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fic: you can trust me not to think (j2, adult.)


Title: you can trust me not to think
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Adult. (No, really.)
Word Count: ~ 3,400
Disclaimer: Not mine! Please don’t sue!
Warnings: PWP. Semi-public sex. Established relationship. Schmoop!
Summary: Jensen has a bit of a jealousy problem and Jared is a bit of a flirt. Jensen tries to give him a taste of his own medicine and quickly finds out that Jared has a possessive streak of his own.

Notes: I've written my fair share of porn, but this is my first ever PWP! I'm all grown up! This is for my darling enablelove because she's been having a crappy few days. The prompt she gave me was 'jealousy'. I hope this makes you smile, bb! ♥♥ Thanks to kamikaze_redux for the speedy beta. ♥

[pdf version]

Jared Padalecki is the most likeable guy to ever exist, thinks his boyfriend bitterly from his place at the bar.

If there was an award for attracting the highest number of people on the planet Jared would win, hands down. Everybody loves him. They’re the moths and he’s the flame. He’s the honey and they’re the bears, and every other shitty analogy Jensen can think of when he’s half-drunk on Jack and Cokes.

All of this would be fine if Jared didn’t like everyone back. It’s like he’s trying to set a record for most friends made in a single lifetime. What’s with all the sports analogies? Whatever, Jared is a fucking flirt. If he can make somebody smile, he’s going to do it. And if he can make them laugh? Then it’s on.

Currently Jared is out on the dance floor grinding up against a girl wearing a tiara because it’s her 21st birthday and apparently that makes her the Princess of Hitting On Other People’s Boyfriends because all she wanted in the entire world was to dance with the tall, dark, and handsome guy at the bar, pretty please.

Jensen orders another Jack and Coke (a double this time, please and thank you, cute bartender) and slams half of it back in one go. So maybe he’s a little more than half-drunk. And maybe he has a little bit of a jealousy problem.

It’s not like he’s insecure or anything. He could probably have anyone in this bar flat on their backs within the hour (he’s not exactly modest either) but he doesn’t want anyone else. He just wants his boyfriend. His as in his, and he doesn’t like other people touching his things.

So he’s a little possessive. He’s pretty sure anyone would be a little possessive if they had Jared Padalecki in their bed. Not to mention that he’s ass over elbows in love with the asshole, but whatever. That’s neither here nor there. The point is – wait – the point is that now that little skank has her hands on his boyfriend’s ass.

Jensen finishes his drink and narrows his eyes in Jared’s general direction. Jared just gives him an apologetic shrug and a pretty smile as all these stupid little co-eds in their little skirts crowd in on him.

Jensen slams his empty glass down on the bar and turns to the blonde bombshell next to him. She looks him up and down with an interested smirk.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asks, and the girl flips her hair over her shoulder and nods. She looks really interested and Jensen may be kind of an asshole but he certainly isn’t a dick. “Right off the bat, I’m gay. And that guy over there dancing with Little Miss Short Skirt? That’s my boyfriend. And you’re prettier than her. Get what I’m saying?”

“That you want me to let you use me just to make your boyfriend jealous?” She replies with one eyebrow arched in amusement. She’s fucking hot and if Jensen had any inclination towards vagina in the slightest, he’d be all over that. But he just nods and she lets out a low purr of a chuckle. “Honey, buy me a drink and you can use me any way you damn well please.”

“That’s my girl.” Jensen grins and pulls her out onto the dance floor. They pick a spot just a few feet from Jared and his harem and then get down to business. The girl dances like she’s a pro, which shit, maybe she is, and Jensen just holds on for the ride. His fingers curl under the bottom of her tight skirt and slide up, revealing toned thighs and tan skin that he digs his fingers into. He sneaks a peek at Jared and is displeased to see that Jared is just watching him with an amused, lazy sort of smirk.

“Baby, I don’t think I’m gonna do it,” the girl whispers in his ear, moist lips against his skin as she grinds against him. “I’m not a threat.”

“Keep that up and you could be,” Jensen replies throatily, one hand cupping her tight ass. And no, that doesn’t get a reaction from Jared either. The girl chuckles and slides her fingertips up the center of Jensen’s back.

“See that guy over there by the bar? The ridiculously sexy one?” She asks, and Jensen looks over her shoulder. “That’s my friend – further proof that any guy worth fucking is already being fucked by another man. And baby? He’d love to dance with you.”

