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11 June 2010 @ 06:15 pm
fic: a spotlight on these desolate dreams (part five.)  
[back to part four.]

Jared wakes up the next morning somewhere he never thought he would end up – in Jensen’s arms.

Literally. He’s not sure how he ended up as the little spoon. He thought for sure his size alone would have given him some advantage in that arena, but he’s not exactly complaining. Jensen has an arm wrapped tight around Jared’s waist, fingers resting just below his belly button. His forehead is pressed between Jared’s shoulder blades and he can feel his slow, even puffs of warm breath against his skin.

It’s the most comfortable Jared has been in a very long time.

He shifts a little, carefully trying to stretch his tight muscles. Jensen lets out a soft hum and his grip around Jared’s waist instinctively tightens. Jared feels the soft flutter of Jensen’s lashes against his skin as he opens his eyes and it’s incredibly intimate.

“Morning,” Jensen rasps out before pressing a kiss to Jared’s skin. His hand slides up the center of Jared’s chest, fingertips lazily tracing lines of cut muscle. “This is such a gorgeous body.”

“Not exactly the anatomy that you’re used to,” Jared says with a soft chuckle, but he can’t ignore the way that the words make his heart stutter just a bit. Jensen smiles against Jared’s back as his hand travels back downward, tracing the groove of Jared’s hips before letting his fingertips brush along his soft dick. Jared’s hips twitch and he bites down on his bottom lip.

“Maybe so,” Jensen tells him in a gravelly, sleep rough voice. “But it’s a gorgeous body just the same.”

Jensen rolls Jared onto his back and he goes willingly, heart rate picking up speed as Jensen climbs on top of him, slim, freckled hips slotting perfectly with his own. Jensen grins as he rolls his hips forward, slow and lazy, and Jared bites down on a whimper.

Jensen kisses him softly before pulling back to look into his eyes. Jared meets his gaze and doesn’t hide a single thing. Jensen reaches up, gentle fingertips swiping across the bruised skin around the cut on Jared’s brow. Jensen eyes narrow for a just a moment, a jolt of anger and fierce protectiveness that Jared knows all too well, before he swallows it back and smiles. Jensen slides his hand down to Jared’s jaw and leans in to kiss him again. It’s slow and lazy, languid with just a little too much tongue. Jensen rolls his hips against Jared’s in a pace that matches their kiss perfectly, and Jared wants to cry over how good it all feels.

He’s pleased to see that whatever they had last night wasn’t a one time thing. They both want this. Badly, if their current actions are any indication. Jared keeps one hand on the back of Jensen’s head and the other on his ass, cupping and squeezing the warm flesh there.

It seems to go on forever and when they finally finish it’s together, and they never stop kissing, not even after their hips stop moving.

Later, once the sticky sweet spell has broken and Jensen lounges lazily against Jared’s chest, he finally takes a breath and decides that it’s time to get out of bed. There’s too much going on for him to stay where he is, even is he does have a naked Jensen dozing in his arms.

“What are your plans for today?” Jared finally asks. Jensen sucks in a breath through his nose and spreads his fingers across Jared’s stomach.

“I’d like to keep doing this,” Jensen tells him, and Jared can’t help but to smile. “But I’m assuming you’re going to tell me that isn’t an option.”

“Beauty and brains,” Jared replies cheekily. “A stunning combination.”

“I have lunch plans with Katie Cass,” Jensen says. He furrows his brow thoughtfully as he looks up at Jared. “She’s not handling this very well.”

“It’s tough,” Jared tells him, and Jensen swallows hard and then nods. “She’ll be alright. We all will, eventually.”

“Yeah.” Jensen sighs and then traces a circle around Jared’s nipple. “And what are your plans? I’m assuming you’re going to get into trouble of some sort.”

“Well, getting into trouble is what I do best,” Jared tells him. Jensen raises a brow and then rolls his eyes as he smirks.

