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fic: tell them we're like magnets (Part 1)

Back to the Master Post.

No one on the planet has had a better summer than Jensen Ackles. Seriously. You can quote him on that and everything.

High school is over, the sun is high, and he lives an hour from the beach. Zero responsibility, no worries, free to sleep all day and party all night.

And then there’s Jared.

An entire summer of Jared. Learning how to be with each other, learning how to touch each other – love each other.

Days wasted by the pool, the tang of chlorine stinging their nostrils, drying tacky on their skin as they doze under the sun. Hours spent at the beach, fingers entangled as they let the coarse sand cling to their skin with the salty moisture of the sea.

Nights spent tangled in damp sheets, thighs parted and bodies slick with sweat as they explore each other, fingers twisting in summer grown hair and trailing down sleek tanned skin in the heavy, moist air.

Words of adoration and love whispered into the dark, licked and bitten into skin until they leave marks. Whimpers and groans and endless sounds of pleasure panted into swollen mouths. Bodies connected in a way that’s so incredible they ache with it, moving together as one until they burst, trembling in each other’s arms and never letting go.

That’s what his summer has been like.


And tomorrow it’s all over. Tomorrow they grow up.

Jensen has a spring in his step as he turns the corner onto Jared’s block. Sweat makes his sunglasses slip down the bridge of his nose and he pushes them up, squinting against the summer sun even through the dark lenses.

He hears the lawnmower just before the scent of fresh cut grass hits his nose. Jared’s truck is parked in a crooked line against the curb, and Jensen trails his fingers along the side, feeling the sun warmed metal heat his fingertips.

The grass is green and springy as he walks across the front lawn, blades tickling his feet. The back gate is ajar and he shimmies through it, pushing his glasses up his nose again. Jared is mowing the lawn, shoulders bunching as he pushes the mower across the yard. He’s clothed in a dirty wifebeater that was at some point white, and black basketball shorts that barely stay on his narrow hips. His hair is curling sweat-damp at his neck and temples, clinging to brown skin.

The sight of him still doesn’t fail to knock the air out of Jensen’s lungs.

“Hey!” Jensen calls, scratching at his ankle with his toes and rubbing at his nose when the cut grass in the air makes him itch. Jared doesn’t hear him. Jensen cups his hands around his mouth and tries again. “Jared!”

The mower cuts off, and the sudden silence is overwhelming for a few moments. Jensen grins when Jared looks over at him and wipes at the sweat gathering at the nape of his neck. Jared wipes his hands on his shorts and jogs over to him.

“Got you doing chores until the very end, huh?” Jensen laughs, and Jared rolls his eyes as he lifts Jensen’s chin with his fingers and gives him a quick kiss. “Hi.”

“I’m a slave,” Jared laments, kissing him again before stepping away. “Just go inside. I’ll be done in a few.”

Jensen nods and heads through the back door, letting out a sigh of relief as he steps into the air-conditioned kitchen. The house is quiet and empty, and Jensen grabs a glass from the cabinet and fills it with cold water. He takes a long drink and pushes the window above the sink open.

“Where is everybody?” Jensen calls out and Jared looks over at him, lifting his hand to shield his eyes.

“Mom took Meg shopping for school clothes, and uh – our dads are golfing, I think,” Jared replies in a yell, and Jensen nods as Jared starts the lawnmower again. Jensen sips from his water glass and watches Jared work. He pauses to pull the shirt over his head, wiping the sweat from his face before stuffing it in the waistband of his shorts. The water glass slips from Jensen’s fingers and lands in the sink without breaking. Jensen curses and wipes his hand on his shorts, watching Jared intently through the window.

Jared mows the large backyard methodically, one line of grass at a time. Jensen feels his dick stirring in his shorts, thickening and hardening just from the sight of Jared, so tall and strong out in the sun, sweat clinging to all the grooves and contours of his amazing body. Jared wipes the sweat from his face with his forearm, muscles bunching and rippling under shimmering skin.

Skin that Jensen suddenly has to taste.

He heads out the back door, stalking across the grass and pulling his shirt over his head. It falls to the ground and he grabs Jared’s arm, spinning him around. The mower cuts off and Jared’s questioning hum is silenced by Jensen’s lips, hard and insistent against his own.

Jared chuckles lowly against Jensen’s mouth, wrapping muscled, sweaty arms around Jensen and pressing them together. The summer sun beats down on them, hot and unrelenting as Jensen drags them towards the tool shed in the back corner of the yard. The sweet smell of cut grass and blooming roses tints the air, mingling pleasantly with the scent of Jared’s sweat.

Jensen slams Jared up against the back of the shed, and Jared hisses when his bare skin makes contact with heated plastic. They’re between the shed and the fence, hidden away and partially shaded from the bright sun. Jensen tucks his thigh between Jared’s legs and leans in to lick and suck the tang of sweat away from Jared’s slick skin.

“Eager much?” Jared rasps, but he parts his legs and tilts his head to the side all the same. Jensen just growls; blood burning as he’s overtaken by raw, pure lust. He bites down on the thick tendon on Jared’s neck, licking away the sting when Jared hisses.

“Your fault,” Jensen replies, voice thick and muffled against Jared’s collarbone. “So fucking hot.”

Jared grabs him, thumbs digging into his jaw as he drags their mouths together, kissing the breath right out of Jensen. The kiss is amazing, powerful like a favorite song coming on the radio, making you crank up the volume until you shake with it. It’s familiar and exhilarating and still so fucking good every single time.

