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fic: love, save the empty (part one.)

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Jensen was born with the desire and ability to help people.

It’s what made him stop the bullies on the playground from picking on the weaker kids. It’s what made him tutor underclassmen in math in high school even though his own honors course load was so challenging. It’s what made him volunteer in the pediatrics ward at the hospital when he was in college, spending every weekend making balloon animals until his schedule got too demanding and his growing expenses required that he got a job that actually paid.

It’s why he wanted be a doctor.

It’s not what brought him to Jared. Nothing but pure, all consuming love did that, but it might have been what kept him sane when everything else seemed hopeless.

And now, it might be what ends it all.

Paging Dr. Ackles. Dr. Ackles please report to nursing station one.”

Jensen pauses in flipping the page of a patient’s chart, eyes flicking up towards the ceiling as his lips curve into a smirk.

Sounds like Cara is letting Jared play with the intercom again.

“That’s my cue,” Jensen says to his patient, a sweet elderly woman with pancreatic cancer. “My work is never done, Sue. You gonna be okay for awhile?”

“Go on,” Sue says with a fond smile, and Jensen winks at her as he puts the chart back in the cubby on the end of the bed.

Jensen yawns as he walks down the hall. The coffee he had hours ago has worn off to the point of bone deep exhaustion. The amount of time he has to spend at the hospital is insane. He doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time with Jared, and he misses his dog and his new apartment and his warm, comfy bed.

But he wouldn’t trade saving lives for anything in the world.

When he approaches the nurse’s station, Jared is sitting on the counter with a sucker in his mouth and Jazz sitting at his feet. She has her therapy dog vest on and she’s in complete work mode, but when she spots Jensen she looks up, tail wagging erratically and slapping against the floor. She’s had enough training to know not to bark in the hospital, so she stays put until Jensen reaches her and scratches her behind the ears.

“Hey,” Jared says, pulling the sucker out of his mouth and kissing Jensen softly. His lips taste like cherries and Jensen lets out a soft hum. “Brought the mutt in to play with the kids in pediatrics, and I wanted to say hi before I had to leave for class.”

“I’m glad,” Jensen says, taking Jared’s hand. He rubs his thumb over the platinum band on Jared’s ring finger. It’s been months and he still can’t get over it. He can’t believe they’re actually married. “You gonna cook for me tonight?”

“Depends,” Jared says with a sly grin. “You gonna put out?”

“I’ll rock your world, baby,” Jensen says, grinning back. “As long as you make that shrimp thing I like.”

“Deal,” Jared agrees, and they both look over at Cara when she clears her throat, smiling fondly at them. Cara is one of the nurses in the ICU, which is where Jensen spends a lot of his time. She makes amazing coffee and helps him with the crossword puzzle in the paper during what little downtime they get. Jensen likes her. She’s become a good friend.

“Jared, we go over this every time,” Cara says, pointing her pen at him. “You bring Jazzy to Pediatrics, and then you take her outside. Pediatrics, outside. That’s it.”

“Okay, okay,” Jared tells her, holding up his hands in surrender. “I’ll take her outside as long as you never call her Jazzy again.”

“Agreed,” she says. “Now finish up being all adorable with your husband while I just stand over here and remain devastatingly single. Two amazing men bumping uglies with each other while I’m deeply committed to a tub of Haagen-Daz. Shameful.”

Jared laughs, loud and bright, and leans down to pick up Jazz’s leash. She gets to her feet and lets her tongue loll out of her mouth. “She’s right. I should let you get back to saving lives.”

Jared reaches out and touches the small bump under Jensen’s scrub top, pressing Jensen’s wedding ring against his skin. He doesn’t like wearing it while he’s working, but he can’t stand not having it on, so he compromised. When he’s on duty he wears the ring on a chain around his neck so he always has it with him.

Jared pulls the chain out of Jensen’s shirt, hooking his finger in the ring and using it to tug Jensen in. He kisses him softly, mumbling against his lips.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Jared says, and Jensen nods, lips brushing against Jared’s. “I love you.”

“Love you,” Jensen replies automatically, and Jared kisses him again before letting go. Jensen opens his eyes, hardly remembering having closed them.

“Come on, Jazz,” Jared says, tugging on her leash. “Say bye to Daddy because apparently I have to stop by the store and get some shrimp before class. Or he’ll die.”

