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fic: tell them we're like magnets (Part 3)

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Jensen is in sort of a pissy mood. Taking into consideration the fact that the sun doesn’t exactly shine out of his ass even on a good day, it would probably be wise to steer clear of him.

He trudges down the hall of the dorm, pausing in his step and doing a double take when he spots Misha doing yoga in his room with the door wide open. He’s just coming from class and Jared should be just going, and he’s really hoping he catches him before he leaves. He wouldn’t exactly be adverse to a hug right now. Not that he would admit it.

When he rounds the corner, his mood goes from sort of crappy to downright horrible. Jared is in the hall talking with Jessica. He’s slumped casually against the wall, nodding at something she’s saying.

Jessica giggles, flips her hair over her shoulder, and reaches out to stroke Jared’s arm. It’s the flirting trifecta, and that coupled with the dangerously low cut shirt she’s wearing is enough to make Jensen see red.

He walks up next to Jared, stomping loudly to make his presence known. “Hey,” he says, and Jared gives him a wide smile. “Don’t you have class?”

“Was just going, actually,” Jared replies, shooting Jensen a grateful little look. “See ya, Jessica.”

“Bye Jared,” she replies, batting her eyelashes at him. “If you have any more trouble with that history paper, let me know. I’m sure you and I could bang something out.”

“Uh, right,” Jared says awkwardly, and Jensen almost bites through his bottom lip. He turns to Jensen, voice going low and intimate. “See you in a couple hours.”

He gives Jensen a long, soft kiss. He barely resists the urge to stick his tongue out at Jessica when Jared pulls away. He watches Jared head down the hallway, and when he turns back he realizes he’s not the only one. Jessica has her head cocked to the side, eyes appraising. She gives Jensen a cocky little smirk, eyebrows flicking upwards before she turns away.

Jensen closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He turns for the door and thinks better of it, catching up to her in a few quick strides.

“A word?” Jensen grits out. Jessica turns around and gives him a sweet little smile. “Look, it’s been cute. But don’t you think it’s time you moved on? There must be more interesting ways for you to spend your time than hitting on my boyfriend. He’s gay. Let it go.”

“He may be your boyfriend,” Jessica replies, smirking. “But the way he was staring at my tits tells me he ain’t all gay.”

Jensen knows Jared is still physically attracted to girls. He knows a nice pair of tits will catch his eye and he’ll still watch lesbian porn when the mood strikes. That doesn’t bother Jensen, because in the end he knows Jared’s dick isn’t going anywhere but in him. But this girl pisses him the fuck off, acting all cocky like she thinks she could get Jared to come with just a crook of her bony finger.

“I don’t want to start shit with you, alright?” Jensen says, practically shaking with anger. He would like nothing more than to throttle this girl. “But you need to fucking back off.”

“There’s something you should know about me, Jensen,” she says quietly, leaning in and cupping her hand around her mouth like she’s telling him a secret. “I always get what I want.”

“Yeah, well,” Jensen replies, hands curling into fists at his sides. Anger claws at his belly and he wants to fucking scream. Instead he keeps his voice low and steady, letting his tone convey everything he’s feeling. “You’re not getting him.”

Jessica just smirks, raising her eyebrows as if saying we’ll see before spinning on her heels and disappearing into her room. Jensen takes another deep breath, fumbling with trembling hands to get his keys out of his pocket.

He stares at the whiteboard on the door, the cliché college messaging system, and wonders why they even have it. Jensen & Jared is written at the top in Jensen’s neat print. Underneath that is have the buttsex!! (ps. call josh) in Josh’s messy scrawl. There is an arrow leading from that to Can I watch? ♥ Sandy in loopy cursive, with another arrow leading to Ditto. Will bring popcorn & video camera. in James’s handwriting.

He stares at the messages from their friends, fingertips digging painfully into the doorjamb. Everyone has always rooted for them, ever since the beginning. Knowing that someone out there, even someone as insignificant as Jessica, is hoping that they’ll fail bothers him more than he would like to admit.

He brings up his hand and erases everything but their names, swiping his palm angrily across the whiteboard. He grabs the marker and pulls off the cap with his teeth, writing ARE IN LOVE! in letters so big it nearly takes up the rest of the board. It’s comforting how much the words ring true, even in angry, spiky font.

His sour mood stays with him until Jared comes back and brings with him a latte and chocolate chip muffin from Ed’s, even though he didn’t work today. Jensen thanks him and gives him a kiss to show his gratitude.

But it’s not until he leaves to go to the bathroom and notices Jared had taken the marker and written forever! :D under Jensen’s words that he actually smiles.

Jensen decides not to tell Jared about his little confrontation with Jessica. Not because he thinks Jared will be mad or anything, but because in the long run it just doesn’t matter. He doesn’t want to act like the jealous girlfriend and cause another fight with Jared over a girl that doesn’t mean anything.

She’s just an annoying little speck marring Jensen’s otherwise awesome life, and it would be best just to ignore her.

Which is why when Jared suggests going home for the weekend to catch up with family, Jensen sighs in relief and heartily agrees.

His house is warm and comforting when Jared drops him off. It seems so wide and open after being cooped up in such a tiny dorm room.

He’s barely set down his bag before a little blonde blur tackles him. He slips and barely catches himself on the wall, wrapping his arms tight around his little sister. It feels like it’s been years since he’s seen her rather than weeks. It’s probably crazy, but he swears she’s grown a little.

He buries his face in her hair and lifts her a few inches off of the floor just to hear her giggle. It isn’t until he hears it that he realizes just how much he’d missed it.

“Hey kid,” he says as he sets her down. “Missed me, I take it?”

“Not even,” she replies, but she squeezes him just a little tighter before letting go. “Mom! Dad! Jenny’s home!”

He’s soon enveloped in hugs and bombarded with questions. He laughs as he answers them all, tells them about his classes and his job. He assures his mom that he already checked to make sure he will get Thanksgiving break off, and yes, Jared will too.

They take him out for dinner, ice cream, and a movie and by the time he crawls into his own bed that night he’s exhausted. He’s so tired that he feels like he should be asleep by the time his head hits the pillow, but instead he lies there wide-awake, staring unblinkingly at the ceiling.

It hits him about five minutes later. This is the first time in almost two months he has tried to sleep without Jared beside him, without so much as a goodnight kiss. He punches the pillow and flops onto his back, eyes lingering on his cell phone on the nightstand.

There’s a fifty-fifty chance Jared will make fun of him and call him a girl, but Jensen doesn’t care. He grabs the phone and hits speed dial number two, gnawing on his bottom lip as he listens to it ring.