Jared licks his way into Jensen’s mouth, tongues tangling, spit slick lips curving up into matching grins. Jensen reaches between them, feeling the sun burn the back of his neck as he cups Jared’s dick through his baggy basketball shorts. “Mm, you’re hard for me.”

“I’m always hard for you,” Jared hisses, reaching back to palm Jensen’s ass and pull him closer. Sweat makes their skin slippery, and Jared tastes like salt and dirt and summer when Jensen bites at his jaw. “It’s starting to become a problem.”

“Then I should probably take care of that,” Jensen replies, and Jared lets out a choking gasp as Jensen drops to his knees, right there in the grass. Jared’s eyes dart around and then land hard on Jensen, thumb smearing sweat across Jensen’s lips before he digs his fingers into Jensen’s messy hair. Jensen grins, licking his lips as he curls nimble fingers in the waistband of Jared’s shorts. He’s not wearing underwear and Jensen groans, licking and kissing at every bit of skin he reveals as he pulls Jared’s shorts down to expose his dick.

He buries his face in the soft curls at the base of Jared’s cock and breathes in, smelling sweat and the musky, earthy aroma of Jared, the scent that makes his heart pound and his dick harden. He looks up at Jared, reaches between his legs and splays his fingers across Jared’s tight, perfect ass as he curls his other hand around the thick shaft. Little teasing kitten licks across the head, tongue digging greedily into the slit to gather the taste of pre-come there, and Jared jerks and groans. “Fuck, your mouth.”

The words send a rush of heat through Jensen, wind him up and make him moan. His fingers find the cleft of Jared’s ass, the tip of his index finger playing at his smooth hole, catching on tight muscle and pressing in.

“Okay,” Jensen says, letting his mouth fall open around the head of Jared’s dick. Jared just stares down at him, squinting against the sun. He raises an eyebrow and pushes his finger up and in, nothing but sweat slicking the way. Jared lets out a hiss and jerks forward, dick slipping into Jensen’s mouth and hitting the back of his throat. Jensen makes a soft choking sound, spit slipping down his chin as his eyelashes flutter and he groans, loud and needy.

He lets his hand fall away from Jared’s dick, tongue teasing the underside as he keeps his head perfectly still, finger still buried to the knuckle in Jared’s tight ass. Jared finally gets the picture, gripping Jensen by the ears and fucking into his mouth with short little bursts. Jensen moans, his free hand reaching down to cup himself through his shorts as he works his finger in and out of Jared’s ass.

Jared is pushing in so slowly, teasing and letting Jensen’s swollen lips catch and drag on velvet skin, and Jensen growls. He pulls his hand away from Jared’s ass and grabs his hips, slamming him against the side of the shed and bobbing up and down at his own pace, sucking greedily as his fingers slip on slick skin.

Bossy,” Jared grits out, pulling on Jensen’s hair when he just groans and slaps at his hip. Jared is so close. Jensen can feel it and his mouth waters, chin wet with spit as he waits.

He’s surprised when Jared pushes him back, making his cock slip from the tight suction of Jensen’s mouth with an obscene pop. He lets out a needy whine and then Jared is hauling him up, spinning them around and slamming Jensen against the shed. Jared’s hands are shaky as they fumble with the button of Jensen’s shorts, finally getting them open and pushing them down. Jensen cries out with need as Jared slots their hips together, so slippery with sweat and the sticky fluid leaking from their cocks, and Jared rolls his hips against Jensen’s. He hooks his hand under Jensen’s knee and lifts his leg up, angling his hips so their dicks slip and slide against each other.

Jensen is sure he would fall if Jared didn’t have him pinned to the shed, and he wraps his arms around Jared’s neck and holds on. Everything fades away until the only thing left is the roll of his hips, the crushing pressure of Jared’s mouth on his own – until nothing is left but pleasure.

“Feel good, having me up against you?” Jared whispers into his ear, biting down on the edge of it and licking away the sting. Jensen just nods helplessly, hands slipping along the sweaty expanse of his back. Jared nips at his ear once more before trailing his lips along his jaw. Jensen rolls his hips like he’ll die if he doesn’t get off, fire licking at his nerves as the sun burns his eyes.

It’s amazing how quickly Jared can reduce him to this – a trembling, needy thing that begs and whimpers and gives himself up, opens up and lets Jared do whatever the hell he wants as long as he gets that cock, that mouth, whatever Jared will give him.

The pleasure builds hot and lazy, just like the summer sun beating down on their shoulders. A bead of sweat rolls down Jensen’s neck and Jared’s tongue follows it down to his collarbone and then bites down, making Jensen gasp and push his hips forward. He fucks his cock into the groove of Jared’s hipbone, fingernails digging into slim hips, little red half moon imprints marring perfect golden skin.

Jared pulls back just enough to work his arm between them, wrapping his giant hand around both of their dicks. His thumb is slippery across the heads as he jerks them both off, and Jensen keens and reaches down to tangle his fingers with Jared’s around their cocks, gripping and pulling.

Jared’s other hand tangles in Jensen’s sweat-damp hair and pulls his head forward so he can pant hot and heavy into Jensen’s mouth, little hisses and grunts, kissing and licking when he can remember to move his lips.

