes her chest jiggle in a distressingly unfamiliar way, and Jensen is reaching down her back to gather the fabric of her dress in his fist when the door swings open again.

“What’s going on in here?” Josh steps around the door, looks over at Jensen and Sandy, and freezes. He opens his mouth, closes it with a snap, and furrows his brow. He looks over at Jared and then back again, scratching at his temple with his fingertip. “Okay so,” he starts, “I never mentally prepared myself for this. I sort of thought it would be moot right around the time that Jensen cried when he broke his Little Mermaid VHS tape.”

“That was a devastating experience!”

“You were twelve!” Josh responds. He lets out a breath and holds up his hands in surrender. “Okay, little brother, please explain to me why you have your supposedly gay arms around my half-naked girlfriend.”

“I guess it’s time we told you,” Jensen says with a resigned sigh. “Sandy and I have been carrying on a torrid affair right under your unsuspecting noses. She introduced me to the world of heterosexual sex, and I’m never turning back.”

“Okay,” Jared says dazedly. He shifts his hips slightly, and Jensen raises a brow. “I have the most awkward boner right now.”

“Dude!” Josh looks over at Jared with a baffled, disgusted expression that quickly turns to exasperation when Jared doesn’t pull his eyes away from the sight of Jensen and Sandy tangled up together. He punches Jared hard on the arm, and he finally looks over at Josh as he grips his bicep with a wincing pout. “That’s my girlfriend! And my little brother, you sick fuck.”

“Okay but like, are you aware of how scorchingly hot your girlfriend and little brother are?” Jared’s eyes flicker back to Jensen, who rolls his eyes in fond exasperation and blows him a kiss. “My teenage hormones sort of value that over things like common sense. Or morals. Or –“

“Or, the more likely scenario,” Jensen cuts in, “is Jared is an impolite asshole who never learned to knock, so if the two of you would kindly fuck off, we’ll all get dressed and never speak of this again.”

“Hey guys, what’s going on in there?”

“Chad, I swear to god,” Josh shouts over his shoulder. “If you step foot in this room you will not live to see puberty.”

Chad lets out a haughty scoff but doesn’t enter the room, and Jensen pulls Sandy’s dress up, curling himself protectively around her as she slips her arms through the straps.

“You all are so mean to him,” Sophia comments as she removes her dress from its hanger.

“It builds character,” Josh replies absently, eyes fixed stubbornly on Sandy as she adjusts her dress. “He’ll thank us in his memoirs.”

“Get out, the both of you,” Jensen says, curling his fingers around the tops of Sandy’s shoulders. “And Jared? You and I are going to get physical later.”


“Not the sexy kind.”

“Aw man.” Jared pouts and spins around, pushing Josh by the shoulder. “Let’s go. Your stupid naked girlfriend got me in trouble.”

“Mhm.” Josh wraps his arm around Jared in a headlock. “Come on, kid. Hey, on a completely unrelated note, did you know that if you beat someone with a rubber hose, it won’t leave any marks? Here, I’ll show you.”

The door clicks shut and Jensen rolls his eyes as he takes a step back to look at the girls. They all crack up at the same time, and Sophia, now covered in a gauzy peach-colored number, wipes at the glitter on his chest with a tissue.

“You girls are bad for my health,” Jensen tells them, and Sandy gets up on her toes to kiss his cheek. He can feel the air cooling on the smudge of colored gloss she left behind, and he wrinkles his nose. “Why do I put up with any of you?”

“Because you’re a prince,” Sophia replies in her smoky voice. “Now get your ass in that tux. I want to see you all cleaned up.”

“Yes dear,” Jensen replies, bowing deeply before retrieving the scattered pieces of his tuxedo from Josh’s bed. “Just promise not to cry when I’m prettier than you. I don’t want you to ruin your make-up.”

Misha never thought he’d have a steady boyfriend, let alone a rich steady boyfriend that would dress him up in tuxedos and drag him to fancy charity events at hotels in downtown Los Angeles that he never thought he’d ever have a reason to step foot into.

Yet here he is, clean shaven and being choked half to death by a bowtie while said boyfriend introduces him to various people, one arm slung casual yet possessive around his waist.

To say that Misha is out of his element would be a massive fucking understatement.

“You’re doing great,” James tells him once they’re finally able to drop into their chairs at their designated table, and he looks over to see the grateful smile on James’s face. “I know this sucks, but it means a lot that you came.”

“Anything to have you in my debt forever.” Misha grins but leans in to bump their shoulders together, and James smiles warmly at him. Misha still isn’t used to being looked at like that, and it sort of throws him through a loop and leaves him breathless every single time. “Besides, how can I pass up an open bar?”

“That’s the spirit.” James laughs and Misha looks up to see their friends spilling into the ballroom. Jared gets up on his toes, towering over everyone to look around. Misha raises his hand and Jared smiles when he spots them. He takes Jensen’s hand and leads the group over, and Misha takes a moment to wonder over just how damn attractive those kids are. They clean up nice – especially Jensen, all clean of stubble and hair combed back. He does look classy and elegant, that fucker.

“This is insane,” Jensen says as he takes the seat next to Misha, for which he is grateful. Misha hasn’t ever really had someone that he considered a best friend, but if he had to choose one, it’d probably be Jensen. It’s sort of funny that they bonded over their bitchiness and general dislike of people, but hey, whatever works.

It’s nice to have someone to lie on the floor and get stoned with while their boyfriends are out being shiny happy people who like to hug everyone.

“My, my. Don’t you kids clean up nice?” James sounds entirely too pleased with himself, and Misha rolls his eyes as he takes a sip of his champagne. He doesn’t really like the taste of it, but it’s free and the bubbles tickle his nose in a pleasant sort of way, so he keeps going back to it. “Wait, we’re missing one. Where’s Jeff?”