Hey Jen.” Jared answers, voice pitched low and intimate. Jensen immediately feels more relaxed and he sinks deeper into the bed, eyes fluttering closed. His hand drifts to his hip, fingertips trailing across his tattoo. It’s amazing how much he loves it now.

“Hi,” he breathes softly, even sleepier now that he has Jared’s loving voice in his ear. “Did I wake you up?”

Uh, no,” Jared replies easily. “What’s up?

“Well,” Jensen says, burrowing deeper under the blankets. He turns onto his side, staring into his dark room. “Would you call me totally gay if I said I couldn’t sleep without you?”

Oh, thank god,” Jared laughs, and Jensen can’t help but smile at the sound, even if he is confused.


Well, okay,” Jared replies, warm chuckle in his tone. “I might be like, on my way to your house right now, actually. Because I want to kiss you goodnight. So, no. I won’t call you super gay because I’m the one that’s walking to your house to crawl through your window.

“Really?” Jensen asks, grinning so wide his cheeks hurt. “You have a key, you know.”

I know. But I figured if I was going to sneak into your house just to kiss you I might as well take it all the way, you know? Climbing through the window is totally more romantic.

“Until you fall and bust your ass,” Jensen laughs. He gets an idea and sits up, rolling off of his bed to stand. “Where are you? Close?”

I was just leaving my house when you called, actually. Should be there in a bit.

“I’ll see you in a few, then,” Jensen says. “Love you.”

Love you, too,” Jared replies happily. “Homos forever!” Jensen rolls his eyes and hangs up. He throws a hoodie on over his tee shirt and flannel pants and steps into his flip-flops on his way out the door.

He’s quiet as he sneaks down the stairs, shutting the front door carefully. There is a slight chill in the air, but it’s nice. Jensen grins as he walks up the street.

There are moments when he can’t quite believe just how fucking in love he is, how much more in love he falls every single day. It’s sort of incredible, when he stops to think about it.

There is a park Jared always cuts through to walk to Jensen’s house and Jensen stops when he gets there. He climbs up onto the bright orange slide he and Jared played on when they were kids, and he waits.

It’s only about two minutes later when Jared turns into the park, walking at a brisk pace with a smile on his face. Jensen grins and hops off of the slide, walking over to him. Jared laughs gleefully when he spots Jensen. They both pick up the pace a little, not stopping until they’re wrapped in each other’s arms. Jensen presses a soft kiss to Jared’s lips and pulls away to bury his face in Jared’s neck and laugh, fingers gripping the hood of Jared’s sweatshirt.

“We are so fucking lame,” Jensen laughs, inhaling the sweet, familiar scent of Jared.

“I know,” Jared replies, kissing Jensen’s temple and chuckling. “We saw each other like, six freaking hours ago.”

“We’re codependent and pathetic,” Jensen declares, and Jared cracks up.

“We’re adorable,” he relents, and Jensen pulls back to look him in the eye, hands slipping down to the small of his back.

“I guess that’s true.” Jensen grins and kisses him again. It’s soft and sweet, tongues meeting briefly before they pull away. “So what, we just say goodnight and leave?”

“I am sort of like, amazingly tired,” Jared replies, yawning as if proving a point. Jensen laughs against his cheek.

“Okay, well. Goodnight, Jay,” Jensen says, leaning to mumble against his lips before kissing him again. “I’m glad you’re as lame as I am.”

“Homos forever,” Jared repeats, kissing him softly. “Night, Jen.”

They kiss for a little bit longer, fingers interlocking. They pull away, walking backwards until their hands fall apart and they smile at each other before turning around.

Jensen peeks over his shoulder before he exits the park, laughing when he sees Jared doing the same. So fucking lame.

But, it works. When he crawls back into bed, he’s asleep within minutes.

So, they knew about midterms, in theory. Actually having midterms is a completely different story.

The week goes by in a caffeinated blur, both boys keeping their noses buried in their respective books. Josh and Jeff take them out to celebrate at the end of their exams on Saturday night and they crash in a naked, drunken heap on the air mattress around four in the morning. All in all, it’s a pretty fantastic night.

There’s a soft knock on the door what feels like minutes later, and Jared’s eyes flutter open. A soft groan escapes his lips, one hand immediately going to his forehead as he feels around for his phone with the other. It’s nine in the morning. The person on the other side of the door is flirting with death.

Jared rolls off of the bed and pulls on a pair of clingy black sweats, scratching at his belly and draping a sheet over Jensen’s naked hips as his boyfriend sleeps on, dead to the world.

Jared answers the door tiredly, scratching at the stubble coating his jaw. He leans heavily against the frame and stretches, inadvertently showing off the subtle pull of muscles under taut skin. Jessica is at the door, clad only in tiny shorts and a sports bra, hair pulled back into a loose ponytail.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she says brightly, sounding chipper and so very awake. “Did I wake you?”

Jared just yawns and stares at her blankly, blinking the sleep out of his eyes.

“It’s cool,” he tells her even though it really isn’t, waving a hand. “What’s up?”

“I was gonna ask if I could borrow some laundry soap,” she says. “I’m all out and I obviously need some clean clothes,” she giggles, gesturing expansively at her miniscule outfit. Jared doesn’t even glance away from her face, just yawns again and opens the door wider.

“Yeah, sure,” he says, turning away from the door. “Just be quiet. Jen is still sleeping.”

Jessica follows him into the room to see Jensen asleep on the air mattress, his back to them. Jared reaches up to grab their soap off of the top shelf in the closet, causing his pants to slip down a little. When he turns back around Jessica’s eyes are south of his belly button.

“That’s, um, a really nice tattoo,” she says, biting her bottom lip. Jared looks down at his hip and smiles before handing over the soap.

“I like it,” he says. Jensen sighs in his sleep, snuffling and rolling onto his back. The sheet is slung low on his torso, and her eyes flick from his hips back to Jared’s, shoulders slumping a little.

“Jensen has one too?” She asks unnecessarily, and Jared looks over at his boyfriend, at the inked design on the thin skin of his hip and the hickey right next to it.

“Yeah,” Jared replies, voice pitched low and fond as he slides his fingers through his hair. “We got them together up in Santa Cruz over the summer.”

“Oh. That’s cute,” she says uncertainly, fingers playing with the end of her ponytail. “So you guys are like, really, really serious, huh?”

“Uh, yeah,” Jared says, furrowing his brow and fighting the urge to tell her off. She doesn’t seem to get that he won’t ever want her, not while he has Jensen at his side. “He’s pretty much my entire world.”