Jensen lets out a gasp, eyes snapping open and he isn’t sure if his vision whites out or if he’s just staring into the sun as his orgasm hits. He paints Jared’s hipbone with his come, thick and hot, and he smears it across their bellies as he clutches Jared even closer, whimpering through the aftershocks as Jared continues to rut against him.

“Come on, baby,” Jensen pants, letting his hands slip slide down to Jared’s ass, cupping and squeezing and Jared buries his face in Jensen’s neck. He kisses and bites down, fucking his cock through the spunk on Jensen’s hips. Jensen’s fingers play at Jared’s hole, tracing furled muscle, and Jared tenses and comes with a choked shout. “Mm, yeah.”

Jared sinks against Jensen, panting harshly against the sweaty curve of his neck. Jensen licks the sweat from his temple and kisses there, back slipping against the side of the shed. Jared pulls back with a grin, finding Jensen’s lips with his own as he reaches between them to slide his fingers through their combined fluids. He lifts his fingers to their mouths, slipping them between their lips and pushing their come into Jensen’s mouth with his tongue. Jensen sucks on Jared’s fingers greedily, hand wrapping around Jared’s wrist as he licks them clean.

“Jared!” Jensen’s eyes pop open and he freezes, cheeks still hallowed out around Jared’s fingers. Jared’s head snaps up as he looks in the direction of the house, and Jensen lets out a sigh of relief when he realizes they are hidden from view. “Are you back here?”

“Uh, yeah Mom!” Jared shouts, shrugging apologetically at Jensen when he just stares in disbelief. “What’s up?”

“Are you gonna call Jen and have him help you finish packing or what?” Sherri calls, and Jared rolls his lips into his mouth as Jensen spits out his fingers.

“I was planning on it!” Jared calls back, and Jensen narrows his eyes. The moment is officially over, and their sweat and spit and come cling uncomfortably to his skin. The smell of Sherri’s roses hit his nose, sickly sweet, and he nearly sneezes.

“You haven’t finished packing?” Jensen hisses, and Jared covers his mouth with his hand. Jensen splutters and licks messily at the inside of his palm. “We leave tomorrow,” Jensen adds, and he knows Jared can understand his muffled words.

“It’s just – it’s sort of sad,” Jared admits, looking down at the ground. Jensen sighs and pulls Jared’s hand away, tangling their fingers together. “Will you please help?”

“Yes,” Jensen relents, kissing Jared’s knuckles and dropping their hands. He wipes a hand across his belly and wrinkles his nose. “But I need a shower first, before I die of heat stroke.”

“Deal,” Jared replies, grinning widely and pulling up his shorts. Jensen pulls up his own and they share a soft kiss before they head for the back door. Jensen grabs his shirt and wipes his belly clean, blushing when they enter the kitchen and Sherri raises an eyebrow.

“Uh, packing,” Jensen mumbles, and Jared laughs as they head for the stairs. Jared’s room is a mess, boxes half packed and scattered across the floor, belongings spilling out of his closet and off of his bed.

“Where should we start?” Jared says softly, eyes locked on the photos above his bed. Jensen places his hand between Jared’s shoulder blades and gnaws on his bottom lip.

“Shower,” Jensen reminds him gently, and Jared huffs out a sigh. Jensen leads them to the bathroom and turns on the water, letting it warm up and pushing Jared against the door to kiss the frown off of his face.

It wasn’t easy packing up his things, either. Their perfect summer is over, and tomorrow they move out of their childhood homes to start a whole new chapter of their lives.

Tomorrow they grow up.

It’s impossible to know just how many memories one room contains until you’re leaving it.

Jensen stands there in his childhood bedroom, and it’s not empty, not really. But everything that really defined it as his room is missing, packed up in boxes in the rental trailer downstairs.

The bed is stripped of sheets, the closet empty, faint rectangles on the wall where posters protected the paint. His desk is empty, TV stand bare. It’s stupid, how sad he feels.

It’s not like he’ll never sleep in this room again. He’s got weekends, and summers.

But still, he looks at the faint purple stain on the carpet near his bed – remembers when they were eight and Jared spilled his juice and how they tried to hide it with a pile of stuffed animals. It’s going to be so weird, not falling asleep here every night.

He doesn’t even want to begin to think about going weeks without seeing his mom, dad, and baby sister.

Everything he knows is in this room, this house. His throat tightens as he thinks about leaving. The door opens then, and Jensen’s ears catch the familiar scratch of it against the hardwood. He knows it’s his mother because he can smell her perfume, vanilla and flowers. She comes to stand beside him, and he unabashedly rests his head on her shoulder.

“Jared’s downstairs,” she says, and her voice sounds thick. “You ready to go?”

“You okay?” Jensen asks, lifting his head to look his mom in the eye. Her eyes are red like she’s been crying. “Aw, mom. Don’t.”

“I’m fine,” she says, smiling softly. “My boys are all grown up. I’m allowed to be sad.”

“You’ve still got Mac,” he reminds her, and she nods. “And it’s not like you’ll never see me. Josh technically moved out three years ago and he’s here so much it’s like he never left.”

He hugs her then, inhales the scent of her perfume. God, he’s going to miss her. Jared bounds in then, feet heavy against the floor. He silently comes up behind them and wraps his arms around them both.

“Come on, you guys,” he sniffs. “I just went through this with my mom. I can only take so much.”

Jensen lets out a sniffling laugh as he pulls away from the hug. Jared gives him a peck on the cheek, one arm slung around his waist. Donna smiles at them, warm and genuine.