“So they say,” Jensen replies. Jared grins and then lifts his head to kiss Jensen, soft and chaste, just because he can. He keeps his eyes open and watches as Jensen’s lids flutter closed, honey-tipped lashes resting against soft, smooth skin.

Jared realized long ago that sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll all fall right into place.

Jared kisses Jensen goodbye and watches as the security detail leads him out to his car. Jared stamps down the twinge in his belly, that little sinking feeling, and tells himself that it’s just because of all that happened last night that he doesn’t want them to part.

His own detail corrals him into a different car to take him to the police station. Jared goes willingly, and even convinces them to stop for coffee. Inside the shop Jared ducks into the restroom and smirks as he crawls out of the window. He jogs down the alley and tosses a look over his shoulder. He’s in the clear.

Fucking amateurs. Jared is glad to be rid of them. He has business to take care of and doesn’t need any babysitters getting in the way.

He works best alone.

It doesn’t even occur to Jared that he could die here.

Everything he’s ever wanted in life literally fell into his arms a day earlier, and now? He really wants to end this.

Jared flips up the collar of his pea coat, pulls down the brim of his fedora, and waltzes right into Bradley Cooper’s warehouse.

“Howdy, boys!” Jared calls jovially as he’s immediately flanked by Cooper’s henchmen. He recognizes one of the men that was in his hotel room with Cooper and he tosses him a nod. “Why don’t you be a doll and tell your boss that Spade is here to see him.”

“You’re fuckin’ crazy, man,” one guy says as someone takes off towards the back of the warehouse. Jared smirks and pulls his cigarette case of out his pocket, looking up at the group of men from under the brim of his hat. He shrugs one shoulder and shoves a cigarette in his mouth.

“So they tell me,” he replies, words muffled by the filter of his smoke. He extracts his lighter, that trusty old Zippo, and lights his cigarette. He takes a drag and plucks the cigarette from between his lips. He stares at the goon on the forefront while he stares right back at him, fingers twitching near the gun in his waistband. “Listen, princess. I don’t have all day.”

“Well, if it isn’t the magnificent Mr. Spade.” Jared looks up at the sound of Cooper’s voice and watches with a lazily quirked eyebrow as the crowd parts to let him through. “What can I do for you?”

“I do love a man that can make a dramatic entrance,” Jared replies with malice in his voice. He takes another drag and exposes his neck as he tips his head back to release the smoke. “I’d like a word.”

“Funny, I was just about to come see you myself,” Cooper replies. Jared smirks and gives him a nod. Cooper raises a brow and then shrugs, waving off his men before adjusting one of his cufflinks. “Come on back, Jake. We have business to take care of.”

Jared follows Cooper through the crowd of goons and into a lush office. The room looks strangely out of place at the back of a dingy warehouse, but that’s par for the course. Cooper sits down behind a sleek black desk and Jared gracefully sits in the chair opposite it.

“Would you like a drink?” Cooper asks, pulling out two snifters and a bottle of brandy. Jared nods once and Cooper smirks as he pours out two glasses and slides one over. Jared picks it up, smells it, and then drops his lit cigarette into the amber liquid before setting it back on the desk and settling in his chair. Cooper raises a brow. “This brandy costs five grand a bottle.”

“That’s one expensive ashtray,” Jared says after letting out a low whistle. A muscle in Cooper’s jaw twitches and Jared tries not to smirk.

“Anyway,” Cooper says on a low exhale. He pastes a fake smile on his face and clasps his fingers together before leaning in. “I thought I had made it clear that you were to leave town.”

“Eh, New York is sort of cold this time of year,” Jared says as he reaches forward to grab Cooper’s untouched brandy. He takes a sip, makes a face, and sets it down next to the glass with the cigarette in it. “It’s much nicer here. I think I’ll stay.”

“Your choice, ace,” Cooper replies easily. He looks at Jared with those cold, blue eyes and he resists the urge to punch him in his pretty mouth. “Ace, spade. That’s interesting. I’m assuming Spade isn’t your given name.” When Jared doesn’t reply, Cooper smirks and reaches into his jacket pocket. Jared tenses, but then relaxes when he pulls out what appears to be a playing card. “Do you know what they say about the ace of spades?”