Jensen grins wickedly and follows her back over to the bar. He leaves her with a Cosmo and a kiss on the cheek and then saunters over to her friend. He doesn’t even bother asking or even saying anything (because seriously, no modesty) and just pulls the guy out onto the floor. He’s almost as tall as Jared and nearly as strong, body toned and firm where it presses tight against Jensen. They dance and grind and let their hands wander over each other’s bodies.

Jensen turns his head to the side to gauge Jared’s reaction and the guy takes it as an invitation to lay his lips on Jensen’s neck. Turns out that’s all Jared needed to break away from his little gaggle of girls and come storming over. He pushes his way between Jensen and his dance partner, wrapping his strong arm possessively around Jensen’s waist.

“You’re done here,” Jared says to the guy. He merely holds up his hands in surrender and turns back to the bar. Jared turns back to Jensen and his eyes are dark and intense like they get just before really mind-blowing sex. Jensen tries to look chagrined and not gleeful.

“You think you’re real cute, don’t you?” Jared growls as he pushes Jensen deeper into the dense crowd. The music is loud and Jensen is too warm, flushed from the alcohol and dancing. The hollow of Jared’s throat is damp and shiny with sweat and Jensen resists the urge to lick his lips.

“I think I’m adorable,” Jensen replies in a smarmy tone. Jared raises an eyebrow and huffs out a dry laugh. He presses their bodies together, one arm wrapped tight around Jensen’s waist. He can’t help it – he’s drunk and horny enough that he lets out a low rumble of a moan when their hips make contact.

“Would you have let him fuck you?” Jared growls in Jensen’s ear. Jensen shudders and clutches at Jared’s shoulders.

“No, you idiot, why would – “ He stops short when Jared pops the button of his jeans with one hand and slowly pulls down the zipper. Jensen glances around. The crowd is thick and no one is really paying them any attention except for the girls Jared was dancing with, but fuck it, they can watch. “Jared.”

“This is mine,” Jared says as he wraps his long, warm fingers around Jensen’s dick inside his jeans. He was already at half-mast and that one touch is all it takes to have him lengthening and thickening in Jared’s palm. Jensen can’t help the whimper that spills out.

“And yours is mine,” Jensen manages to grit out. Not exactly an eloquent or sexy statement, but true all the same. “And I don’t want you rubbing it up against slutty girls.”

“Yeah, you made your point,” Jared replies, lips warm against Jensen’s jaw. He’s just holding Jensen’s dick, barely even squeezing, and Jensen tries to arch up into that cruelly loose grasp. It’s no use. Jared is holding him too tightly and he can’t get any leverage. “I could work you up, get you rock hard for me and then just let you go, make you wait and want all night long.”

“You wouldn’t,” Jensen gasps out.

“I would.” Jared smirks against Jensen’s jaw and squeezes again. Jensen hisses and gets up on his tip-toes. He presses his lips against Jared's jaw, tongue trailing along the curve of it before he sucks at that super-sensitive spot just behind his ear. “Should make you suck me right here.”

“I’d do it,” Jensen rasps. And he’s drunk and horny enough that he even considers the thought. But he really doesn’t want to spend the night in a cell. Indecent exposure is still indecent exposure, no matter how horny he may be. He bites down on that sensitive spot behind Jared’s ear and feels him shudder. “But I wanna get fucked, baby. I want that big cock in me, wanna feel it. Fuck me, baby, please.”

Jared pulls back just enough to let Jensen see the heat in his eyes and he pulls his hand out of Jensen’s pants. He grips the waistband, fingers curling in the denim as he turns to pull Jensen out of the crowded bar. Jared’s car is off to the side, parked in a shadowy alcove, and the lights flash as Jared presses the button on his keys to unlock it. He pulls open the door to the backseat, where the windows are nice and tinted, and then pushes Jensen inside. The door slams shut after Jared climbs in after him and he pushes Jensen down against the cool leather seat, pinning his hands immobile above his head.

Jared is the sweetest, most romantic guy on the planet but he’s a complete animal in bed. So Jensen can get cuddled and fed dark chocolate and then get plowed like a fucking porn star. It truly is the best of both worlds.

They kiss like they’re starving for it – deep, bruising kisses that make Jensen’s lips tingle. Jared wastes no time in pulling Jensen’s jeans down and spreading his legs, tilting his hips up to leave him open and exposed. He pushes Jensen up the seat until his head bumps against the door and then maneuvers himself until his can get his mouth on Jensen’s ass. Jensen can’t help the whine that slips out at the first touch of that talented tongue against his clenching hole.

