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14 October 2030 @ 01:56 am
carly's fiction [the masterpost]  
I never thought I'd need one of these! It's a happy day indeed. :D

jen and jay are in (fictional) love.
aka this is rps, yo!

the reinventing love 'verse
The story of Jared and Jensen's life together reads sort of like a fairytale. Come on, childhood friends growing up and falling in love? It doesn't get much sweeter than that. [j2, pg-13 to adult. ~275,000+ words overall.]
          things like chemistry
          we must reinvent love
          you can breathe now
          our red crayons bright with love
          waste our weeks beneath the sun
          tell them we're like magnets
          to be or not to be
          the lights and buzz
          full contact
          this time is ours
          ficlets, timestamps, etc.

as this sunset turns to morning
Jensen spends his life hiding who he is from the family that would never accept him if they knew. When he’s uprooted in the middle of his senior year and suddenly becomes the new kid, his carefully placed mask begins to slip. Especially when he meets Jared – a loud, outspoken spectacle of a boy that fights for everything Jensen was taught to stand against. Jared has no problem going after what he wants, and now it’s just a matter of Jensen letting himself do the same. [j2, adult. 86,000 words.] [podfic] [pdf]
          mashed potatoes and gravy
          Sleepovers are for grown-ups too. (This is a timestamp to as this sunset turns to morning and it won't make much sense if you haven't read that.           [j2, r. 5,000 words.] [pdf]
          little victories
          Josh has a lot of atoning to do when it comes to his little brother, and he intends to start as soon as possible. [josh pov. j2, pg-13. 2,800 words.]           [pdf]

a spotlight on these desolate dreams
In high school, Jared Padalecki had it all. He was surrounded with rich, famous, beautiful friends and partied with young Hollywood's elite. As if all of that wasn't exciting enough, he used the tricks he learned from his grandfather to become an amateur sleuth with his billionaire best friend, Jensen Ackles, playing the role of trusty sidekick. But when he got in over his head and lost everything he once held dear, he knew that it was time to move on. That was ten years ago. Now he lives the lonely life of a hardboiled private investigator on the streets of Manhattan, and his fabulous past is nothing but a distant memory. That is, until a tragedy forces him to return to California and the world he left behind. Between juggling rabid paparazzi, sarcastic detectives, and a spurned ex-best friend, it's a wonder that he can possibly find the time to solve a murder that has left the city of angels reeling. [j2, adult. 50,000 words.] [pdf]

absence from those we love
Jensen Ackles led a great life. It just wasn’t the one he planned on. Now he’s newly single, stuck at a job he hates, and sharing an apartment with his lovably psychotic best friend. When he’s given the chance to go back and do it all over again, he leaps at it. Only he soon comes to realize that no matter what’s in front of him, it’s impossible to leave the past behind. Considering what he’d be giving up, he might not even want to. (17 Again - J2 Style.) [j2, adult. 41,000 words.] [pdf]

underneath the weight of it all
Jared stopped trying to fit all the broken pieces of himself back together a long time ago. But then he meets Jensen, and he thinks it might be time to try again. [j2, adult. 31,000 words.] [pdf]
          love, save the empty
          It’s not what brought him to Jared. Nothing but pure, all consuming love did that, but it might have been what kept him sane when everything           else seemed hopeless. And now, it might be what ends it all. (This is a sequel to underneath the weight of it all, and it will make no sense if           you haven’t read that.) [j2, R. 20,000 words.] [pdf]

Malibu Jared©
Jensen Ackles has a successful career, great friends, and an amazing little girl. His love life is pretty much nonexistent, but he’s okay with that. The same can’t be said for Ryan. She knows her daddy deserves all the happiness in the world, so she calls on her overactive imagination to make a wish that will change their lives forever. Jensen appreciates the sentiment, but that doesn’t make him any less surprised when he wakes up to find that not only did her wish come true, it’s sleeping in his bed. [j2, adult. 30,000 words.] [pdf]

sing me sweet
So, not only is Jared forced to move in the middle of senior year, he has to join choir too? Maybe it won’t be so bad, not if the hot boy who sings all the solos has anything to say about it. [j2, adult. 12,500 words.] [pdf]

adventures in puppysitting
Jensen knows how to have fun. That isn’t a crime. But when all that fun gets him into a sticky situation, he knows it’s about time to grow up. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is find Nemo. [j2, adult. 12,000 words.] [pdf]

whammied! (a series of unfortunate events)
Turns out all it takes is a delusional fangirl with crazy-ass magical powers to make Jared realize what he has always had right in front of him. (All roads lead to cock.) [j2, adult. 9,000 words.] [pdf]

all the stars above our heads
Jared's a slightly jaded hot air balloon pilot, and Jensen's the guy with the fear of heights that's too cheap to let the gift certificate he won in a raffle go to waste. [j2, pg-13. 9,000 words.] [pdf]