“Can’t say that I do,” Jared responds tightly. Cooper nods and holds the card up between two fingers.

“They call it the ‘Death Card’,” Cooper tells him. He leans forward and drops his voice as he meets Jared’s gaze head on. “I was going to leave it with your body when I killed you. A bit poetic, you think?”

“A bit cheesy,” Jared replies easily, brushing off Cooper’s threat. “A calling card? Come on, man. You’re above that.”

“You’re a brave man, Spade,” Cooper replies. Jared smiles and gives him a gracious nod. “I wonder how brave you would be if you knew what I knew.”

The smile fades from Jared’s face at that, and he rolls his lips into his mouth. He’s sure Cooper is bluffing, but he’s not quite ready to call it.

“Care to share with the class?” Jared asks, and Cooper grins wolfishly. It’s an honest to god victory smirk, not a hint of a lie, and Jared feels a bit nervous for the first time since walking into the warehouse.

“I’ve got your princess locked up in an ivory tower,” Cooper tells him, and Jared’s heart drops into his stomach. “Poor, helpless Ackles all alone with no prince to save him.”

“You’re lying,” Jared growls. “Jensen is safe.”

“Ah, you’d think,” Cooper replies giddily, holding up one finger. He leans in and gives Jared a crazed grin. “But you see, Jared. You’re not the only one with friends in high places. Or even the only one with a hot, blonde, rich thing in your bed, for that matter.”

It hits Jared all at once. The way Cooper goes by BC, the way Zac’s eyes lingered on that photo for a little too long, the way Cooper referred to someone named Casey and the way Katie just never seemed to stop crying when Jared remembered her as this unflappable girl.

It’s like someone just stole the breath right out of his lungs, and Jared feels so stupid for not seeing it before.

“You didn’t say Casey,” Jared says in a quiet, broken tone. Cooper grins like he’s just won a prize and Jared feels like he’s going to throw up. “You said KC, as in Katie Cassidy.”

“As in your boyfriend’s lunch date!” Cooper calls out jovially. “Ding ding ding, give the boy a fuckin’ prize!”

“If you hurt him, I swear to god that – “

“That you’ll what?” Cooper cuts in. He gets up out of his chair and comes around the desk to get right in Jared’s face. He holds up the playing card, the ace of spades, and smirks evilly. “Because it looks like I’m the one holding all the cards, Spade.”

Cooper tucks the card into the front pocket of Jared’s coat and pats his shoulder before pulling away to chuckle proudly at himself. Jared tastes bile at the back of his throat and he’s shaking with rage, stung by betrayal and drowning in fear.

Jared doesn’t even take a second to think before he’s out of his chair and slamming Cooper against the wall as hard as he can. Cooper coughs and then laughs, eyes bright and happy as he takes in the expression on Jared’s face.

“What are you going to do, Spade?” Cooper grits out as Jared keeps him pinned to the wall. “You’re not going to kill me. I’m the one that knows where Ackles is. Besides, you’ll never walk out of here alive if you do. Or maybe even if you don’t. I haven’t quite decided.”

“Do you really think I give a flying fuck what happens to me?” Jared growls angrily. He pulls Cooper away from the wall only to slam him back against it. “If you so much as touch him, I will happily break every single fucking bone in your body, one by one.”

“As much fun as that sounds,” Cooper grits out. “I like my idea better.”

There’s commotion out in the warehouse, whoops and hollers of celebration, and Jared furrows his brow in confusion. Cooper grins and jerks his head in the direction of the sound, and Jared lets out a growl as he drags Cooper out of his office by the collar of his suit jacket.

As soon as they leave the office and Cooper’s men see the position they’re in, Jared is faced with the barrels of a dozen guns.

“Boys, boys. Cool it,” Cooper says calmly as he wrenches himself from Jared’s grip. “He’ll behave.”

