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fic: sing me sweet (part two.)

[♪ part one ♪]

Have you sucked his dick yet?”


What?” Chad replies shrilly. Jared pinches the bridge of his nose. “C’mon, tell me.”

“Why do you want to know so badly?” Jared replies. Chad lets out a non-committal grunt.

I’m morbidly curious as to what it’s like?” Chad replies. “I’m living out my teenage sexual rebellion and experimentation vicariously through you so I don’t have to do it myself.”

“This isn’t sexual rebellion,” Jared responds. He holds the phone between his ear and shoulder as he cracks open a can of soda. “I’m fuckin’ queer, dude.”

Ain’t that the truth. Quit dodging the question, man. Are you an official cocksucker or what?”

Jared feels a little weird talking about Jensen like this, but Chad is his best friend. Hopefully it’s allowed. Jared collapses into his computer chair and spins around in an idle circle.

“Not yet,” Jared finally mutters. He glances towards his bedroom door to make sure it’s firmly shut before continuing. “We haven’t done a lot. We mainly just make out. And like… we’ve dry humped a few times. That’s about it.”

What the hell are you waiting for, man?”

“It’s been two weeks,” Jared reminds him. “We’re both virgins. We’re taking it slow.”

Exactly!” Chad shouts. Jared winces and pulls the phone away from his ear. “It’s been TWO WEEKS and you’re both STILL VIRGINS. That’s unacceptable.”

“Whatever man,” Jared replies with a smirk. “I’m actually spending the night at his house this weekend because we have a rehearsal on Friday night that’s set to last until like, midnight or whenever Spiess decides to let us leave. My mom said it’s cool if I crash at Jensen’s after so… who knows what’ll happen.”

He can keep you at school that late?”

“We’re a week away from headlining a national choir festival and our parents signed the permission slips,” Jared tells him. “He can do whatever the fuck he wants.”

Huh. Well, I hope your super gay sleepover gets you a dick in your mouth.”

“You’re way too fixated on that,” Jared tells him. The phone beeps in his ear and he pulls it away to see Jensen’s name on the display. He can’t even fight back the grin that stretches across his face. “I have to go. Jensen’s on the other line.”

Oh my god, you guys call each other every night before bed, don’t you? That’s fucking disgusting.”

“Bye Chad.”

The late-night rehearsal actually turns out to be a really good time.

Spiess asks Jensen to play the piano so he can concentrate fully on conducting, so it sort of sucks to not have Jensen’s smooth voice right next to him, but that’s okay. Watching him sing and play the piano at the same time is just as good, if not a little distracting. His hands just look so pretty moving across the keys.

They take a break every forty-five minutes or so to spend fifteen minutes just fucking around – talking or snacking or playing a quick card game before diving back into the music.

It’s almost one in the morning by the time they call it quits, and Jared is sort of surprised to find that it had been one of the best nights of his entire life.

He’s sleepy when he climbs into the passenger seat of Jensen’s car. His throat feels hot and overused and his lips tingle when Jensen leans over to kiss him. Jared tries to deepen the kiss but Jensen pulls away before anyone can see them. It’s funny how much trouble they’re going through just to be room partners on this trip, but Jared thinks it’ll be worth it.

Jensen’s parents are still up when they wander into the house and they all have a brief chat before they’re shooed upstairs with a teasing request to keep it down. Jared’s cheeks are bright red and he chuckles when Jensen pushes him up against the door to kiss him.

Jared never understood why people in movies were always so frantic – why they couldn’t just stop pawing at each other long enough to get their clothes off. But now he gets it. He kisses Jensen desperately as they toe off their shoes and socks, laughing into each other’s mouths before falling back onto Jensen’s bed.

Jared slides his hands underneath Jensen’s shirt, letting his fingers dance over smooth skin and a flat belly. Jensen lets out a soft moan and Jared playfully shushes him before leaning down to kiss and suck at his neck and collarbone.

They kiss for a long time, until they’re both hard and aching and their shirts are just forgotten piles of cotton on Jensen’s bedroom floor. Soon they’re rocking against each other, Jensen on top of him with their bare chests and stomachs pressed together and hands curled around hips, fingers dipping under denim waistbands. It’s the furthest they’ve ever gone and Jensen’s voice is warm and rough from hours of overuse when he pulls away from Jared’s mouth to whisper, “I want to try something.”

And then those fingers, the ones that look so pretty playing the piano, dip into Jared’s underwear to curl around his dick.

Jared cries out but Jensen presses their mouths together again, tongue slipping between Jared’s lips to stifle the noise. Jared opens his legs and clutches desperately at Jensen’s hips, kissing him deeply as Jensen jerks him off. His long, nimble fingers twist and pull just right and Jared bites down on his lips as Jensen pulls his mouth away. He pushes Jared’s pants and underwear down enough to expose his dick and Jared whimpers again.