“He’s on his way,” Jared answers. Misha isn’t surprised to see him immediately reaching for one of the trays of hors d’oeuvres on their table. “He said he had to pick up his date, whoever that might be.”

“I can take a guess at what she’s not,” Misha offers, and Jensen snorts as he leans forward to steal his champagne.

“Of legal age?” Jensen guesses, and Jared laughs around a cracker smeared with expensive cheese.

“A Mensa member?” Jared adds. Everyone looks over at Josh expectantly, but he’s fiddling with his fancy cloth napkin.

“What’s up, man?” James asks. “Ragging on Jeff for his shitty taste in women is like our national pastime. You’ve got nothing?”

“Her name’s Kelli with an i who is putting herself through cosmetology school as a bartender who may or may not strip on slow nights,” Josh says with a shrug. “Any joke we make at this point would just be redundant. I’m gonna hit the open bar.”

“Can you bring me a vodka red bull?” Jensen calls out, and then rolls his eyes when Josh just flicks his hand. “He’s been like this all day. Did him and Jeff have a lover’s spat?”

“I think he’s a lot more upset than he wants to let on about Jeff moving out,” Sandy says quietly, and Jensen lets out a sympathetic noise. Misha spots Jeff and the leggy bottle-blonde that must be his date approaching the table, and hisses out a warning.

“Hey guys!” Jeff raises an eyebrow as he comes up to the table. “Why so serious?”

“This string quartet blows,” Jensen says quickly, and everyone makes the appropriate noises of agreement and disapproval. Jeff doesn’t look entirely convinced, and his eyes linger on the empty seat next to Sandy for a long moment, but he finally smiles and gestures towards his date.

“Guys, this is Kelli.” She lets out a little giggle and waves at them, and Misha notices that she has kind of a dead-behind-the-eyes look about her. Jeff always did know how to pick ‘em. “Kelli, this is everyone. Some of them are related to me, and some of them are gay, but none of them are really all that important.”

Jeff grins at his own stupid joke but Kelli glances around with a slightly confused expression on her face. Jensen snorts into his champagne flute and Misha reaches over to snatch it away from him as Jeff pulls Kelli’s chair out for her.

Misha and Jensen both jump slightly when Josh suddenly reaches between them to set Jensen’s drink onto the table. “Here,” he says gruffly, and sets another glass in front of Jared. “You still drink Jack and Coke in the absence of your foofy Malibu, right?”

“Yeah, thanks man.” Jared curls fingers around the glass, and Josh sets a vodka-cran down in front of Sandy before removing his own glass of something brown from the tray from the bar and setting it on the table. He glances over at Jeff and then resolutely looks away from him without so much as a word.

“Wow, awkward,” James says with a nervous chuckle. Misha can practically feel him searching for something to say to break the tension, and Jensen all but slams back his drink.

Luckily, they’re spared by the lights dimming slightly and the energetic voice of the emcee booming from the speakers. They all turn to face the stage, and Misha reaches out to rest his palm on James’s thigh.

Well, if anything, the night will at least be interesting.

Given enough alcohol, one can do anything.

Up to and including surviving a stuffy charity event with a shitty jazz band while the two members of their group that are usually in charge of making sure everyone has a good time are in a fight but pretending not to be.

The night hasn’t been all bad though, Jared muses. Dinner, which had been served after the emcee heartily thanked James and the other platinum level donors, had been fantastic. Scheming on the older members of the group to keep them supplied with drinks from the open bar had also been fun.

Dinner is over and everyone is roaming around the ballroom for drinks and dancing. Jared has done enough mingling to last a lifetime, seriously.

He’s had a pleasant, low-grade buzz of arousal thrumming through him ever since he saw Sandy’s tits which, to be fair, didn’t even come close to holding a candle to Jensen in his tux. Jared had been half-tempted to ditch the benefit and drag Jensen into the nearest bedroom, but he resisted. Barely.

Resisting is a lot harder now that he’s lost count of the amount of free drinks buzzing through him, and Jensen is busy waltzing the fourth or fifth thirty-something around the dance floor.

He isn’t sure how Jensen started dancing will all of these women (or even where he learned to fucking waltz for that matter) but he suspects that James has something to do with it.

Jared can’t dance; he’s seriously awful at it. Usually he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself, but here at this fancy event, with everyone dressed to the nines and acting so classy, he felt it was best to put a lid on it. Jensen’s a terrific dancer, and he seems to be happy to finally have a reason to put his skills to use, and Jared is happy to let him.

Up until a certain point.

That point was probably the tequila shots he knocked back with Jeff and his floozy of a date, around the same time Jensen untied the knot in his bowtie and popped the top button of his shirt, letting the ends hang on either side of his open collar like something out of a magazine article about Vegas fashion. Or something.

Whatever, Jared’s drunk and his boyfriend is stupid hot.

“May I cut in?” Jared asks, snagging Jensen around the waist between songs. “I promise not to step on your toes.”

“In that case.” Jensen smirks when Jared’s arm goes around his waist. “And why do you think I should let you lead? You don’t even know how to dance.”

“I’m taller,” Jared says simply, and Jensen rolls his eyes fondly. Jared thinks that Jensen’s eyes are going to roll out of his head one day, but that’s okay, as long as he’s the one to make it happen.

Jensen just laughs, head tipped back to display the long, smooth column of his throat, and he spins Jared around despite their positions. Something warm flips over in Jared’s belly as Jensen laughs, arousal mixing with fondness, and he curls his arm tighter around Jensen’s trim waist.

“Oh god, it’s like an Animal Planet special.” Jared catches sight of James and Misha over Jensen’s shoulder, both of them with a drink in each hand.

“And here we witness the majestic gazelle in a rare waltz with a retarded giraffe,” Misha adds in what Jared assumes is supposed to be an Australian accent.