Jensen laughs and Jazz jumps up on him, paws resting on his thighs. Jensen ruffles her fur and kisses her between the eyes. Then he does the same to Jared.

“Ass,” Jared says fondly, and Jensen smirks at him. “Later.”

Jensen watches as Jared leaves, Jazz scampering alongside him. Cara clears her throat again and Jensen realizes he’s been staring for far too long. He looks over at her and blushes, tucking his wedding ring back inside his shirt.

“Seriously, does Team Homo get first draft pick or something?” She asks. “You’ve got yourself a keeper right there.”

“Yeah, I do,” Jensen says fondly, smiling at her before turning to head back to work. He’s only got a few hours left.

He’ll see Jared again soon enough.

Jensen turns away from another patient, reaching up to pinch at the bridge of his nose as he sets down the chart.

“Didn’t your shift end half an hour ago?” Dr. Segel, his attending, asks him. He and Jack have become pretty good friends in Jensen’s last year and a half here, and he’s grateful to have an ally, someone who likes helping people just as much as he does.

“Yeah,” Jensen replies, stretching until his back cracks. “Jared has dinner waiting.”

“Get the hell out of here, Ackles,” Jack tells him, waving his hand in the general direction of the exit. “You work too damn hard.”

Jensen gives him a proud grin and heads for the locker room, not even bothering to change out of his scrubs as he grabs his bag out of his locker.

Jensen is near the exit when he suddenly hears commotion coming from the emergency room. He glances towards the exit again, making note of the bone deep exhaustion he feels. He shrugs and spins on his heels to jog towards the ER.

“Jensen, thank god!” Cara calls out, looking frazzled. He snaps back into business mode, pulling on gloves and heading over to the bleeding man on the gurney Cara is pushing. The paramedics are bringing in a second man and Jensen’s eyes snap over to him, appraising.

“Twenty three year old male,” the paramedic rambles off, handing the chart over to Jensen. “Stab wound to the lower abdomen. These two got into an altercation at a bar. The other patient is the assailant. He has minor injuries.”

“Put him in exam room three,” Jensen tells them, following and watching as they transfer the man to a bed. The wound is wide and deep, and Jensen tries to keep himself from wincing. The wheels of another gurney squeak behind him as they unload the second patient onto a bed. Jensen finds himself in the middle of a victim and his assailant, and it’s not a good place to be. He looks down at the patient again, hands moving to apply pressure to the wound.

This man probably won’t make it.

A sudden scream catches Jensen’s attention. It sounds like Cara, and he leaves the other doctors swarming the victim to tend to him as he tears back into the main area. There’s a group of men in the ER, and one of them is pointing a gun at Cara, finger on the trigger.

“Whoa, hey!” Jensen calls out, and the man swings the gun on him. Jensen swallows down fear and holds up both hands. His latex gloves are covered in crimson blood. “What’s going on here?”

The guy looks over Jensen’s shoulder at the patient bleeding out from a stab wound in the gut and he looks stricken for a moment before his eyes harden. He whirls on the other patient, eyes narrowing. Jensen follows his gaze, notices his bloody hands and the lacerations on his face.

“He came after me, man!” The assailant shouts, and Jensen realizes with a sick pang exactly what’s going on. He wants revenge. Jensen’s heart lurches in his chest but he moves into action, stepping between the man in the hospital bed and the man with the gun.

“You don’t want to do this, okay?” Jensen says, trying to keep his voice calm. He keeps his hands up in front of him and swallows hard. “Just put the gun down.”

“My problem isn’t with you,” the man says, cocking the gun with his thumb. “Move.”

“I can’t do that,” Jensen replies, trying to keep the fear out of his voice. “Just put the gun down and we can – “

He hears the bullet before he feels it, the sound of it coming out of the barrel ringing in his ears before white hot pain rips through his chest. He looks down and watches blood bloom from the center of his torso and out, staining the light blue cotton with a vicious red. He hears a sharp scream, and then everything goes silent except for the sound of his blood pulsing in his ears.

He can taste blood in the back of his throat and he drops to his knees, the pain making it impossible for him to stand. A hazy thought comes to him, almost disconnected. This will break him. One last word filters through his mind before everything goes devastatingly black.


Jared shakes his hips to the music on the stereo, dancing around the kitchen as he cooks. Jasmine is lying near the heating vent, staring up at her human like he’s certifiably insane. Jared laughs at the thought. If only she knew.