“You’re going to take care of each other, right?” She asks, and Jared and Jensen turn to smile at each other, lips pulled into wide grins. “Oh, who am I kidding? Of course you are.”

“Come on, Jensen,” Jared says, tugging on the hem of his shirt. “Time to go.”

Josh and Jeff are there when their caravan pulls into the parking lot. It doesn’t take the group of them very long to get all of Jared and Jensen’s boxes inside their dorm room. It’s not too bad – a little small, but airy. It’s on the second floor with a nice view of the quad.

But there is one major issue. Jensen stands in the middle of the room, looking back and forth between the two tiny twin beds pushed up against opposite walls. They just don’t seem conducive to the kind of sex he’s used to having. He’s still eyeing them dubiously when Jared sidles up next to him.

“I know,” he whispers, like he can read Jensen’s mind. “We’ll figure it out.”

Everything has been brought up, boxes stacked in haphazard piles. Jared and Jensen spin on their heels to face two sets of parents trying to figure out how to say goodbye to their little boys. Josh and Jeff wait in the doorway, expressions sympathetic. Jensen takes a deep breath and steps forward.

Here comes the hard part.

The thing is, Jensen gets a little OCD at times, and apparently the dorm room is not up to snuff, cleanliness wise. He wipes down every surface and scrubs the floor while Jared sits in a desk chair and spins idly.

He knows what this is really about. Jensen is upset, scared, and nervous. They’re pretty much on their own now, and Jensen doesn’t really like being away from home for too long. If cleaning obsessively makes him feel better, he’s not going to judge.

“You could help,” Jensen says, turning to face Jared. He’s sweaty and disheveled, dressed in a form fitting sleeveless black tee and his red lacrosse shorts. He raises one eyebrow when Jared just stares.

“Oh,” Jared says, looking around the room skeptically. “But you clean so good.”

“Bullshit,” Jensen replies, slamming a container of disinfectant wipes down on the desk. “Just put the sheets on the beds, okay?”

Jared nods and finds the box labeled bedding in Donna’s tidy script. A thought hits him as he stretches brand new navy blue sheets across the bed on the right side of the room. He stands up, whirling to face Jensen.

“We’re not really going to sleep in separate beds, are we?” Jared asks, not even caring that he sounds sort of whiny. Jensen doesn’t even pause in his scrubbing of the windows.

“Not unless you piss me off,” he says casually. “Or if you smell like the inside of an asshole.”

“Fuck you,” Jared says, surreptitiously sniffing his armpit. “I smell good.” Jensen just snorts.

Jared finishes putting the sheets on the bed, smoothing out the comforter and straightening the pillows. It looks too neat. It needs to be messed up.

“Hey Jensen,” he says, and Jensen looks up from a box marked Jensen’s Clothes in Jensen’s own neat handwriting. The are super duper gay!! written underneath it is all Josh. “Are we gonna christen this bitch or what?”

“Oh, that’s sweet,” Jensen says flatly, abandoning the clothes and grabbing a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels. “Watch me hurry in my desire to have you inside of me.”

“But you’re not hurrying though,” Jared says, once it’s clear Jensen is entirely focused on making the windows shiny and streak-free. Jensen just shoots him a look, and hey, Jared knows that look. He is not retarded.

“Because you’re an ass,” Jensen replies, and Jared smirks. He gets up and takes the Windex from Jensen and spins him around, wrapping his arms around Jensen’s waist. Jensen rests his palms on Jared’s chest, and he smells like cleaning products and dust but Jared doesn’t even care.

“Guess what?” Jared says quietly, leaning in to skim his lips across Jensen’s cheek.

“What?” Jensen replies softly, fingertips digging into Jared’s chest.

“We pretty much live together,” Jared replies, kissing the corner of Jensen’s mouth. “You and me, on our own.”

“Yeah,” Jensen breathes, angling his mouth over Jared’s to kiss him. Jared sighs happily against Jensen’s lips, walking them back towards the one made bed. He pushes Jensen backwards and Jensen laughs as he falls back onto it, fingers twisted in Jared’s shirt.

“Jared!” He says, but Jared cuts him off with another kiss. “We have to unpack,” he adds when Jared moves his lips to his neck. He sucks Jensen’s earlobe into his mouth, sucking softly. “Oh, you bitch.”

Jared chuckles when Jensen grips his shoulders, tipping his head back. He lets Jared kiss him for a while, soft little presses of lips against skin. When his fingers dip underneath the waistband of his shorts, he grabs Jared’s wrist to still it.

“We’re unpacking,” he says firmly when Jared growls in protest. “Just let me get this room together and I promise I will rock your world tonight. I’ll be so fucking good for you.”

“Yeah, using that fucked out voice is really going to make me lose wood,” Jared says derisively, rolling his eyes and flopping onto his back. “Whatever, princess. You denying me sex because you’d rather clean really bruises my ego, but I guess I’ll live.”

Jensen grins and kisses Jared softly before getting back on his feet. He produces a Swiffer sweeper from somewhere, and Jared huffs in amusement.

“I think there was a soda machine in the lounge up the hall,” Jensen says as he starts to make the other bed. “Why don’t you go get us a few? And stop pouting, you baby.”

“Fine,” Jared says, rolling off of the bed and heading out into the hall.

