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fic: this time is ours [love 'verse] - epilogue.

[back to part three.]

“Welcome home, baby.”

Jensen pulls Jared into their bedroom (their bedroom!) and shuts the door before tackling him down onto the bare, brand new mattress. No way in hell were they going to sleep in the same bed where Jeff fucked his way through the female student body. They went in on a new one, a pillow-topped queen that doesn’t even squeak.

It blows their patched-up air mattress right out of the water.

Jared wraps his arms around Jensen and grinds their hips together as he kisses him. Jensen’s fingers are wound tight in Jared’s sweaty hair, other hand slipping through the dampness at the base of his spine. They’re both sweaty, dirty and gross from hauling all of their shit upstairs in the muggy August heat, but they don’t care.

They’re home, in their new apartment, and Jensen can’t hold back. He wants Jared on top of him, kissing him, inside of him, no matter how sweaty and gross they might be. Jared’s sucking on his bottom lip, nibbling it enough to make it puff up as he slides his hand down into Jensen’s baggy lacrosse shorts. He’s hard almost instantly, and he pushes Jared’s basketball shorts down to get his hands on his ass, thrusting up into his fist. He knocks Jared’s hand away, sliding up on the mattress to shuck himself of his shorts. Fingers digging into hard muscle, he pulls their hips together.

Jared lets out a loud groan and Jensen shushes him with a soft chuckle, kissing his slick lips as their hips start to roll together. It’s dirty and only slightly rough and perfect, the slick drag of Jared’s fat cock in the groove of Jensen’s hip while he ruts against the flat line of Jared’s toned stomach.

“Fuck, Jen – “

“Shh, baby, kiss me.” He nudges at Jared’s cheek with his nose and grunts when Jared crushes their mouths together. Jensen slides one arm up to wrap around Jared’s shoulders, pushing his feet down into the bare mattress for more leverage to thrust up against his boyfriend, fingers digging into his skin.

Jared bites down on the side of Jensen’s neck to muffle his cry as Jensen’s fingers dip into the shadowed place between his thighs, pressing in at the smooth skin behind his balls. He moves his fingers to rub at Jared’s hole, tip of his middle finger digging in as Jensen bites down on Jared’s shoulder.

Jared cups Jensen’s cheek and kisses him again, whimpering into his mouth as he jerks and comes all over Jensen’s stomach. It’s hot like a brand in the already muggy air, and Jared runs his hand right through the mess to get Jensen’s dick in a wet, sticky grip and tug. Jensen keens, tossing his head back as he feels the telltale pull low in his belly. He pulls hard on Jared’s hair as he shoots, thick spurts landing on Jared’s forearm and his own stomach.

They collapse in a sweaty pile and Jensen has enough forethought to grab Jared’s dirtied hand before he slaps it down onto the new mattress. He brings it to his mouth instead, licking their combined fluids from Jared’s palm and sucking the digits into his mouth, eyes blazing as he watches Jared’s face. When he’s done, Jared returns the favor by cleaning Jensen’s stomach and hips with his tongue, and fuck, what a clever tongue it is.

“That didn’t take long,” Jared chuckles, and Jensen grins as he rolls them over. He pushes Jared’s sweaty hair out of his face and presses a soft kiss to his brow. He’s laughing before he knows he meant to, soft puffs of air against Jared’s forehead as he touches his cheek.

“Care to share with the class?” Jared sounds breathless, chest heaving. Jensen’s boneless and sleepy, all worn out from a full day’s manual labor and an unexpected but very thrilling orgasm. The first in their apartment, where they actually live together. Jensen didn’t really count the dorms, but this, even if they are replacement therapy for his big brother’s best friend, that counts.

“I’m very happy,” Jensen finally says, kissing the sharp tip of Jared’s nose before flopping onto his back next to him. “You have no idea.”

“Oh, I think I might,” Jared says, rolling onto his side and pressing a kiss to the tattoo on Jensen’s chest. Jensen pulls him into his arms, content to lay there all gross and sweaty on their new bed in their new room for the rest of the night, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be.

“Hey, did you assholes get naked already?” Josh is yelling through the door, pounding on it raptly. “We’ve still got company, so pull it out and get out here.”

Jensen rolls his eyes and cups Jared’s cheek to steal one more long, lingering kiss before rolling off of the bed and nearly tripping over the shorts around his ankles. He pulls them up and grabs his shirt from where he abandoned it around the second hour into lugging heavy boxes in and out of the apartment.

Jared seems content to sprawl, turning his head to the side and pretending to snore, even though he can’t wipe the smile from his face. He paints a pretty picture, shorts around his muscular thighs, cock half-hard against his hip and stomach shining with sweat. Jensen wants to crawl on top of him and writhe, sink down on that cock with his mouth and then his ass, but there will be plenty of time for that later.