“Shh,” Jensen gets out in a long, drawn out whisper before smiling against Jared’s swollen lips. “Don’t strain your voice.”

Jared nods and reaches up to touch Jensen’s cheek, looking into his warm green eyes before Jensen slides down to take Jared into his mouth. Jared bites down on his lip so hard it nearly bleeds and he lets out tiny noises of pleasure – little grunts and whimpers as Jensen holds his hips against the bed.

It’s obvious that Jensen has never done this before. It’s messy and sloppy and he keeps pulling up with these tiny little choked noises, but it’s still the hottest thing Jared has ever experienced. Jensen looks up at him just as he’s curling his tongue around the head of Jared’s dick to flick at the bundle of nerves underneath. Jared pats out a spastic little warning against his shoulder and Jensen pulls his mouth away to use his hand instead. Jared clenches and arches up, biting down on his lip as he comes all over Jensen’s hand and his own belly. Jensen licks the head of his dick like he would an ice cream cone, scooping the flavor up on his tongue, and Jared twitches.

“Mm,” Jensen says as he slides up to kiss Jared’s mouth. “I really liked that.”

You really liked that?” Jared pants out. Jensen smirks and pushes Jared’s sweat-damp hair away from his face. He can feel Jensen’s dick through his jeans, hard and pressing insistently against his bare hip. Jared rolls onto his side and slides his fingers down to Jensen’s waistband. “Take your pants off. I wanna suck you too.”

Jensen lets out a little moan and rocks his hips back and forth as he tries to get his pants down. He presses his face into the curve of Jared’s neck, sucking and biting at damp skin as Jared gets used to the feel of Jensen’s dick in his hand. He pushes Jensen down into the mattress and slides down to press little kisses to Jensen’s quivering stomach before opening his mouth to take Jensen in. He barely gets him in his mouth before Jensen lets out a sharp little cry. Jared smirks and pulls up until the head of Jensen’s cock is resting against his slick, puffy bottom lip. Jensen meets his eye and squirms.

“Don’t strain your voice,” Jared says teasingly, and Jensen lets out a little huff of choked laughter. Jared holds his gaze for a moment before pressing down against his hips and sucking Jensen’s dick back into his mouth.

Sharp, bitter flavor bursts across his tongue and his lips sting as they stretch around Jensen’s dick. But he likes the taste and he likes the sting. He likes the way Jensen hardens against his tongue and the way he shakes so prettily when Jared sinks as far down as he can go.

Jensen was right. This is incredible.

So dude, fill me in. How was it? Was it awesome?

“Chad, it was fucking magical.”

Haha. Oh man. Gross.

“Where the fuck did you get a goddamn chimichanga?”

This is how Misha greets them at lunch the following week. Misha is a fucking laugh riot, but he still isn’t as funny as he thinks he is. He’s also consistently vulgar and wildly inappropriate.

Misha really makes Jared miss Chad.

“Um, at the snack window?” Jared replies as Jensen snags a sip of his soda. Misha drops down across from them and gives nods to Sandy, Sophia, and Danneel (soprano, alto, and soprano) before staring forlornly at his turkey sandwich. Sophia reaches over and pats his shoulder consolingly.

“They must have run out. Stupid cafeteria. I want my Mexican beef fix,” Misha says with a sigh. Jared clicks his tongue and breaks his cookie in half before handing one half to Jensen. He smiles and bumps his shoulder against Jared’s before taking a bite. Misha looks at them and raises an eyebrow. “So when are you two going to come traipsing out of the closet?”

“Dude!” Jared replies. Jensen raises an eyebrow and Misha shrugs his shoulders. Jared looks over at the girls and they just look at him expectantly. He looks back over at Misha and shakes his head. “Dude.”

“Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t tell anybody,” Misha retorts as he picks up his sandwich. “”You two spending all day blowing each other with your eyes did that.”

“Whatever,” Jensen replies before taking another sip of Jared’s soda. “We just don’t want to get split up on the trip. If it weren’t for that we’d probably be making out behind the library right now.”

“And let’s face it,” Danneel adds with a smirk. “We’d probably be watching.”

Sophia and Sandy give a little shrug and Misha rolls his eyes.

“Do you think Spiess is a fucking idiot?” Misha asks. “I’d bet money on the fact he’s just pretending not to notice you guys being the queerest queers to ever queer because Jensen is his favorite.”

“Well, I am the most talented,” Jensen says teasingly. Sandy reaches over and punches him in the shoulder. “Ow. Anyway, maybe Jared doesn’t want to wave his rainbow flag all over campus.”

