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fic: tell them we're like magnets (Part 2)

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Their first official week of college classes goes by smoothly. They’re each taking five, and they share two. Jensen has Drama with Sandy, History with Jared, and Intro to Psych with Jared and Chad.

Most of his professors are fine, but he sort of wants to beat his Biology professor to death with a brick. In the face. He’s so annoying. But then again, Jensen finds most people annoying, so perhaps he isn’t the best judge of character.

Smoothly as things may have gone, it was still a very stressful and hectic week after a long and lazy summer. It’s Friday night and as of right now, they don’t have any plans.

Jensen is lazing on his bed, flicking through the channels as he waits for Jared to come home. His last class ended at five, if Jensen remembers correctly, so he should be back any minute.

It’s nearly half past when Jared trudges inside the room, flinging his backpack in the general direction of his bed. His shoulders are all bunched up and he’s got his puppy eyes already in place, like he was practicing on the way home. Jensen raises an eyebrow.

“Hi,” Jared says miserably, rolling his shoulders and stretching. Jensen smirks. This is Jared’s less than subtle way of demanding a massage.

Ever since Jensen divulged his desire to become a physical therapist back when they were fifteen, Jared has been soliciting him for massages. It was the worst form of torture after he realized his feelings for Jared. He hated giving them, being able to put his hands on all that skin and not be able to really touch him.

He started refusing when Jared asked, just trying to spare his sanity. Watching Jared pout and twist leads Jensen to believe that Jared never put two and two together, never realized the massages stopped right around the time Jensen fell in love with him.

“Back hurt?” Jensen asks, and Jared looks over and gives him a pathetic nod. “I told you not to carry so much shit around.”

“I know,” Jared replies, kicking ineffectually at his backpack. Jensen laughs and turns off the television, dropping the remote on the floor as he rolls off of the bed. He walks over to Jared, rubs his hands over his broad back, and kneads lightly at his shoulders.

“You’re really tense,” Jensen says lowly, pressing his fist in against the base of Jared’s spine and making him hiss. “Put down a towel and lay on my bed,” Jensen instructs, and Jared nods gratefully.

Jensen opens their door and grabs the marker from their whiteboard. He writes Leave us the hell alone. Yes, even you, Josh and Jeff. (Especially James.) and shuts the door, locking it behind him.

Jared is on Jensen’s bed, lying on his stomach with his arms crossed under his head. He’s stripped down to his underwear, a pair of black boxer briefs, and heat simmers low in Jensen’s belly.

Jensen pulls off his own tee shirt, leaving him only in a pair of black lounge pants. He flicks off the light and draws the curtains, leaving the room dim. After putting something soft on the stereo, he pulls a box out from under his bed. It contains their oils and lubes, pretty much anything sex related.

He straddles Jared’s hips and sits on his ass, setting the box down next to him and flipping the lid off. He rummages through the different massage oils, eyes landing on the glass dildo they bought in Big Sur. Jared used it on Jensen once over the summer, and Jensen’s lips curve up at the memory.

He chooses an oil and dribbles some on Jared’s back and then in his hands, warming it between his palms before he reaches down to spread it across Jared’s skin. Jared sighs contentedly when Jensen starts kneading at the firm muscles where his shoulders meet his neck, thumbs rubbing hard circles into his spine.

Jared relaxes against the bed as Jensen works, nearly silent. Jensen lets his hands slide down the slippery expanse of Jared’s back, fingers digging into hard muscle. Jared lets out a tiny moan, hissing slightly as Jensen works out a knot of muscle near the base of his spine.

Half an hour later, Jared is absolute putty in his hands. His back, neck, shoulders, and arms are slick with oil and he’s breathing deep and even. Jensen is leaking in his pants, and Jared must be aware of how hard he is, cock rocking against his ass every time Jensen slides his hands up to knead at his shoulders.

Jared has his head turned to the side; cat eyes closed and lips bitten red. Jensen knows he’s hard, can tell by the way he keeps shifting his hips against the bed. He’s so loose and relaxed, so pliant under Jensen’s talented hands.

Jensen lifts himself up on his knees and scoots back a little, sliding his hands down Jared’s flanks to hook his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear. Jared wordlessly lifts his hips, slow and lazy, to let Jensen pull them down and off.

There’s a wet spot at the front of Jensen’s thin pants that only grows when he starts to knead the firm globes of Jared’s ass. He slides his thumbs along the creases of Jared’s thighs, fingertips trailing between his cheeks.

Jared’s breath hitches when Jensen leans down to press a soft kiss to the base of his spine, tasting oil and sweat. Jared spreads his legs a little, but otherwise doesn’t move. Jensen trails his tongue down between Jared’s cheeks to his hole, spreading them with his thumbs as he laps at the tightly furled muscle. It’s been a little while since Jared’s done this, and he’s so fucking tight every damn time.

Jared sighs deeply, boneless and pliant, letting Jensen do whatever he wants. Jensen tongues at his hole for a little while, lapping and sucking until he can slide it inside, curl it upwards and make Jared gasp.

Jensen sits up and grabs the massage oil, drizzling some on his fingers. He reaches down to rub it into Jared’s hole, getting it nice and slick before pressing one finger in to the knuckle. Jared lets out a tiny noise, hips tilting up a little. Jensen fingers him lazily, sliding two fingers in and rubbing them against Jared’s prostate insistently. Jared moans brokenly, fingers digging into the sheets.

Jensen eyes the glass dildo in the box, biting his lip as he reaches over and grabs it with his free hand. He pulls his fingers free and coats the toy with oil, stroking it until it’s warm and slick. He leans forward to press the tip of it between Jared’s shoulder blades, smooth glass sliding along slick skin. Jared slowly blinks his eyes open but doesn’t say anything, doesn’t even turn his head to verify what the object is.