Jared makes quick work of it, getting him wet and slick enough to work in one finger and then two. Jensen gives himself over to the carnal pleasure, not even caring when Jared reduces him to a quivering, begging slut in the back of his SUV like the very worst prom night cliché.

“Jared, please,” he whines, hips jerking as his ass clenches with the desire to be filled. “Fuck me so hard, don’t even wanna be able to walk, baby. Do it.”

Jared pulls his mouth and fingers away from Jensen’s ass and leans over Jensen to kiss him, to let him lick the dark, musky taste of himself out of Jared’s mouth. Jensen reaches down to get Jared’s pants open as they kiss, smearing the slick fluid leaking freely from the head of his dick down the shaft to get him nice and wet.

“You’re gonna ride me for awhile,” Jared says in that authoritative bedroom voice of his. “Nice and slow.” Jensen whines in protest and Jared tugs gently on his balls, just once, as a warning. “Nice and slow, Jensen. And if you do a good job I’ll push you down and fuck you like you want, fuck you so hard you can’t even walk and then even come in that tight little ass. You want that?”

“Yes,” Jensen gasps out. Jared grins and bites down softly on Jensen’s swollen bottom lip.

“Then ride me,’” he whispers into Jensen’s mouth. “Nice and slow.”

Jared pulls away and sits back against the seat, pushing his pants down just enough to free his huge, hard cock. Jensen whimpers and kicks his pants all of the way off before scrambling up onto his knees. He bows his head as he straddles Jared’s waist and reaches back to position his dick. Jared lets out a soft tsk and lifts Jensen’s chin before pulling his shirt over his head. Jensen lets out a tiny shiver as the cool night air hits his sweat-damp skin, and Jared slides his giant hand down the center of Jensen’s chest and stomach. It’s almost strange to be completely naked when Jared is almost fully-clothed, but it’s a little thrilling too. Jensen reaches back to grab Jared’s dick and slowly sinks down onto it, letting out a loud moan as he’s stretched open.

It hurts a little. It always hurts a little at first because Jared is just so fucking big, but Jensen likes that quick moment of pain. It lets him know how much pleasure he’s going to feel directly after. As soon as Jensen adjusts he bounces once, hard and fast, and Jared’s hands dig painfully into his hips.

“Uh-uh,” Jared chides. “Do it like I said or I won’t fuck you at all.”

“I – I can’t,” Jensen whimpers, trying to push up against Jared’s hands. Jared lets go of one hip and cups Jensen’s chin, forcing him to meet his gaze.

“You can,” Jared replies. “Nice and slow. It’ll be so good, baby. I promise.”

Jensen nods and a drop of sweat drips from the tip of his nose to land on Jared’s chest. The car is already hot and humid, windows steaming up. Jensen takes a deep breath and lifts his hips up slowly, rising up until the flared head of Jared’s cock stretches the rim of his ass before sinking back down at an agonizing pace. Jensen swivels his hips a little when Jared is buried fully inside him, just relishing the feeling of being stuffed full of Jared’s cock like this. The bit of pain, the slight pressure, and the overwhelming pleasure skyrockets up his spine like a firework and he drops his head back.

“That’s it,” Jared rasps, sliding his hand through the sweat on Jensen’s chest and pinching at the tight buds of his nipples. “Up, baby.”

Jensen moans and lifts up again, reaching down to touch the place where Jared is penetrating him, fingers dancing along Jared’s shaft as more of it is exposed. Jared lets out a low moan and Jensen drops back down again. It goes on like this and Jensen is so strung out that he can’t even judge how much time passes. His own cock is ignored, reaching desperately for his stomach as he moves up and down, all fucked out and raw. All he feels is pleasure, overwhelming pleasure, and then Jared wraps his hand around Jensen’s dick and he nearly comes.

“Don’t,” Jared commands, and Jensen freezes. Jared’s fingers trail up and down Jensen’s cock, fingers getting all sticky with fluid. “Such a pretty dick. Mm, up on your knees, Jen. Up all the way.”

Jensen’s brain is all fuzzy and muddled and he barely understands what Jared is asking of him. Jared’s hands pull up on Jensen’s hips and he nearly cries out in protest when Jared’s dick slips out of him. Jensen’s head bumps the ceiling of the car and he leans forward as Jared slips down and sucks Jensen into his mouth without preamble.