“Fuck you too, man.” Jared snorts and Jensen waltzes them over towards the wall, spinning away from Jared to lean against it and hold his hand out for a drink. “Retarded giraffe? That shit hurt my feelings.”

“Aw, poor thing. Here.” Misha holds out one of his drinks and Jared takes it. “You’re beautiful,” he says, and Jared smiles a little into his drink. “When you’re standing still.”

Jared chokes on his drink and scowls at Misha, who cackles delightedly even as Jensen punches him in the shoulder. Jensen slips his arm around Jared’s waist, hand finding its way under Jared’s tuxedo jacket to press against his lower back. Jared shivers at the touch, all loose-limbed and fuzzy from the liquor, and presses closer to his boyfriend.

“You know,” James starts thoughtfully, smirking around the rim of his highball glass, “I have it on good authority that some neglectful handyman left a storage closet unlocked near the restrooms.”

“Would the authority be your cock?” Jensen asks, and Jared smirks as he makes note of James’s berry-red lips and Misha’s severely untidy hair.

“I’m not at liberty to reveal my sources,” James replies, but his grin says it all. Misha finishes his drink, slamming the glass down on a table before he wraps an arm around James’s waist. “Have fun, kids!”

Misha whisks him off onto the dance floor and Jensen pushes up on his toes to press his full lips against Jared’s ear. “I say we go find that storage closet,” he whispers enticingly, and Jared shivers. “Because I happen to love the way you move.”

“As you wish, Buttercup,” Jared replies, and Jensen slaps his ass through his tuxedo pants before turning to head over towards the ballroom doors. They pass a few well-dressed people in the hall, but there’s no one around when Jared finds the door to the storage closet and slips through it. Jensen is right on his heels, and he barely has time to adjust to the dim light before Jensen is slamming him against the wall and eating at his mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot in this tux,” Jensen breathes, kissing him wetly and biting at his bottom lip. Jared groans and spins them around, pushing Jensen’s wide shoulders back against the wall.

“Me? Jesus, Jen. Look at you.” Jared kisses him again, tongue pushing into his mouth as he reaches up to cup Jensen’s dick through his trousers, thumb tracing the thick line of him. Jensen whimpers into his mouth and Jared wastes no time in getting the pants open, slipping his hand into his briefs to wrap around his dick. Jensen jerks and clutches at Jared’s shoulders, mouth falling open as Jared starts to jerk him. “Mm, yeah. Feel good, baby?”

Jensen nods and noses at Jared’s jaw until he turns his head, tipping back to give Jensen access to his throat. He mouths at the bolt of his jaw, biting at the curve of it before fixing his mouth to his throat and sucking. Jared’s hard in his pants, leaking, and he turns his head to kiss Jensen’s plush mouth once more before slinking gracefully to his knees.

“Oh fuck,” Jensen breathes, and Jared grins up at him as he gets Jensen’s pants open and pulls his dick out, flushed hard and leaking at the tip. The sound of laughter filters in from the hall, and it sends a flush down Jared’s spine. They could get caught; anyone could walk in and see Jared on his knees for Jensen.

He likes that.

Jensen presses his palm over his mouth, the other hand curling in Jared’s hair as he parts his lips and pulls the wet head of Jensen’s cock into his mouth. He groans at the taste and looks up at Jensen through his lashes. Jensen meets his gaze and threads his fingers through Jared’s hair, tugging softly at the strands as Jared moves up and down on his dick, one hand curled loosely around the base.

“Jared, goddamn, your mouth.” Jensen’s hand moves from Jared’s hair to his cheek, thumb skirting the stretched-wide corner of his mouth as Jared pulls back to curl his tongue around the thick head, moaning softly at the spurt of precome he gets in return.

Jared shoves his index finger into his mouth alongside Jensen’s dick, getting it nice and wet as he uses his other hand to pull Jensen’s slacks and underwear down. Jensen’s thighs tense in anticipation, spreading when the back of Jared’s hand brushes his balls and knuckles at the soft place behind them. “Please,” Jensen whispers, and Jared rubs at his hole, loosening the muscle before sliding his finger inside at the same moment that he pushes forward and takes Jensen down his throat.

“Shit, Jay, ‘m close.” Jensen’s whimpering, hips thrusting shallowly forward, ass clenching around Jared’s finger. He slides his middle finger in alongside the first and it’s too dry, but Jensen doesn’t seem to mind when Jared finds his prostate and presses in, massaging the spot insistently as he sucks him. “Oh fuck, gonna – “

Jared just hums his approval, pulling his fingers almost all of the way out of his ass before pushing them back in hard, right against the spot his fingers are instinctively drawn to. Jensen slaps his hand over his mouth and bucks forward, shooting hot and thick into Jared’s waiting mouth. Jared swallows what he can, moaning softly when he feels some run down his chin. He pulls back to look up at Jensen, chest heaving with each breath. He reaches up to wipe the come from his chin, but Jensen grabs his wrist to stop him.

“Come here,” Jensen pants, and Jared slowly gets to his feet. Jensen grabs him by the back of the neck and pulls him in, clever tongue cleaning away any traces of his come from Jared’s skin before licking his way into his mouth, kissing with deep, rolling thrusts of his tongue. “Mm, I hope you’re proud of your cocksucking abilities, because damn.”

“Very proud,” Jared says with a chuckle, eyes closing as Jensen licks across his swollen lips. Jensen whirls them around again, smirking as he sinks to the floor in a move so graceful and sexy that Jared could never hope to recreate it. “Mm, gonna suck me, Jen?”

“Gotta return the favor, don’t I?” Jensen grins up at him, eyes flashing as he works Jared’s dick out of his pants and laps at the head. “You taste so fucking good.” The words come out mumbled against his sensitive flesh, making him shudder as Jensen palms his hips, thumbs tracing the dip of them.