“Nah, fuck that,” Jared replies. He puts his hand low on Jensen’s back and reaches out to grab another cookie. “Pretending to be something I wasn’t never got me anywhere. I’m done with that.”

“That was deep, dude,” Misha tells him. “Then it’s settled. You’ll have your clandestine little love affair on the trip, which everyone will know about anyway, and then you can be all out and proud and shit. And you’ll surprise absolutely no one with the announcement, and life will be exactly as it is now, just without you guys thinking that you’re fooling anyone. Because you’re not.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jared replies. Jensen lets out a snort and puts his hand on Jared’s knee under the table. “Thanks for caring, man.”

“Just promise me one thing,” Sophia says, and Jared and Jensen look over at her. “Promise me that you’ll wear matching tuxes to the prom.”

Jared’s mom drops him off at the school at four in the morning as required on the day of the trip. Jared is more excited than he cares to admit, and he resists the urge to roll his eyes when he looks over at his mother.

“Mom, don’t,” he pleads. “I’ll be like six hours away, totally safe. And I’ll have my phone on me. Well, not when I’m on stage, but yeah.”

“I just wish we could be there,” she replies, and Jared smiles at her. His parents both just started new jobs and couldn’t get the time off. It was a little disappointing, but Jensen told him that they would have at least two more performances at the school before the year ends. “Call me as soon as you get there.”

“I will,” Jared promises as he leans over to hug her. He hops out of the car and grabs his bag out of the back, hefting it up onto his shoulder as he waves her off. He wanders over towards the bus where everyone is milling around and adds his bag to the growing pile of luggage. He stumbles forward when someone runs into him from the back, and he spins around to end up with his arms full of a very sleepy Jensen.

“It’s four in the goddamn morning,” Jensen grumbles. Jared chuckles and slings an arm over Jensen’s shoulders. He had the golden opportunity to see just how much of a morning person Jensen isn’t after their (seriously amazing) sleepover, and it’s endlessly entertaining. He sort of looks and acts like a pissed off kitten. “Fuck this.”

“Aw,” Jared chuckles. “You can sleep on the bus, baby.”

“Did you just call me baby?” Jensen asks. He pulls back to look at Jared and there are still pillow marks on his face. Jared feels his heart pound wildly in his chest. He’s never felt like this before. He likes it.

“Yeah, sorry,” he mumbles, but his eyes are locked on the spray of freckles across Jensen’s nose. Jensen yawns hugely and smacks his lips before leaning in to rest his forehead against Jared’s chin.

“You can call me baby,” he murmurs sleepily, and Jared grins. “On occasion.”

“Hey assholes,” Misha says as he bumps into them and sends them stumbling. “Your gay is showing.”

Jared and Jensen both hold up their middle fingers and Misha cackles as he saunters off. They wrap their arms around each other and Jensen half-dozes against Jared’s shoulder. Spiess walks up to them while looking down at a clipboard, and when he spots them he just stares with a bemused expression before spinning on his heels to walk up to the girls instead.

Yeah, Misha’s right. They fucking suck at being sneaky.

They don’t actually leave campus until half past five after everyone has been loaded on the bus and roll has been taken (twice). Everyone is sort of a mixture of exhausted and excited, and Spiess has to tell them more than once to be careful with their voices.

Jared and Jensen take seats in the back next to Misha and the girls, and it’s not long before Jensen is curled up on the seat with his head on Jared’s shoulder, fast asleep. Jared drapes his arm around Jensen’s shoulders, fingers trailing up and down his bicep as he snoozes.

Spiess gets up to use the restroom about halfway through the trip, and he actually holds up his clipboard to the side of his face to block his view of Jared and Jensen all cuddled up together. He’s the best teacher in the world. Or maybe the worst, depending on who you ask.

“Wow Jared,” Misha says loudly when Spiess exits the tiny bathroom. “It’s amazing just how much you like vaginas. I’ve never met a straighter dude in all my life!”

Jared raises an eyebrow as Jensen makes a snuffling sound and presses his face into the side of Jared’s neck. Spiess rolls his eyes and playfully smacks Misha in the back of his head with his clipboard on his way by.

“Whoops, sorry!” Spiess calls over his shoulder. “Save your voices!”

“What a dick,” Misha grumbles as he rubs the back of his head. Sandy is passed out across his lap and he looks down at her with a pained expression. “So pretty. Want to touch.”

“Hands to yourself,” Jared warns, and Misha lets out a low whine.

A drive that Jared is told normally takes about seven hours actually ends up taking over eleven. Stupid giant charter buses and frequent pit stops. Jared is restless by the time they finally get to the hotel. His legs are jiggling and he’s half-hard due to Jensen pressing slow, lazy kisses to the side of his neck when he thinks no one is looking.