“Well, thanks for the soap,” she says quickly, and his eyes widen when she hugs him, pressing her chest unnecessarily close to his. He pats her back awkwardly and stares up at the ceiling.

“No problem,” he replies as she pulls away. “Can you do me a favor and just like, leave it by our door or something when you’re done? We were up super late.” Her brow furrows for a moment before she finally nods.

“Well, thanks again. Sorry for waking you,” she says, shooting one last look at Jensen before turning to leave. Jared raises his eyebrow before he finally shrugs and crawls back into bed. Jensen makes a soft little noise in his sleep, instinctively rolling to bury his face in Jared’s neck. Jared inhales the sweet scent of Jensen’s shampoo and drops back off to sleep within minutes.

Here, right here, is where he belongs.

Having such a large group of close friends is a good thing, mostly. The downside is that there is always someone ready, willing, and able to cause an interruption. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. They will find a way to ruin it. That’s just what friends do.

In the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon, there’s an obnoxious pounding on the door to Jared and Jensen’s dorm room, followed by an even more obnoxious voice.

Case in point, James.

“Pull your dicks out of each other’s mouths and get the fuck out here and have lunch with me!” James shouts, beating his fists on the door. Jensen groans and pulls away, pressing his forehead against Jared’s sweaty hip.

“How does he always fucking know?” Jensen pants and Jared grunts, hips thrusting reflexively towards Jensen again. He licks at the tip of his cock and James just keeps pounding.

“Sex later!” He shouts. “Lunch now!”

“Two minutes!” Jensen barks, and sucks Jared back down. He wraps his hand around the base of his cock, stroking up and down as he sucks hard and wet on the head. Jared comes with a stifled shout, fingers buried in Jensen’s hair. He lets out a soft little hum as he swallows and gets up, leaving Jared to clean himself up as he heads for the door. He pulls it open a crack, glaring at James as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Such a giver,” James smirks, and Jensen spots Jessica walking towards them, obviously eavesdropping. Jensen licks his lips and lets out an exaggerated hum of contentment, giving her a nod and not even trying to keep the smug grin off of his face. Jared throws the door open wider and loops an arm around Jensen’s shoulders, turning his head to give him a filthy kiss, tongues tangling between their parted lips.

“Keep doing that and I’ll buy you lunch. No, strike that. I will buy you the fucking moon if you let me watch,” James vows, and Jensen throws a sarcastic wink at Jessica. She scoffs and rolls her eyes as she ducks into her room.

“James, could you possibly have a little decorum?” Misha asks as he rounds a corner, slinging his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. “I could hear your screaming from down the hall.”

“There’s no fun in decorum,” James says, catching Misha around the waist and twirling him around in a circle. Misha scowls and pulls away, rolling his eyes when James just chuckles. “The children are done with their sexytimes, and we were just about to go get lunch. Care to join us?”

“I have class,” Misha responds, nodding at Jared and Jensen before turning back down the hall. “Be good.”

“As always!” James calls out, and then loops his arms around Jared and Jensen’s shoulders. “Come, little ones. Or come again, in Jared’s case. It’s mini corndog day!”

They follow James to the student union, and Jared gives Jensen a piece of gum and kisses the tip of his nose as he chews it. The taste of come is fine and dandy in the heat of the moment, but later? Not so much.

“So,” James says with a flourish as they enter the bustling dining hall. “Josh and Jeff are throwing the Halloween bash this year?”

“I guess,” Jensen replies, snapping his gum as he hands out trays. James takes his and disappears into the throng of people, leaving Jensen blinking and wondering if that was the end of their conversation. James does that a lot.

They watch as James greets people, laughing and talking and taking things off of their trays to put on his own. Jared and Jensen just get in line and by the time James joins them his tray is nearly full with scavenged food.

“You seriously do know everyone, don’t you?” Jensen asks, and James grins at him.

“Pretty much,” James replies, and then reaches out to poke their noses as he bats his eyelashes. “But if it makes you feel any better, you two are my favorites.”

“Why’s that?” Jared asks, making a happy little noise and bouncing on the balls of his feet when they reach the food. Jensen smiles fondly at him and James smirks.

“Because of that. You’re all so cute and in love. It makes me happy and I want you to stick around,” James tells them bluntly, and Jensen raises an eyebrow.

“Wow,” Jensen says, grinning and patting James on the back. “That was sort of awkwardly sweet.”

Jared snorts as he puts a can of pineapple juice on Jensen’s tray and then takes one for himself. Jensen nods in thanks and looks back at James.

“So what are you gonna be for Halloween?” James asks, and Jensen just shrugs. Jared turns to look at them, eyes glinting mischievously.

“Jensen could go as a pretty little girl – oh wait.” Jared chuckles and Jensen kicks him in the shin. “Ow fucker!”

“Jared could go as a douchebag asshole. Oh wait,” he retorts, and Jared sticks his tongue out at him.

“See? Adorable,” James chuckles, and then sticks his tray out when they reach the lunch lady. “Don’t be stingy with the mini corndogs, Rhonda. You know how much I love them.”

Jensen comes into the room with a can of soda, popping the top as he walks over to the bed that Jared is sitting on, back propped up against the wall.

Jensen climbs into Jared’s lap, knees pressed into the bed on either side of Jared’s hips as he rests his ass on Jared’s thighs. Jared’s arms wrap loosely around Jensen’s waist as he watches television, thumb skirting across the soft skin at the top of Jensen’s pants as he gulps down his soda.

There’s nothing sexual about it, not right at this moment anyway. Jensen just loves being in Jared’s lap and Jared loves having Jensen sitting on him, so it works. Jensen hands the can over, resettling himself as Jared takes a drink and reaches over to set it on the desk.

“What do you want to do today?” Jared asks, tipping his head back against the wall and looking up at Jensen’s face. His glasses slip down the bridge of his nose and Jared reaches up to push them back into place. Jensen presses his palms to the wall on either side of Jared’s head as he tilts his head to the side.

It’s Saturday and both of them have the day off. There’s laundry to be done, errands that need to be run, and there’s Josh and Jeff’s party next weekend to think about. He’s feeling selfish today. He wants Jared all to himself, doesn’t want to share him with any of their friends.

“I was thinking of maybe going to the mall,” Jensen says coyly, resting his elbows on Jared’s shoulders and tangling his fingers in his hair. Jared wrinkles his nose, hands coming up to curl around Jensen’s biceps as his eyes stay locked on the television.

“The mall?” Jared repeats, and Jensen just nods. “Why?”

“Do I need a reason?” Jensen asks him, and Jared rolls his eyes with realization, lips quirking up into a smirk as he slips his thumbs under the sleeves of Jensen’s thin gray tee shirt, pushing up until he can grab the edge of his unbuttoned black pinstriped vest.