Jensen takes him in with no hesitation, flat of his tongue so fucking sweet cradling his cock. Jared bites down on his lip to keep from moaning, hand going to the back of Jensen’s head and pulling him in. One hand drops to curl around the base of Jared’s dick, nimble fingers tugging and pulling at slick skin as he bobs up and down. It doesn’t take long at all for him to tense up, thighs trembling as Jensen’s hand dips into his trousers to cup his balls.

“Jen, shit.” He cradles Jensen’s jaw in his hands, thumbs tracing the elegant slope of his cheekbones as his hips twitch.

“Give it to me,” Jensen breathes, hot and dirty around his dick, and that along with one more hard suck are all that Jared needs. He bites down on his lip hard enough to bruise, palms grinding down into Jensen’s ears as he empties into his mouth. Jensen moans, swallowing it all and sucking gently until Jared has to pull away.

He drops to his knees and wraps his arms around Jensen, pulling their bodies tight together in the cramped space. They kiss, tongues tangling lazily before they pull away to grin at each other.

“That should take the edge off,” Jensen says, eyes shining brightly as he tucks Jared’s hair behind his ear. “Until you can fuck me properly.”

Jared groans. “Don’t take the tuxes back right away, okay? I have plans. Sexy plans.”

“Deal,” Jensen chuckles. “We better get back in there before they send out a search party.” Jensen climbs to his feet and holds out his hand to help Jared up. “Come on, I’ll let you buy me a free drink.”

“Shouldn’t that come before the putting out?” Jared asks, tongue between his teeth. Jensen rolls his eyes as they fix their pants, and Jared pushes Jensen up against the door to steal another soft kiss.

This whole thing is shaping up to be a pretty good time.

Jensen wasn’t quite prepared for just how much he enjoyed seeing Jared in a tuxedo.

It’s not like Jared doesn’t look hot in whatever he wears, but the well-cut fit of the tuxedo definitely was nicer to look at than his ever-present jeans and flip-flops. It hugs his wide shoulders and tapers down to his narrow little waist, pants hugging the curve of his tight ass and hanging loose around his thighs. It’s perfect.

Not that Jensen is spending too much time looking at his tuxedo. He’s currently in the middle of the dance floor, arms looped around his boyfriend’s waist as they dance together, kissing lazily in the middle of the crowd. The song is a slower number, and Jared has one of his giant hands cupping the back of Jensen’s head as they kiss, and their hips are pressed together as they sway indolently back and forth.

Jensen’s so drunk, so wholly dedicated to sucking on Jared’s tongue, that it takes him a moment to register the tapping on his shoulder. He pulls away from Jared’s mouth, earning a quiet whimper of protest, and turns his head to see a bespectacled man in his late thirties staring at them with an irritated expression.

Even in his inebriated state, Jensen guesses what the man is going to say before he even opens his mouth.

“Could you two tone it down? Or take it elsewhere?” The guy’s lips are pressed into a flat line and his date is trying valiantly to look anywhere but at them. Jensen feels Jared tense up against him, muscles locking up as his hand curls tightly around Jensen’s shoulder.

“Not dance with my boyfriend, you mean?” Jensen asks, and the guy’s eyes narrow even further. “Get out of here so you don’t have to see us together?”

“What’s your problem, man?” Jared lets go of Jensen, stepping up next to him and putting his hand low on Jensen’s back. He would never step in front of Jensen, never push him back or do anything to indicate that he thinks that Jensen can’t take care of himself. Jared knows firsthand that he can, and that he will if necessary. But Jared has always been overprotective, long before they even started dating. Between Jared and Josh, Jensen doesn’t think there’s a fight on earth he could lose.

Jensen likes that Jared stands next to him, never in front of or behind him. It makes him feel fuzzy and warm, like the douchebag eyeballing them so angrily doesn’t even matter. Jensen knows how to pick his battles, but Jared is new at this. He gets so angry sometimes, when people look down on him for who he loves. Jensen wraps his fingers around Jared’s wrist, tugs just once to try and let him know that they can walk away. Jared doesn’t budge.

“Why couldn’t you just leave us be?” Jared asks when the guy doesn’t respond, eyes almost desperate like he genuinely wants to know. Jensen aches for him in that moment.

“You don’t need to be all over each other in public,” the guy sneers, and Jared’s eyes narrow dangerously.

“What about them?” Jared gestures to a straight couple a few feet away, the guy’s hands hugging the girl’s ass as they dance almost lewdly. “They’re fine?”

The guy doesn’t answer, but the stubborn jut of his chin tells them all they need to know.

“So what you’re saying is that your generosity extends to underprivileged teens, as long as those teens aren’t gay, huh? That’s where the buck stops. How big of you.”

“Now you listen here.” The guy steps up to Jared, dark eyes blazing like he doesn’t mind the fact that Jared is half a foot taller than him and built like a brick shithouse. “I don’t appreciate you – “

“Whoa, hey guys!” Josh is suddenly between Jared and the angry man, shoulders pushing Jared back and hands up in front of the guy. Jensen had been so hyper-focused on Jared that he hadn’t even heard Josh approach. “What’s going on over here? Looks like quite an intense little chitchat y’all are having.”

Josh is drunk, like three sheets to the fucking wind drunk, and Jensen resists the urge to bury his face in his hands. They don’t really seem to be making a scene yet, but a few of the dancing couples have edged slightly away from them. James and Misha amble up to stand on the edge of the little gap they’ve made in the crowd, and Jensen meets James’s questioning gaze with a shrug. James has a whole plate of food in his hand, and Misha is clutching an entire bottle of champagne.