Since they were already so familiar with the campus and surrounding area, thanks to Josh and Jeff, they waited until pretty much the last minute to move in. Everyone else seems to be pretty much settled. People mingle in the hallways and almost every door is standing open, as if in invitation.

The lounge isn’t that far from their room. It’s got a big screen TV, couches, an air hockey table, and vending machines. There are two girls sitting on one of the couches, and he gives them a friendly smile before heading to the soda machine. He has a few crumpled dollar bills in his pocket and the first one goes in, but the machine seems dead set against taking another. He tries flattening them against the side of it, but to no avail. He blows his bangs out of his eyes and stares the machine down threateningly.

“Here,” a voice says, and Jared turns to see a fresh, crisp dollar bill in his face. He takes it from the girl and hands her one of his crumpled ones.

“Thanks,” Jared says, letting out a triumphant whoop as the machine accepts it. “I’m Jared,” he says, reaching out to shake her hand before stooping down to grab the drinks.

“Jessica,” she says sweetly. She’s a pretty girl, big chocolate brown eyes and long, flowing brown hair. “This your floor?”

“Yeah,” Jared replies. “Just got here this morning.”

“Oh, awesome!” She says, flipping her hair over one shoulder. Jared bites his lip to keep from grinning. “I’m in room 213.”

“Oh, we’re neighbors then,” Jared replies, smiling at her. “I’m in 214.”

“Great,” she says, grinning like this is the best news she’s ever heard. Jared holds up the sodas currently numbing his hands and gestures down the hall. She lights up, obviously interpreting this as an invitation.

“So are you from the area?” Jared asks, slipping the sodas in the pockets of his cargo shorts. She twirls her hair around one finger.

“No. San Francisco, actually,” she replies. The mere mention of the city has Jared cracking up, remembering the last time he was there. Sometimes Josh and Jeff’s faces the morning after their impromptu drunken threesome will pop up in his head randomly and he can’t help but laugh. “What?”

“No, I’m sorry,” Jared snorts, laughing into his palm. “I was just up there, and it made me think of something funny.”

“Oh,” she replies, stopping in front of her room. She opens the door and steps inside, looking at Jared over her shoulder. “Wanna come in?”

“Uh, no thanks,” Jared says quickly, taking a step back. “I have a lot of unpacking to do.”

“Oh,” she says again, pouting slightly. She turns and leans against the doorframe, batting her eyelashes at him. “Well it was nice to meet you, Jared.”

“You too, Jessica,” he replies politely. She laughs and rocks up onto the balls of her feet, flipping her hair over one shoulder.

“Feel free to stop by anytime,” she says, biting on her fleshy bottom lip. Jared lets out a low chuckle and rocks back on his heels. He recognizes this look, knows it all too well. It’s still sort of weird to him sometimes, getting all this attention from girls when not too long ago he was an awkward looking beanpole.

But he’s been with Jensen long enough now to know when it’s okay to flirt back a little and when it will cause him trouble. And this girl? She just looks like trouble.

He takes a step back, angling his body slightly away from her in what he hopes comes across as a thanks, but no thanks sort of pose.

“Uh, well. As long as we’re doing the whole meet and greet thing,” Jared says quickly, taking another step back. He turns his head, cupping one hand around his mouth. “Hey Jenny! Come meet our new neighbor!”

Jessica sticks her head out into the hallway, eyes narrowing. Jensen comes out of their room, looking gorgeous and bedraggled, sweaty from unpacking in the stuffy little dorm room. Jessica raises one perfectly groomed eyebrow as he approaches.

“You bellowed, dear?” Jensen asks sardonically, coming to stand at Jared’s side. Jared smirks and drapes an arm over his shoulders. The sooner Jared establishes just how off limits he is, the better. He seriously doesn’t like the hungry look in this girl’s eyes.

“I did. Jensen, this is Jessica,” he says, tucking Jensen’s hair behind one ear. It’s just barely long enough to do that now, and Jared gets the bad feeling that he’s going to cut it soon. “Jessica, this is my boyfriend slash roommate, Jensen.”

“Oh,” she says shortly, thinly concealed disappointment coloring her tone. “Hi.”

“Hey,” Jensen replies, turning to Jared slightly to raise an amused eyebrow. He smirks and wraps his arm around Jared’s waist; thumb tucked in the waistband of his basketball shorts. Jared bites his lip to stifle a laugh. A jealous Jensen can be a dangerous Jensen. Or a really, really fun one. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah,” she says distractedly. “Well, I’ve gotta, um.” She hooks her thumb behind her. “It was nice to meet you, Jared,” she says, giving Jared one last lingering look. “And, uh, Jensen.”

She barely glances at Jensen before going in her room and shutting the door. Jensen turns to muffle his laughter against Jared’s shoulder, fingers wrapping around his wrist, casual but possessive. Jared rolls his eyes and leads them back down the hall, immensely grateful she caught Jensen in a good mood. Jensen can be a jealous little bitch sometimes, but he’s certainly not the only one. Jared is also guilty of having a possessive streak a mile wide.

“Someone has a crush on you,” Jensen singsongs once they’re back in the room. Jared shrugs and runs his fingers through his hair.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to kick her ass,” Jared says, shaking his head in mock displeasure as he takes the sodas out of his pockets and sets them on the dresser. “Defend my honor.”

Jensen sighs, put upon. “I get so tired of defending your honor.”