“Oh, so you need more foofy homo clothes now that Sandy’s got you all into fashion,” Jared replies, and Jensen flicks his ear. Jared grins, big hands settling on Jensen’s hips. “There’s a sale at H&M, isn’t there?”

“There could be many sales,” Jensen says with a shrug, like he doesn’t get their newsletter. “And if there were I possibly wouldn’t be averse to going.”

“I’m sure,” Jared responds, grinning toothily. “My baby just wants to go shopping.”

“That he does,” Jensen responds, ignoring Jared’s taunt and tugging at his hair. “And while we’re at it, we can go to Abercrombie & Lame and get you some more of your generic tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops combinations.”

“I’m sorry I’m not as imaginative with my clothing choices, little miss fashionista,” Jared responds, and Jensen lets out a little growl.

“One more girl joke, Jared,” he warns, gathering Jared’s hair in his hand and pulling hard enough to make Jared hiss. “I dare you.”

“It sounds like the punishment would be sex of some sort,” Jared replies easily, fingernails digging into soft flesh. “You should probably work on this making threats thing if stuffing me full of cock is the best you can come up with.”

Jensen just sighs, letting his head fall forward to rest on Jared’s shoulder. Jared chuckles, hands skimming up Jensen’s back as he kisses the tip of his ear.

“Alright,” Jared says, pushing at Jensen’s hips. “Get off of me and we’ll go shopping.”

“Really?” Jensen replies, head popping up to grin at his boyfriend. “You’ll endure the mall with me?”

“You’re the one that hates everyone,” Jared tells him. “If you want to go bad enough that you’re willing to endure throngs of annoying kids and soccer moms just to get some foofy homo clothes, then I’ll go. But if you try to drag me into Hot Topic I will break up with you, I swear to god.”

“I’d break up with myself,” Jensen responds, sliding off of Jared’s lap and gathering his cell phone, wallet, and keys off of the desk. Jared follows him, stepping into a pair of Abercrombie flip flops.

“Just so we’re clear,” Jared says, sliding his sunglasses on top of his head, “I will also require a Cinnabon. And a blowjob. Not necessarily at the same time, although that would be awesome.”

“Oh, so you can get multiple sticky white fluids all over my face?” Jensen responds, and Jared grins at him. “Let’s go.”

“Oh man, could you imagine?” Jared says excitedly, pulling open the door and stepping out into the hall. “Come and frosting?”

“Things Jared loves having in his mouth for two hundred, Alex,” James says, not even bothering to pause in his stride or look up from his phone as he passes them in the hall.

“Damn,” Jensen says. “Drive by burn.”

“Yeah, and I can’t even call him out on it,” Jared replies, locking their door. “Because it’s not like he’s wrong or anything.”

“Have I ever told you how much I love that you swallow?” Jensen asks curiously, and Jared grins proudly. “Way to take it like a boy that wasn’t straight just a few short months ago. I’ve done a good job with converting you to the cock.”

Dude,” Katie says, exiting her room with a laundry basket. “I don’t know if you two were aware, but you don’t actually live in your own little world. When you say shit like that other people can hear you.”

“Oh, we know,” Jared tells her, slinging his arm over Jensen’s shoulders and smiling when Jensen’s goes around his waist.

“We just don’t care,” Jensen finishes, and they both grin at her. Katie rolls her eyes and smirks, resting her basket on her hip.

“Shameless,” she tells them, and Jared and Jensen grin toothily at her. “Now please, go be sickening and adorable somewhere else? Us single people have shit to do.”

Jared and Jensen laugh lowly and turn, sliding apart but tangling their fingers together as they make their way outside.

The mall is pretty much everything Jared expected it to be on a Saturday afternoon – stuffy, crowded, and nearly unbearable.

Jensen doesn’t even let him get his Cinnabon first, because he thinks Jared will bail and take his yummy treat outside while he shops.

Jensen knows him insanely well.

He does manage to swing by Jamba Juice on the way to H&M, so that’s something. He nurses the straw of his smoothie as he sits on the floor outside the dressing rooms, waiting as Jensen tries on clothes. He comes out and models a bit, but mostly he knows Jared fails at fashion and stays inside the little booth.

Jared looks around the brightly lit store, cringing at the pop music blaring from the speakers. The clientele are mostly young girls in dire need of a lard sandwich, and Jared feels very much out of place. A young couple approaches the dressing rooms and the girl hands her boyfriend her purse before ducking into a stall. The guy huffs out a sigh and drops down next to Jared, slinging the purse to the floor.

“Girlfriends, am I right?” The guy says, and Jared snorts as he chokes on his smoothie. He is never letting Jensen live this down.

“Yeah,” Jared replies, barely contained laughter pushing at his lips. “My Jenny is quite the princess.”

“Jared, I swear to god,” Jensen says abruptly from his booth, and the guy’s eyes widen as Jared laughs.

“It makes me feel better that even you guys don’t get out of this,” the guy says, holding up the purse as Jared takes a long drink of his smoothie. The guy holds out his Starbucks cup and they bump their drinks together in solidarity.

“Yeah,” Jared replies. “It ain’t all awesome blowjobs and rainbow flags, you know?”

“Jared!” Jensen says, suddenly standing in front of him in the clothes he wore into the store. He grabs Jared’s arm with the hand not currently grasping a shitload of clothes and hauls Jared to his feet, leaving the guy with his girlfriend’s purse to gape like a fish. “I can’t take you anywhere.”

“You love it,” Jared says, leaning in to kiss Jensen’s temple as he sets his clothes down on the counter and asks the clerk to hold them. Then, much to Jared’s horror, turns around and heads towards the back of the store. “What are you doing?”

Jensen doesn’t answer, just starts plucking more things off of shelves and racks and draping them over his arm. Jared follows like a lost puppy, eager to get the hell out of this store. Jensen stops abruptly and turns around, thrusting his arms out at Jared who in turn just raises an eyebrow.

“Here,” Jensen says, and Jared glances from the clothes and back up to Jensen’s eager face. It seems to click then, and Jared shakes his head. “No, I’m not trying this shit on.”

“Oh, come on!” Jensen replies, making his eyes big and round. Jared quickly looks away. “Fine.”

“Thank you,” Jared says, risking a glance back at his boyfriend. Those anime eyes will be the death of him someday.

“You know what we’ve never done?” Jensen asks suddenly, and Jared raises a questioning eyebrow. “We’ve never fooled around in a dressing room. And what else was it you wanted earlier? A Cinnabon and what else?” Jensen asks innocently, deliberately licking his lips. Jared scowls. “I can’t remember. What a shame.”