His cell phone rings in his pocket and he turns off the radio as he extracts it. The number for the hospital flashes on the display, and Jared grins as he thumbs it open.

“Hey babe,” he answers. “Please don’t tell me you’re gonna be late. Dinner’s almost ready. I even cracked open a bottle of – “

Jared, it’s Cara,” she says, interrupting him, and Jared knits his brow. Her voice is nearly a whisper, pitched low and rough, shaking like she’s trying hard to stay calm. “I – Jared, you need to come to the hospital.”

Jared’s heart plummets to his toes.

“Cara, what happened?” Jared demands, turning off the stove and heading for the front door. He nearly trips over a throw rug and catches himself by bracing his hand on the wall. He sucks in a deep breath, the phone shaking in his hand as he struggles to keep his grip on it. “Where’s Jensen?”

She lets out a soft little cry, and he forces himself not to panic.

Get here as fast as you can.” She hangs up, and Jared stares at the dark screen of his phone in horror. It’s only a yip from Jasmine that snaps him out of it, and he holds his hand out for her to stay as he grabs his keys and hurries out the door.

When he gets to the hospital there are police cars in the parking lot. Red and blue flashes light up the night sky, bounce off of the asphalt and flicker on the walls. Jared’s stomach rolls and he barely remembers parking and getting out of the car, but he must have because suddenly he’s running down the hall, his own breathing harsh in his ears.

“Jared!” He skids to a stop and sees Cara at the nurse’s station, holding a crumpled tissue in her hand as she looks away from two police officers. Jared runs over to her, tears blurring his vision as he reaches out to grab her shoulders.

“What happened?” He demands, looking around the crowded ER. There’s yellow crime scene tape blocking off most of it and Jared swallows. “Where’s Jensen?”

“Sir, who are you?” One of the officers asks, and Jared whirls on him as Cara lets out a sob.

“I’m Jared. I – Jensen is my partner. What’s going on?”

“Jared.” He turns when he hears Jack’s voice and makes his way towards the other familiar face. When Jared reaches him, Jack takes him by the arm and leads him into the quiet waiting room, closing the door and muffling all the chaos outside. He swallows hard and looks up at Jared. His face is calm but his eyes are devastated.

“Jack, tell me,” Jared demands, biting down on his trembling lower lip. Jack nods and squeezes his eyes shut for a second, like he’s psyching himself up.

“There was an incident,” Jack says slowly, and Jared hangs on his every word. “Jensen was involved. He – he was shot, Jared.”

“No.” Jared can feel his world crumbling, slipping through his fingers. His body goes ice cold. “Oh god, no. Is he – Jen.”

“He’s in surgery now,” Jack tells him, squeezing Jared’s forearm. “Listen, I’m Jensen’s doctor but I’m also your friend. I’m going to level with you.”

Jared can barely hear him over the rush of blood between his ears, over the sound of his breaking heart.

“It doesn’t look good, Jared,” Jack says gently, and Jared feels hot tears leak from his eyes, catching on his lips before they meet at the point of his chin. Jared has never felt such terror, such pain. Not ever. “He’s lost a lot of blood, and his heart stopped once already. Jared, we’re doing everything we can.”

“Are you telling me he’s going to die?” Jared gets out, and his voice sounds ripped to shreds. Jack lets out a sharp sigh, squeezing Jared’s shoulder again.

“I’m telling you to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst,” Jack tells him, and Jared blinks, reaching up to clutch at his chest as the pain nearly tears him in half. “I’m telling you that Jensen is a fighter. He’s stubborn as hell and he’s not going to give up, but there is only so much the human body can take. At this point, all we can do is wait.”

“I need to see him,” Jared says, voice full of anguish and pain. “I – I need you to take me to him.”

“Jared,” Jack sighs, shaking his head sadly. “I can’t right now. He’s still in surgery.”

“I need to see him!” Jared yells, wiping angrily at his eyes. “I need to know he’s okay!”

“Jared, he’s not okay!” Jack says sternly, and Jared chokes on a sharp intake of breath. “But we’re doing everything we can. You need to wait here, alright? As soon as it’s okay for you to see him, I swear to God I will take you to him myself.”

“Fine,” Jared croaks, shoulders slumping in defeat. He looks at Jack with shining, desperate eyes. “I need him.”