“I simply told them to tone down their lewd dancing,” the guy says, and it snaps Jensen’s fuzzy mind back to the situation at hand. He rolls his eyes and crosses his arms over his chest. Sure, they were kissing, but they sure as hell weren’t being lewd. “I don’t want to look at it.”

“Why?” Josh’s voice is loud over the din of the crowd, and Jensen looks over his shoulder to see Jeff approaching, waving off his whiny date. Oh, this is going to be just fantastic. “They’re in love. What’s wrong with that?”

“Josh,” Jensen says quietly, touched by his brother’s kind, if albeit drunken, proclamation. He reaches forward to touch Josh’s arm but he pulls it away, eyes going almost liquid as Jeff approaches.

“There’s nothing wrong with two guys loving each other, dude.” Josh wraps his arm around Jeff’s shoulder as he approaches, eyes glassy from all the drinks he’s knocked back. It’s like they haven’t been ignoring each other all night, everything forgotten to present a united front for their brothers.

“Sure ain’t!” Jeff adds, even though he has no clue what’s going on. Jensen watches as Jared’s shoulders relax a little, and Jensen pulls him back a little to wrap an arm around his waist. They share a look and then turn their gazes back to their brothers, completely ready to let them make fools of themselves as long as it means that they’ll get over this awkward thing between them.

“I mean, I love Jeff,” Josh slurs, and then blinks a few times to turn and grab Jeff’s cheeks in his hands. He pushes up on his toes and presses his mouth to Jeff’s, who flails for a moment before gripping Josh’s hips and kissing him back. It’s tight-lipped and sort of painful looking, but it’s still a kiss.

“Oh my god.” Jensen buries a laugh in Jared’s shoulder as the taller boy laughs hysterically. James and Misha both whoop and holler loud enough to earn the attention of quite a few bystanders. Jared nudges Jensen’s shoulder to get him to look at Jeff’s date, who watches the scene with bulging eyes before instantly making her way towards the exit.

Josh and Jeff pull apart looking a little dazed, and Josh keeps one hand on Jeff’s cheek as he turns his gaze to the awestruck man who started this whole thing. “There’s nothing wrong with me loving Jeff in a non-sexy way,” he says, jabbing his index finger into the startled man’s chest. “Or with them loving each other in a very sexy way.” He uses his jabbing finger to point at Jared and Jensen before sticking it in the man’s chest again. “So why don’t you educate yourself, you ignorant prick.”

“Well, okay. Wow.” The guy grabs his date’s hand and pulls her through the crowd still gathered around them as Josh turns back to Jeff, who just looks entirely amused and maybe even a bit emotional as Josh grips the sides of his neck.

“Uh, I’m not sure what’s happening here.” Sandy’s voice is almost giggly, and Jared and Jensen turn to look at her. Her cheeks are pink and her brow’s quirked, and she’s smiling fondly even as she shakes her head. “But when they’re done with whatever this is, can you let Josh know I’ll be in Chad and Sophia’s room?”

James had surprised them all with room keys shortly after the event kicked off, one card for each couple, so none of them would have to worry about driving. They all in turn took this as an excuse to really utilize the open bar, which is why Jensen’s brain sounds a bit sloshy as he nods. Sandy kisses his cheek and gives her boyfriend one more shake of her head before trailing out of the ballroom with Chad and Sophia. Chad gives them a little salute, and Jensen takes it to mean ‘good luck’.

“I fucking love you, dude, okay?” Jensen turns back to see Josh spit out the words and Jeff nod enthusiastically, hands gripping Josh’s shoulders. “I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“I love you too, man.” Jeff clutches tighter at Josh and they grin at each other. Jared slings and arm around Jensen’s shoulder and laughs against his temple. Their brothers really are something else. “I’m like, so over being mad at you. That shit sucked.”

“I’m sorry I was such an asshole!” Josh says, shouting the words desperately in Jeff’s face. “I just didn’t want you to leave. I didn’t know how to say goodbye.”

“You think I wasn’t upset? I don’t want to leave either, man. I have to. But you’ll still always be my best friend. That’ll never fuckin’ change, you hear me?” Josh nods and Jeff wraps him up in a huge hug, nearly lifting him off the ground as they rock back and forth.

“MAKE OUT!” James yells, and Misha lets out a shout as he holds the champagne bottle over his head. Jared kisses Jensen’s cheek, pulling him in tighter. Jensen gets it. He’s a little emotional too, despite the absurdity of the situation. He wouldn’t have been able to handle separating from Jared, even before they realized their feelings for each other.

None of them ever claimed to not be absurdly codependent.

Jared and Jensen worm their way around their hugging brothers and over to James and Misha. Jared reaches over to steal something from James’s plate, and he slaps his hand away. Misha takes a swig from the champagne bottle, and Josh and Jeff are still hugging.

“Oh shit, here comes trouble.”

Jensen looks up at the tone of James’s voice to see a pair of security guards parting the crowd, led by the same dumpy dude in glasses that started all this nonsense. “There, that’s them,” the guy says. “These six right here.”

“What the fuck did we do?” Misha yells obnoxiously, answering his own question as champagne sloshes out of the bottle that he’s using to gesture wildly. “Ohhh wait, I get it. Goddamnit.”

Security douche number one taps Josh on the shoulder, finally making them end their epic hug. Josh looks confused, brows drawing together when the security guard takes both he and Jeff by an elbow.

The other security guard approaches Jensen, Jared, James, and Misha, and when he moves to take the plate out of James’s hand, he jerks it away from his grasp.

“Look, Paul Blart. If you knew how much goddamn money I paid for these stupidly tiny hors d’oeuvres, you’d think twice about trying to take them from me.”

“Damn the man!” Misha shouts, and Jensen reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose. The situation has gone from romantic to angry to absurd to swirl right down the proverbial drain and Jensen is way too drunk to keep up with it all. He whimpers and buries his face in Jared’s shoulder like he can shut it all out.