The trust Jared has in him turns him on more than anything, cock leaking as he trails the dildo in a serpentine pattern down Jared’s back. He settles between Jared’s legs, spreading them a little and grabbing a stray pillow.

“Lift up,” Jensen says softly, afraid anything above a whisper will shatter the mood. Jared raises his hips and Jensen folds the pillow in half and slides it underneath him. Jared hisses as it brushes his hard cock, but he settles down onto it without complaint.

“Relax,” Jensen commands gently, sliding the toy down between Jared’s cheeks, pressing it teasingly against his hole. Jared whimpers a little, eyes slipping shut again. Jensen uses his free hand to spread his cheeks, twisting the smooth head of the toy a little before pushing it in. Jensen’s eyes light up as he watches Jared take the toy easily. It slides in without any hesitation; pink muscle parting around the translucent glass.

Jared moans, soft and broken, ass tilting up. Jensen pushes it all the way in to the base – holds it there with his thumb and wiggles it a little. Jared is breathing heavier now, panting against the sheets as he twists his fingers in them.

Jensen lets go of the toy, watches with rapt fascination as it slides back out of Jared’s ass. He grips the end of it and starts fucking Jared with long, slow strokes. The sight is almost too much to handle, his cock curving up insistently and leaking steadily. He leans down to tongue at the shiny pink rim of Jared’s ass, moaning at the texture of it, stretched so wide and open.

He pulls the toy all of the way out, circles Jared’s hole a few times and pushes it back in suddenly, angles it so the tip presses firmly against Jared’s prostate. He moans loudly, thighs trembling slightly.

Jensen holds the toy in with one hand, keeping insistent pressure against that spot in Jared as he pushes his pants down with his other hand. He kicks them off and lubes his bare cock, hissing as he wraps his hand around it. He squeezes the base for a moment, trying to get control over himself. It’s not that often he gets to do this, and he wants to make it last.

It’s not that Jared doesn’t enjoy bottoming; he does as far as Jensen knows. But Jensen loves it, needs that cock in him more than anything and it’s not too often he finds himself wanting it the other way around.

But right now? He wants to fuck Jared’s pretty ass until he screams.

Jared is panting, moaning as he shifts his hips, trying to get away from the intense, unrelenting pressure of the toy against his prostate. Jensen fucks it in and out of him a few more times as he positions himself. He presses the toy in as far as it will go, holding it there as he grips his own cock and circles it around the base of the toy, paints the stretched rim of Jared’s ass with his pre-come. Jared moans, desperate and low, hips pressing back. Jensen lets his index finger slide up the toy, fingers the rim of his ass before slipping it in alongside it.

Jared has never been so fucking loose, and Jensen knows he could stretch him wider, slide his cock in right alongside the toy and Jared would let him. He would fucking beg for it.

“Please,” Jared pants, burying his face in the pillow. Jensen’s eyes snap up at that, eyeing the graceful arch of his spine. He looks back down, slides the toy and his finger out of Jared’s ass, not giving him a second’s rest before pushing his cock inside. He bottoms out, hips snug against Jared’s ass. Jared lets out a long, low moan, turning his head to the side as he presses back against Jensen.

“Feels so good,” Jared pants, dark eyes blinking open. Jensen drapes himself over Jared, chest sliding smoothly across his slick back. He presses a kiss to the back of Jared’s neck as he starts to fuck in and out, his thrusts slow and deep.

Jared groans, stretching his arms out in front of him to grip the headboard. Jensen pins Jared’s hips to the bed, forces Jared to let him do all the work. Once he’s sure Jared won’t try to move, he slides his hands up Jared’s muscular arms, closing his hands over Jared’s as he grips the headboard.

“Fuck, Jared. Fuck,” Jensen pants, pressing his forehead against the back of Jared’s neck, biting softly at the skin there.

“Close,” Jared pants, starting to rut against the bed. Jensen doesn’t move his hands to help him, hoping the bed will provide enough friction to get him off. Or that he’ll come on Jensen’s cock alone.

“Let me feel it,” Jensen breathes into Jared’s ear, surging forward to press sloppy kisses to Jared’s jaw. He angles his hips, pounding harder into Jared, aiming for his prostate on every stroke. Jared cries out, throwing his head back as he tenses. Jensen can feel Jared’s ass clench down onto his dick hard with every wave of his orgasm.

Jensen shouts out, bites down hard on Jared’s shoulder as his own orgasm hits him. He comes deep inside of Jared, hips jerking as he does so. He collapses fully on top of Jared, panting harshly against the side of his neck.

Jared’s chest is heaving below him, legs trembling as he comes down. Jensen pulls his hands away from the headboard and grips Jared’s hip, one hand on his dick as he pulls out. Jared whimpers a little, and Jensen’s eyes are fixed on his hole, still clenching slightly. Come leaks out of him, running down to coat his balls. Jensen scoops some of it up on his finger and sucks it clean with an appreciative moan.

He gets a glint in his eye and slides two fingers into Jared’s fucked out hole, gets them nice and messy before he sprawls out on top of Jared again. He reaches up, painting Jared’s lips with the mixture before sliding his fingers into his willing mouth.

Jared turns his head, sucking hard on Jensen’s fingers, biting at the tips. Jensen pulls his fingers out and surges up, kissing him and tasting spit, come, and massage oil as their tongues tangle lazily.

Eventually, Jensen takes pity on Jared’s neck and slides off of him, rolling onto his side of the narrow bed. Jared stays on his stomach, but he removes the pillow and tosses it on the floor. Jensen smirks, sliding his fingers back and forth across Jared’s slick skin.

“Are you nice and relaxed?” Jensen asks; voice fucked out and raw. Jared lets out a snort, turning his head to the side to peer at Jensen with heavy lidded eyes.

