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fic: absence from those we love (the music)

absence from those we love; the music

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o1; The Bravery; Time Won't Let Me Go
       If I could do it all again
       I'd go back and change everything
       But time won't let me go

o2; OK Go; Do What You Want
       Come on, come on
       Do what you want
       What could go wrong?

o3; The Soft Pack; Answer to Yourself
       You gotta answer to yourself
       You can’t depend on anyone else
       You gotta know where you stand
       And what's in your hands

o4; Matchbox Twenty; Bright Lights
       When all your love is gone
       Who will save me
       From all I'm up against
       Out in this world

o5; Emerson Hart; Vanity
       And I say, baby
       You might miss it when it goes

o6; Jason Reeves; Photographs & Memories
       I will be as patient as
       A boy in love could ever be
       And I don't feel like I was real
       Until you were a part of me

o7; Erin McCarley; Gotta Figure This Out
       I've gotta figure it out
       I need a story to tell
       Where's the feeling I long for?
       I've gotta figure it out
       Before I lose you, love

o8; Mobile; Dusting Down the Stars
       We've never been so close to be so far
       There's millions of reasons
       There is no way out
       Shall we give up so easy?

o9; Anya Marina; Vertigo
       The song you sing is sentimental
       The song you sing is making me well
       I like it, like it outta control
       The song you sing gives me vertigo

10; Hey Monday; Candles
       Lost sight, couldn't see
       When it was you and me
       Blow the candles out
       Looks like a solo tonight
       I'm beginning to see the light

11; Florence + The Machine; You've Got the Love
       Sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough
       I know I can count on you
       Sometimes I feel like saying "lord, I just don't care"
       But you've got the love I need to see me through

12; Teenage Fanclub; Only With You
       So much that I want to do
       Only with you
       Vistas that I want to view
       Only with you

13; Ray LaMontagne; You Are the Best Thing
       We've come a long way
       And baby, you know I hope and I pray
       That you believe me when I say
       This love will never fade away

14; Rod Stewart; Forever Young (Bonus Track!)
       Be courageous and be brave
       And in my heart you'll always stay
       Forever young, forever young

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