“Yeah okay,” the security guard says, looking absolutely pissed. “I’m going to need you gentlemen to come with me.”

“You see, this is why we can’t have nice things!”

James wrenches his arm out of the security guard’s grasp as they’re pushed into a stuffy, windowless room with a row of lockers at the back and benches on either side. The guard makes a grab for the champagne bottle in Misha’s hand, but he pulls it away before it can be taken from him.

“Bitch, don’t even,” Misha slurs. He hugs the bottle to his body and narrows his eyes at the guard. “It’d be a whole hell of a lot easier to just let me keep it.”

“Are you going to call my mom?” This comes from Jensen, who looks damn near tears as he and Jared are led into the room with Josh and Jeff, looking completely unbothered by the situation, on their heels. Jensen whirls on the security guard and puts his fists under his chin in a pleading gesture. “Please don’t call my mom.”

“You’re nineteen, dumbass.” Jared curls his arm around Jensen’s shoulders and pulls him back, turning him around in his loose grasp to face him. “They can’t call your mom.”

“Are you sure?” Jensen asks desperately, and James laughs at his huge green eyes, all wide and glassy. Jensen looks over his shoulder at the guard, struggling against Jared as he tries to turn his head back. “Don’t call my mom!”

“Donna’s not even scary,” James says, punctuating his point by waving a piece of cheese around in the air. “But then again, neither’s Blart over here. Are ya, big guy?”

One security guard gives up, tossing his hands in the air and leaving the room while the other, the one James has affectionately dubbed Blart, crosses his hairy arms over his beer gut and squints at them.

“Are you kidding?” Jensen shrieks, voice pitched high enough that Misha jumps slightly. “You’ve never seen my mom when she’s angry. Jared, tell him – tell him what she’s like.” He turns back to the guard again. “Don’t call my mom!”

“Oh for the love of – “ The guard huffs and closes his eyes for a moment, like he’s trying to find one tranquil moment in a sea of drunken assholes. “Nobody’s callin’ any moms. You guys just need to cool it for a bit, alright? You made a hell of a scene. So just, sit the hell down and shut the hell up.”

“You’re quite rude,” Misha observes, looking down his nose at the man, eyes narrowed. He holds the stare for the time it takes him to take a swig from the bottle. He licks his lips and points a finger at the guard. “I hope you know that about yourself.”

“Hang tight,” the guard says, and then leaves the room. The door clicks ominously as it shuts and James sits down on a bench. He tugs Misha down next to him, and his boyfriend tips the champagne bottle up to his lips so he can have a drink. James swallows the crisp liquid gratefully, and leans in to steal a kiss from Misha when he’s done.

“Well, I hope you’re proud of yourselves.” James shoots Jared and Jensen a pointed look, and they glare at him scornfully.

“It was their fault!” Jensen shouts from where he’s somehow curled up on Jared’s lap, gesturing at Josh and Jeff. “Them and that homophobe with the serial killer glasses.”

“Ugh, you’re fucking heavy.” Jared pushes at Jensen, but he’s got his arms linked around Jared’s neck and he doesn’t even budge. “Fine, you fat baby.”

“Not fat,” Jensen mumbles, head tucked under Jared’s chin. He closes his eyes for a long moment as Jared stokes a large hand up and down his back. “I bet that asshole’s out there calling my mom.”

James snorts and then looks over at Josh and Jeff, rolling his eyes when he sees that they each have an arm around the other. They’re grinning, and Josh rests his head on Jeff’s shoulder with a pleased sigh.

“Reunited and it feels so good, huh?” James pops another piece of food into his mouth and watches them for a long moment. “If you two need to fuck it out, just go right ahead. Don’t mind us.”

“Please don’t fuck anything out,” Jensen says with a low groan, and Jared chuckles against the top of his head. “I hope you remember that you two practically made out in the morning. Shit, I hope I remember it.”

“I regret nothing,” Jeff says, and presses a kiss to the top of Josh’s head. Josh smiles indulgently and cuddles up closer to his friend. James can’t help but to smile and drape an arm across Misha’s slim shoulders.

“I’ll remember it,” Jared says, joining in on the conversation a beat too late. “I’m the most sober person in the room.”

“Honestly, Jared,” Misha starts after taking another long drink from his bottle like some sort of high-class hobo. “At this point that’s kind of like saying you’re the smartest kid at the Special Olympics. Noble, sure. But not really that much of an achievement.”

“You’re going to hell for that joke,” Jensen mumbles, and Misha makes a big show of shrugging his shoulders.

“If it’s a fucking Special Olympics joke, and not all the ass fucking and pot smoking, that gets me into hell, then their admittance system is seriously flawed.”

“We’re all going to hell,” James says casually, picking at the remnants of food left on the plate on his lap. “Heathens, the lot of us.”

“Shit,” Josh mumbles, head lolling as he struggles to lift it from Jeff’s shoulder. “Who the fuck am I gonna live with? I don’t wanna live with a stranger.”

For a moment James thinks that Josh is talking about hell, and he’s about to point out that he doesn’t think you can exactly choose your roomie in the underworld, but then he remembers why they were fighting in the first place.

“Stranger danger,” Jensen sighs out, still somehow curled up in a little ball on Jared’s lap. Jared just keeps stroking his back fondly, even though his legs must be going numb. There’s a good boyfriend for you.

Josh whirls his head to face them, eyes narrowing. James can practically hear the gears turning in his alcohol-fueled mind. “I know you guys,” he says, and Jared rolls his eyes.

“I should hope so,” Jared tells him with a smirk. Jensen starts to slip and he bounces him on his knees, readjusting him like the world’s most gigantic toddler. “We sort of go way back.”