“That’s one way of putting it,” he mumbles roughly, eyes slipping shut. “’M never movin’ again. Thanks, baby.”

Jensen chuckles and gets up on his knees, rolling Jared to the side and pulling the towel out from under him. He wipes as much of the oil as he can from their bodies and cleans gently between Jared’s legs.

“You have to wash my sheets,” Jensen says once he lies back down next to Jared. He wraps one arm around Jared’s shoulders, pulls him close and smiles as Jared tucks his head under Jensen’s jaw.

“Do it when I wake up,” Jared replies sleepily. “In like a week. Shh.”

Jensen smiles fondly, pressing a soft kiss to Jared’s temple as he drifts to sleep. It’s not long before the gently rhythm of Jared’s breathing lulls him to sleep as well. It may be their first Friday night as college students, but there’s nothing he’d rather be doing than taking a nap in his boyfriend’s arms.

It doesn’t take Jensen long to figure out that college is a lot like high school without the parental supervision. It’s not the same, not at all. But there are definite similarities. Jensen spends his time going to class, doing homework, getting drunk with his friends, and being with Jared.

It takes a few weeks for him to settle into a routine, and once he feels he’s got his classes down he takes a job at the used bookstore on campus. It’s only fifteen to twenty hours a week, because he doesn’t want to overwhelm himself right off the bat. But he wouldn’t mind a little extra spending money.

Of course, this means he gets less boyfriend time. They were pretty good at synchronizing their schedules so they’re in class around the same times, but there are days when it’s late in the evening by the time he can stop and take a breath, just relax and say hi.

Thursdays are good, because somehow the stars aligned and everyone’s schedules synched up in such a way that they’re able to have lunch together. That’s when it feels the most like high school, when Jensen doesn’t have to think about his realization that every action he takes from here on out is all on him. There is no one to fix his problems now, and he can’t afford to fuck up.

It’s a lot to take in.

He’s exhausted as he leaves his Drama class with Sandy. He was up late with Jared, and then worked an early morning shift at the bookstore before class. His schedule there is erratic at best, but it works. The manager is sympathetic and flexible, and sticks him in wherever there are holes in his daily schedule so he doesn’t have to work at night. For that, he’s eternally grateful.

The sun is bright, hanging high in the sky as September draws to a close. It’s warm and balmy, classic LA weather. The familiar scent of smog lingers in the air and Jensen takes a deep breath of what he grew up thinking was fresh air.

Sandy jumps on Jensen’s back then, distracting him from his thoughts. She giggles in his ear and loops her arms around his neck, and he laughs as he hooks his hands under her knees to hold her up.

This is also something that baffles him, his friendship with Sandy. They had all started hanging out a lot over the summer, thanks in part to Chad dating Sophia, who happens to be Sandy’s best friend. Jensen had thought it would be terribly awkward back when it all started, but it was like Jared had never had any feelings for her at all. Not that Jensen thought he would continue to lust over Sandy once they were together, but he’s man enough to admit he was worried about what would come of the situation.

As it turns out, he had no need to worry at all. Jared only has eyes for him, and he now regards Sandy as only a friend. What’s really surprising is how much he and Sandy bonded once the jealousy that once clouded his vision of her was gone. This tiny, bubbly, fun girl somehow wormed her way into his life, and she seems to have no intentions of leaving.

“Are you gonna do the fall play, Jenny?” Sandy asks as Jensen gives her a piggyback ride to their usual spot. It’s not like it’s much of a chore. She weighs next to nothing. “You should try out with me. I’m totally gonna land the female lead.”

“You just want me to be the male lead so you can make out with me,” Jensen jokes, hoisting Sandy up higher on his back. “Don’t front.”

“Well, duh,” Sandy replies without skipping a beat. “So are you gonna or not?”

“I don’t know,” Jensen says thoughtfully. He reaches the picnic table and she hops off of his back. They both sit at the table and wait, squinting against the bright sun. “I don’t know if I want to add doing a play on top of everything else my first semester, you know?”

“I get it,” Sandy replies. “It’s easier for me. I mean, that’s my major. But think about it. There’s no one else I’d rather make out with than my favorite gay boy.”

“That makes me weep for your future,” Jensen says, deadpan. He lifts his head when Chad and Sophia approach, dropping down at the table. Chad lets his books drop down to the cement with a clatter and drapes his arm over Sophia’s shoulders.

“Fuck math. Fuck it hard in the ass,” Chad says in lieu of a greeting, and then cuts Jensen a look. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Jensen just laughs, but the smile slips from his face when he spots Jared. Jessica and Katie are flanking him as he makes his way towards the table. Katie is Jessica’s roommate, and Jensen doesn’t have a problem with her. He actually sort of likes her. She’s got a razor sharp wit and a wicked sense of humor. But Jessica still hasn’t gotten over her little crush on Jared, and while it was amusing at first it’s gotten more than a little irritating.

“Great,” Jensen snorts, rolling his eyes. Sandy furrows her brow and sits up straighter to follow Jensen’s gaze. Once she sees Jessica, her normally warm eyes cool considerably. Sophia turns around, lips pulling back into a grimace.

If nothing else, Jensen’s girls are fiercely protective of their gays.

“She’s not coming over here, is she?” Sophia asks in that whiskey rough voice of hers.

“Jared’s too polite not to invite her,” Jensen sighs, and Sandy drops her head onto Jensen’s shoulder sympathetically.

“I’m not,” Sophia grits out, and Jensen rolls his eyes. If he lets this go on any longer he’ll have to break out the hose. Besides, he can tell how uncomfortable Jared is. To anyone else he’d look perfectly relaxed, but Jensen knows him well enough to see the subtle straightness of his back, the tense set of his jaw.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jensen says, patting Sandy’s back a few times until she sits up. “She has to live across the hall from us. I don’t want it to get any more awkward.”