Jared doesn’t even notice all the guns being lowered because his gaze is focused solely on Jensen. He’s tied to a chair in the middle of the warehouse floor with Katie and two henchmen standing behind him. It doesn’t look like Jensen came willingly. His lips are bloody and his left eye looks puffy and swollen. He spots Jared and his eyes widen as he pulls helplessly at his bindings.

“Jensen,” Jared calls out. He surges forward but he’s flanked immediately by two of Cooper’s men. They pull his arms back savagely and he nearly cries out at the pain in his injured shoulders. They drag him over to the empty chair next to Jensen and push him down into it, tying his hands together behind it.

“Get your fucking hands off of him,” Jensen growls out. Jared breathes through the pain in his shoulders and looks up at Katie with all the venom he feels. Her whole body is trembling and her eyes are wide. Jared has never once hit a woman, thinks it’s one of the worst things a man could ever do, but in that moment he wants nothing more than to punch Katie Cassidy right in her lying, betraying mouth.

“Good job, pretty girl,” Cooper coos as he slings his arm over Katie’s shoulders. She closes her eyes as he leans in to kiss her temple. Jared fumes, lips curling into a snarl as she smiles tightly at him. “Well, now that the gang’s all here, why don’t you boys give us a little privacy?”

“But BC,” one of the men starts. Cooper holds up his hand and he shuts up instantly.

“I said go,” Cooper reiterates. “There’s a whole hell of a lot of product back there that could use some attention.”

Cooper holds out his hand, snaps his fingers once, and looks pointedly at one of his men. He hands over his gun and Cooper hands it to Katie. She looks horrified for a moment, and then swallows hard as she takes it with shaky fingers. Cooper pulls his own gun out of the waistband of his pants. Jensen’s shoulders are quaking but the expression on his face is an angry one full of malice and rage.

“Ah, that’s better,” Cooper says once they’re all alone in the middle of the warehouse. “Oh come on, Spade. I can practically hear the gears turning in that misshapen skull of yours. You’re putting all the pieces of this little puzzle together, aren’t you?”

“Fuck you,” Jared spits. Cooper merely grins and Katie’s eyes dart frantically between the two of them. Jared looks at her and narrows his eyes dangerously. “And fuck you, too.”

Katie opens her mouth as if to say something but then snaps it shut at one look from Cooper.

“Share with the class,” Cooper demands. “Tell us what you’ve learned.”

“Oh, I got it,” Jared snarls, He’s working at the knots at his wrist, picking at the rope with his fingers and he starts talking only as a distraction. “Katie has always been an attention whore. She’s always liked power and fame and getting high to distract herself from what a sad, pathetic life she’s always lead.”

Katie furrows her brow and looks at Jared with wet, wounded eyes and he glares at her for a long moment.

“So it isn’t hard to figure out the rest,” Jared continues. “When a shiny new drug lord rolled into town and set up shop, Katie wanted in. But just sampling the candy wasn’t enough, oh no. She wanted in. She wanted power. So she spread her legs for you and worked her way into the fold. She started pushing.”

Cooper smirks and then nods as if to tell Jared that he’s correct in his assessment. Jensen is watching Jared in horror and it pains Jared to continue, but he deserves the truth.

“But Sandy, sweet little Sandy,” Jared says in a venomous tone. “She noticed your drug problem and your erratic behavior and she wanted to get you help, but once she dug a little deeper she made you for the lying bitch that you are. She planned to expose you and well, you couldn’t have that. So you lured her to 500 BC, knowing full well that it would be the last trip Sandy ever took.

“But the way you’re shaking in your designer boots with all that metal in your hands tells me that you didn’t pull the trigger yourself,” Jared says as he looks right into Katie’s eyes. A tear rolls down her cheek and Jared snorts. “But it doesn’t matter who owned the bullet. You killed her.”