“No, asshole.” Josh turns a little to face them, but still keeps his arm around Jeff’s shoulder. “I mean, you could take Jeff’s old room. You could move in with me!”

At that, Jensen actually does slip off of Jared’s lap. Or Jared pushes him off. James isn’t exactly sure. He lands on his ass between Jared’s legs and blinks up owlishly at his brother. “Really? You want us to move in with you?”

“The devil you know,” Josh says with a shrug. “Definitely have to do some soundproofing though, because I’m not listening to my brother taking it up the ass every night.”

“Hey!” Jensen scowls indignantly at his brother. “Sometimes Jared takes it up the ass. And he loves - “ Jared’s cheeks are slightly pink as he slaps his hand over Jensen’s mouth.

“Soundproofing,” Josh repeats. “Definitely gonna need soundproofing.”

“Josh, man, that sounds awesome.” Jared lets his hand slip from Jensen’s mouth, curling it under his chin instead. Jensen leans back between his legs, seemingly content to sit on the floor. “But there’s no way we could afford the rent.”

“Dude, no.” Jeff turns and readjusts Josh in his grasp, wrapping both arms around him and hugging him closer even as he looks at Jared and Jensen. “The parentals will totally give you the same deal they gave us. They’re already paying your tuition, right? So like, if you move out, they’d put whatever they would have been putting towards room and board towards like – towards your rent. So like,” he pauses to let out an alarming series of hiccups, and then continues, “you just have to pay whatever extra.”

“And with three of us, that’s like nothing.” Josh nods decisively. “Come on, dudes. Move in with your big brother. It’ll be – “ He gags a little when Jeff tightens his grip around his neck and shoves his fingers up between Jeff’s arm and his skin to catch a breath. “It’ll be great. Want to?”

James watches fondly as Jensen tilts his head back to look up at Jared, who blinks down at him. Jensen pulls himself up onto the bench and leans in close to take Jared’s hands.

“Do you want to move in together?” Jensen asks softly, almost too quiet for James to hear. He probably shouldn’t be listening in on their private conversation, but on the other hand, they should probably sober up before making any important life decisions.

“That’s kinda huge.” Jared laces their fingers together, and James’s heart seems to swell just by the look on their faces. Damn, those kids are in love.

“Big step,” Jensen agrees. They both grin at each other and lean in for a kiss. Jared wraps his arms around Jensen and pulls him in close, turning his head to look at Josh and Jeff with a doofy smile on his face.

“Okay, yeah,” he says breathlessly. “We’ll move in with you.”

“Crisis averted!’ Josh says, tossing the arm that’s not around Jeff up in the air. “I don’t have to live with a stranger that might try to fuck me and-or murder me in my sleep!”

“I could have moved in with you,” James offers.



“Oh, fuck me in the ass!” Misha cries suddenly, and everyone turns to look at him as he shakes his champagne bottle.

“Well, okay,” James says, hands going to the zipper of his pants. “Avert your eyes, everyone. Unless you’re into watching.”

“Pull it out and I will cut it off,” Jeff threatens, and James throws up his middle finger.

“What? No.” Misha holds up his champagne bottle and thunks James upside the head with it. His ears ring and he snatches the empty bottle away before Misha can cause anymore damage. “My bubbly’s all gone. Sad all up in the face.”

“You’ve probably had enough, sweets.” James chuckles and curls his fingers under Misha’s chin to drag him in for a kiss. He licks his way inside of his mouth for a moment, tasting sweet champagne on his tongue.

“Okay, fuck this shit.” James pulls away from the kiss to see Jared getting up and dusting off his thighs. Jensen blinks up at him wearily, lips red and swollen from them obviously losing themselves in their own kiss. “I’m drunk and horny and I want the fuck out of what is obviously their goddamn break room. It smells like fish tacos in here.”

James cards his fingers through Misha’s hair as they watch Jared storm across the room and reach out for the door handle. He tugs on it confidently, brows drawing together when it doesn’t open.

“Whoa, you guys. This door is locked.” He tugs on the handle again and then pounds his fist on the door once. “This is bullshit. Even worse, this is a fire hazard!”

“They’ll let us out soon,” James says casually. “Don’t worry about it.”

“This is – isn’t this like, false imprisonment? They’re just security guards. They can’t do this. Oh my god. We’ve been kidnapped.”

“Without my champagne, I am no longer complacent to sit here and take this bullshit!” Misha hops up and James rolls his eyes. “Revolution!”

“Now look what you’ve done,” James tells them. He watches as Jared and Misha link arms. Just as he’s wondering whether he should stop them from acting as drunken human battering rams, the door swings open and Blart leans against the frame with one eyebrow cocked.

“Have you boys cooled off yet?” Jared and Misha let the puppy eyes come out in full force, nodding eagerly like they weren’t seconds away from declaring mutiny on the hotel.

“Cool as cucumbers, Blart.” James stands up and claps his hands together a few times. “You here to spring us?”

“Yeah,” he replies. He doesn’t even look mad at them anymore; maybe even slightly amused. “The party’s winding down but we can get you guys into some cabs.”

“We have rooms upstairs,” James says coolly. If he has to eat the cost of five hotel rooms in this upscale joint, he’s finally going to lose his shit. Blart’s eyes bug out for a second and he tosses his hands up in the air.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell us? We would have just escorted you up to your rooms and made you promise to sleep it off.”

“That’s information that would have been useful before you locked us up like animals,” Misha tells him, and Jared narrows his eyes.

“Fire hazard,” he says again. “We all could have died.”

“I doubt that,” Blart drawls out. “Come on, idiots. I’ll walk you to the elevators. I still don’t trust you not to make asses of yourselves.”

“It comes naturally to us,” Jensen shouts from the back, and then the six of them give Blart their most charming, toothy smiles.

“Never would have guessed.”