“Sorry baby,” Sophia says suddenly, leaning over to give Chad a quick kiss on the cheek before springing up from the table. Chad merely blinks as Sophia bounds over to Jared and drags him over by the arm, giving Katie and Jessica a very convincing smile over her shoulder. She seats Jared next to Jensen and sits on the end of the bench herself, leaving no extra room.

Sandy stays in her spot and smiles at the girls as well. Jensen rolls his eyes and tries to hide his smile. Katie and Jessica sit down next to a very put out looking Chad.

“Hey,” Jensen says intimately, leaning it to share a long, lingering kiss with Jared. He can feel eyes on them. “How was class?”

“Fine,” Jared replies, slinging his arm around Jensen’s shoulders and reaching over to tug on Sandy’s hair. She squeaks and smacks his arm.

“Any luck finding a job?” Jensen asks, leaning heavily against Jared. Yes, he may be playing it up just a little. But fuck it. Jared is his boyfriend and he can stake all the claim he damn well pleases.

“No,” Jared scowls, tucking his arm around Jensen’s waist. “There is apparently nothing open on campus.”

Jensen smirks. Ever since Jensen got his job Jared has been looking for one as well, joking around and saying there’s no way he can let Jensen be the man in their relationship. But Jensen sees it for what it is. They’re equals. Jared won’t let Jensen pay for dinner without getting the next one. But that’s how it’s always been.

They all chat for a while; Jensen and Jared with their arms around each other and Chad and Sophia kicking each other playfully under the table. Jessica is quiet, but she mostly always is around Jensen. It makes him uncomfortable, makes him think she’s planning something.

A shadow falls over the table, and Jensen looks up just in time to see James climbing up onto it, flipping over to lie on his back and spread out, feet and hands dangling off of the edges.

“Hello children,” he says with a friendly grin. Jensen rolls his eyes and Jared brings his hand down in a hard slap on the strip of skin where James’s shirt has ridden up. To his credit, James barely flinches.

“How do you always find us?” Chad asks, eyeing James dubiously. James just grins again, wide and happy. It’s pretty much his default setting.

“Freshmen are frightened and predictable creatures,” he says seriously, and then tips his head back to look at the dorm. “Plus you’re like fifty feet from the dorm, which is where I live, dipshit. I sort of have to walk by.”

“Hello, ladies,” James adds, rolling onto his side to face Sandy and Sophia, propping his body up on his elbow. “How are the two prettiest girls on campus?”

“Can’t complain,” Sophia replies sweetly, and Sandy flips her hair and giggles. Chad glares at the back of James’s head. James waves a hand behind him, not bothering to turn around.

“Don’t think I forgot about you, lovelies,” James says, rolling up to sit cross-legged at the end of the table. “Look at you lucky, lucky boys. Surrounded by beautiful girls all the time.”

“They are quite lucky, aren’t they?” Sophia says, and then leans over to kiss away Chad’s pout.

“You girls are the only reason I allow myself to be seen with these losers,” James adds, leaning over to tuck Sandy’s hair behind her ear.

“James, I’m hurt,” Jensen says, slapping his hand over his heart. “What happened to your epic crush on me?”

“Over it, dude,” James says simply. “Like I could come between that unbreakable bond.” He waves a hand towards him and Jared. “Like anyone could.”

Jensen doesn’t think he imagines the way his eyes go hard and serious, for once, and land on Jessica. He definitely doesn’t miss the way her lips curve up into a smirk, eyes flashing like she was just given a challenge.

“But we could work something out, I think,” James continues, looping an arm around both Chad and Sophia’s shoulders and wiggling his eyebrows.

“You are absolutely fucking shameless,” Chad says, but he’s laughing. “Let go of my girl.”

James just laughs and flops back down on the table, looking perfectly comfortable all stretched out in the middle of their group.

“Did you want something in particular?” Jensen asks, reaching up to tangle his fingers with Jared’s after he loops an arm around Jensen’s shoulders.

“Besides ogling your friends?” James asks. He then snaps his fingers and sits up, facing Jared. “Were you still looking for a job?”

“Yeah,” Jared says curiously, “but I’m not sure I want to do anything you would think is a good way to make money.”

“While you could make a killing in that sort of profession, I’m not willing to have my balls ripped off by your jealous boyfriend,” James says, shooting Jensen a wink. “I know this guy, Ed. Runs a coffee shop a few blocks off campus. He owed me a favor.”

“Seriously?” Jared asks, eyes lighting up.

“You start Monday,” James replies. “You can go in there this weekend and work out your schedule with him. He’s real cool, won’t fuck you over with your classes. And while your boy is busy pouting about all the naughty boom boom time he’s missing out on, you can console him with free coffee.”

“Free coffee?” Jensen says, perking up. “He’ll take it.”

“Shit yeah I will,” Jared replies, leaning in closer to James. “I could kiss you.”

“Dude. Free coffee. We’ll both kiss him,” Jensen laughs, and they surge forward to kiss James on the cheek. James turns his head and manages to lick across both of their lips, making them splutter and laugh.

“Gaaaay,” Chad groans, and Sophia reaches over to flick his nose.

“Oh, I’ll show you gay,” James threatens, lunging for Chad who lets out a sharp cry and jumps up to flee from the table.

Jensen just chuckles and leans over to catch Jared’s lips in a soft kiss, not giving a flying fuck about anybody that may be watching them.

Hell, let them take notes.

Ed is well, interesting, to say the least. Jared is not at all surprised that he and James are friends, to put it that way.