“Well, that’s what you get for having a fucking Adonis as your boyfriend,” Jared says, stepping into Jensen’s personal space and gesturing towards his face. “Look at this bone structure, Jensen. My beauty is a curse.”

“You wanna talk about bone structure?” Jensen replies, pushing Jared back a little and sliding his fingertips across his chin. “Look at my jaw, Jared. I am fucking gorgeous.”

“Agreed,” Jared says, eyes growing a little dark as he pushes Jensen back towards one of the twin sized beds. “We’re both stunningly beautiful and everyone should be jealous.”

“Exactly,” Jensen says, falling backwards on the bed. Jared crawls on top of him, straddling his lap.

“Your freckles,” Jared points out, his breath a warm kiss on the bridge of Jensen’s nose.

“Your eyes,” Jensen counters, fingertip stroking across Jared’s brow.

Your eyes,” Jared says, kissing Jensen softly. “Your lips.”

“Your hands,” Jensen breathes, gasping softly when Jared squeezes his hips. They kiss eagerly then, hands stroking across skin, tangling in hair. Jared slides his hands under Jensen to flip them over, his signature move. But when he goes to roll, he slips off the edge of the bed. Jensen grabs his arm and tries to keep him from falling, laughing wildly, but he’s not quick enough and Jared hits the floor with a thump.

“Yeah, these fucking beds are going to be a problem,” Jared growls, and Jensen laughs again as he pokes his head over the side of the bed. Jared surges up onto his knees, kissing Jensen soundly and wrapping his arms around him.

“Your laugh,” Jared whispers, and then promptly pulls him down onto the floor.

They’ll just have to make do.

“Fuck you, Jared,” Jensen says later as Jared kisses his way down Jensen’s bare stomach. “I let you fuck me. Now you have to let me unpack my stuff.”

“Don’t wanna,” Jared says, tongue dipping into Jensen’s navel. Jensen whines, tugging on Jared’s hair. “Shut up and let me blow you, bitch.”

“No means no, asshole,” Jensen says, rolling away from Jared’s questing tongue. He gets up and throws his clothes back on, despite Jared’s disbelieving look. “I have to pee,” he admits, and Jared lets his head fall to the floor with a thunk.

“Have fun,” Jared replies, and Jensen checks himself in the mirror. His hair is mussed and he’s still a little pink and sweaty, but it’s not like he needs to look good to go use the can.

He slips out of their room and heads down the hallway, hoping no one tries to engage him in conversation. He makes it to the restroom (and seriously, fuck communal bathrooms) and gets out quickly. He rounds a corner and smacks right into a broad chest.

“Whoa!” The guy shouts, reaching out to grab Jensen’s shoulders to steady him. Jensen blushes and shrugs out of his grip.

“Sorry, dude,” he says, looking up at him. The guy’s eyes widen slightly.

“You have nothing to apologize for, seriously,” he says, looking Jensen up and down. He’s so blatantly checking him out that Jensen clears his throat and crosses his arms over his chest. “You on this floor?”

“Uh, yeah,” Jensen replies, scratching the back of his head. “Just moved in today.”

“And the angels smiled down upon me,” he says, and places his hand on Jensen’s shoulder. “I should warn you right now. I see myself developing quite a crush on you,” he says, and Jensen raises an eyebrow. “Not to worry, though. You’re completely out of my league, so I will just admire you from afar. Like a precious jewel.”

“I’m not sure whether to thank you or be really creeped out, to be honest,” Jensen says, chuckling awkwardly. The guy grins, and Jensen realizes he’s not that out of his league. They’re about the same height and build, and the guy has messy light brown hair and awesome blue eyes. He’s actually really hot.

He doesn’t hold a candle to Jared, of course, but he’s not bad to look at.

“I think a decent mixture of both would be healthy,” he responds, and holds out his hand. “I’m James.”

“Jensen,” he replies, shaking his hand. There’s something about this guy that Jensen immediately likes. He’s hilarious, for one. That’s sort of a deal breaker for him. Flattery doesn’t hurt, either.

Jared comes out of their room then, clad in a pair of clingy black lounge pants and a white wifebeater, which in Jensen’s opinion is the hottest outfit he could ever wear. He really hit the gym hard this summer, and it’s evident by the sinewy muscles rippling under his tan skin.

“Jared!” Jensen calls, waving him over. Jared walks over and raises an eyebrow.

“Holy shit. Did you make a friend all by yourself?” Jared asks, clearly amused as he throws a casual, yet possessive arm over Jensen’s shoulders.

“I think so. This is James,” he says, gesturing towards him. “And this is my boyfriend, Jared.”

“Hey!” James says brightly, reaching out to shake Jared’s hand. “What’s up? Jensen and I were just talking about how I have no attraction towards him whatsoever!”

“James has a crush on me already,” Jensen says, sighing like this is a great burden before throwing James a wink.

“Is that so?” Jared asks, amused. James laughs nervously.

“That was before I knew you had a boyfriend that could snap me like a twig,” James says, grinning cheekily. “Now you’re just that dude down the hall. I can turn it off that quick.”

“Good to know,” Jared laughs. James looks at them for a moment before snapping his fingers and pointing.

“Wait a minute,” he says. “Jensen and Jared? As in Josh and Jeff’s kid brothers?”

