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fic: as this sunset turns to morning (the music)

Back to the master post.

as this sunset turns to morning; the music

warning: contains spoilers for the story.

[ Gorgeous art by starweather. ]

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o1; Adam Lambert; Mad World

[ It doesn’t matter where he lives; things will never change.
He’ll still have to wake up every day and pretend. Hide. ]

all around me are familiar faces
worn out places, worn out faces
bright and early for their daily races
going nowhere, going nowhere
their tears are filling up their glasses
no expression, no expression
hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
no tomorrow, no tomorrow

o2; Jack’s Mannequin; Dark Blue

[ He’s nearly overwhelmed by a sudden rush of emotion, the
subtle swoop in his belly when Jensen looks him in the eye. ]

this night's a perfect shade of dark blue
have you ever been alone in a crowded room
well, I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning down dark blue
have you ever been alone in a crowded room
well I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning dark blue

o3; Kris Allen; Falling Slowly

[ They’ve known each other for less than fifteen minutes,
but Jensen already owns a tiny piece of Jared’s heart. ]

falling slowly, eyes that know me
and I can't go back
moods that take me and erase me
and I'm painted black
you have suffered enough
and warred with yourself
it's time that you won

o4; Lifehouse; Good Enough

[Jensen," his mother says sharply, and he freezes. Tension coils
in his shoulders and he spins slowly on his heels to face her. ]

it seems the more we talk
the less I have to say
let's put our differences aside
I wanted to make you proud

but I just got in your way
I found a place where I can hide
now everything is changing
but I still feel the same

o5; Jason Reeves; Someone Somewhere

[ "You got it, Jen," Jared says. Jensen meets
his eyes and gives him a tiny, private smile. ]

someone is waiting
someone who understands exactly how you feel
someone is dreaming
someone is hoping just that this will be the day
that you take your eyes off the ground
out of the blue
and see that someone is looking right
back at you

maybe that someone is me
maybe it's meant to be

o6; Lenka; Don’t Let Me Fall

[ He’s sitting with a boy, pressed warm and intimate against his side.
He’s already breaking all the rules. He might as well go all the way. ]

you’re just the one
that I’ve been waiting for
I’ll give you all that I have to give and more
but don’t let me fall

take a little time
walk a little line
get the balance right
give a little love
give me just enough
so that I can hang on tight

o7; Jack’s Mannequin; Swim

[ Jensen's wet eyelashes brush Jared’s neck as he squeezes his
eyes shut and Jared feels a tear slip down his own cheek. ]

you gotta swim
swim in the dark
there's no shame in drifting
feel the tide shifting and wait for the spark
yeah, you've gotta swim
don't let yourself sink
just find the horizon
I promise you it's not as far as you think
the currents will drag us away from our love
just keep your head above, swim

o8; Jason Reeves; Reaching

[ Jensen is here, eating breakfast with Jared in his pajamas on a Sunday morning,
all wrapped up in Jared’s jacket. That alone is more than he ever dreamed of. ]

you’re inches from my fingertips
I’ve come as close as I can get
I’m reaching but the rest is up to you
‘cause I don't ever wanna miss
being here with you like this
I’m trying but it's all that I can do
I’m reaching but the rest is up to you

o9; Gavin Mikhail; Sight Unseen

[ Being happy shouldn’t be so hard. Finding the missing
piece of your heart shouldn’t make it feel like it’s breaking. ]

if you are the choices, all that I've given up
and the one to make it all real
if you are the voice that takes me to heaven
why can't I feel
anything more than all of this nothing
anything less than all of this pain
if you are the one to make me feel something
why am I afraid?

10; Matt Nathanson; Little Victories

[ So for now, Jensen is trying something new. He is going to try doing things
that make him happy. It’s a crazy concept, but he’s going to give it a shot. ]

this time, I'll have no fear
I'll be standing strong and tall
turn my back towards them all

and I'll be awful sometimes
weakened to my knees
and I'll learn to get by
on the little victories
and if the world decides to catch up with me
still little victories

11; Switchfoot; On Fire

[ His eyes travel to Jared’s mouth and his pulse speeds
up again, heart hammering rapidly against his chest. ]

I'm standing on the edge of me
I'm standing on the edge
of everything I've never been before

and I'm on fire when you're near me
I'm on fire when you speak
burning at these mysteries
ah, you're the mystery

12; Natalie Walker; With You

[ He’s sleepy and warm and alive, and he feels whole
and perfect like this. He never wants it to stop. ]

I was all alone and I didn’t have a place
you came into my life and then everything changed
love this strong never fades
holds onto your life doesn’t go away

with you
this world is a better place
this world is a better place with you

13; Matt Wertz; Keep Faith

[ "Now I’m always right here." He plucks at the bracelet
on Jensen’s wrist, eyes going soft. "Remember that." ]

everybody hurts
everybody’s broken
but you gotta know
if you ever need me
I will be waiting

even when your hope is gone
even when you’re barely holding on
if there’s anything that I’m sure of
I know that we were made for love
so if you start to break
keep faith

14; Jack’s Mannequin; Meet Me at My Window

[ It’s not hard to picture himself in Jared’s bed with him, and he actually
has to resist the urge to crawl out of the window and make it happen. ]

come on, you could change me
you could steal me
you could turn all the lights on
and show me the real me
then maybe, if I'm lucky
you'll offer me protection
you could even heal me
just meet me at my window

15; Tyler Weinrich; The Bend

[ He swallows against the sudden swell of emotion rising up in
him; the same sensation he always gets when he’s wrapped
up in Jared like this. "I never thought I could have you." ]

I need to know that you'll be here
when this sunset turns to morning,
because dreaming's not the same without you near.
I really think that this could be
the greatest love of all time
and I’ll do what I can to make things right
I’ll do what I can to make this sun rise

16; Gavin Mikhail; Brave

[ "I wanted you to know that I’m committed to this – to you. You don’t
have to look at me like I’m going to disappear because I’m not going to." ]

I am not as brave, beautiful, and patient as you are
but I am safe in your arms I listen as you say
"I'm proud of who you've become
and the person you will be tomorrow"
and I know I would give anything up for you

I'll follow through, I promise to hold on
I'll never let go, won't let you down
if you can stay proud, I'll be brave somehow

17; Switchfoot; Learning to Breathe

[ It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to take a stand
for something for once in his damn life. He needs to
reach out and fully grab what he wants. Finally. ]

so this is the way that I say I need you
this is the way that I'm
learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

so this is the way I say I need you
this is the way that I say I love you
this is the way that I say I'm yours

18; Jack’s Mannequin; Orphans

[ He can feel Jensen shaking in his arms, shoulders quaking
and breath hitching. "It’s okay, Jen. I’ve got you. You can let go." ]

I keep waiting for my breath
to come back never
so take what I have left
patterns in traffic
that pulls just like my heart
race in the dark
in time to catch you
no one should let you
go wandering off into the night
you're not an orphan
right there to catch you
I won't forget you

19; Matt Nathanson; All We Are

[ Jared takes a deep breath and holds a hopeful hand
out to his boyfriend. Jensen steps forward and takes it,
wrapping an arm around Jared’s waist as they dance. ]

and in the end the words won't matter
'cause in the end nothing stays the same
and in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain

'cause all we are, we are
all we are, we are
and every day is a start of something beautiful
something real

20; Joshua Radin; Brand New Day

[ Jensen spent the first eighteen years of his life thinking he would
never know what love felt like, that he’d never get to experience it
first hand. Now he knows exactly what it means to be in love. ]

it’s a brand new day
the sun is shining
it’s a brand new day
for the first time in such a long, long time
I know I’ll be okay

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