When Jared shows up on Saturday afternoon, the place is sort of packed. There are people squashed onto lumpy couches and overstuffed armchairs, all reading books or typing furiously on their laptops. Jared runs his fingers through his hair and steps up to the counter. The guy that greets him has flaming red hair that seems to stick out in every direction and his eyes are hidden behind thick black frames. He has a hoop through his bottom lip and his fingernails are painted black.

“What can I get ya?” He asks cheerfully, and Jared clears his throat.

“Uh, I’m Jared. James’s friend,” he says politely. “I’m supposed to talk to Ed?”

“Oh shit, that’s right!” The guy says, throwing a towel over his shoulder and coming around the counter. He’s wearing a kilt and combat boots. “I’m Ed.”

Somehow, Jared isn’t surprised.

“Hey,” Jared says, shaking the guy’s hand. Ed motions behind the counter and Jared follows after a beat. He’s led into a cramped and tiny office, and Ed picks up a clipboard and tosses it to him.

“Here’s some shit to fill out,” Ed says, turning to face him. “There’s also a schedule there. I’m pretty set on staff but I could always use the extra help, so you can work pretty much whenever. James said you were a freshman, and shit man, I know how rough that is. So put yourself on the schedule whenever.”

Jared just nods uncertainly.

“So no more than like fifteen hours a week for starters, yeah? School comes first, and you definitely gotta leave time for fun,” Ed tells him, dropping into a chair and spinning around. “You got a girlfriend, Jared?”

“Boyfriend,” Jared says absently, leaning against the wall to look over the schedule. Ed doesn’t show a hint of surprise, just keeps twirling.

“All the same, gotta leave time for him, too.”

“Well, he’s strangely addicted to coffee so I’m sure he’ll be in here all the time,” Jared replies, and then tenses. It’s probably not the best idea to tell your new employer that your boyfriend is going to be loitering in his place of business all the time mainlining free coffee, but Ed just laughs.

“There are worse addictions,” he says, and then jumps up when the bell above the door jingles. “Well, you fill that stuff out and then come find me. You up for learnin’ some shit?”

“Uh, sure,” Jared agrees, and drops down into the seat Ed vacated. Ed grins at him, wide and toothy, and heads towards the front. Jared stares after him for a moment, and then shakes his head and grins.

He doesn’t spend too much time on his schedule. He just matches it to Jensen’s the best he can, scheduling himself for five three hour shifts, two of them falling on Mondays before and after his only class at 12:30.

After filling out all his paperwork, he goes out to find Ed. He okays Jared’s schedule and tosses him an apron, smirking a little.

“Now, pay attention. This shit’s important.”

A few very hectic and confusing hours pass, wherein Ed teaches him how to make every sort of coffee and tea related drink on the planet. He thinks it goes pretty well, aside from the unfortunate moments where he accidentally snorts some freshly ground coffee when he leans in to smell it and then dumps a shot of espresso on his favorite jeans.

“You’ll learn as you go,” are Ed’s parting words as he shoves him out the door. “See ya on Monday, kid!”

When Jared finally gets back into the room Jensen is lying on his stomach doing some homework. He perks up when Jared walks in, rolling over onto his back.

“That took longer than expected,” Jensen says, watching as Jared kicks off his shoes and tosses his keys on the desk.

“James neglected to tell me I would be trained today,” Jared replies, running sticky fingers through his hair. He walks over to give Jensen a soft kiss, leaning over and pressing their lips together.

“You smell like coffee,” Jensen says, inhaling deeply and skimming his lips down the side of Jared’s neck.

“I know,” Jared replies, wrinkling his nose. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“No,” Jensen says, sitting up and grabbing the hem of Jared’s shirt. “Don’t.”

Jared crinkles his brow in confusion, eyes widening when Jensen suddenly gets up and spins them around, pushing Jared down so he’s sitting on the side of the bed. Jensen grins and drops to his knees gracefully, hands going to Jared’s fly.

“You’re turned on because I smell like coffee,” Jared says, laughing incredulously and lifting his hips as Jensen pulls off his pants and underwear. “You’re such a freak.”

“You want your dick sucked or not?” Jensen asks, eyes flashing as he runs his pink tongue over his plump lips. “Shirt off and shut up.”

Jared hurries to obey, pulling his shirt over his head as Jensen does the same. Jared is soon naked, legs pushed wide open by Jensen’s insistent hands. He rests his elbows on the bed behind him as he leans back, tipping his head forward to watch Jensen. He wasn’t even thinking about sex a few minutes ago, but all it takes is Jensen licking his lips and a few quick strokes to get him hard, cock twitching towards Jensen’s mouth.

Jensen flicks his gaze up towards Jared, looking into his eyes as he leans in to lap at the head of his dick. Jared gasps, hips twitching. Jensen moans at the taste, curling his tongue around and flicking the tip of it back and forth across the slit. He presses the tip of his tongue insistently up underneath the base, teasing at the bundle of nerves there.

“Fuck,” Jared pants out. Jensen gives him an obscene, shiny-lipped grin before he sucks Jared’s cock into his mouth, mossy green eyes locked on Jared. Jensen moans, low and throaty around Jared’s cock as it nudges the back of his throat. He gets a wicked glint in his eye and fucking winks before swallowing Jared down, nose brushing Jared’s pelvis. He shouts out, hips bucking up into that tight, wet heat.

Jensen makes a tiny gagging sound but that only seems to spur him on. His eyes slide closed, lashes fluttering against his cheeks as he wraps his hand around the base of Jared’s dick and starts bobbing up and down, concentrating completely on pleasuring Jared.

One of the hottest things about Jensen is how much he genuinely loves sucking cock.

When they first got together, Jensen would blow him all the time, for what seemed like hours. He would swallow all Jared’s come and kiss him, stroke him until he got hard and Jensen could start all over.