“I know you do,” Jack replies, and Jared sniffs. “He needs you, too.”

“You don’t understand,” Jared gasps out. “I need him. I – I don’t know if I can handle this.”

“You can, and you will,” Jack tells him, squeezing his shoulder hard. Jared squeezes his eyes shut. None of these people have any idea how messed up he is, how easily everything he’s worked so hard for could break. “Jensen needs you to be strong for him.”

Cara comes into the waiting room and there are tear tracks on her pretty face. Jack nods at her and gets up, patting Jared’s shoulder one last time.

“I’m going to go see what’s going on,” Jack informs him. “Stay with Cara.”

She sits down next to him and curls her arm around Jared’s trembling shoulders. There are drops of blood on her scrub top and Jared nearly throws up. Jack reaches into his pocket and seems to debate with himself for a moment before he pulls his hand out. The light catches on the chain dangling from his fingers and Jared’s eyes widen.

He can’t help the sob that escapes his lips when his eyes land on Jensen’s wedding ring, spinning lazily on the end of its chain. Jared had slipped the ring onto Jensen’s finger up on that altar like a promise and Jensen had leaned in and whispered in Jared’s ear, told him that he’d never take it off.

Jensen told him that he’d never leave him.

Jared reaches up and takes the ring with shaky fingers, staring at it until the shining platinum blurs through the haze of his tears. Jack leaves the room but Jared barely notices, hardly even feels Cara rubbing circles on his back.

He clutches the ring in his fist and leans forward until his elbows rest on his knees. He takes a deep breath but the pain is too much; it bubbles up and spills out of him as a harsh sob. He cries so hard he can’t breathe, terrified and aching. Cara holds onto him but it doesn’t do much good.

Happily ever after is a cruel joke. Jared should have known he couldn’t have it.

All he ever gets is a broken heart.

Cara moves him into the doctor’s lounge once he’s exhausted himself and makes him curl up on the lumpy couch. He agrees, staring despondently at the wall. Tears haven’t stopped leaking from his eyes since he got here and they’re swollen and achy.

His chest hurts, and he’s so tired but there’s no way he can sleep.

He’s aware of Cara fumbling with his phone, hears her talking to someone in hushed tones. Jared closes his eyes when he hears Misha’s voice, loud and panicked on the other end of the line.

Misha is out of town – on some camping trip or yoga retreat with his girlfriend. He’s across the country. He’ll never make it in time.

Cara covers him with a blanket, and then she jumps when her pager goes off at the same time an announcement comes on over the intercom.

Paging Dr. Segel to Room 317. Code Blue in Room 317.

Cara tears out of the room without saying anything to Jared and he curls in on himself. The announcement rings in his ears. He’s lived with a doctor long enough to know what all the codes mean. Jack Segel is Jensen’s doctor, and the ICU is on the third floor. Blue means resuscitation needed. Imminent death.

It doesn’t have to be Jensen that’s coding, but he knows that fate is rarely on his side. Cara tore out of there with the speed of someone who really cares, not an ounce of professional detachment. The nurse giving the announcement sounded pained, almost panicked.

Jensen is dying. (Dead?)

Blackness pushes at the edges of his mind and he shakes his head to clear it. Doctors and nurses are milling in and out of the room, shooting Jared sympathetic little glances and whispering to each other. Jensen is beloved in this hospital – a wonderful doctor and a brilliant mind.

Jared chokes on the bile rising in his throat and sits up. His head feels foggy and he shakes it again. He needs to move, needs to get away from all these strangers looking at him like his world has already ended. (It has.)

He finds himself in the bright, empty stairwell, footsteps echoing all around him as he climbs. He stumbles and nearly trips when the fog presses at his mind again.

He can’t do this, not now. Not years later. He has to be strong.

But there’s a problem. Jensen is (was?) the strong one, not him. He can almost feel himself cracking. He can feel his heart bleeding, his world ending.

Jared slides down the wall until his ass hits concrete, fingers finding the ring hanging from his neck. He can see Jensen’s smiling face behind his eyes and his heart beats triple time, breaking even faster.

Blackness descends again, pushing at him and telling him to let go, give up. Jared tries to fight it, but he can’t. He’s enveloped in thick mist when his eyes close.

They don’t open again.