“You are fucking evil,” Jared hisses, and Jensen just grins serenely, lips shiny with spit. Jared leans in and presses their lips together, hard and quick. “God, I love it. Give me the clothes.”

Jensen laughs and hands the garments over, trailing after Jared towards the dressing rooms. The couple from earlier is just making their way out, and Jared winks at the guy before shoving Jensen into the furthest stall with a mischievous cackle.

Later, they sit outside at a picnic table on the promenade while Jared eats his cinnamon roll and Jensen smokes a cigarette, shopping bags at their feet. Jensen is in an incredibly good mood, thanks in part to awesome sales and mutual blowjobs in public places.

“You know what we should do tonight?” Jared asks, sucking creamy frosting off of his thumb.

“What’s that, honey bun?” Jensen asks, fluttering his lashes and then smirking when Jared rolls his eyes. Jensen drops his cigarette butt on the ground and crushes it with his toe, leaning over the table and opening his mouth expectantly. Jared tears off a piece of cinnamon roll and places it on Jensen’s tongue, chucking slightly when Jensen nips the tip of his finger.

“We should go on a date,” Jared says, and Jensen raises an eyebrow as he takes a sip of soda. “We’ve never really been on a real date, you know?”

“Jared, I’m pretty sure we’ve been dating since we were born,” Jensen replies, but he can’t help grinning around his straw. Sometimes Jared is such a sap.

“Yeah,” Jared says, wiping his hands on a napkin. “But I want to take you out to dinner. I was thinking we could drive out to Huntington Beach, go to that diner on the pier you like so much. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the ocean.”

“I’d like that,” Jensen replies, and Jared gives him a soft, private smile. Jensen’s heart skitter-stops for just a moment.

Sometimes he forgets how lucky he is, and all it takes is that smile to remind him.

As far as dates go, theirs is pretty amazing.

They get banana caramel milkshakes and clam chowder in a booth with an ocean view, playing footsie under the table as they talk about their classes, their friends, and what they miss about home.

The sun sets while they talk, and when they exit the restaurant the sky is streaked with purple and gold, color hitting the gentle waves as they lap at the shore. They walk along the sand for awhile, hands interlocked like the most ridiculous cliché, swapping kisses as the night sky begins to twinkle with stars.

They catch a movie, some comedy Jensen can barely pay attention to because he’s too busy holding Jared’s hand.

It’s sort of amazing how perfect it is.

It’s not often they get to put their history aside and just be boyfriends. They mean so much to each other that boyfriend doesn’t seem like a big enough word, not nearly enough to describe what they are to each other.

There aren’t any words big enough, actually.

When the night is over and they find themselves standing in front of their dorm room door, Jensen turns around and rests his back against the door, glancing up at Jared as the taller boy places his palms against the door on either side of Jensen’s head, caging him in.

“That went pretty well, as far as first dates go,” Jared says softly, and Jensen nods. Jared dips his head and presses their lips together, so soft and sweet that Jensen’s knees nearly buckle. Their tongues brush, sending sparks flying up Jensen’s spine.

Jensen reaches behind himself as they kiss, wrapping his fingers around the doorknob and opening it. They go stumbling into the room and Jensen pulls away, mock yawning as he kicks off his pants and pulls off his shirt.

Jared watches him hungrily, his expression going from desire to confusion when Jensen climbs under the covers of the air mattress, curling up on his side like he’s going to sleep.

“What are you doing?” Jared asks, bottom lip jutting out into a pout. “I wanna have sex.”

“What?” Jensen cries, gasping dramatically. “You want me to put out on the first date? What kind of boy do you think I am?”

Jared growls and Jensen cracks up laughing. He throws his head back and laughs even harder when Jared jumps on top of him, hands bracketing Jensen’s hips and squeezing.

“Why don’t you show me what kind of boy you are?” Jared whispers into Jensen’s ear, teeth nipping at the lobe, and Jensen shivers. His laughter turns into a choked groan and his hands go to the button of Jared’s jeans.

“I’d love to,” Jensen breathes, and dips his hand into Jared’s underwear.

Halloween rolls around quickly. Jared and Jensen sort of throw together super lame (and super gay and matching!) costumes at the very last minute.

They pick Sandy up as scheduled in the parking lot outside her dorm, and Jared whistles as she walks up to the car. She’s dressed up like a cat. More specifically, a slutty cat. Her costume consists of a black corset top, black hot pants, fishnet stockings, and cat ears. She has a black spot on the end of her nose and whiskers on her cheeks. She looks gorgeous. And also slutty.

“What’s up, tits?” Jensen asks, watching Sandy in the rearview mirror as she throws her giant make-up bag in the car and climbs in the backseat. She glances down at her boobs, which appear to be trying desperately to escape her top. She blushes slightly and punches Jensen in the shoulder. She leans forward between the seats, glancing at them. Jared politely keeps his eyes on her face. Jensen feels like rewarding him for that, because damn, that can’t be easy.

“Seriously?” Sandy asks when she sees their costumes. “That’s the best you could come up with?”

“Oh, because slutty cat is so original?” Jared asks, smirking. Sandy hisses at him, hand curled like a claw before she flops back down in the seat. “But seriously, thanks for agreeing to do Josh and Jeff’s make-up.”

“Please,” she replies, waving her hand as Jensen pulls out of the parking lot. “Putting make-up on pretty boys? They’re doing me a favor.”

Jensen just smirks. It doesn’t take very long to drive to their brothers’ apartment, probably less than five minutes, but no one is going to feel like walking home in the middle of the night. If they are in any sort of state to be driving. Jensen assumes they will be crashing on the floor and blearily driving home with a massive hangover the next morning.

Jensen opens the door without knocking once they reach the apartment, just as Josh is walking by in nothing but a towel slung low on his hips.

“Ever heard of this thing called knocking, assfuck? See, what you do is curl your little hand like this and rap your knuckles repeatedly – oh. Hi,” Josh says, cutting off his rant when he sees Sandy.

“Hi,” she replies sweetly, waving at him. Josh just stares at her somewhat awkwardly.

“Uh, you remember Sandy?” Jensen says, and it takes Josh a few moments to snap out of it. He shakes his head a little and looks over at Jensen before his gaze flickers back to Sandy.

“Uh, yeah,” he says, cocking his head to the side a little. Sandy doesn’t seem to notice the scrutiny. She just holds up her bag and shakes it a little.

“Hey Josh,” she chirps. “Wanna get started? Or, well, Jeff will take a lot longer to do. So maybe we should do him first?”

