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fic: adventures in puppysitting (j2, adult.)

Title: adventures in puppysitting
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Adult.
Word Count: ~ 12,000
Disclaimer: Look up the word ‘fiction’ in the dictionary. You will not find a picture of this story, but the definition of the word ‘fiction’, which this is.
Warnings: Pink satin thongs and puppies, but not together.
Summary: Jensen knows how to have fun. That isn’t a crime. But when all that fun gets him into a sticky situation, he knows it’s about time to grow up. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is find Nemo.

Notes: This was written for j2_everafter as a J2 spin on Finding Nemo. I wasn't inspired by this like I thought I would be, but hopefully it still turned out alright. Beta by the always fantastic kamikaze_redux. ♥

PDF version: Here.

“If you don't own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything
wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”
- Roger Caras

“Alright. Listen up, runt.”

Jensen stands tall and proud, eyes cool and calculating as he glares down at his charge. He marches menacingly forward, pacing and staring with an intimidating gaze.

“We have rules here,” Jensen says roughly. His fingers squeeze tight around the object in his right hand. It’s messy, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make a point. “And if those rules are broken, there are consequences to be had. Am I clear?”

Big brown eyes lock on him, watching as Jensen paces back and forth. Jensen holds up the object and his charge’s head tilts to the side, gaze locked on the object held cruelly in Jensen’s grasp as he lets out a whimper.

“There will be no jumping on my bed. There will be no digging through the trash. There will be no shedding or slobbering,” Jensen rattles off. He slowly drops to his hands and knees, putting himself almost level with the little face he is in charge of for the next week. “And I swear, if you even sniff in the direction of my shoes, the rope toy gets it.”

He holds out the spit-covered rope toy and the puppy goes insane – barking and whining and jumping up and down, claws click-clacking on Jensen’s shiny hardwood floors.

He throws the toy down the hallway and the puppy tears after it. He grabs it at the threshold of Jensen’s bedroom and then jumps up onto his bed, shakes out his fur, and then drops down and proceeds to chew and slobber all over the place. Jensen just stares.

“Glad we had that talk,” Jensen mumbles. “Fucking little devil mutt.”

Jensen isn’t exactly what you would call a dog person. Or a cat person. Or even a sea monkey person. Point is, he’s not great with animals. They never had any when he was a kid because Mac is allergic, and he’s never found any real reason to try and bond with man’s supposed best friend.

Until now.

Josh had gone and bought Jensen’s nephew, Logan, a puppy for his fifth birthday. It’s a fluffy golden retriever to match their adorable house and picket-fenced yard. Josh is nothing if not traditional. Then came time for their annual week-long excursion to Disneyworld, and guess what? No dog sitter.

Jensen still isn’t sure how he landed the role. All he can remember is Logan looking at him with That Face and everything else is sort of a blur.

So while his brother and co. are off getting shaken down by Mickey Mouse, Jensen’s house has become puppy central. Because he couldn’t just get the puppy, oh no. He had to get the nighttime kennel, the fluffy bed, approximately seven trillion toys, a giant bag of dry food, a pallet of canned wet food, his special inscribed food and water dishes, a giant box of treats, leather collar, and matching leash. Basically his foyer looks like the clearance aisle at Petsmart.

“Nemo!” Jensen shouts. Obviously Logan got to name the thing. “Here boy!”

He’s greeted with nothing but the snuffling sounds of Nemo trying to burrow deeper into his 700 thread count sheets. Jensen makes a mental note to tell Josh that the “puppy school” that he enrolled Nemo in isn’t really bringing the results.

Jensen huffs a sigh and digs through Nemo’s many (many) belongings until he comes up with a little carton of liver treats that smell like they were pulled from someone’s dirty ass. He shakes the carton and Nemo immediately starts running down the hallway.

“That’s right, fucker,” Jensen mutters as the puppy trots up to him. He sits on his wiggling butt and stares hopefully at Jensen, tongue lolling out to one side. When a treat does not magically appear in front of him, Nemo tilts his head to the side and gives Jensen a Look that could rival Logan’s Look any day. “Ugh, fine.”

Jensen pulls a smelly treat out of the carton and flicks it towards the puppy. He thought maybe Nemo would do something cool like snap it out of the air, but he just sits there as the treat hits him between the eyes and rolls across the floor. He gets up and spins in a circle until he spots the treat and then dives on it like it’s trying to run away. He eats it and then turns to look at Jensen again.