Cara finally finds Jared in the stairwell between floors two and three. He’s huddled in a corner, knees against his chest and face buried in his arms. Cara’s heart aches for him, and she tries to wipe the tears from her face before she reaches forward to gently pat his arm.

She’s devastated and Jensen is just her co-worker. She can’t even begin to imagine how his husband must feel.

But she finally has some good news to give. Jensen is stabilized. He’s still in the ICU in an induced coma so his body can concentrate fully on healing, and he’s not out of the woods yet, but there’s hope.

Cara has no doubt that Jensen will pull through this, if only to see Jared’s face again.

“Jared?” She says softly, and doesn’t get a response. She reaches for his shoulder instead and shakes him gently. “Jared!”

Jared lifts his head groggily, blinking and then furrowing his brow. He looks around the stairwell with confusion and then lifts his hands, staring down at his fingers as he flexes them. He blinks a few more times and his eyes are dark when he finally looks up at her. His expression is blank when she expected distraught, and he looks at her like he doesn’t even know who she is.

“Come on, Jared,” she says gently as she curls her tiny fingers around his sculpted forearm. “Jensen needs you.”

“Jensen needs me?” Jared asks in a low voice, and Cara’s brows knit in confusion as he lets out a soft snort. “Oh sweetheart, I doubt that.”

Misha jogs into the hospital with trepidation, hands shaking as he steps into the elevator and presses the button for the third floor.

He’s running on pure adrenaline. It’s been twenty-four hours since Cara called him and he’s been traveling ever since – running through airports, waiting in line for standby tickets on last minute flights. Hurry up and wait is a hard concept to swallow when one of your best friends is in a hospital bed.

He’s vaguely aware that he must look horrible. His skin is clammy and greasy from hours spent in humid, recycled air and his hair is sticking up in all directions. His eyes are bloodshot and his face is covered in days of stubble. There is dirt under his fingernails and he still probably smells like the forest.

He has no idea if Jensen is even still alive.

He reaches the nurse’s station in the ICU, suddenly terrified. A middle aged nurse in purple scrubs with graying hair looks up at him with a soft smile.

“I’m Misha Collins,” he says shakily, placing his hand on his chest. “I’m looking for Jensen Ackles.”

Her expression dims, smile fading and it’s only then that Misha realizes how fake it really was. His heart starts pounding even harder and he bites down on his lip.

“Let me find Cara for you,” she says as she pushes up out of her chair. “She’ll be able to help you.”

Cara is at his side in under a minute. She looks tired and frazzled, face shiny and make up smeared, hair falling in a messy tumble down her back. He clutches her arm when he spots her and pleads for good news with his eyes.

They don’t know each other very well, but Misha would fucking propose to her as long as she tells him Jensen is okay.

“I got here as soon as I could,” Misha says, squeezing her shoulder once and letting go. He clenches his hands awkwardly at his sides. “What’s going on? Is he – where’s Jared?”

“Jensen is stable, but critical,” Cara says, and Misha sighs in relief. She could probably get into trouble for telling him these things, but she doesn’t seem to mind. “We’ve induced a coma, and we’re watching for infection. If he makes it through the next twenty hours without one, he should pretty much be out of the woods.”

“Thank god,” Misha says, and he nearly cries in relief. “Where’s Jared?”

“Um, he’s in the waiting room. We’re trying to keep Jensen’s visitation limited to avoid infection,” she says, biting on her bottom lip. She looks a little concerned and Misha furrows his brow.

“What is it?” He asks, and she just shrugs. Her eyes flick over his shoulder and then back to him.

“Jared isn’t handling this very well,” she says, voice pitched low like a confession. Misha just nods. He didn’t expect to find Jared anything less than completely distraught. “He just seems, well, different.”

Misha’s blood runs cold.

“He was so devastated that night,” Cara says, her voice cracking a little. “I’ve never seen anyone so upset in my entire life. But now…”

“What?” Misha asks urgently, and she just shrugs again. “Tell me.”

“He hasn’t cried,” she says simply. “He just sits in the waiting room or Jensen’s room when he’s allowed in, keeping vigil over him like a watchdog. He doesn’t really talk to anyone and he seems so calm.”

“Jared isn’t the best at dealing with stress,” Misha says, trying to make his voice sound casual. He hooks his thumb over his shoulder and gives her a polite smile. “Can you point me in the right direction?”