“What?” Josh asks dumbly, eyes widening a little until something seems to click in his head. “Oh, make-up. Right. Um, he went to the store.”

“You first it is then,” Sandy says, leaning over to flick on the light over the kitchen table. She unzips her bag and starts taking out her tools. Josh just looks her up and down and then nods, swallowing hard.

“Sure, yeah,” he says, scratching the back of his neck. “Just let me – um, clothes.” With that, he disappears into the bedroom.

“What the fuck was that?” Jared asks with a laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh at a loss for words before.”

“Thank Sandy’s boobs for causing such a rare and wondrous occurrence,” Jensen replies, and Sandy turns around to face him.

“If you keep talking about my tits, I will show them to you,” she threatens, hands on her hips. Jensen wrinkles his nose.

“Ew, no,” he replies, shuddering comically. He reaches out to squeeze one and she scoffs and slaps his hand away.

“What happens if I talk about your tits?” Jared asks, barely holding back a laugh. Sandy just rolls her eyes and Jensen flicks his ear. Josh comes out of his room then, hair wet and tousled. He’s wearing a wifebeater and some old basketball shorts and he fidgets a little as he drops down into a kitchen chair.

“Let’s get started!” Sandy says, picking up a black make-up pencil. She comes to stand between Josh’s legs, opening them wider with her thighs and leaning in to cup his face and press the pencil to it. Josh flushes pink, shooting Jensen a startled look. His eyes flick from Sandy’s face to her chest and then back to Jensen again, rapid and repeated. Jared gives him a dorky thumbs up from behind Sandy’s back.

Jensen just rolls his eyes and pulls Jared into the living room. Josh can fumble all over a pretty girl on his own. It’s only a few minutes later when Jeff calls Jared’s cell and tells them to come down to help with the groceries. And by groceries, he means a shitload of alcohol. Of course.

They set the bags down with a chorus of clinking glass before Jeff finally looks them over, eyes narrowing.

“Wait, are those my fucking scrubs?” Jeff asks, taking in Jared and Jensen’s costumes. Jensen is wearing a pair of dark blue scrubs, and Jared is wearing a pair of light green ones under a white lab coat. He even has a stethoscope around his neck.

“Yes,” Jared says with a nod, grinning smarmily. “Yes they are.”

“Assholes,” Jeff replies, flicking his hair out of his face. “Whatever. Be lame in your lame ass costumes. I don’t even care. Now help me move the furniture, bitches.”

They get the room ready for a party of Josh and Jeff’s caliber, pushing all the furniture against the walls and taking anything expensive and/or breakable into the bedrooms. Getting an aquarium knocked over is something that only has to happen once. No more poor little fishies will die in the name of a drunken good time.

“Hey!” Sandy says once they come back into the living room. Josh has disappeared again, presumably to do his hair and change into his costume. “Your turn, Jeff.”

“Awesome,” he replies, heading over to take the chair Josh vacated. Sandy walks over to Jared and Jensen with a spring in her step, furry cat tail bouncing behind her.

“I think Josh likes me,” Sandy says quietly, leaning in towards them and tugging at the hem of Jensen’s scrub top. Jensen scoffs and tugs at one of her kitty ears.

“Josh likes everyone,” Jared replies, fiddling with the end of his stethoscope.

“Well, his dick certainly likes me,” she adds, and Jensen lets out a snort. He looks her up and down blatantly, raising his eyebrows.

“Sandy, I think my dick could learn to like you in that outfit,” Jensen tells her, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her against him. She giggles and tosses her hair over her shoulder.

“Holy shit! Jensen just referred to his dick in relation to a vagina,” Jared exclaims, eyes wide with shock. “My entire world has just been turned upside down.”

“I know, right?” Jensen responds, winking at him and kissing Sandy’s forehead before letting her go. Jared grabs him by the wrist and presses the stethoscope against Jensen’s chest.

“Turn your head and cough,” Jared says seriously, reaching down to grab Jensen’s crotch. Jensen squeaks and jumps backwards as Sandy laughs.

“Get over here and paint my face, woman!” Jeff calls out, and Sandy bounces over, feminine assets bouncing along with her.

It’s another hour or so before people start showing up. Everyone in their group are among the first to arrive – Chad, Sophia, James, and Misha are followed by Mike, Tom, Chris and Steve.

Mike sets another overflowing bag of booze on the kitchen counter and lets out a bark of laughter when he walks back into the living room and spots Josh and Jeff decked out in their costumes. Josh and Jeff look each other up and down and then shrug.

“Batman and the Joker?” Mike gasps out, gripping the back of the couch for support. “I thought your brothers were the gay ones?”

“Fuck you,” Josh replies simply, straightening his mask. Jared laughs loudly because yeah, they look pretty gay.

“And what are you two supposed to be?” James asks Jared and Jensen, pushing his fedora back. He’s dressed as a 20’s era gangster, but he can’t quite pull it off. His face is too friendly.

“I’m a slutty nurse,” Jensen replies, lips shiny from the beer he’s been nursing. James looks him up and down, obviously confused. “What? It’s a very traditional Halloween costume.”

“Yeah, I know. For girls. How are you slutty?” He asks. “You’re just wearing a regular pair of scrubs. They’re even too big for you.”

“Because they’re mine,” Jeff says, pushing Jensen’s shoulder. Sandy did a pretty fantastic job on his Joker make-up. Jared’s gigantic dork of a brother actually looks sort of sinister.

“I’m gonna blow Dr. Padalecki in the bathroom later,” Jensen replies nonchalantly, hooking his thumb over his shoulder at Jared. “That is what makes me slutty.”

“I concede. You’re a slut,” James responds, his eyes landing hard on Sandy. “Here kitty, kitty!” He yells, chasing a squealing Sandy around the apartment and tugging at her tail.

“You really gonna blow me in the bathroom?” Jared asks, hooking his arm around Jensen’s shoulder and breathing hot into his ear.

“If you’re lucky,” he replies, eyes shining bright green as he nips at his jaw. “Doctor.”

Jared sort of loses track of time after awhile (and some drinks). The apartment is filled to the brim with people, some he knows but most he doesn’t, and all of them combined make the air heavy and warm. Music reverberates around the room, bass loud enough to make the floors shake under his feet. He’s actually surprised the cops haven’t come yet.

And he’s drunk, that’s for sure. First came the beers they drank to kick off the night, and then the tequila shots with Jensen. That was nice. They licked salt off each other and shared the lemon between their mouths. Next came the Buttery Nipples that Sandy and Sophia made them, complete with generous dollops of whipped cream. And then came, well, he can’t quite remember what else he drank exactly, only that there was copious amounts of it and it was good.