“I didn’t want her to get hurt,” Katie says shakily. Cooper rolls his eyes and Katie glances at him before looking at Jensen. “Jenny, I swear. I didn’t –“

“Don’t,” Jensen interrupts in a quiet, heartbroken voice. He swallows hard and then looks up at her. “Don’t you fucking dare talk to me. Sandy was my best friend. You’re the reason she’s dead. You killed her and then you cried on my goddamn shoulder.”

“Jensen –“

“You sat at a table with her parents and cried over how much you missed her,” Jensen continues, voice loud and violent. “Or so I thought. Maybe it was just guilt. I hope you fucking rot in hell.”

“There we go!” Cooper calls out jovially. “Don’t we all feel so much better now that everything’s out in the open?”

Nobody says anything, but Jensen looks at Jared with anguish in his eyes. There’s fear there too, and Jared would do anything to take it away. He pulls at his bindings and feels blood drip down his wrists.

“Now of course, we can’t have a bunch of people running around knowing all our secrets, can we?” Cooper says with a smirk. He scratches his temple with the barrel of his gun, finger carelessly on the trigger. Jared can see that the safety isn’t even on. “They might spill something, and then we’d have a great big mess on our hands.”

“BC,” Katie starts. She sounds like she is about to burst into tears, but try as he might, Jared just can’t muster up the energy to feel sorry for her. “Please.”

“You wanted in on this world, baby girl. Don’t forget that,” Cooper tells her. Katie sniffs and stares at him pleadingly. “It’s not all glitz and glamour, kid. They have to die.”

“I don’t want to do this,” Katie says. She clutches the sides of her head with her hands, the barrel of the gun pressing against her cheek as she shakes her head. “They’re my friends. I want out, BC. I can’t do this.”

“I’m so sick of your goddamn whining,” Cooper screams. Katie jumps and lets out a sob as she lowers her arms. The gun dangles from her fingers and Jensen is shaking, trembling all over even though he’s trying so hard to look brave. Jared swallows hard and grits his teeth together as he struggles to pull his wrist free. “But fine. If you won’t do your job, I have no problem picking up the slack.”

“What? BC, no!” Katie calls out. Jared has his head down as he struggles with the rope, but at the sound of the gun cocking his gaze snaps upward. Cooper has the gun aimed at the center of his chest and Jensen barely has time to let out a shout of protest before he’s pulling the trigger.

The bullet hits the center of Jared’s chest with enough force to tip the chair back onto two legs. It clatters back to the floor and Jared’s consciousness is a fragile thing, just on the edge of fading away.

All Jared can feel is pain, and all he can hear is Jensen screaming.

What happens next is all a blur. Jared’s vision swims and fades in and out as Cooper turns the gun on Jensen. Another gunshot rings out and Jared manages to let out a sob just as he gets his wrist free.

His vision clears just in time to look up and see the blood red stain blossoming outward from the center of Cooper’s stomach and Katie holding her gun out with both hands. Cooper stumbles forward once and Katie lets out a harsh sob as he falls to the floor.

“They’re my friends,” Katie says in a shaky voice, gun still held out in front of her. “And I won’t let you hurt them anymore.”

Jared coughs as he finally sucks in a lungful of air. He uses every bit of energy he can muster to reach into his jacket and pull out his sidearm as he stands up. He points it at Katie and she lets out a shocked little hiccup.

“Drop the gun, Katie,” Jared tells her as he flicks off the safety. “Drop it and I won’t hurt you.”

Katie nods frantically and holds up her hands as she crouches down to set the gun on the concrete floor. She kicks it over and Jared steps on it. There is a loud bang at the front of the building and Bartha and Collins rush in with their guns drawn and an entire SWAT team following close behind.

“Jared?” Jensen gets out on a choked sob. “How – how are you not dead?”

“I may be reckless but I’m not fucking stupid,” Jared replies. He keeps the gun trained on Katie as he rips open his dress shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest. He plucks the smashed bullet from the Kevlar and tosses it on the ground. “Still hurts like a motherfucker, though. Are you okay?”