“That would be us,” Jared says with a smirk. They’ll never outgrow the curse (and okay, sometimes blessing) of being known as Josh and Jeff’s kid brothers. Jensen isn’t surprised that James knows their brothers. He seems like the kind of guy that they would get along famously with. “Hey, come to our room. Maybe some company will get Jensen to stop cleaning for five goddamn seconds.”

“Sure,” James says, following Jared and Jensen into their room. “They told me you guys were starting this year, and that you were screwing each other silly. Didn’t mention you both were so damn adorable. Though, I guess as your immediate family they wouldn’t.”

“Probably not,” Jared smirks, and James leans against the wall. There is a knock on the slightly open door and a guy pushes it open, nearly smacking James in the face.

“Hey guys! You must be Jared and Jensen,” the guy says brightly. “I’m Misha Collins, your resident advisor. You’re the last to move in. Almost thought you wouldn’t make it.”

“Hey,” Jared replies cheerily. “I’m Jared and this is Jensen,” he adds, nudging Jensen with his elbow. Jensen socks him in the hip and gives Misha a little wave.

“So you two know each other already then?” Misha asks, obviously picking up on the camaraderie between them. Jared raises an eyebrow and smirks at Jensen, who lets out an amused snort. What a loaded question.

“Since birth, actually,” Jensen says, and Misha grins widely. He seems a little too cheerful, but Jensen can tell when it’s faked. He does it enough to know.

“Well good,” Misha says, rocking back on his heels and checking his watch. Underneath the pasted on grin he looks stressed out, fed up, and Jensen nearly laughs. “That’ll make things easier. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m in room 202 if you ever need anything, and I wanted to let you know that we’re going to have a floor meeting tomorrow at seven.”

He still hasn’t noticed James lurking behind him, and James puts a finger to his lips as he edges closer to Misha. Jensen raises an eyebrow but says nothing, half listening as Misha talks. James is literally right behind him, peering over his shoulder.

“It’ll be in the lounge,” Misha continues, and James leans forward slightly until his lips are nearly brushing Misha’s neck. Jensen bites his lip to keep from laughing. “Just a little gathering so everyone can introduce themselves and – Jesus fucking Christ, Roday!”

James busts up laughing and Jared and Jensen join in as Misha puts his hand over his heart and glares at James.

“You fucking dick. Almost gave me a fucking heart attack, asshole,” he grits out, huffing when James slings an arm over his shoulders.

“And now you’ve really met Misha,” James says delightedly, placing his palm over Misha’s heart. “Our delicate little flower. You can cut the camp counselor bullshit, dude. These are Josh and Jeff’s brothers.”

“Really?” Misha says, looking over at them. He sighs and sags in relief, edging out from under James’s arm. “Thank fuck. I’m so fucking tired of being so damn cheerful.”

“Oh, you and Jensen are going to get along splendidly,” Jared snorts, and Jensen stomps on his foot. “So, small world it seems.”

“Not really,” Misha says, rolling his neck back and forth. He looks like a completely different person already. He’s attractive, slight with tan skin and brown hair. It’s got blond streaks in it, but it looks natural like he spent too much time in the sun. His eyes are an intense shade of blue that Jensen sort of doesn’t want to look directly into. “It’s just that your brothers are the sort of people everyone at least knows of. And James is our fucking resident Van Wilder.”

“If by that you mean that I’m attractive, witty, and helpful,” James says haughtily, “then thank you. I’m flattered.”

“By that I mean that you’re never going to fucking leave,” Misha replies, rolling his eyes. James smirks and then bites his bottom lip, eyes flashing bright.

“You’ll miss me when I’m gone,” James says, punching Misha’s shoulder. “One hundred percent guaranteed.”

“At the rate you’re going, you’ll be the one missing me.”

“Well, I was planning on graduating this year, but maybe I’ll stick around if you’re gonna keep being so feisty,” James says teasingly, and Misha wrinkles his nose. “Anyway, we should let these kids unpack. Because if I know their brothers, and believe me, I do, then they’ll be over here later to have their own little welcoming party.”

“Fantastic,” Jensen says, rolling his eyes. James comes over and puts his hands on Jared and Jensen’s shoulders.

“I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship,” James tells them, leaning in close. Jared and Jensen both lean back a little, sharing a quick glance. “Look, I’m in room 209 if you need anything. Don’t bother going to this asshole. Yoga boy over there will just tell you to look deep within yourselves and light some incense or some shit or he’ll cuss at you ‘til you cry. Dude’s a walking fucking contradiction.”

“Fuck you,” Misha says with feeling, and then gives Jared and Jensen a bored sort of nod before he walks out of the room. Jensen cocks his head to the side. He certainly seems interesting.

“Seriously,” James says again. “Anything.” He winks at them and leaves the room, shutting the door with a soft click behind him.

“Well,” Jared says loudly, laughing a little. “That was interesting. Now what do we do?”

“We un-fucking-pack,” Jensen says, opening a box and pulling out his gorgeous, expensive, life saving coffee maker. He hugs it, just a little, before setting it in a place of honor on the desk.

“I’m jealous of a coffee maker,” Jared sighs. “Guess you’ll have to fuck me good and hard, prove it’s really me you love.”

“Unpack, Jared! Shit!”


A few hours later everything is mostly unpacked and the room is starting to look more put together. Jensen banished Jared from touching anything after he nearly dropped the microwave, so now he’s working on rebuilding his photo collage on the wall over the desk.