Jared sort of wants to tell Jensen to look up the definition of the word ‘discreet’ in the dictionary, but fuck it. He’s pretty sure it’s safe to say that Spiess isn’t going to split them up. It’s odd how badly Jared wants to spend three nights wrapped around Jensen, listening to the sounds of his breathing while he sleeps. He’s to the point where he might throw a tantrum if anyone tried to take that away from him.

That probably says something about their relationship.

They check into their hotel with only a little over an hour to get ready for the reception dinner-slash-dance down in the ballroom. Jared really just wants to take a shower and spend all night making out with his boyfriend, but instead he follows the itinerary and puts on nice jeans and a dress shirt so he can mingle. Jensen makes him hate this plan even more when he comes out of the bathroom in snug black slacks, a white button down, and a black skinny tie. He’s even wearing his glasses with the black chunky frames because napping in his contacts hurt his eyes.

Jensen tells him that he’s ready to go downstairs and all Jared can do is whine.

Jensen gets yanked away from him all night. Turns out that a lot of the same groups from last year’s state festival made it to this year’s national festival, and they all remember Jensen. Whenever a group of kids from Sacramento or Chico or San Diego relinquish him, Spiess snatches him up to show him off to one of his colleagues. There’s no denying it; Jensen really is the crown jewel of their choir.

A few hours pass where Jared gets introduced to more people than he could ever hope to remember and gets interrupted every time he tries to eat something. Still, it’s fun – even when Spiess berates him and Misha for their soda-chugging contest. Apparently the syrup in soda coats your throat horribly, and they aren’t supposed to have it before performances.

They wait until Spiess leads Jensen off again, share a look, and do another round. Jared ends up winning two out of three, but Misha wins the subsequent burp-off so they wind up about even.

Girls try to get Jared and Misha to dance, and when Jared politely declines Misha just drags him out onto the floor anyway. He dances with a complete lack of rhythm until his hair sticks to his forehead with sweat. Jensen joins them when his attention isn’t being demanded elsewhere, and he dances horribly just to make Jared and Misha feel better.

It’s late by the time the reception ends, and they all get shooed off to their rooms with orders to get rest before their last big rehearsal the next day.

By the time they change and get into bed (the second bed goes ignored), Jared and Jensen are too tired to do little more than kiss before passing out in each other’s arms.

The next morning they have to get their breakfast and be in the hotel’s ballroom by eight.

They’re arranged by schools and they rehearse for three hours with some guy Jared has never heard of serving as conductor. Jensen explains to him that he’s a well-known composer, but Jared doesn’t really care. He wants Spiess back.

After the three hours are up and Jared’s voice is raspy and his throat is raw, people start filing out of the room. But their choir is the festival’s feature, so they have to stay for yet another hour to rehearse their own songs with Spiess.

By the end of it, Jared fucking hates singing.

When they’re finally released they only have half an hour before they have to be in the lobby to go do some sightseeing. Jensen has Jared, Misha and the girls all come up to their room so he can make them some hot tea with honey. It definitely soothes Jared’s throat, and he gives Jensen a lingering kiss, tasting sticky-sweet honey on his lips.

They all pile onto the bus and are driven from their hotel in Union Square over to Fisherman’s Wharf. Everyone is given the choice of doing a guided tour of Alcatraz or running free around the wharf. Jared, Jensen, and their little group choose the latter and quickly disappear into Pier 39.

They have lunch at Rainforest Café and explore the wharf until it’s time for dinner where, at the insistence and persuasion of Misha, they break the rules and hop on the F Line into the Castro to eat there. Misha claims it’s so Jared and Jensen can “mingle with their people” and because the girls really like the gays.

The ride back takes forever and they barely make it back to Pier 39 by their designated meet-up time. They climb aboard the bus with only slightly guilty faces and giggle to themselves over their successful rebellious streak in the back on the ride back to the hotel.

They say goodbye to Misha and the girls before heading to their own room. They each take a shower to wash the city off of them, and when Jensen comes out of the bathroom in nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms Jared is suddenly, inexplicably nervous.

They haven’t really been able to do anything together since the night after the late rehearsal. The week leading up to the trip had been hectic. With all the extra homework, rehearsals and packing they hadn’t even really been able to see each other. They never actually talked about it, but Jared thinks they’ve come to some sort of unspoken agreement about what would happen on this trip.

It’s a little fast, but he’s ready. He wants this to happen.

“Tired?” Jensen asks as he lingers in the doorway. Jared had let out the world’s biggest yawn only a minute prior, but at the sight of Jensen in nothing but those low-slung, clingy pants with tiny drops of water clinging to his skin, he’s suddenly wide awake.