Jensen nods and as soon as Collins has Katie in his grasp Jared slips his gun back into its holster. It hurts to breathe and he’s still in shock from the force of the bullet, but nothing could keep him from Jensen in that moment. He goes over to him and presses their foreheads together as he reaches back to untie his hands. Jensen lets out a sob against Jared’s cheek and he turns his head to kiss his temple as he gets Jensen’s hands free. His arms immediately go around Jared’s body and he lets out a sigh of relief.

“Took you long enough,” Jared says as Collins and Bartha walk by with a tearstained Katie Cassidy in a pair of shiny silver handcuffs. “You almost missed the party.”

“Maybe if you had given us more than a fucking text message,” Collins spits. They walk off and Jared even smirks as he hears the detective muttering under his breath. “Reckless but not stupid my fucking ass.”

“Neither of you leave,” Bartha tells them. They both nod and Jared puts his hand on the back of Jensen’s head. “Actually, come on. The medics need to check you out.”

Jared nods and helps Jensen up out of the chair, wincing as he does so. Jensen must notice Jared swaying on his feet because he slips under Jared’s arm and wraps an arm around his waist to help him out of the building.

Jared glances down at Cooper as they pass and he grimaces at the sight of his lifeless blue eyes. He’s very much dead, and try as he might, Jared just can’t bring himself to feel bad about it. Jared stumbles to a halt next to the body and winces as he pulls the ace of spades out of his jacket pocket. He stares at it for a moment and then flicks it to the ground next to Cooper before continuing forward.

Katie is led out of the warehouse with Bartha and Collins each gripping an elbow. Jared and Jensen stumble out right behind them and the scene outside is nothing less than chaotic.

Members of the SWAT team are cuffing and stuffing all the members of Cooper and Katie’s crew, but that’s nothing compared to the swarm of paparazzi surrounding the area. The flashes are constant and blinding and Katie puts her head down, her blonde curls falling across her face as she’s led to a police car.

Jensen doesn’t bother to try and hide his face and Jared can’t help but to flash back to ten years earlier when they were in this same position; Jensen dragging a broken and bruised Jared to safety while cameras flashed all around them.

History always repeats itself, whether you expect it to or not.

Jensen hauls Jared over to the waiting ambulance and Jared grunts gratefully as he’s pushed back onto a stretcher. He would bet that the bullet broke some of his already cracked ribs, if the way that the simple act of breathing is almost enough to make him pass out is anything to go by.

“I’m fine,” Jensen says when a medic starts dabbing at his cut lip. He finally pushes the EMT away from him and towards Jared. “I said that I’m fine. Take care of him.”

The medics get the heavy vest off of Jared and that brings him a bit of relief, but he’s still in enough pain that his eyes are drooping now that they’re no longer in danger.

“It’s all over,” Jensen says as he settles in next to the stretcher. He takes Jared’s hand and threads their fingers together. It’s enough to make Jared turn his head and give him a lazy smile. “Now what are we going to do with our lives?”

“I want to take the world’s longest nap,” Jared mumbles as an EMT administers some pain meds. “Preferably with you next to me.”

“You got it,” Jensen replies without any hesitation. A tear rolls down Jensen’s cheek and he laughs self-consciously as he wipes it away with a scraped up knuckle. Jared squeezes his hand and tries to convey just how much Jensen means to him with his eyes.

Judging by the fond smile he gets in return, Jared is pretty sure he gets it.

It’s dusk when they get back from Sandy’s funeral.

It had been a somber affair. Everyone was still reeling from the shocking revelation that Katie, one of Sandy’s closest friends, was the reason that she was dead.

Everyone wants a piece of Jensen Ackles right now. They were the three musketeers, the closest of friends, and now one is dead and the other is in jail. Every media outlet in the world wants to know how Jensen feels about it all. It’s just another reason that Jared hates the fucking media.

Jensen is heartbroken, but he’s going to survive it. Sandy’s death has been avenged as well as it can be, and he’s trying hard to move past Katie’s betrayal. She isn’t worth the breath in his lungs, or so he says.