He’s having a great time, except for that, well, he has sort of lost his boyfriend. He stands on his tiptoes and scans the crowd, but he doesn’t see him. He does spot Josh though. Batman became fed up with his mask shortly after getting drunk and abandoned it somewhere, so now he’s just a dude with a black plastic six pack and a cape. He obviously tried to wash off the make-up, but it didn’t quite work. His eyes are still lined with enough smeared black kohl to make him look like a punk band reject. In a cape.

“Josh!” Jared calls out, realizing after a moment that Josh is talking to Sandy. He seems a lot less awkward around her than he did earlier, but that could be the alcohol. Jared sort of wants to wish him good luck, but Sandy might smack him. He looks to be doing fine all on his own.

“Have you seen Jensen?” Jared shouts over the music once he reaches them. He’s insanely drunk and he sort of wants to go outside, get some peace and quiet for a second. It’s way too hot and his cheeks are flushed, hair sticking to his forehead.

“Chris dragged him off somewhere,” Josh shouts back, waving a hand around. “I think they’re dancing.”

“Dancing?” Jared repeats, and Sandy raises an eyebrow, curious gaze fixed to her right. She nudges Jared’s shoulder and points, looking unpleased. Jared spins around to see Jensen and Chris mixed in with the crowd, pressed all together and moving to the music. Jared’s stomach clenches painfully, anger rising like bile in the back of his throat so fast his head spins.

He stalks over towards them before he even has the time to think about it, but what happens next seems like it’s in slow motion. Jensen tosses his head back with a laugh and Chris surges forward, crushing his mouth to Jensen’s in a bruising kiss. Jared stumbles to a stop, momentarily frozen.

Chris is kissing Jensen. Jared doesn’t think he’s ever been angrier in his entire fucking life. All he wants to do is rip Chris’s head off with his bare hands for even thinking about touching his boyfriend like that.

Jensen pulls away in shock, pushing Chris back by the chest and wiping his hand across his mouth. Chris steps forward like he’s going to touch Jensen again, like he has the fucking right, but Jared gets there first. He steps in and pushes Chris hard, sending him stumbling backwards and nearly falling on his ass.

“What the fuck?” Jared shouts, loud enough to be heard over the music. Chris straightens up, eyes dancing with laughter. The people circling them stop dancing, turning around to find the source of all the commotion.

“Just havin’ a little fun,” Chris slurs, and Jared’s hand curls into a fist as his vision goes red. Jensen puts his hand on Jared’s shoulder and he shrugs it off.

“You don’t get to have that sort of fun, asshole,” he yells back, so furious that he’s shaking with it.

“Easy, tiger,” Chris drawls, like he doesn’t realize how mad Jared is, or he just doesn’t care. Jared snaps, lunging forward to grab Chris by the front of his shirt, lifting him until his feet scramble helplessly against the floor. Chris suddenly seems to understand the gravity of the situation, clawing at Jared’s forearms and letting out a choking gasp.

“Jared, stop!” Jensen says, reaching up to pull on Jared’s shoulder just as Josh and Jeff push their way through the crowd that has started to form.

“What the hell is going on?” Jeff asks loudly, taking in the scene with a shocked expression.

“He fucking kissed Jensen,” Jared snarls, letting go of Chris and sending him stumbling again. “Kissed him right in front of me.”

“He’s drunk, Jay,” Jensen says, sounding far from sober himself as he tugs on Jared’s arm. “Let it go, please?”

“Shit, man,” Chris says, holding his hands up in defense. “’M sorry. I wasn’t thinkin’.”

“Jared, why don’t you go somewhere and calm down, alright?” Jeff says, putting his hand on Jared’s chest and nudging him back. He turns to Chris, eyes hard. “And you’re cut off, man. What the fuck are you doing?”

“Sorry,” Chris repeats, shaking his head and backing through the crowd. Jared’s chest is heaving, fists curled so tight that his nails are digging painful crescents into his palms.

“Get him out of here,” Josh says to Jensen, a nervous looking Sandy plastered to his side. Jared can feel Jensen tugging on his hand, pulling him backwards until he loses sight of the back of Chris’s head. God, he wants to fucking kill him.

Jensen pulls him into Josh’s room and shuts the door, casting them in dim golden light and muffling the music. Jared rips his hand from Jensen’s grasp and starts pacing back and forth.

He buries his hands in his hair and wishes he wasn’t so fucking drunk, because maybe then he would be able to calm down. Maybe his blood wouldn’t feel like it was boiling in his veins.

“Are you mad at me?” Jensen asks, sounding afraid of the answer. “I’m sorry, Jay.”

“What?” Jared asks, whirling on Jensen. He looks scared and upset, bottom lip jutting out slightly and eyes wide. “Shut the fuck up, okay? I’m mad at him. Christ, Jensen.”

“He’s really drunk,” Jensen says again, licking his lips. “He didn’t mean it.”

“Do you think that makes it okay?” Jared shouts out. “I don’t fucking give a shit why he did it. He kissed you when he knows you’re mine!”

“Calm down, okay?” Jensen says, slumping against the wall. “Forget about it.”

“No, Jensen. Fuck!” He takes a deep breath and it doesn’t really help. “How would you feel if you saw someone else kissing me, huh?” Jensen’s face twists into a grimace, like the thought alone is painful. “Exactly. So don’t fucking tell me to calm down.”

“Okay, okay,” Jensen says, holding up his hands in defeat. He runs his fingers through his messy hair, cheeks flushed pink. He looks so goddamn gorgeous that Jared wants to lock him up, put him somewhere no one will ever even look at him again. He wants to mark him up, stake his claim.

“That mouth is mine,” Jared says roughly, licking his lips. “No one gets to kiss you but me, ever again.”

“Then come kiss me,” Jensen demands, eyes darkening as he looks Jared up and down. Jared crosses the room in three quick strides, grabbing Jensen’s shoulders to slam him against the wall. Jensen moans as Jared presses their mouths together, rough and aggressive. He pushes his tongue past Jensen’s lips, fucking it in and out as he rolls his hips against Jensen’s.

Jensen gives as good as he gets, hands scrambling on Jared’s shoulders and pulling at his hair, kissing back just as hard.

Jared kisses him until he’s dizzy, just because he fucking can. Jensen is his to kiss, his to fuck, his to love. Jensen whines when he pulls away and Jared drags his thumb roughly over Jensen’s slick, puffy lips.

“You like kissing me?” Jared asks, voice like broken glass. Jensen nods helplessly, panting harshly. “You like sucking my dick, don’t you Jen? Wrapping those fucking lips around me and swallowing all my come?”