“No,” Jared says. He’s sitting on the bed closest to the bathroom, back pressed against the headboard and legs splayed out in front of him. Jensen drops the towel he’s clutching, biting his lip for a moment before coming over to crawl onto the bed. Jared’s breath catches in his throat and he pushes his shower-damp hair back from his face as Jensen straddles his lap and sits down.

Their mouths meet in an eager kiss, lips parting and tongues tangling. Jared’s hands go to Jensen’s hips – slim and narrow, caramel-freckled skin stretched tight over bone. Jared loves sliding his fingers through the dips of them. Jensen’s fingers slide into his hair, curling the wet strands of it around his fingers.

They kiss for a long time before Jared finally dips his hand into the front of Jensen’s pants to wrap his fingers around his dick. He squeezes gently and Jensen moans, letting his head fall back. Jared’s mouth moves down the side of Jensen’s neck, biting softly at his collarbone before licking away the sting. He strokes him at a lazy pace, rubbing tight little circles around the slick slit. Jensen rolls his hips up into the tight curl of Jared’s fist and he looks obscene, back arching and skin flushing pink.

Jared lets go of his dick to slide his hand lower, cupping his balls before pressing in behind them. His fingers tremble as he touches tightly furled muscle and Jensen lets out a gasp. He puts one hand on the side of Jared’s neck and kisses him while reaching down to cup the bulge at the front of Jared’s shorts. He lets out a tiny whimper against Jensen’s spit-slick lips and his hips jerk slightly.

“Do you wanna?” Jensen asks in a breathy whisper that makes Jared clench his eyes shut for a moment. Jensen kisses him again and Jared pushes a little harder against Jensen’s hole. “Baby, can we?”

“Yeah,” Jared finally breathes. He suddenly grabs Jensen’s hips with both hands and lays him flat on the bed. He crawls on top of him and they kiss again as Jensen wraps a leg around his hips. “Um, did you bring anything?”

“Huh?” Jensen asks, distracted by the task of kissing Jared’s neck. “What like – oh. No. I was going to but I didn’t want to be like, presumptuous or anything.”

Jared swallows and props himself up on one arm over Jensen’s body. He’s trembling slightly and he’s relieved to see that Jensen is as well. They’re nervous but not frightened. They both want this, but they respect what a huge deal it is.

“I’ve, uh, used lotion on myself before,” Jared admits in an embarrassed whisper. Jensen twitches a little underneath him and his hands curl around Jared’s hips. “We could – “

“No,” Jensen breathes out. He looks up at Jared with huge green eyes and he stares right back with rapt fascination. “We should do this right. They probably have stuff downstairs. Like in the gift shop?”

“Awkward,” Jared replies automatically. Jensen bites his lip and lets his hands slip away from Jared’s hips. “But yeah, I’ll run downstairs.”

“I’ll go with you,” Jensen says as Jared rolls off of the bed. “That much awkwardness shouldn’t have to be endured alone.”

Jared snorts and they both pull on their baggy sweatshirts for a little coverage before heading downstairs. The gift shop does in fact have what the need, and Jensen grabs a tube of lube off of the shelf.

“Do we need condoms?” Jensen asks curiously. “I mean, it’s not like you’re gonna get me pregnant. And I don’t know where we could have picked up any communicable diseases.”

Jared couldn’t blush harder if he tried. They grab some condoms just in case and make their way towards the cash register. Then they turn a corner and come face to face with Spiess and wow, it turns out Jared can blush harder.

“Oh come on!” Spiess shouts when he sees the items in Jensen’s hand. “You guys are making this really difficult to ignore, okay? Can’t you use a tiny bit of discretion?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jensen says calmly even though his cheeks are bright red. “We’re just down here to get a soda. See you tomorrow!”

They both step around Spiess, leaving him standing in front of a rack of shot glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose as they head for the counter. The cashier quirks her eyebrow as she rings up their purchases and Jared overpays her, not bothering to wait for his change as he grabs Jensen’s sleeve and pulls him out of the gift shop.

“Boys!” Spiess calls. They both freeze and slowly turn to face him. He looks aggravated and amused at the same time. “Just… please. Don’t strain your voices.”

“Oh… my god,” Jared replies. Jensen lets out a squeak of nervous laughter and pulls Jared towards the elevators. They make it halfway to their floor before they share a look and crack up laughing. They’re still laughing when they get into the room and Jensen trips over Jared’s sneaker. It sends him tumbling into the nearest bed and that makes him laugh even harder.

“You okay?” Jared chuckles as he unzips his sweater and tosses it onto a chair. The awkward trip to the gift shop totally killed his boner, but that’s okay. He’s seventeen; it doesn’t take much. Jensen wipes his eyes and climbs up onto the bed. Jared watches as he gets up on his knees and pulls his shirts over his head. He’s facing away from Jared, and he can’t take his eyes off of the subtle pull of muscle underneath Jensen’s freckled skin. Jensen sobers up and looks over his shoulder at Jared for a moment before turning to lie back on the bed.