“Come on.” Jensen pulls Jared’s shorts up, patting his dick gently through the thin material before grabbing his hands and pulling him up. “I bet there’s beer out there. Crisp, refreshing, and alcoholic.”

“Fine,” Jared sighs, getting up and putting his arms around Jensen’s waist. “But only for the beer.”

“Not for me?” Jensen gives him a mock pout, eyes all big and wide, and Jared snorts and shakes his head.

“I’m growing immune to that.”

“Bullshit,” Jensen retorts, and Jared winks at him in a way that would make his knees weak if they weren’t already. He holds out his hand and Jared takes it, thumb brushing across Jensen’s knuckles as they head out into the living room.

“Christened the new bed already, huh?” James is smirking at them and Jeff is looking at them with a slightly wounded expression.

“That was the room where I would lie back and think about my hopes and dreams, and now you’ve sullied it. You’ve tainted my hopes and my dreams.”

“Man up, big brother.” Jared snags two beers from the table and flops down onto the sofa next to James and Misha. Sandy is perched in Josh’s lap on the other sofa with Jeff at the opposite end. “You’re old news.”

“I didn’t accept that when they brought your wrinkly little ass home from the hospital and I won’t accept it now,” Jeff says. “I will always be better than you in every single way.”

“I bet he sucks cock better than you,” Jensen offers as he cracks open he and Jared’s beers with his ring. Jeff seems to take a moment and then shrugs.

“I’ll let him have that one.”

“Kind of you,” Josh snorts, and readjusts Sandy so that she’s sitting next to him with one thin leg slung over his lap.

“Well, that’s it, I guess,” Jeff says resignedly. “I don’t live here anymore and they’ve already made my room smell like their combined man musk. I’m gonna start crying into my beer over here.”

“A wise man once said,” Misha starts, holding his beer up with a somber expression on his face, “yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

“Dude, you stole that from Kung Fu Panda.” Jared turns on the sofa, pressing his bare feet against James’s hip and leaning against Jensen’s side.

“What?” Misha asks, staring at him with cool eyes. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Kung Fu Panda,” Jared repeats. “That’s what the little old guy told the sad fat panda so he wouldn’t be all sad panda anymore.”

“Well they didn’t make it up, Jared, jesus. It’s an old saying.” Misha rolls his eyes and takes a drink of his beer. “I’m trying to have a fucking poignant moment with my friend over here and you can’t shut your trap for five seconds.”


Anyway, Jeff,” Misha says, fixing Jeff with a steady gaze and pointing at him with his beer. “You’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine.”

“Yep. Jeff’s gonna go learn how to save people and Josh’s gonna learn how to build things, god help us all.” James smirks and winks in their direction. “The rest of you are going to continue your education, but most importantly, I won the game.”

Misha snorts and takes a drink from his beer as Jensen looks over at them. He slings one arm over Jared’s shoulder and absently rubs circles into his chest with his fingertips.

“Misha’s moving back into the dorms tomorrow,” James tells them. “And Misha’s mom never realized I was living with them. So, I win.” James’s smile falters for a moment and then his eyes widen. “Ah shit, you’re moving back into the dorms tomorrow!”

“Uh, yeah.” Misha turns his head to look at his boyfriend, and Jensen smiles at the fondness in his eyes.

“So I’m fucking homeless and I just now realized it, goddamnit.” James pinches the bridge of his nose and then lets out a sigh. Misha looks concerned, hand going to James’s shoulder as he thinks it out. “No, you know what? The game, round two, dorm room edition.”

“Oh god.”

“You got it, sweets.” James chuckles and ruffles his boyfriend’s hair. “You’re an RA, and you’ve got a single. So I’ll just crash in your dorm until someone realizes it and kicks me out.”

“You never should have graduated,” Jensen chuckles. “You have no idea how to acclimate to the real world.”

“Or, you know, you could use your wealth and get an apartment like an adult,” Misha says, tipping his head back to look at James. “Not that I don’t want you cramming in my extra-long twin with me every night, but it’s not the best solution.”

“I’ll get an apartment if you live in it with me.” James says it lightly, but Jensen can hear the underlying tension in his voice. He’s serious, and he’s fucking scared. Misha tenses, eyes flickering over to Jensen.

It warms Jensen’s heart to know how much Misha values his friendship. He thinks that out of everyone, Misha has made the biggest transformation in the past year. He’s still moody and a bit weird, but instead of cutting himself off from everyone, he slowly edged out of his shell and accepted their friendship, gave into his feelings for James, and made himself an inextricable part of their group.

Jensen loves Misha wholeheartedly. He’s his best friend outside of Jared, and he knows that Misha’s ready for this. He nods, mouth quirking up at the corners as Misha swallows hard and stares at him with wide blue eyes. Jensen nods again and jerks his chin towards James, and Misha lets out a breath. He closes his eyes for a second and then looks up at James, who chuckles nervously.