“Sure, go down the hall and take your second left,” she says politely, and Misha nods. “I’m glad you came. He needs someone to help pass the time until we can wake Jensen up. Apparently Jensen’s parents are on their way.”

Misha smiles tightly and turns away from her, making his way down the hall. The sound of his heavy footsteps bounce off of the tiles and he braces himself as he turns the corner. It turns out that deciphering personalities is like riding a bike. Even after two years of zero practice, he only needs two seconds to know that it isn’t Jared he’s looking at.

He takes a deep breath, wrinkling his nose against the scent of disinfectant in the air. He drops down in the next empty chair and rolls his shoulders, looking over at the only other person occupying the room.

“Hey Sam,” he says, and Sam looks over at him with a dull expression. He looks terrible, eyes bloodshot and hair hanging in his face in limp strands. “I wish I could say it was good to see you.”

“That’s what I missed most about you, Misha,” Sam says, and his voice is rough like he hasn’t used it in days. “You don’t sugarcoat things.”

“He was doing so well.”

“And then Jensen got shot,” Sam snaps, glaring at Misha. “I didn’t ask to come back, alright? I didn’t even know what was going on when I did. I had to play connect the dots.”

“Okay, okay,” Misha relents, holding up his hands in surrender. “So is uh, the whole gang all back or what?”

“No,” Sam says quietly, knitting his brow. “It’s – it’s just me.”

“Oh,” Misha says, drumming his fingertips on his thigh. “So you’ve been in to see him? He look okay?”

“He looks like shit,” Sam replies, scrubbing his palm over his face. “But he’s finally starting to look like he might live.”

Misha’s sigh of relief is audible. He settles more comfortably in the chair, tipping his head back against the wall and kicking his feet up on the table. A sudden thought occurs to him and he turns to face Sam.

“Where’s Jasmine?” He asks, thinking of the poor dog that has probably been cooped up in an apartment for the better part of two days. Jared and Jensen dote on that animal like a child, and he needs to know she’s being taken care of when they aren’t around.

“Who?” Sam asks, and Misha suppresses a sigh.

“Jazz,” Misha tells him. “Jared and Jensen’s dog.”

“Oh. Uh, that nurse – Cara? She mentioned someone going to get the dog,” Sam says flatly, rolling his shoulders a little. “As far as I know she’s being kenneled.”

Misha nods as he runs through a mental checklist in his head. Jazz is taken care of, Cara mentioned that Jensen’s parents were notified, and he figures that no one has called Chris and Steve. He should probably do that. It probably wouldn’t hurt to notify Jared’s professors that he won’t be coming to class for awhile. At least spring break is coming up, but Jared is probably going to fail out of a class or two.

“I see you’re still a mother hen,” Sam says, cutting off his train of thought. “Stop thinking so loud.”

Misha shoots him a glare, eyes narrowing slightly. Sam is sprawled in the chair, feet kicked out in front of him. He looks strange in Jared’s button down and jeans, and he’s too still. Jared would be bouncing all around, toes and fingertips tapping any available surface.

Misha feels a sudden pang of sadness, something that affects him deeper than the already bone deep gloom and worry that Jensen’s brush with death has cast over him.

“Well, I’ll keep watch,” Misha says. He breathes out and craves a shower, anything to relieve the tension in his muscles. “You can take off.”

“What?” Sam whips his head around to look at Misha. “Jensen is sick. Where else would I go?”

“You weren’t exactly his biggest fan,” Misha replies. He turns to look at Sam and raises an eyebrow when he sees Sam’s face – lips turned down into a frown and eyes shadowed with concern and worry. It makes Misha take pause and test the waters. “You were sort of a heartless asshole.”

“Yeah, well. Things change,” Sam says, looking down at Jared’s wedding ring as he turns it with his thumb. Jensen’s matching ring is hanging on a chain around his neck. “Jensen is important.”

“He really is,” Misha replies. He’s relieved to see that Sam is taking this seriously. Sam huffs out a sigh and tears his eyes away from the ring, reaching up to push his hair out of his face.

“It seems like I’ve missed a thing or two,” Sam says quietly, clearing his throat a little. “Care to fill me in?”

Misha swallows hard and turns in his seat. He tells Sam about all the progress Jared made without them.

He tells Sam the love story of Jared and Jensen, and hopes that it isn’t over.

This would make a shitty ending.

[part two.]
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