Jared crawls between his legs and props himself up over Jensen with one hand on either side of his head.

“We gonna do this?” Jensen asks breathily. Jared nods, very much back in the mood. Jensen bites his lip and reaches down to untie the drawstring on his pants. He lifts his hips and pushes them down his legs. Jared looks down and lets his hand travel along that smooth expanse of uncovered skin. He pulls Jensen’s pants off the rest of the way and tosses them aside before eagerly kicking off his own shorts. He grabs Jensen’s balled up sweatshirt and tosses it forcefully across the room.

“Wait,” Jensen calls, and then closes his eyes as the sweatshirt hits the wall. He smirks and looks up at Jared. “The stuff was in there.”

Jared hangs his head for a moment before rolling off of the bed to find the supplies he just tossed so carelessly aide. He has to do a tricky maneuver to grab the lube that flew behind the desk, and Jensen laughs as he nearly knocks the lamp over on himself.

“Okay,” Jared says decisively as he climbs back onto the bed. He sits back on his haunches between Jensen’s splayed legs and picks at the little box the lube came in. The flap is apparently held down with fucking superglue, and his nails are too short to get a good grip on it. Jensen has taken his dick in his hand and he’s stroking himself slowly. Jared’s fingers keep slipping off of the box as he tries to look at both at the same time. “Can you stop that for a second?”

Jensen lifts his hands in the air and Jared really focuses on the box, tongue peeking out of the corner of his mouth as he finally rips it open. He lets out a triumphant grunt and untwists the cap from the bottle as Jensen spreads his legs eagerly.

“’m ready,” Jensen mutters, tilting his hips up a little. Jared swallows hard and reaches down to place the tube between Jensen’s legs. “No, wait – “ But it’s too late. Jared squeezes and the lube squirts directly onto Jensen’s hole. He lets out a yelp and jerks his hips up. “Put it on your fingers first! Cold.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Jared says. He reaches down and presses two fingers to Jensen’s entrance and rubs the muscle in slow little circles. Jensen lets out a sigh and relaxes against the bed. “Better?”

“Yeah, but I think that was way too much,” Jensen says. He lifts his head and tries to look at the place where Jared is touching him. “Mm, that feels good, though. Come on.”

Jared pulls Jensen’s legs open wider and slides his index finger slowly inside. He lets out a soft sigh and Jared bites down hard on his lip. It’s so tight, so hot – and very slippery. He slides another finger in almost instantly and Jensen hisses, muscle clenching down around Jared’s fingers. “Sorry!” Jared says again, and Jensen just looks at him.

“No – no, it’s good,” he says. There’s sweat on his forehead and he’s breathing a little quicker. “Keep going.”

Jared is so hard that he’s aching; he wants to be inside Jensen so bad. He keeps fingering him open, slowly and steadily, feeling that tight muscle give way around his fingers. Jensen gestures at him to add another and he does, rubbing Jensen’s inner thigh with his other hand when he lets out a tiny whimper of pain.

“Jared, that’s – that’s good,” he says a moment later. “I want you in me.”

Jared just can’t say no to that. He pulls his fingers out and wipes them on the sheets before grabbing the box of condoms. He gets this box open a little easier and rips open one of the three foil packets. Jensen is watching him through half-lidded eyes, flushed chest heaving up and down. Jared sits back on his haunches and holds the condom for a moment as he tries to figure out the logistics.

He finally tries to stretch it a little but his fingers are too slippery. It snaps like a rubber band and smacks into the headboard right next to Jensen’s head. He lets out a sudden bark of laughter and slaps his hand over his mouth as Jared just hangs his head.

“Don’t laugh,” Jared says as Jensen laughs hard enough to shake with it. “We only have three tries here.”

“Okay, okay,” Jensen replies as Jared rips open another condom. “Let me help.” He sits up and takes the condom, leaning down to lick across the head of Jared’s dick before pressing the little latex disc against it. Jared lets out a garbled moan and then takes a deep breath as Jensen carefully rolls the condom down his shaft. “Um, there.”

“What?” Jared asks as Jensen continues to stare at his dick with slightly widened eyes. He clears his throat and then shakes his head a little.

“It’s just… really big,” Jensen finally says. Jared feels his chest swell with manly pride. “It’s gonna hurt.”

He deflates a little at that and reaches out to touch Jensen’s cheek. Jensen lies back down and Jared follows the motion, slipping between Jensen’s legs and propping himself up.

“We’ll stop if it hurts,” Jared promises. Jensen nods and bites his lip. “Do you want to do this?”