He gets off on it. That much is obvious by the tent in his pants. Jensen is such a slutty little bottom, getting off so hard on Jared’s cock inside of him, whether it be his mouth or his ass. Jared gets an idea, reaches down to put his hand on Jensen’s throat and push him back. Jensen actually whines, straining forward to try and get Jared’s leaking cock back in his mouth. Jared would laugh if he wasn’t so fucking turned on.

“I’m feeling left out,” Jared says, rubbing Jensen’s slick, puffy lips with his thumb. He gestures over his shoulder and crawls back onto the bed, lying down on his back. Jensen crawls up onto the bed, kicking his pants off on the way and leaning in to kiss Jared before flipping around, placing his knees on either side of Jared’s head.

He doesn’t even wait for Jared to begin before he sucks his cock back into his mouth, moaning as he laps up the sticky fluid that has leaked from the slit. Jared groans, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment before he reaches up to spread Jensen’s cheeks and expose that smooth, pink hole.

Jared licks his lips, fingers trailing over smooth, hairless skin. He reaches forward and cups Jensen’s balls in his hand, thumb dragging across the silky skin before he rolls them in his palm.

He can’t help but remember the first time Jensen waxed and shaved, leaving himself smooth as a goddamn porn star. It was a few weeks after they’d started dating and they were making out on the couch, and Jared slid his hand into Jensen’s pants and felt nothing but silk. Jensen had been almost bashful about it, biting his bottom lip as he arched up into Jared’s hand. Jared was instantly enthralled. He’d pulled Jensen’s pants down eagerly, got his mouth and hands all over that bare skin until Jensen was shaking, covering his belly with the release of more than one orgasm.

Jensen has kept himself hairless ever since.

Jared rewards him now by sucking on his balls, pulling one into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Jensen lets out a choked moan and Jared grins, spit slick skin falling from his mouth.

Jensen’s cock is dragging across his neck, leaving slick little trails. He ignores it in favor of pulling his hips down and flattening his tongue over Jensen’s smooth hole. Jensen moans desperately, choking a little as he sucks Jared down eagerly.

Jared focuses on rimming Jensen, trying to stave off the orgasm Jensen’s fucking incredible mouth is coaxing from him. He gets Jensen nice and slick and then pushes two fingers into him. He’s still a little loose from this morning, and he moves them in and out easily. Jensen makes encouraging little noises, slurping messily at Jared’s cock.

Jared shoves another digit in as soon as he can, fingering Jensen hard and fast as he thrusts his hips up into his mouth. Jensen’s thighs are trembling uncontrollably, shaking with the effort of holding himself up. But he does it, because he loves getting fucked like this.

Jared leans in to lick around his fingers and lower, sucking Jensen’s balls into his mouth one by one. They’re drawn up nice and tight, so Jared knows he’s close. Jared is moments away from his orgasm, toes clenching as he tries to hold off.

“Want my come, baby?” Jared asks, and Jensen lets out a deep whine, nodding without letting Jared’s cock slip from his mouth. He pushes back against Jared’s fingers and Jared presses them hard against his prostate at the same moment he comes, flooding Jensen’s mouth with it.

Jensen sucks eagerly at the head of his dick as he rides out his orgasm, the sensation almost painful. He rubs his fingers insistently against Jensen’s prostate the whole time, unrelenting pressure. Jensen lets out a loud shout, Jared’s dick slipping from his mouth as he tenses and shoots all over Jared’s chest.

Jared slips his fingers out of Jensen’s ass and wipes them surreptitiously on the sheets. Jensen collapses and nearly slips off the narrow bed, and Jared has to grab his hips to keep him from falling. He laughs as Jensen tries to turn around, lax and boneless.

He finally manages, kissing Jared hard and letting him taste himself on Jensen’s tongue. Jensen pulls away and lies on top of Jared, head tucked under his chin.

“So coffee, huh?” Jared grins, and Jensen gives his neck a warning nip.

“Shut up,” Jensen says, reaching down to grab Jared’s sensitive dick. Jared hisses and lets out a low chuckle.

“Pretty weird kink, dude,” he grits out, cock already hardening again. Jensen reaches up to gather some of his come from Jared’s chest and then takes Jared’s cock again, slicking it with his own release. Jared’s eyes widen as Jensen moves to straddle his hips.

“I said, shut up,” he repeats, sinking down onto Jared’s rapidly filling cock. He bites his lip and closes his eyes, hips rolling in little circles as he settles fully on Jared’s lap.

And then Jared absolutely does shut up, not mentioning coffee even once as Jensen rides him to a second orgasm.

Time passes quickly, days turning into weeks. October hits them before they know it. Jared is settled at work, and he enjoys it, as eccentric as his new boss may be. Sex has never been better, since apparently Jensen gets off on his boyfriend smelling like ground coffee all the time. Hey, you can’t fault a guy for his quirks.

But still, juggling everything can be stressful and Jensen has this annoying habit of getting all his homework done insanely fast. It seriously bugs the shit out of Jared, especially at moments like now when he is trying to finish up his latest assignment and Jensen is sitting cross-legged on his bed, happy as a clam as he watches a re-run of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel.

“Fuckin’ gross,” Jensen mumbles as Bear eats something disgusting on the television. Jared sighs and drops his pencil as he glances over at the clock. It’s after midnight and he has a class in eight hours and work after that. Jensen is free until noon, the asshole.

Fifteen minutes later he deems his work good enough (read: he gives up) and spins around in his chair. Jensen is slumped against the wall in only a wifebeater and boxer briefs, pushed up high on his pale thighs. The hem of his shirt rides up a little, revealing a hint of smooth belly and a glimpse of his tattoo.