“You’re retarded,” Jensen says simply. Nemo wiggles his butt and yaps. Jensen smirks fondly. “But sort of cute.”

Nemo runs up to him and jumps up, placing his paws on Jensen’s thighs and yapping again. He chuckles and gets down onto his knees, laughing as Nemo starts frantically licking his face.

“Alright, fine!” Jensen sits cross-legged on the floor and pulls Nemo into his lap as he extracts his phone from his pocket. “Shall we give Josh an update? How about ‘Today Nemo shit in the corner ten minutes after he woke me up from a deep sleep to let him outside and is somehow still alive’? That seems like a pretty accurate description of our day so far, right?”

And that’s when Nemo slips him the tongue. Jensen pushes him back and splutters, wiping his mouth with his sleeve as he gets the camera ready. He wraps his arm around the dog and snaps a picture, trying to look like he’s enjoying himself. He lets Nemo go and narrows his eyes as he heads right for the leather sofa and hops up onto it. He sends the picture off to Josh and receives a reply with a picture of Logan and Donald Duck. He smiles and sets it as his new screensaver.

Later that evening Jensen is definitely not cuddling with the puppy. He’s just lying on the couch and Nemo just happens to be curled up against his side. That’s all it is.

Nemo is fast asleep when Chris and Steve barge through the front door. The puppy jumps up and starts yapping and growling and Jensen catches a back foot to the crotch. He curls up and pushes the snarling dog to the floor.

“You assholes seriously just got me kicked in the nuts by a dog,” Jensen groans. “That really just happened.”

“And it was hilarious,” Chris replies. He whistles and gets down on his knees and Nemo apparently forgets all about being a vicious attack dog as soon as there’s petting involved. He runs excitedly up to Chris and jumps on him. “So we’re using your place tonight.”

“What?” Jensen asks. Steve has already made two trips from the truck and back to bring in bags of alcohol. “Guys, come on. You need to give me a little bit of fuckin’ notice, alright?”

“Jensen,” Steve says as he sets a twenty-four pack of Corona on the counter. “We’re having a party here in an hour.”

“Consider yourself notified,” Chris says as he scratches Nemo between the ears. “This pup could totally get me laid.”

“You’re not using my nephew’s dog to get some obviously deaf, dumb, and blind girl to touch your junk,” Jensen says as he rolls off of the couch. He hefts Nemo into his arms (for a puppy he isn’t exactly small) and heads down the hallway. “He’s being sequestered.”

Jensen gets Nemo all set up in the master bathroom with his bed, food and water dishes, and a few toys. Nemo doesn’t seem exactly pleased with this turn of events and tries to bolt when Jensen turns to leave. He catches him with his foot and gently pushes him backwards. Nemo lets out a pathetic little puppy whine and Jensen’s heart clenches with guilt. He drops down to his knees and cups Nemo’s face in his hands.

“Look, pup,” Jensen says. “I’m young. I need to have some fun, and if that means locking you in the bathroom so I can do that, then I’m okay with that.” Nemo whines again. “If you’re good I will take you to the dog park tomorrow. And then I’ll buy you a rawhide bone. Deal?”

Nemo just stares at him.

“Alright, so it’s settled.” Jensen pets Nemo’s head one last time and shuts the bathroom door. People are already starting to mill about his living room. Chris hands him a beer and Jensen chugs half of it in one go. “If we’re gonna do this, let’s really do this.”

He cranks the music and downs the rest of his beer.

What Jensen does the next morning can’t really be called waking up. It’s more like regaining consciousness. Coming back to life would probably also work.

Jensen opens his eyes and immediately closes them again when harsh light threatens to burn his eyeballs right out of their sockets. He lets out a groan and turns to the side to pull his blanket over him, and that’s when he realizes that he’s not in his bed. And judging by the freezing cold, rock hard surface he’s currently lying on, he’s pretty sure it’s safe to assume that he’s not in anyone else’s bed either.

That leaves two options. Bathroom or kitchen. Jensen opens his eyes into little slits and sees wooden cupboards. Kitchen it is.

After a few moments of silent reflection (read: wondering why he lets himself get into situations where he wakes up on kitchen floors) he sits up with a groan. He finds that he’s completely naked saved for a pair of tiny pink satin panties that a) do little to hide his vastly impressive package and b) he’s never seen before.

Jensen needs new friends.