“Yes,” Jensen says eagerly, eyes locked on Jared’s. “Yes, Jared. Do it.”

Jared nods and grabs the lube, slicking up his dick before positioning himself at Jensen’s entrance. He barely pushes forward at all before Jensen lets out a yelp and shoots backwards up the bed.

“Sorry!” Jensen says instantly, shimmying his hips as he gets back into position. Jared just raises an eyebrow. He’s so hard that he’s ready to cry but he has the easy part here. He doesn’t want to hurt Jensen and he’ll be as patient as he needs to be. “I’m just nervous. Go ahead.”

Jared nods and puts his hand on Jensen’s hip again, the other holding the base of his dick as he slowly pushes in. Jensen lets out a sharp gasp and Jared doesn’t stop until he’s buried all the way inside. He lets out a low moan and looks up at Jensen’s face.

“Hurts,” he grits out, and Jared is alarmed to see that his eyes are wet. He moves to pull out but Jensen grabs his shoulder. “Don’t you dare. Just – just give me a sec.”

“I’m sorry,” Jared says throatily. He hates that he’s causing Jensen pain and he swallows against the sudden lump in his throat. Jensen’s cock is lax and sticky against his thigh and his fingers are clenching the sheets so hard his knuckles are bone-white. Jared feels terrible.

“Why is your dick so huge?” Jensen whines. He clenches experimentally and Jared tries really hard not to come right then and there. He pets Jensen’s hip soothingly and clears his throat.

“I, um, wish it was smaller?” Jared replies, but he’s not too sure he means that. Jensen shakes his head and puts his hand on Jared’s chest.

“No, no,” he says before taking a deep breath. “I’m sure I’ll appreciate it later. Just – can you kiss me?”

Jared nods and carefully lowers himself down onto his elbows, one arm hooked under each of Jensen’s shoulders. The position makes his dick go a little deeper and he bites back a moan. He doesn’t even want to feel pleasure until Jensen feels it too. He gathers Jensen in his arms and presses their mouths together tenderly, tongues tangling as their bodies stay joined.

After a few moments Jensen pulls back and looks into Jared’s eyes, pushing his hair back from his face. He licks his lips and nods, and Jared swallows hard before slowly pulling out and pushing back in.

“Oh – oh, that’s good,” Jensen says, and Jared grins as he starts to roll his hips slowly. Jensen lets out a sigh and arches up to meet him. “This is amazing.”

“Feels good?” Jared pants. He keeps one arm hooked underneath Jensen’s shoulders, fingers squeezing the back of his neck. Jensen swallows hard and meets his eye.

“Starting to,” he says roughly. He slides his hand up to hook around the back of Jared’s neck. “But it’s amazing because it’s you.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Jared replies thickly. He kisses Jensen again, hips moving in a slow, steady rhythm. It feels incredible and he never wants it to end; he wants to always be connected to Jensen like this.

But still, he’s seventeen and previously a virgin. It can’t last too long.

“I think we’re getting the hang of this,” Jensen says with a breathy chuckle. His dick is hard again, curving thick and red towards his belly. Jared reaches between them to take it in his hand and Jensen arches up with a low moan. “Mm, Jared.”

“’m not gonna last,” Jared says. Jensen just nods and pushes back a little harder against Jared’s rolling thrusts. They start kissing again, but it’s more like a sloppy facsimile of the action. Jared’s orgasm hits him with a force that even he wasn’t expecting, and he lets out a loud cry as he finishes. He buries his face in Jensen’s neck as aftershocks roll through him and Jensen pets his back, not even protesting when Jared’s hips stop moving.

He wants Jensen to feel as good as he does, come as hard as he did, so he pulls out and slips down the bed to suck Jensen into his mouth. He lets out a sharp cry and Jared blows him messily as he slips two fingers into his slick hole. It’s amazing how easily they go in now, and he pushes them in until they brush against that spot that apparently isn’t a myth, judging by the way Jensen shouts and lifts his hips up off of the bed. Jared nearly chokes but he just smiles around the head of his dick instead.

He rubs insistently at that spot as he bobs up and down on Jensen’s dick, reducing his boyfriend to a quivering mass of strung-tight nerves on top of silky hotel sheets. He feels the telltale tug at his hair, and he pulls up enough to keep his lips wrapped only around the head as Jensen comes into his mouth. He tries to swallow it all but he can feel some of it dribble down his chin. He pulls back gasping and wipes his chin with the back of his hand as he looks up at Jensen.

He’s still trembling and letting out all these little whimpers, hips jerking as he comes down. Finally he thrusts both arms up in the air as if in victory and Jared snorts. He slides back up to kiss him, moaning when Jensen licks the taste of himself out of Jared’s mouth.