That time Jensen actually does cry out, hips tensing and balls drawing up. He wants to come but Jared’s fingers are loose around his neck so he knows that he can’t. Jared makes all these soft little noises as he sucks him, takes him deep down his throat and moans. Jensen’s legs are shaking, little trembles from his hips down to his toes. Jensen wants to come so bad that it hurts and he digs his fingertips into Jared’s shoulders nearly hard enough to break skin. Jared pulls back until he’s sucking on just the head of Jensen’s dick, and then his fingers squeeze Jensen’s neck just barely, just enough to let him know that it’s okay to let go.

Jensen cries out as he finally comes; spurt after spurt emptying into Jared’s waiting mouth as his orgasm shatters him into a thousand pieces. Tears spring to his eyes because it’s so fucking good and he can barely stand it. Jared wraps his arms loosely around Jensen’s hips, holding onto him as he falls apart, mouth still suckling gently at Jensen’s half-hard cock.

Jensen finally drops down onto Jared’s lap and they kiss, mouths opening against each other’s like that’s all they know how to do. Jensen is shaking all over now and Jared grins against his lips before laying him down on the seat.

“I got what I wanted,” Jared says in a sex-rough voice as he parts Jensen’s shaky thighs and gets between them. Jensen is still so sensitive and just the head of Jared’s cock brushing his hole as he lifts Jensen’s leg to rest on his shoulder is enough to have him moaning. His other leg slips off of the seat and into the foot well, leaving him wide open. “Now you get what you want. I’m gonna fuck you so hard, baby, and I’m not gonna stop until you come again.”

“Jared, I – “ Jensen’s words turn into a sharp cry as Jared pushes into him without warning. He starts fucking Jensen with sharp, deep thrusts and Jensen’s dick twitches against his stomach. It’s too much, too intense – but Jensen doesn’t want it to stop. He’s broken, held together only by Jared’s arms and his kisses, and Jensen likes that. He likes being able to trust someone enough to let them break him and put him back together. He’s never done that with anyone else, only Jared.

Jensen just lies back and takes it, lets Jared pound into him and clutches desperately at Jared’s shoulders. His cock is rock hard and aching, oversensitive and sore, and then Jared grabs it again. Jensen nearly screams and arches up into the touch. His head and shoulders are pressed uncomfortably against the car door and Jared continues to thrust. He pulls up on Jensen’s dick once, twice, and the third time is all it takes for Jensen to cry out and come again, spurting weakly against his stomach.
He’s shaking all over, boneless and wrecked, when Jared finally cries out and buries his cock deep inside Jensen as his orgasm hits. He can feel Jared emptying inside of him, warm and messy, and he lets out a content hum. He’s never done that with anyone else before either.

They collapse in a messy heap in a space that’s barely big enough to contain them, and Jensen’s lips seek out Jared’s even though he’s exhausted. They kiss for a long time, until Jensen’s shaking is reduced to barely-there trembles as sweat dries cool and tacky on their skin.

“You okay?” Jared finally whispers against Jensen’s abused lips as he buries his fingers in his damp hair. “I didn’t hurt you.”

“Mm, felt amazing,” Jensen mumbles, kissing Jared again. “So good, baby, love you.”

He can’t see Jared’s smile but he can feel it against his jaw, stretched wide and happy. They lie there for another minute, just breathing each other in, before Jared pulls away and uses Jensen’s abandoned tee shirt to clean them up.

“Love you,” Jared murmurs as he maneuvers into his pants. “You good back here?” Jensen nods. He doesn’t think he can ever move again. Jared chuckles and reaches over the back seat to grab a jacket from the cargo area. He drapes it over Jensen’s hips before climbing over the console to get into the driver’s seat.

Jared drives home because he didn’t have anything to drink and Jensen dozes in the backseat. It’s not long before Jared is pulling into the brightly lit garage and the jarring sound of the garage door closing rouses Jensen. The door opens and Jensen is too exhausted to even put up much of a fight when Jared playfully pulls him into a fireman’s carry and takes him into the house.

He’s laid down gently on the bed and he wants to fall asleep but he manages to stay conscious until Jared climbs in behind him, warm and naked, and presses them together skin to skin.

They don’t even need to say anything. Jensen just curls his fingers around Jared’s hand when his arm wraps around his hip, squeezes once, and falls asleep.


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