Jared holds Jensen’s hand as Blart, whose nametag actually says Steve, leads them towards the elevator banks.

“So hey, Blart,” James says, and Jared smirks at the back of his head. “Do these rooms have big bathtubs or what?”

“I could fancy a soak,” Misha adds, and the security guard rolls his eyes as he jabs at the button to call the elevator.

“They’re decent,” he grumbles, and Jared straightens up a bit when he eyes them all menacingly. “Now look, I want y’all to go to your rooms and stay put, alright? If I have to deal with you again because you’re runnin’ around my hotel like assholes, I’m not gonna be so accommodating. Got it?”

“Yes, sir, Blart, sir.” James salutes the security guard as the elevator doors open, and then steps backwards into it. Jared slings an arm around Jensen’s shoulders as they all pile in, and James leans in to stare at the security guard until the door slips shut. “Sucker.”

James pushes the button for the observation deck, and Jared chuckles against the top of Jensen’s head as his boyfriend slumps languidly against him. The doors slide open with a quiet ding and James leads them out onto the roof. It’s mostly empty, thanks to the late hour. A few people, mostly young couples, occupy the dark corners, and James climbs onto an oversized purple monstrosity of a couch. Misha slides in next to James and then reaches out to pull Jensen down next to him. Jared sits down next, followed by his brother and then Josh.

They all barely fit, all squashed together and slightly too warm in the balmy air, but no one seems to mind. He hears Jensen sigh happily and turns his gaze to look out at the view.

“Wow.” The lights of Los Angeles stretch out for miles in front of them, suddenly ending where land turns to sea, and it’s sort of breathtaking. “Good plan, James. It’s awesome up here.”

“I thought we should have a toast,” James says as he pulls a silver flask out of his breast pocket. “Lots going on that deserves celebrating. We crashed our first formal event, Josh and Jeff put an end to the most awkward fight in the history of time, Jared and Jensen are moving in together to continue a relationship more mature than the rest of any of us have ever experienced, and I finally got Misha to fall in love with me.”

Jared looks over at that, at the small choking sound James lets out there at the end when he realizes what he said. He watches as Misha turns his head, looking up at James with fondness in his eyes. Everything’s quiet for a moment, and then Misha lets out a soft sigh.

“Mm, yeah,” he breathes out. “You did.”

James smiles wide and leans in to capture Misha’s lips in a soft kiss. Jared reaches across Jensen’s body to snatch the flask from James’s hand, unscrewing the top before wrapping an arm around Jensen and tugging him in closer to his body.

“A toast!” Jared raises the flask in the air, feeling warm and so pleased with the way his life is turning out. “To friendship, family, love, and all that other bullshit. To the fact that we’re sitting on top of the world in the city of dreams, to having our whole lives ahead of us, and to Josh being too busy making out with my brother to realize he’s pretty much ditched his girlfriend.”

“Shit.” Josh thunks his head against the back of the sofa as Jared takes a long swig from the flask. The liquor burns going down, and Jensen turns in his arms to wipe a drop of liquid from the corner of his mouth before taking the flask for himself. “Wait, she’s in Chad and Sophia’s room, right?”


“Oh, well then.” Josh shrugs and settles in. “If I’m by any means cockblocking Chad, it’s a good night. Pass that shit.”

Jensen passes the flask to Jeff and then slides his hand into Jared’s hair to pull their foreheads together. “Hey roomie,” he whispers, voice hot against Jared’s tingling lips. “I love you.”

Jared repeats the words immediately, speaking them right against Jensen’s damp lips before claiming them in a kiss. Soon Jensen is leaning against Misha’s back, both boys turned and lost in their boyfriends’ embrace.

“Oh Jeff!” Josh calls out in a breathy falsetto. “I love you so much! Be with me!” He flings himself over Jeff’s thighs, head landing in Jared’s lap. He throws his arms over his head to slap the backs of his hands down on Misha’s thigh, and both couples break apart to look down at him with darkened expressions. “Come on, guys,” he says in his normal voice. “There’ll be plenty of time for that. Look at the stars.”

“We’re in downtown Los Angeles,” Jensen reminds him. “The only stars we’re gonna see are on the ground.” Josh smirks and sits up, rolling his shoulders as he settles himself against Jeff’s side. “It is a nice view, though. Thanks James.”

James lets out a hum of acknowledgment and they all lapse into a comfortable silence as they look out on the lights. Jared is overwhelmingly content, so happy that it’s thrumming through his veins, and he grins lazily against the side of Jensen’s head.

“I love you guys,” Jared says, tossing the words out into the balmy air. “And fuck you in advance for whatever deflective bullshit you’re gonna toss out.”

“Nah, I love you guys too,” Misha says, and Jensen snorts and presses his forehead to Misha’s temple for a moment.

“Misha’s beyond drunk,” Jensen points out, and James curls his arm tighter around Misha’s shoulders.

“Well, since it’s all drunken love up there, I think it’s time for the orgy,” James tosses out, waving his finger in the air. “Related bits don’t have to touch.”

They all groan in unison and shove to the left. James flails and then falls off of the side of the sofa, hitting the cement below with a groan.

“It’s called a joke, prudes.” He pulls himself up and lies down across their thighs, head resting in Misha’s lap. “But really though,” he says, expression sobering up a bit. “I am glad we’re friends, you know?”

“Until the end, assholes,” Jared says, chuckling when Jensen tickles James’ hip. They all hum in agreement, and Jared plays with the soft hair at the nape of Jensen’s neck as he looks out over all the lights.

He smiles softly, because it’s true. They all just seem to fit together in a way no one can ever seem to explain.

And Jared knows, just as sure as he is that he’ll never be able to see the goddamn stars out here in the city, that even though they’re growing up, they’ll never grow apart.

[onto the epilogue.]
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