The entire night is a blur, a smear of jumbled memories in Jensen’s throbbing brain. There’s something important he’s supposed to be doing. He holds the sides of his head while he waits for it to come to him.

“Oh shit,” he groans as he hefts himself into a standing position and pulls the panties out of his crack. How do girls wear thongs, anyway? “Nemo.”

He stumbles blindly down the hall towards his bedroom and is vaguely surprised and a little pissed to find that the door is open. There’s one rule here – the master bedroom is off limits. How fucking hard is that to remember?

It’s not until he sees the open bathroom door and the very empty dog bed that he starts to panic. He runs through the house calling Nemo’s name despite the pounding in his skull and the fact that he’s wearing women’s underwear. The front door is open just a crack and Jensen’s heart drops into his stomach. Without thinking he runs through the door and launches himself off of the front porch to stand in the middle of his lawn.

Nemo!” He yells desperately. “Here, boy!”

He hears a sharp gasp off to his left and turns to see his elderly neighbor, half bent over to grab her paper. She’s staring at Jensen slack-jawed and Jensen furrows his brow, confused until the moment a sudden breeze whips past him. Oh right. The underwear.

“Uh, sorry Mrs. Grossman. Have you seen Nemo?” Jensen asks as his hands fly to his crotch and he squeezes his knees together. “Er – I mean, have you seen a puppy?”

“Is that some sort of code word?” Mrs. Grossman asks, eyes narrowed at him. “I know you gays like your filthy code words. And don’t think your party didn’t keep me up all night! Who knows what sort of deplorable things you had going on in there?”

“Yes, I know. I’m a filthy homosexual and an awful human being,” Jensen says blandly. He gives his dick a little squeeze through the satin as if to say that he didn’t mean it, not really. “Now this is important. Have you seen a dog?”

“No,” she replies scathingly. “And I’d suggest putting some damn clothes on next time you wander outside.”

“And a lovely day to you, Mrs. Grossman,” Jensen says cheerily before running back into the house and slamming the door. “You old hag.”

Jensen stands there completely at a loss with his wicked hangover and his mysterious pink panties. Josh is going to kick his ass. Logan is going to hate him forever. He’s such a fucking horrible uncle.

“Shit,” Jensen breathes. “I gotta find Nemo.”

Jensen takes the quickest shower of his life. He didn’t really want to spare the time, but he’s all greasy and there’s something sticky on his left thigh that he doesn’t really want to spend too much time identifying.

He gets dressed at lightning speed and ends up putting on two different shoes. He probably wouldn’t have realized it if he hadn’t tripped off of his porch. After spending a few moments cursing himself and the world he goes inside to trade the dress shoe for a sneaker.

Canvassing the neighborhood does fuck-all. Nemo doesn’t come when he’s called under the best of times, so why would he come now? Jensen is close to tears, near a full-blown panic attack by the time he reaches the dog park. It’s the same place he promised to take Nemo today. God, he’s such a fucking idiot. He could screw anything up.

He jogs into the park and looks around. There are a million fucking dogs but not one single golden retriever puppy wandering around on his own. He calls Nemo’s name a few times, just to be safe, and then slumps his shoulders and turns to leave.

Instead of a vast expanse of empty grass leading from him to the exit gate he sees a giant beast of a mutt, oh god make that two giant beasts, barreling towards him at top speed. Jensen barely has time to let out a feminine squeak before he’s being tackled to the ground.

“Please don’t kill me!” Jensen doesn’t see his life flash before his eyes. Instead he sees the one episode of that dog whisperer show he watched one time he was severely bored. He tries to remember what the dude said about asserting dominance, but it’s a little hard when Jensen is belly up on the grass being attacked by two giant dogs.

Okay, maybe not attacked. Licked to death is more like it. Jensen relaxes a little when he realizes he probably isn’t going to be mauled. It doesn’t make him any less annoyed though.

“Harley! Sadie! Oh my god!” This is a booming voice. A pretty voice, Jensen vaguely registers. He tries to see where it’s coming from but all he can see is tan fur and pink tongues. The smaller dog gets off of him and Jensen sucks in the deep breath he hadn’t even realized his lungs had been aching for. The bigger dog just keeps licking his face. Jensen vaguely wonders if all this dog spit is bad for his complexion. Two large hands grab the big dog around the chest and yank, and oh, hello there glorious sunshine!