Katie isn’t fighting her fate. She’s admitted to everything, much to the chagrin of her father’s million-dollar team of lawyers. Everything is all over, and now it’s just a matter of processing it and moving on.

Jared was never that great at the moving on part.

They trudge upstairs together and make their way into Jensen’s bedroom. Jared loosens his tie and carefully lies back onto the bed, immensely grateful to finally be off of his feet.

His final injury tally consisted of a bunch of messed up ribs, two broken and four bruised, and some torn cartilage in his left shoulder along with a whole mess of scrapes and bruises. He’s come out of other cases a lot worse, so he isn’t too worried about it.

Jensen removes his suit jacket, tie, and shoes before crawling onto the bed next to Jared. He lets out a harsh breath and collapses face first into the center of the bed. Jared rolls over despite the twinge in his ribs and curls up next to him.

“Are you okay?” Jared says as he slips his hand up the back of Jensen’s shirt to rest it against bare skin. “Do you want to talk about anything?”

“All of this shit is going on,” Jensen says, words muffled by expensive linens. “And all I can think about is how you’re leaving in four days.” Jared sighs and glances at his half-packed suitcase lying ominously on the other side of the room. He takes his hand from Jensen’s shirt and slides his fingers through his hair, unable to think of anything to say. Jensen turns his head to the side and looks at him with tired eyes. “At least you’ll say goodbye this time.”

“I have a life in New York,” Jared reminds him gently. “A job and an apartment and an office and lots and lots of bills to pay. I can’t ignore all of that forever.”

“I know,” Jensen says. He sighs and then sits up, pushing Jared onto his back and slowly unbuttoning his dress shirt. His torso is wrapped up tight in bandages for his ribs and Jensen furrows his brow as his fingers gently trace the edge of the massive bruise peeking out from the top of them. Jensen leans down to press a kiss to the bruise and then rests his cheek against Jared’s collarbone.

“I just – I don’t want to lose you again,” Jensen confesses in a harsh whisper against Jared’s skin. Jared pulls Jensen’s shirt up to get his hand on bare skin. “I don’t want to give you, this, up.”

“You aren’t,” Jared replies emphatically. “And neither am I. We’re both smart, capable individuals. We’ll figure something out. And besides, doesn’t your dad have his own jet? You can meet me in Manhattan for dinner anytime, no problem.”

“We’re joking about this?” Jensen replies. He kisses the underside of Jared’s jaw and he shudders before pulling Jensen closer to him. He catches Jensen’s lips with his own and kisses him for a while, until he’s loose and pliant in his arms.

“Not joking,” Jared finally replies. “Just trying to show you that this’ll work. We’ll make it work, because, well, you’re pretty much it for me, Jensen.”

Jensen smiles, and for the first time in days it isn’t tinged with despair. He finally nods and kisses Jared again.

“We can’t afford to waste another decade being idiots,” Jensen tells him as he maneuvers his way out of his dress shirt. He looks worn out and all Jared wants to do is fall asleep next to him again. “We aren’t exactly kids anymore.”

“I can promise you that I won’t waste another second,” Jared tells him. He reaches out and places his palm against Jensen’s bare stomach as he looks into those gorgeous green eyes. “As long as you kiss me.”

“The things I do for you, Padalecki,” Jensen says with a fond roll of his eyes. Jared smirks and it softens into a pleased smile when Jensen leans down to press their mouths together. Jared pulls him down into his arms and Jensen lands on him with a soft exhalation of breath. It hurts a little, but Jensen has always been worth the pain.

Jared has learned a lot in the past week and a half, mainly that you can never really escape your past. Who you were once is always a part of who you forever will be, no matter how hard you try to shake it.

But maybe that isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe what you’re always running from is really what you’ve always been meant to have.

Now Jared has it, and no matter what happens, he isn’t letting go.

[onto the epilogue.]
vision_mvision_m on June 13th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
oh my god fucking Katie was involved much like Jared that one came out of left field shit.

Amazing as always