It’s something he started a few years ago, back when he really got into photography. The pictures are mostly of him and Jensen, with various pictures of their other friends mixed in. It makes Jared insanely happy to see pictures of them when they were little mixed in with pictures of them taken recently. It’s obvious how much they’ve always loved each other, even in photographs. It’s easy to see how that love progressed into what they have now, something all encompassing and wildly strong. Their future is plain to see, just by looking at photos of the past.

He’s adding a picture of Jensen at the beach when there is a sudden loud banging at their door. Jensen sighs and hangs up a shirt in Jared’s closet.

“Jared! Jensen! Jared! Jensen!” Josh’s voice filters through the wood, loud and booming. “Put on some clothes and open the door!”

Jared gets down off of the desk and gives Jensen a helpless shrug as he goes to answer the door.

“Must you be so goddamn loud?” Jared asks, coming face to face with the grinning faces of Josh and Jeff.

“We brought you a dorm warming present!” Jeff says gleefully, holding something out in front of him. It takes Jared a second to put together what exactly it is. It’s a condom tree. No, really. There’s a pot with green wires coming out of it, and where there should be leaves there are instead condoms. Jared rolls his eyes.

“It’s decorative!” Josh adds, nodding happily. James opens his door then, peering out to see what all the commotion is.

“Dudes!” James exclaims, coming out of his room and shutting the door. He shares a fist bump with each of them and nods at the tree. “Nice foliage.”

“Creative,” Jensen says, finally coming to stand at Jared’s side. More people are sticking their heads out of their rooms now, including Jessica and a pretty blonde girl that must be her roommate. “I don’t even want to know where you got that.”

“Probably not,” Josh replies, and they soon hear Misha’s voice filtering down the hall.

“Okay, guys. It’s about ten o’clock and I just wanted to remind you that you need to be quiet in the halls after that time.” He’s using his overly cheerful voice, and James snickers. “Oh, it’s you assholes,” he adds in a lower octave once he sees who it is.

“Misha!” Jeff greets him, reaching out to pull him closer. “I give it a week before you snap and kill some poor little freshman, you bipolar bastard.”

“I’ll take that bet. I took up yoga. It’s relaxing.” Misha replies easily. “Can you get in the room and quit being fucking obnoxious out in the hallway, please?”

“For you,” James coos, touching the tip of Misha’s nose before pushing past Jared and Jensen. They all file in and Jared sees the curious looks of quite a few people out in the hall, quite possibly wondering why a bunch of seniors and their RA are all cramming in the room of a few measly freshmen. Jared gives Jessica a nod before shutting the door.

“Lookin’ good, boys,” James says as he looks around the room. His eyes catch on Jared’s collage and he walks over to look at it.

“I knew it wouldn’t take long for you guys to meet James,” Jeff says, setting the condom tree on the desk. Jared thinks it would almost be worth the expressions on their faces to tell them that the only time they use condoms anymore are when they’re worried about the mess, but he remains quiet.

“It doesn’t take anyone long to meet James,” Misha grumbles, shooting James a look. “Can I trust you guys not to fucking burn down the dorm if I leave?”

“You have our word,” Josh says solemnly, one hand on his chest. Misha just rolls his eyes and leaves.

“He’s not a very shiny happy person, is he?” Jared asks, and the three older boys just laugh like they’re sharing a private joke.

“And not only have they met me,” James says, picking up on the earlier comment. “I have chosen them.”

“For what?” Jensen asks dubiously, raising an eyebrow. James grins, wide and happy. It’s sort of terrifying.

“As a senior,” James starts, holding his index finger high in the air. Josh slaps it down, making guns with his hands and pointing them at James.

“Super senior,” Josh corrects, grinning wickedly. James turns to look at him, blue eyes narrowing slightly.

“Thank you, Joshua,” James replies scathingly. “I appreciate that. Anyway, as I was saying. As a senior who shares a floor with them, I think it’s vital that I take young Jared and Jensen here under my wing, that I show them the way. They’re just baby birds after all, and they need to be fed.”

“Is that really necessary?” Jensen asks, looking pleadingly at his brother as he scoots closer to Jared.

“It is!” James responds fervently. “Plus, I fit seamlessly into your little alphabetically exclusive group. We’re all J’s here. Although, I think it’s safe to say that Jensen was the clear winner in this certain gene pool.”

“Well, that’s true,” Jensen allows, grinning when Jared hums in agreement.

“Yeah,” Jeff says thoughtfully. “Jensen is the fairest of them all.”

“He’s a pretty, pretty princess,” Jared adds, giving Jensen a little squeeze.

“Goddamn it, Jensen!” Josh bellows. “Will you please stop attracting every cock in town? I’m getting really sick of threatening all my friends!”

“Whoa, hey!” James shouts. “I admire Jensen’s beauty in a purely aesthetic way.”

“It better stay that way,” Jared says, giving James a mock threatening glare. Josh and Jeff roll their eyes.

“Whatever,” Josh adds. “We’re getting out of here. But if you need anything ask James. Seriously. He knows pretty much all there is to know. Going here for thirty-two years will do that to a person.”

“Oh, exaggerating for comedic purposes,” James replies sarcastically. “I wish I had thought of that. It’s so clever. Dick.”

The three boys file out of the door without really saying goodbye and Jared and Jensen turn towards each other. They’re quiet for a second before they start laughing, shrugging helplessly.

Yeah, it’s going to be an interesting year.

Onto Part 2.
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