“Okay, so that was incredible,” Jensen says breathlessly. Jared hums his agreement and nibbles on Jensen’s bottom lip. “You know what we need to do now?”

“Hm?” Jared replies. He’s too busy licking the sweat from Jensen’s neck to form actual words.

“Practice,” Jensen says, and Jared pulls back to stare at him disbelievingly.

“Babe, I am not singing right now,” he responds. Jensen rolls his eyes and smirks before lifting the last condom and poking Jared in the chest with it.

“No,” Jensen says as he rips the condom open with his teeth. “Practice.”

Jared grins widely and takes the condom from Jensen’s hand.

“You two look good,” Misha says the next morning when they meet in the lobby. Everyone is in their performance attire – boys in black tuxedos and girls in flowing black gowns. “I don’t know what it is. There’s a glow about you.”

“They do look happy, don’t they?” Danneel asks as she slings an arm around Misha’s shoulders. He glances at her chest and then up towards the ceiling. She smirks and pats the side of his head as he mutters to himself.

“What did the two of you get up to last night?” Sandy asks, and Jared and Jensen just share a fond look. Jensen has been walking a little sore this morning but he swore to Jared that it was worth the ache, that he can’t wait to do it again and again.

“Well, if you must know,” Jensen starts, but he’s cut off by Spiess’ sharp whistle. “Oh, look at that. No time for details!”

“We’ve got the whole bus ride home tomorrow for details,” Sophia says with a wink. They all climb onto the bus as Jared feels a fluttering in his belly that only grows as they get closer to the performance hall.

“Nervous?” Jensen asks, and Jared just nods a little. Jensen takes his hand where it’s hanging loosely between them and squeezes it. “Don’t be. You’re incredible at this, Jared.”

Jared gives him a grateful smile.

The performance goes smoothly. Jared’s nerves ebb away somewhere in the middle of the first song, and by the end he’s enjoying himself immensely. The applause coming from the large crowd is thrilling and Jared grins so hard he thinks his cheeks might crack.

Jared lets out a loud bark of laughter when he looks out into the crowd and sees Chad with a video camera. It’s unexpected but he’s not even surprised. For as much shit as they give each other, they’re best friends and knowing he came all the way out here just to see Jared perform is the cherry on the sundae that his life has become.

There’s an intermission and then it’s just them – just their concert choir headlining the whole event. The nerves pick up a little when it’s only the thirty of them on stage as opposed to the whole national choir, but when Spiess walks out in his silly tux with the coattails and Jensen smiles at him, it’s all okay.

They all sing beautifully together, and the talent in this small group of people makes Jared so proud. Then it’s time for the final song and Jensen climbs gracefully off of the risers to stand next to the piano.

His solo nearly brings tears to Jared’s eyes, almost makes him forget his own lines. He’s incredible – so talented, so beautiful, so amazing.

Jared is in love with him.

The song ends and everyone in the crowd gets to their feet. The thunderous sound of their applause takes Jared’s breath away, and he starts to clap when Jensen takes a modest bow. The rest of the group joins in, and Jensen grins broadly as the curtain drops.

Jared hops off of the risers and pulls Jensen into his arms, kissing him right there in front of everyone in the choir. Spiess throws up his hands in surrender and then just smirks, joining in with everyone else as he claps.

“Love you,” Jared whispers, and Jensen repeats the words back against his lips. They pull apart just in time for the curtain to rise again, and Jared and Jensen join everyone in one long, grateful bow.

Jared and Jensen applied to their desired colleges before they met each other. They never thought they’d have to worry about something like falling in love.

They try not to think about it for the rest of the year. They ignore the elephant in the room – the one that might pry them apart after their first summer together ends.

They love each other as hard as two teenagers can. They sing and they make love and they take random road trips with their friends. They’re happy.

It’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon when Jensen gets his acceptance letter to Julliard. It’s his dream come true, everything he’s ever wanted, and it’s three thousand miles away.

They have an entire two days to spend worrying before Jared opens the mailbox to find his own acceptance letter to New York University. It’s where he’s always wanted to go, and unbelievably, it’s less than four miles away from Julliard.

Jensen’s eyes tear up when Jared shows him the letter and he throws himself into Jared’s arms. The worrying is gone, just like that, like it was never there in the first place. They aren’t going to be separated.

It could be coincidence. It could be fate.

There’s no need to decide.


For those interested in the music mentioned, here are a few youtube links to check out. The first two we sang in my choir, and they hold a special place in my heart.

Dirait-on (The French song mentioned throughout the story.)
The Battle of Jericho (The song the boys were working on when they had their first kiss.)
Lerui Ler (The song with Jensen's solo.)
Tags: fic, jared and jensen are in love, rps, sing me sweet, supernatural

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