The bone deep exhaustion he felt only moments before suddenly dissipates and he watches, fascinated, as Jensen stretches. Lean muscles play under freckled skin and Jared is instantly wide-awake. He gets up and stalks over to the bed, eyes darkening with lust. Jensen is oblivious, chewing on a fingernail as he looks up at Jared.

“Finished?” Jensen asks, and Jared smirks as he gets onto the bed and straddles Jensen’s hips. He pins his shoulders to the wall, nails digging into tan, freckled flesh.

“Just getting started,” Jared replies as he leans in to kiss Jensen’s neck.

“Cheese,” Jensen snorts, but tilts his head to the side regardless, biting his lip as Jared sucks and nips at his neck. Jared chuckles softly and pulls Jensen’s earlobe into his mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jared growls, sliding his hands up under Jensen’s shirt. His skin is soft, sleepy warm under his palms. “Always wanna be touching you.”

Jensen just hums softly in response, hips tilting up when Jared grips them, thumbs sliding under the waistband of his underwear. Their eyes lock then, hot and heated, and Jared surges forward. Their mouths clash, teeth clacking as they kiss. It’s hot and intense, Jared’s hand sliding down the back of Jensen’s underwear to cup his ass.

Jared reaches up to grip the back of Jensen’s neck, falling back to lie on the bed. Jensen comes willingly, thighs bracketing Jared’s hips. Jared thrusts his hips up, tongue darting into Jensen’s mouth. He’s aching for it, desperate to have more contact. Without thinking he rolls them over, wanting to be on top of Jensen, to grind down against him.

Jared remembers, a moment too late, that they aren’t at home anymore, that their beds are no longer wide and comfortable. Jensen lets out a squeak as they slip off of the bed and Jared quickly rolls to the side to avoid landing on him.

Jared hits the floor, face connecting with the hardwood painfully. Jensen groans and gasps, the fall knocking the wind out of him. Jensen laughs then, pulling himself back onto the bed as Jared cups his nose, eyes watering. He sits up, and when he pulls his hands away he is shocked to find them bloody. Jensen’s laughter dies immediately.

“Shit! Are you okay?” Jensen asks worriedly. Jared shakes his head a little and reaches out to pull himself up with the bed. Jensen grabs his wrist, pushing it up into the air and making Jared slip onto his ass again.

“What the hell?” Jared demands, wincing when he tastes blood on his lips. It’s gushing from his nose, which hurts more than he would care to admit.

“You’ve got blood on your hands!” Jensen shrieks. “No way are you touching these sheets.”

“I’m fucking hurt, you dick!” Jared yells, wrist twisting out of Jensen’s grasp. Jensen crawls off of the bed then, getting up on his knees in front of Jared.

“I know,” Jensen replies, grabbing the wipes they keep in the nightstand and pulling some free. “And I’ll be a lot more sympathetic if you don’t ruin my sheets.”

Jared glares, eyes wet and nose red and splotchy. Jensen takes his hands and cleans the blood from them before taking a new wipe and cupping Jared’s cheek. He tilts Jared’s head up and gently wipes away all the blood from his face, leaning in to kiss softy between Jared’s eyes when he’s done.

“It won’t stop!” Jared cries when it’s apparent his nose isn’t quite done bleeding yet. Jensen grabs his hands before he can wipe at it and hands him a tissue instead. Jared sniffs sadly and tears it in half, rolling up each piece and shoving them up his nostrils. Jensen’s eyes are crinkling at the edges and he’s biting down on his lip. “Don’t laugh, asshole.”

His voice sounds ridiculous, and he narrows his eyes when Jensen lets out a soft chuckle.

“Poor baby,” Jensen coos, leaning in to plant a kiss on Jared’s forehead. Jared pushes him backwards, not done pouting yet. Jensen sprawls backwards, head tipped back as he laughs. His shirt is still rucked up, underwear pulled down low on his hips, and his long legs are splayed out wide in front of him. Jared huffs out a sigh.

“Fuck this,” he says, voice muffled. He gets up off the floor and grabs his discarded jeans, stepping into them and pulling them up over his boxers. “Get dressed.”

“What? Why?” Jensen asks, looking up at him curiously. Jared grabs the clothes Jensen had on earlier and tosses them at him. “Where are we going?”

“Wal-Mart,” Jared says decisively, grabbing his wallet and sliding it into his back pocket. He goes to the mirror and pulls out the wads of tissue, tossing them into the trash. The bleeding seems to have stopped, but his nose looks a little red and swollen. He scowls.

“Wal-Mart?” Jensen asks, standing up. “It’s fuckin’ one in the morning and you have class. Why do we have to go right this moment?”

“Fuck that tiny fucking bed, okay?” Jared says, flailing his arms. “I want to have a shit ton of nasty, filthy, disgusting, borderline illegal sex with you and I can’t do it on that stupid fucking thing. I was not meant for tiny beds, Jensen. I was meant to sprawl.”

“I seem to recall us having some pretty amazing sex on these beds,” Jensen points out, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, but think of how much more awesome it could be,” Jared responds, waving his hands in the air. “I can concentrate on fucking you much better if I’m not worried about rolling off of the fucking edge. Again.”

“And Wal-Mart is going to somehow fix all our problems?” Jensen asks, biting down on his lip to stifle a laugh.

“It will if you get off your ass and come with me,” Jared replies, sitting on the other bed to pull on his shoes. Jensen lets out a sigh and gets dressed, pulling on jeans and a hoodie. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be, I guess,” Jensen says, and then they head out.

Jensen still isn’t sure what they’re doing at Wal-Mart in the middle of the night, but Jared seems to have a mission in mind when he grabs a cart and leads them into the brightly lit, twenty-four hour superstore.

Jensen yawns as he trails behind Jared, flip-flops slapping against the floor.