“Yeah,” Jensen breathes, insane with lust. His eyes are nearly black, pupils blown wide and rimmed with bright jade. Sweat beads at his hairline and Jared slides his hand from Jensen’s mouth down to his throat, closing his fingers over it and squeezing slightly. Jensen lets out a wheezing gasp, hips jerking against Jared’s other palm as it curls around his hip.

“Want me to fuck you, baby? I’ll take good care of that little hole; shove my fat cock in there, make you take it all.” Jared rasps, squeezing a little tighter. Jensen nods, hands coming up to clutch at Jared’s forearm, nails digging in when Jared’s grip becomes too tight. He pulls his hand away and Jensen sucks in a deep breath. Jared undoes the tie of his scrub pants and Jensen’s eyes are drawn to the tent in them, licking his lips like he’s fucking starving for it.

“Better suck it real good,” Jared rasps, shoving his pants and underwear down to his thighs, exposing his hard cock. Jensen licks his lips, and bites down to stifle a groan. “Get it nice and wet, because that’s all you’re gonna get.”

“Fuck,” Jensen pants, dropping instantly to his knees. He wraps his hand around the base of Jared’s cock and sucks the head into his mouth. He doesn’t dare tease, just starts bobbing up and down and slicking the skin with his tongue. Jared twists his fingers in Jensen’s hair, pulling slightly and watching those puffy red lips stretch around his dick. Jensen relaxes his throat, goes slack until Jared gets the hint and pushes, sliding his dick down into that tight heat. He holds it there, presses on the back of Jensen’s head until his nose is smashed against Jared’s pelvis. He waits until Jensen reaches up and slaps his palm against Jared’s belly, fingernails digging in painfully. Jared pulls out then, eyes gleaming as Jensen sucks in a breath and licks his swollen lips.

He knows every single one of Jensen’s kinks. He knows just how and where to touch, knows how to give him what he needs. And he’s the only one.

“Wet enough?” Jared asks, and Jensen nods jerkily. Jared pulls him up and Jensen fumbles with the tie of his own pants, kicking them off along with his shoes. He goes to face the wall but Jared growls, grabbing him by the arm and spinning him around. He needs to see his fucking mouth, needs to have access to those puffy pink lips.

He sucks on two of his fingers and kicks Jensen’s legs apart with his foot, eyes on Jensen’s face as he reaches between his legs. He pushes one finger inside of him without hesitation, eyes lighting up when Jensen moans loudly. He barely waits before shoving the other one alongside it, fucking them into him quick and hard.

“Fuck me,” Jensen pleads, pulling on the lapels of Jared’s white lab coat. He looks so desperate, eyes wide and wet, sweat beading on his face and neck. And his mouth, so red and swollen from Jared’s cock and his harsh kisses. “Please, baby. Fuck me please.”

Jared growls and pulls his fingers out, wrapping his arms around Jensen’s waist and lifting him up off of the floor. Jensen’s back hits the wall and he wraps one leg around Jared’s waist. Jared hooks his arm under Jensen’s other knee and holds him open, thighs parted for Jared’s hips. Jared braces himself against the wall with one hand as he spits into the other, slicking his cock a little more before he lines up and pushes into Jensen’s body, bottoming out without pause. It’s so tight, so hot, so perfect.

Jensen lets his head fall back against the wall, crying out as Jared starts to fuck him. Jared’s arms burn with the strain of holding Jensen up but he barely notices, too busy watching Jensen’s face as he slams up into him, hard and rough. He feels the slight drag of not enough lube, but that’s okay. He wants Jensen to feel him for days, know who he fucking belongs to. And if Jensen’s moans of encouragement are anything to go by, he’s feeling no pain.

Jensen keeps his leg hooked over Jared’s arm, the back of his knee resting in the crook of his elbow. He clings to Jared like a limpet, trying to brace some of his weight against the wall as Jared fucks into him with deep, rolling thrusts.

“You’re mine, Jensen,” Jared grits out, leaning in to suck and bite at Jensen’s neck, marking him. Owning him. “You fucking hear me?”

“Yours! Yours, fucking yours. Oh please, fuck me! Fuck me, Jared, c’mon. Love you, baby, please.” Jensen is babbling, all coherent thought gone as Jared pounds into him. His arms are tight around Jared’s neck, fingers wrapped painfully in his hair.

Jared’s arms ache, muscles bunching under his sweaty skin. He shifts, finds a way that he can keep fucking into Jensen and still wrap a hand around Jensen’s dick. He squeezes hard around the shaft and pulls up. That’s all it takes. Jensen screams out, and Jared hopes everyone in the whole fucking building can hear it.

His come slicks Jared’s hand, shoots up his stomach and chest and he nearly sobs as he just keeps coming. The sight is so fucking hot, and Jared’s orgasm rips through him seconds later. He lets out a shout as he empties deep into Jensen, marks him up inside.

He pulls out of Jensen and allows his feet to slip to the floor, but he doesn’t trust Jensen’s shaky legs to hold him up. Jared keeps his arms around Jensen’s waist, burying his face in Jensen’s neck as they shake with aftershocks.

Their scrub tops are soaked with sweat and Jared’s pants are tangled uncomfortably between his knees. The lab coat is keeping all the heat trapped inside his body, and he would like nothing more than to take it off.

He pulls away once he thinks Jensen can stand, shrugging out of the coat and pulling his scrub pants back up. Jensen moves to do the same, wincing when he shifts his hips.

“You okay?” Jared asks, suddenly afraid that he’s hurt him. Jensen just looks up at him, eyelids drooping as he gives him a fond look.

“I’m fine, you toppy possessive bastard,” he replies, but he’s smiling. “Fuck, but that was hot.”

Jared is inclined to agree.

They leave Josh’s bedroom hand in hand and when they rejoin the party, Chris and Steve are nowhere to be seen. James starts a round of applause that everyone quickly joins in on. Jared is expecting Jensen to blush, but instead he bows graciously.

“You’re burning those scrubs and buying me new ones,” Jeff says, wrinkling his nose. Josh is staring at them with one eye closed, which means he’s fucking wasted.

“My bed?” Josh slurs, scandalized. Sandy looks interested, her eyes a little glazed over and her whiskers slightly smudged.

“Your wall, big brother,” Jensen says with a wink. Josh makes a retching sound and buries his face in Sandy’s hair.

Jensen just laughs and looks over at Jared, gaze soft and knowing. Jared smiles at him and pulls him in for a kiss.

Like there was any question of who Jared belongs to. He’s been Jensen’s since the day he was born.

Onto Part 4.
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