professional zombie boyfriend
Jensen hates surprises. Jared's job is surprising people. It shouldn't work, but it does. [j2, R. 8,500 words.] [podfic] [pdf]

every second tuesday
A trained monkey could do Jensen's job. Seriously, it's that easy. He gets through the day by trolling the web, napping, and coming up with creative ways to sneak out early. When the company decides to hire a masseuse to come into the office, Jensen figures it'll just be another perk of the job. Turns out he was right. [j2, adult. 8,500 words.] [podfic] [pdf]

into the so unknown
It may be a little cliché, lonely little rich boy running away to try and find himself on the back roads of America, but that’s what it is. [j2, R. 4,500 words.] [pdf]

a swift and steady seduction
In which Jared is drunk, the green-eyed dude at the bar is a tease, and they both end up getting in over their heads (in the best possible way). [j2, adult. 4,200 words. technically a prequel to you can trust me not to think.] [pdf]

you can trust me not to think
Jensen has a bit of a jealousy problem and Jared is a bit of a flirt. Jensen tries to give him a taste of his own medicine and quickly finds out that Jared has a possessive streak of his own. [j2, adult. 3,400 words.] [pdf]

sharing is caring.
threesomes ahoy!

a glorious waste of time
Misha is new in town, and when Jared invites him to a party he accepts, despite the rumors he's heard around school about Jared and that Jensen guy he's always hanging out with. What he doesn't count on, however, is being the only guest. [j2/misha, adult. 4,500 words.] [pdf]

wait for the release
Jensen finds out about a particular fantasy of Jared's and when the opportunity to make it come true arises, Jensen just can't help himself. (Or: The one where Jared and Jensen pick up Zac Efron at a network party.) [j2/zac efron, adult. 4,500 words.] [pdf]

kick off your shoes and lay down
The only people allowed to touch Sam after he gets his soul back are his brother and an angel, and when they are touching him is the only time that he really feels whole. [dean/sam/castiel. adult. 6,500 words.] [pdf]

it's supernatural, baby.
mostly porn. that's how i roll.

from the brightest constellation
Castiel closes his eyes and remembers that moment, the way his wings feel when they’re ready to fly, because he knows what will happen after this. Even though it will be worth it, he wants to remember. [dean/castiel. adult. 8,300 words.] [pdf]

kick off your shoes and lay down
The only people allowed to touch Sam after he gets his soul back are his brother and an angel, and when they are touching him is the only time that he really feels whole. [dean/sam/castiel. adult. 6,500 words.] [pdf]

hope runs dry
Castiel makes a soft noise in the back of his throat but doesn’t pull away. Sam reaches up to curl his fingers in the lapel of his coat, surprised by the emotion that runs through him at the first touch of their lips. [sam/castiel. R. 3,000 words.] [pdf]

maybe the sky will fall
“I feel good... when I’m with you,” Sam confesses in a broken whisper. “And isn’t that fucked up?” sequel to hope runs dry. [sam/castiel. adult. 5,200 words.] [pdf]

the holy trinity porn trilogy.
great minds porn alike.

like a slow fire burn
So maybe, when they're both under the influence, the Winchesters like to mess around. It's no big deal, except for the part where they're afraid to mention it in the cold light of day. And then there's weed, and Cas's insane angel logic, and somehow Dean ends the night with all the shame ploughed right out of him. (collab with obstinatrix) [sam/dean/castiel. adult. 13,000 words.] [pdf]

we crash and we roll
After Cas set them straight about heaven's non-interest in the issue, Dean and Sam, with intermittent Cas, have fallen into something of a routine. Everything is awesome and becoming familiar, until the day Cas shows up and asks for something unexpected. (collab with obstinatrix) [sam/dean/castiel. adult. 12,300 words.] [pdf]

run right into you
What the three of them have is all sorts of complicated, but it works. It works really well, actually, and at the tail end of a very bad day, Castiel just wants to go somewhere that he knows he belongs. Sam and Dean can give him that. (collab with obstinatrix) [sam/dean/castiel. adult. 8,500 words.] [pdf]

(boyfriends in) suits.
harvey, behave. good boy.

in vino fuckitas
It wasn't like Harvey exactly planned on them ending up in bed together, but Mike showing up at his place with his stupidly smart, impossibly pink mouth sort of blew that idea right out of the water. [mike/harvey. adult. 3,400 words.]

silentaudiencesilentaudience on October 23rd, 2009 12:42 am (UTC)
i love all your stories!
lumilove09lumilove09 on November 3rd, 2009 05:25 pm (UTC)
I'm completely new to LJ and relatively new to this fandom, but I want to say that I LOVE your fics and I stayed up waaay to late last night finishing As This Sunset Turns to Morning. Each of your fics has great voice and your style of writing blows me away!
Teh: Jared - Shy Smiletwilight_wish on November 14th, 2009 02:53 am (UTC)
You know, after Reinventing Love, Sunset and Weight of it All, basically all your longfics, I kinda worship you.
No kidding.
BflyWbflyw on December 1st, 2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
I was recced you as a great J2 author so I decided to give you a chance (yeah - not hard to convince when it comes to reading J2). Just want to say that your summaries seems great - so if the storie lives up to what the summaries promise - then I might end up loving your stories!