“Did I die?” Jensen asks. He pats himself down and doesn’t feel any gaping wounds or protruding bones, so maybe he’s okay. But then the most beautiful fucking face he’s ever seen, and that’s coming from someone who has seen a whole lot of beautiful faces in his lifetime, leans over and blocks out the sunlight. Jensen blinks. “Is this heaven?”

“Um,” the guy says. Not very eloquent for an angel, but hey, he’ll take it. “Did you hit your head?”

“Not sure, angel,” Jensen replies. He’s still flat on his back in the grass. It’s actually quite comfy. “I think maybe I’m still drunk from last night.”

“Oh. Well, I’m really sorry about the dogs. They would never hurt anyone. They’re just really excited. Here, let me help you up.” The guy holds out his hand, and oh god what a massive hand it is, and Jensen takes it. His fingers look absolutely dainty in the guy’s palm and he gives a tiny shudder.

So he has a massive fucking size kink. Get over it.

That’s when Jensen realizes that the guy is young. Not like, illegal young, he doesn’t think. But young, maybe college age. He also looks really fucking nervous, glancing back and forth between Jensen and the dogs.

“Oh, hey,” Jensen says amiably. “I’m not gonna like, sue you or anything. Is that something people sue for now? Seems like anything these days. Anyway, we’re cool. I’m Jensen.”

“Oh good,” the guy replies. He looks absolutely relieved and gives Jensen this great big grin, and oh wow, if Jensen wasn’t sold before he definitely is now. “I’m Jared.”

Jensen wants to try the name out on his tongue like a schoolgirl, but he refrains. There are other parts of Jared he’d like to try out on his tongue but he refrains from those things as well. For now.

“Where’s your dog?” Jared asks, and that’s when Jensen remembers what the hell he was doing in the dog park in the first place.

“I don’t have a dog,” Jensen says. “Or well, I have a dog. I just don’t have it here. Ugh, let me start over.” Jared furrows his brow and Jensen shakes his head. He’s such a fucking spaz. “I’m watching my nephew’s puppy and because I’m a horrible fucking person, I let it get out and now I can’t find him. I need to find him because otherwise Logan will hate me forever. And I can’t lose that kid. I mean, it’s not like I’ll ever be able to have one of my own and they aren’t exactly giving those things out like candy and – “

“Jensen,” Jared says with a rough chuckle that makes Jensen’s belly jump. “I’ll help you find him. What’s his name?”

“Sorry, I babble when I’m nervous,” Jensen admits as he brings a hand up to scratch the back of his neck. “I’d like your help. His name is Nemo.” Jared lets out a booming laugh and Jensen knits his brow. “What?”

“No really,” Jared laughs. Harley and Sadie, devil dogs turned to obedient angels now that Jared is around, are sitting at his feet. “What’s his name?”

“Nemo,” Jensen repeats, and Jared laughs again.

“So you lost a dog named Nemo and now you’re trying to find it?” Jared is figuratively rolling now, one giant hand pressed against his flat belly as he lets out a happy laugh that makes Jensen do heart eyes even if it’s at his expense. “So you’re finding Nemo?”

Jensen pauses and then he can’t help it. He chuckles.

“Looks that way,” Jensen says. “So Jared, I’m finding Nemo. You in?”

“Oh, I’m definitely in.”

Jensen walks slightly to the left of Jared and his giant dogs. They seem well-behaved, if only a little overexcited, but Jensen doesn’t want to get in the way of those dinner plate sized paws again.

“So, big dogs,” Jensen says conversationally. Big dogs, big guy, big hands – big everything hopefully. Jensen shakes his head. This is not the time to let his libido get the best of him. He doesn’t have time for the dirty thoughts to linger, however, because apparently that was all Jared needed to start rambling.

“Yeah, aren’t they great? That’s Harley,” he says as he points at the giant one. “He’s a Mastiff mix. And Sadie is German Shepherd and dingo!”

“Wait, dingo?” Jensen asks. “As in ate my baby?”

“Yeah,” Jared laughs. “I just have to drop these guys back off at the shelter, and that’s a good place to start looking for Nemo anyway.”

“They’re not yours?” Jensen inquires, and he doesn’t miss the way Jared’s face falls. His grip on their leashes even tightens a little.

“No, I wish,” Jared replies sadly. “This couple gave them up because they had a baby, and I understand. Not that these guys would ever hurt anyone, but they’re big and rambunctious.”

“I noticed,” Jensen grumbles.