Jensen wraps an arm tighter around Jared and lets out a happy sigh, glad to witness such a monumental occasion.

“It’ll have to be one we can both afford,” Misha finally says, and James’s breath hitches disbelievingly. “I will not be your kept boy.”

“Of course.” James grins breathlessly and leans in to press their foreheads together, whispering so quietly that Jensen can barely hear it. “You mean it?”

“You finally broke me,” Misha says with a shrug that belies the seriousness of the moment. “You’re stuck with me.”

“I’m honored,” James says, and he chuckles even as his eyes shine brightly. James puts his hand on Misha’s cheek and they kiss, soft and lingering, before James pulls away and laughs shakily. “Okay, show’s over. Please exit through the gift shop.”

They all fall into relaxed chatter after that, not wanting to draw anymore attention to the huge leap that Misha just took. Jensen is close to dozing when Jeff finally clears his throat and slaps his hands down onto his thighs.

“Well, I guess I should, uh, get going.” He looks uneasy, throat working a bit as he looks around the apartment that he’s called home for the past four years. “I still have to unpack all my stuff at the dorms, so.”

Jensen’s eyes go to his brother, at the softness of his expression. He leans in to whisper something to Sandy and she nods, kissing him gently before pushing at his shoulder.

“Hey, um, I’m gonna come with you.” Josh stands up and clears his throat as he takes a step towards Jeff. “I’ll follow you, help you unpack and get settled in. If that’s cool.”

“Yeah, Josh, man.” Jeff smiles and nods happily. His eyes are wet and shiny, same as Josh’s, but no one’s going to make fun of them. They’ve always got each other’s back for the moments that really count, and this is a big one. “That’d be good.”

Josh nods and everyone unfolds themselves from the sofa, lining up to give Jeff a hug and wish him well. Sandy goes first, and Jeff nearly has to bend in half to hug her. Misha and James go next, saying something that makes Jeff laugh, and then Jensen steps up to him.

“Don’t be a stranger, big brother.” Jeff nods at him, and Jensen lifts up on his toes to wrap his arms around Jeff’s neck. It’s stupid, the tightness in his chest. It’s not like Jeff is leaving them for good, he’s not even going that far away, but he’s gotten so used to them all being together. He can’t even imagine how Jared and Josh must feel.

“Keep him out of trouble,” Jeff says, gesturing at Jared as he lets go of Jensen. Jared rolls his eyes and pulls Jeff into a hug so forcefully that Jensen can hear the air escape from their lungs. Jensen steps back and nudges at Josh with his shoulder, eyebrows raising in question. Josh just nods and pushes Jensen back, reaching out to pull him into a one-armed hug.

Jared pulls away from his brother and returns to Jensen’s side, finding his hand and squeezing. Jeff and Josh share a look and Jensen lets out a watery chuckle as Jeff reaches out to pull Josh into a hug.

“Shhh, don’t fight it.” Jeff chuckles as Josh squirms against him and then finally relaxes into it. They pound on each other’s backs a few times and then pull apart smiling. Jensen looks at their faces and smiles, knowing that they’re going to be just fine.

“It’s like a fucking Lifetime movie in here,” James says in a high pitch, waving his hand in front of his eyes. “I need to get out of here before the waterworks start.”

Misha rolls his eyes and gives everyone a wave as James drags him out of the apartment, and Josh walks Sandy out to her car after telling Jeff that he’ll meet him downstairs.

Jared and Jensen stand in the living room, hand in hand, as Jeff removes his keys from the hook and lingers in the doorway. He gives them a long look and smiles warmly.

“I’ll see you guys later,” he finally says, words heavy with emotion, and Jensen nods at him. Jared squeezes Jensen’s hand hard as he waves Jeff off with the other, and they both let out a soft sigh when the door clicks shut.

“Wow,” Jared says when they’re all alone. “I feel even gayer after all that. Can I be an official member of the club now?”

“Yes, but you still can’t see Sandy’s tits.”

“I can live with it.” Jared turns towards him, regarding him for a moment before suddenly swooping down and grabbing him by the waist and tossing him over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. Jensen flails for a second, finally settling in when Jared smacks his ass and starts carrying him towards their bedroom.

“This is both ridiculously hot and emasculating,” Jensen sighs, skimming his toes across Jared’s hip and slamming their bedroom door closed after Jared carries him through it. “Put me down, you animal.”

“Gladly.” Jared tosses him down onto their new bed and Jensen props himself up on his elbows as Jared crawls towards him on all fours. He’s trying to be sexy, and it works up until the moment his hand slips on the bare mattress and he faceplants into it with a squeak. Jensen laughs and laughs, a deep rumbling sound that only ends when Jared grabs the back of his neck and presses their mouths together.

Jensen shuts up and kisses him back, but he can’t quite wipe the smile from his face.


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