I usually don't comment after each chapter (when I read stories in one go) and I read slow - so don't expect comments any time soon. :-) But I do look forward to reading these!
BflyWbflyw on December 1st, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
and who am I kiddin' - I've read the whole the reinventing love 'verse and loves it!!! Just never remember names of authors!
vesuvianite on December 9th, 2009 05:22 am (UTC)
So after being so impressed with "Into the So Unknown" (the first fic of yours I've read), I came over here to see what other stories you might have written. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that the first entry on your master list was for a 180,000 word 'verse.


Then I saw that was followed by a fic that was 86,000 words and another that was 31,000 words.

You really do like to write some long stories, huh? ;-)

I plan to sample all of your stories--long and short--but I guess it's late enough, tonight, that I will have to leave that pleasure for another day. Looking forward to diving in, later, though. =)
paulyconspiracy on January 4th, 2010 04:52 am (UTC)
I may or may not be entirely in love with your fic. It's refreshing to find an author who really knows what they're doing. You have a wonderful way with words. Keep it up!
I suffer from Kane-Carlson-Ackles-Padalecki-itis: hands <3-glittergraphicsgilesgirl on January 24th, 2010 06:56 am (UTC)

*has read the reinventing love 'verse around 10 times or so*

*has read "as this sunset turns to morning" around 5 or 6 times*

Lol, you rock.
charmides898charmides898 on February 5th, 2010 06:13 am (UTC)
it's like christmas, but better. cuz there's jensen invoved :)

i'm kind of in love with you and want to have your babies, btw!
breakharmonybreakharmony on February 6th, 2010 07:39 am (UTC)
Hi. I don't really comment, like, ever, but I need you to know how much I love your writing. Because I do. A lot. :-D

You're excellent. Keep up the fantastic work!
don't mock my world turtleoberon_titania on February 21st, 2010 06:29 am (UTC)
i was going through my memmed stories, and realized that i had memmed like, 6 of them by you, and thought i would wander over to your journal to see if there were other things by you i could read, and lookee here!! a masterpost!! you are like, 18 different kinds of awesome, and i heart the way you write. your stories always leave me feeling so happy and warm nd fuzzy.
&hearts &hearts &hearts
imma just mem this page now and check back all the time and find awesome fic for when i'm sad.
*flaily hands*
canter76canter76 on March 24th, 2010 09:48 pm (UTC)
So after spending two days mainlining your "re-inventing love" 'verse, (again) I just got to say....REALLY love your fic.

Looking forward to your next bigbang. Know it's gonna be another special fic.

You, my dear, are iconic.
sisterminesistermine on April 12th, 2010 07:09 am (UTC)
In praise of long fic
am thoroughly enjoying your fic. Reinventing Love was one of the first things I read after discovering SPN slash fanfic, and I loved its style and its angsty humour, and hey, its length. So happy to find there's loads more of your writing, and that you like writing long fics! Thanks for warming those dark evenings.
Oh, link to Puppysitting seems to be broken.

miss california._mournthewicked on April 12th, 2010 03:18 pm (UTC)
Re: In praise of long fic
Thanks for letting me know! I had some wonky html. It should work now. :)
sammizmom on April 16th, 2010 08:16 pm (UTC)
Hello. So I recently discovered your fiction and you have officially moved into 1st place as my favorite author!! I read a LOT of SPN fic (my fave is J2 RPS) and I have never read anything that I love or that has touched me as much as your reinventing love verse. It is so positive and upbeat with just a smidge of angst (just like I like it) and I started and couldn't stop reading until I had finished!! I especially love your sense of humor and more than once I was laughing out loud like a lunatic and my husband asked me what the heck was so funny.

Now I've also read As This Sunset.... and Malibu Jared and I've started Underneath... I can't seem to stay away and I'm so glad I discovered you!!

Also, is there anywhere I can bid on having you write a story for me? I would pay to have you fulfill a prompt for me. Let me know. Thanks!!!!
(Deleted comment)
miss california._mournthewicked on June 1st, 2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, yes! I would love to add them to the master post. :D
Duty & Devotion: horse reiningroseandheather on August 9th, 2010 01:22 am (UTC)
See, I know nothing about Supernatural. By which I mean, I am aware Supernatural exists, mainly because lots and lots of people think two brothers are having buttsex.

I have also heard of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, mainly because in terms of bromance they are Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on steroids. Also, one of them married Genevieve Cortese, whom I know because she starred in Wildfire, which I know about because I am a horse person and because it starred Nana Visitor, who was in my favorite show ever, aka Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The fact that all this is true and I still tore through Reinventing Love and all associated stories in the span of six hours is a testament to your skill as a writer.