“And I’m big and rambunctious and by default I play a little rough sometimes too,” Jared continues. Jensen swallows and nearly trips over a crack in the sidewalk. “These dogs are perfect for me.”

“So why don’t you adopt them?” Jensen asks. Jared lets out a long, frustrated sigh.

“I live in this shitty studio apartment. Even if the lease allowed pets, there’s no way I could keep these guys there.” Jared looks at the dogs and there’s genuine sadness in his eyes. “They’ve been in the shelter for weeks and if someone doesn’t take them home soon, well.”

Jared doesn’t need to finish the sentence. Jensen knows very well what he means. He takes another look at Harley and Sadie. They’re so happy and playful, and they have no idea what’s in store for them. He looks at Jared’s face again and feels a brief wave of melancholy wash over him.

“I’m sure they’ll get adopted, Jared,” Jensen says as he reaches out to squeeze his arm. Jared gives him a dim little smile and the dogs start to tug on their leashes when they round a corner and the shelter comes into view.

“Someone’s hungry!” Jared shouts as he lets himself be pulled forward. Jensen takes a moment to appreciate those long legs as Jared breaks out into a run. Damn, just… damn.

He needs to pull himself together.

The main lobby of the shelter is small and warm. It has that vet’s office smell – disinfectant and the barely masked scent of wet dog and cat pee. There’s a blond guy sitting behind the counter with his feet propped up on the open drawer of a beige-colored filing cabinet. He’s wearing an indecently tight hot pink scrub top covered in little cartoon kittens and balls of yarn.

“Hey man,” the guy says without looking up from his phone. “Any takers?” He finally looks up and blinks when he spots Jensen. His lips turn up into an impish grin and he raises an eyebrow at Jared. “You pick up a stray of your own?”

“Ignore Chad,” Jared says as an introduction. He looks back at Chad and furrows his brow. The dogs are milling restlessly around Jared and sniffing at the floor. “This is Jensen. Why are you wearing Sophia’s scrubs?”

“Flufflekins barfed on me again,” Chad replies with only a trace of mild annoyance. “Third fuckin’ time this week. No idea what his problem is.”

“His problem is that his name is Flufflekins,” Jensen replies. Jared snorts and Chad grins at him.

“Okay, let me just put these guys away,” Jared says. He puts one of those giant hands low on Jensen’s back as he speaks and Jensen tries very hard not to melt like a twelve year old girl. “I’ll be right back.”

He leads the dogs through a door and Jensen and Chad engage in a somewhat awkwardly silent staring contest. It’s Jensen that finally breaks it. He’s not a fan of awkward silence.

“You’re really working that pink,” he says, embracing his inner fag. What? He can’t help that the color goes great with Chad’s skin tone.

“Fuck yes I’m working this pink,” Chad replies. He looks Jensen up and down once more. “I’ve been around enough dogs to know the puppy eyes when I see them. Ten minutes and you’ve already got it bad for our fuzzy-hearted friend.”

“Very intuitive,” Jensen replies, not even bothering to try and deny it. “Think I have a chance?”

“You’re one GQ motherfucker, no homo,” Chad offers. “It’d be nice to see Jared get laid. Well, not see it. You know what I mean. He volunteers here more than he actually fucking works here. There’s good Samaritan and then there’s pathetic. So do me a favor. Fuck my friend.”

“That’s a pretty tall order from someone I just met thirty seconds ago,” Jensen replies calmly. “But I’ll try.”

“Good. Now go look at the kitties,” Chad says, pointing to a large window on the right side of the room. “I have shit to do.”

Jensen raises an eyebrow as Chad returns his full attention to his cell phone, and then goes over to the window. Jensen barely resists the urge to let out a long, drawn out awww at what he sees, which is some sort of cat’s play room. There’s a big cat tree in the middle and shorter ones scattered all over the place. Cats are lounging and playing all over the room and a group of kittens are tackling each other in the corner.

Jensen grins stupidly and presses his face against the glass. Cats he gets. One of his exes had a cat. She was a fat, antisocial bitch of a tabby. She was always just lounging somewhere – never bothering anyone. Cats are awesome.

“Hi baby kitties,” Jensen whispers as he taps the glass lightly. One of them looks at him and lets out a loud meow.

“Your homo is over looking at the pussies,” he hears Chad say, and Jensen jerks away from the glass. There’s a smear of grease left behind by his forehead and he makes a face as he wipes it away with the cuff of his sweatshirt. When he turns Jared is just watching him, and the fond smile gracing his face makes Jensen feel warm all over.