“What are we doing?” Jensen asks, snagging a box of cookies from a display. He tosses them in the cart as Jared veers suddenly into Housewares.

This!” Jared shouts from the next aisle, and Jensen rounds a corner to see him standing in front of a display of inflatable air mattresses.

“This is your grand solution?” Jensen asks. “An air bed?”

“Yes,” Jared says fervently, snagging a queen sized one off of the shelf and tossing it into the cart. Jensen raises an eyebrow and stifles a laugh. Jared looks so determined, so adorable. His sharp little nose is a bit swollen, all red and puffy.

“I’m not sure if you’ve noticed,” Jensen says, “but we’re not exactly living in a sprawling estate. It’s a fucking dorm room. I don’t even think this will fit.”

“Oh, I’ll make it fucking fit,” Jared says, swinging the cart around to face the front of the store. He reaches up to cup the back of Jensen’s head, eyes earnest and soft. “I wanna sleep with you.”

“I know,” Jensen smirks. “Dirty, semi-illegal sex.”

“No,” Jared replies, smiling softly. “I want to sleep with you. Without risking injury.”

“You cuddly bastard,” Jensen says, but he can’t hide his grin. Jared leans in and nips playfully at the tip of Jensen’s nose.

“Now, let’s get some lube before we go. Because as much as I love playing snuggle bugs, I do need the raunchy sex.”

“My ass is well aware,” Jensen says, rolling his eyes. But he leans in to snag a quick kiss all the same.

Its half past two by the time they stumble back into the dorm, bleary eyed and yawning. Jared drops the box containing the bed on the floor. He starts kicking clothes and books to the side, clearing the miniscule space between the beds.

“Seriously, now?” Jensen asks, exasperated. He drops the shopping bags in the corner. “It’s late, Jay. Let’s just sleep. Your alarm is going off in like four hours.”

“I’m committed to this,” Jared replies sleepily, ripping open the box and dumping the contents onto the floor. He spreads out the bed and plugs in the pump. It’s insanely loud when he turns it on, the noise reverberating through the room.

“You’re gonna wake up everyone on the damn floor!” Jensen shouts over the pump, and sure enough, banging starts on the wall about thirty seconds later. Jared just laughs, getting up on one of the beds as the inflatable mattress fills. It pushes Jensen back against the door, and his eyes widen as he looks over at Jared. Once the bed is finally done Jared turns off the pump, much to the relief of the entire dorm, Jensen is sure. He caps the air valve and climbs over it to where Jensen stands with the bags.

“It’s – uh, okay. It’s sort of big,” Jared says, scratching his head. Jensen slowly turns his head, staring at him incredulously.

“Jared, it takes up the entire fucking room!” Jensen says, and he’s not even exaggerating. The air mattress pushes up against both beds and the desk between them, leaving only a few feet between the bed and the door. “Gangbuster idea, dude.”

“Whatever,” Jared yawns. “We’ll prop it up against the wall when we’re not using it.” Jensen just sighs, conceding to the idea as he helps Jared with the new queen-sized bed set they bought.

By the time they finally disrobe and crawl into it, it’s after three. Jared lies on his back and Jensen molds himself against him, resting his head on Jared’s shoulder.

“I really wanted to have that nasty sex,” Jared mumbles, eyelids drooping. Jensen lets out a soft chuckle against his skin, tracing indistinguishable patterns on his bare stomach.

“Tomorrow,” Jensen breathes, pressing a lazy kiss to his shoulder. “After class.”

Jared doesn’t reply. He just sprawls out happily, legs splayed and one arm wrapped loosely around Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen spreads out a little too, and yeah, he has to admit that it feels nice. It may not have been the most well executed idea, but it works.

They make it work.

Jensen’s eyes slide open the next morning, evil sunlight flooding the room. That’s one thing they forgot at Wal-Mart. Fucking blackout curtains. He’s completely unaware of what woke him until he hears a curse and something hard and solid lands on the airbed between him and Jared. Jensen lets out a squeak that he will deny until his dying day.

It’s James, looking completely surprised. Jared wakes up then, lifting his head and scowling. Jensen just blinks, glad that he and Jared are both under the blankets.

“Am I dreaming?” James asks, blinking and looking back and forth between them. “Because this feels like something I would dream about.”

“What do you want?” Jensen asks sleepily as James makes himself comfortable on the bed.

“Well, I know Jared has class in the Morris building at eight, and so do I. I was going to see if he wanted to hoof it over there together,” James says, reaching up to place his hands behind his head. “Then I tripped over this nice little addition to your room and landed in the middle of my wildest fantasy. Now I’m quite comfortable.”

“Time’s it?” Jared asks sleepily, rubbing his face. Jensen just flops back onto the bed. He’s rapidly becoming used to James’s antics. And now he knows to always double check the fucking lock on the door.

“Quarter ‘til, dude,” James replies lazily. Jared’s eyes snap open and he goes to roll off of the mattress and instead rolls straight into the side of the abandoned bed, knocking his face into the wood frame.

“Fuck!” Jared exclaims, grappling with the covers as he gets up. Jensen slaps his hand over James’s eyes as the covers drop.

“Watch your nose,” Jensen warns, grumbling tiredly. “And bring coffee when you come back.”

“Let me know when you’re decent,” James says, his eyelashes fluttering against Jensen’s palm. “I don’t want Jensen to kick my ass. He’s so ferocious and whatnot.”

“I hate you,” Jensen mumbles, already half asleep. James snorts.

“Let’s go!” Jared shouts, somehow already dressed and running a brush through his unruly hair. James shakes Jensen’s hand off of his face and gets up, stumbling a little as he tries to get off of the bed.

“Lots of coffee!” Jensen shouts, burying himself under the blankets.

The only response he gets is the door slamming. He smiles and falls back to sleep.

Onto Part 3.
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