“Well, let’s get down to business,” Jared says, and Jensen blinks a few times. Oh right, missing dog. Jensen looks once more at the kittens and then walks over to stand next to Jared at the counter. “Jensen’s dog is missing.” It’s very kind of him to say that Nemo is just missing instead of telling the truth, which is that Jensen’s drunk ass lost him. “Have any dogs been brought in today?”

“A couple, yeah,” Chad replies. He sits up in his desk chair and clicks away at his keyboard.

“This would be a goldie – about four months old with an orange collar and a tag reading Nemo,” Jared adds, repeating the description Jensen gave him on the way over. Chad’s fingers freeze on the keyboard and he looks up.

“You’re trying to find Nemo?” He asks with a smirk. Jensen rolls his eyes.

“We understand the irony here,” Jared tells him. “Has this dog been picked up or what?”

“Do you know how much a purebred goldie costs?” Chad asks. “Do you think if someone found one wandering around that they’d bring it to the shelter? My money’s on someone taking him in and calling dibs. Or maybe you could check craigslist. Someone might be trying to sell him.”

Jensen lets out a whimper that makes a dog in the back howl. Jared puts his hand on Jensen’s forearm and it doesn’t even make him feel any better.

“Christ, Chad,” Jared chides. “A little decorum?”

“Telling it like it is, man.” Jared rolls his eyes and turns towards Jensen. His hand hasn’t left Jensen’s arm. He looks up at Jared pathetically. He’s never felt this guilty in his entire life, not even after he accidentally made out with that other guy when he was dating Tom. To be fair, Jensen was really drunk and there should never be more than one Jack Sparrow at any Halloween party.

Jensen is kind of a douchebag. Nothing like losing a puppy to make someone realize what an asshole they are.

“Do you have any pictures of Nemo?” Jared asks softly. Chad snorts and Jared takes a dog bone out of the dish on the counter and throws it at him. It hits him right between the eyes and Chad scowls as he rubs the spot. Jensen nods and takes his cell phone out of his pocket. He shows Jared one of Nemo alone and then one of him and Nemo together. It’s a nice picture that would have looked great in a photo album at Josh’s house, but now he’ll probably be shot if he ever tries to step foot on the porch. “Aw, he’s adorable.”

“I know,” Jensen replies. He isn’t that surprised to hear that his voice is thick and a little shaky. Jared looks up at the sound of it and his face crumples.

“Hey, we’ll find him,” Jared says, reaching out to squeeze Jensen’s shoulder. Jared looks down at the phone again and starts tapping the screen, apparently e-mailing the picture to himself. “We’ll use this one. A cute puppy and a gorgeous guy is an unbeatable combo. People will be tripping over themselves to help.”

“You think I’m gorgeous?” Jensen asks. Jared looks up at him with a soft smirk.

“It’s not like it’s a secret,” Jared replies. “I mean, you have a mirror, right?”

“Yeah, just – “ Jensen swallows and looks into Jared’s eyes. “You’re gorgeous, too.”

“Gaaaaaaay,” Chad drawls, destroying the moment. Jared and Jensen both turn to glare at him and Chad snatches the dog bone bowl away just as Jared reaches for it. “Okay, loverboys. I got the picture. I’ll keep an eye out here and put in a call to Animal Control and the county shelter. Now go.”

“Thanks Chad,” Jared says. Jensen gives him a salute and then spins around when Jared turns to leave.

“What’s next?” Jensen asks as Jared leads him across the parking lot to an old beat up truck.

“First you get in my truck,” Jared says as he unlocks the doors. Jensen hops inside and settles back into the bench seat. It sort of smells like Jared’s cologne and Jensen sneaks a deep breath in through his nose just to savor the scent. Jared gets in and shuts the door. “Now we go to Kinko’s and make some flyers.”

Jared hands Jensen’s phone back over to him and Jensen stares down at the picture of him and Nemo. He presses the end button and his heart clenches when he sees the picture of Logan set as his wallpaper. Guilt turns in Jensen’s belly.

“Hey,” Jared says softly. He tentatively reaches over and pulls Jensen into a one-armed hug. Jensen lets out a breath and leans into it, vaguely surprised at how close he feels to this guy after such a short time. “We’ll find him.”

Jared looks so honest and determined that all Jensen can do is nod dumbly as he starts the engine.

[part two.]
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