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fic: tell them we're like magnets (Part 8)

Back to Part 7.

They sort of make themselves scarce that week, too busy making up for lost time to be good company to anyone except each other. Mainly due to the fact that they spend much of their time naked.

No one really comments on the way they spend all their time holed up in Jared’s room, or how they keep going for drives in Jensen’s car. Josh and Jeff crack the occasional joke about how they’re walking a little funny, or that their necks are covered in marks, but everyone looks too relieved to actually say anything. It’s not lost on Jared and Jensen that if they ever had a falling out, their families would be disastrously affected as well.

On Wednesday night they drive out to Santa Monica just to sit in the wet sand and watch the sun dip below the horizon. It’s ridiculously sentimental, but Jensen can’t bring himself to care as Jared kisses him so sweetly under the fading twilight sky.

On Thursday they wake up to the smell of turkey, and Jensen doesn’t let Jared out of bed until they’ve both come into each other’s mouths.

When they do finally make it downstairs, freshly showered and shaven, Sherri is in the kitchen. Classic funk music is playing on the stereo and Jensen shakes his head fondly as she shakes her hips to it. She smiles when she notices them standing there and turns off the music.

“Oh, good afternoon, boys. Sleep well?” She teases, and Jensen scratches at his nose as Jared stretches theatrically.

“Do you need any help?” Jared asks, sniffing at the air. Sherri gives the kitchen a quick once-over and shakes her head.

“I think I’m good,” she says, and then looks at Jensen. “Your mother called. She, uh, wants us all to go over there for dessert.”

“Oh,” Jensen replies, snaking a carrot from the cutting board and biting off the tip. “Did the grandmonsters leave early?”

“No,” Sherri says, brows knitting together as she returns to chopping vegetables. “She just said that she wouldn’t feel right without you there and that if they don’t like it they can pack up and leave.”

“Fine,” Jensen replies, shrugging one shoulder. Sherri turns to look at him and Jared places his hand low on his back.

“You sure?” Jared asks, and Jensen takes another bite of carrot.

“I mean, it’s not high on my list of happy fun times, but if she wants to throw us in a room together that’s her problem,” Jensen says plainly. “But I was having such a good week.”

“Yeah, everyone and their deaf dog knows how good of a week you’ve been having,” Jeff says, appearing suddenly and jamming a finger into one of the hickeys on Jensen’s neck. Jensen jumps and swats his hand away.

“Leave them alone,” Sherri says as Jeff opens the refrigerator to get a couple of sodas. “They’re just young and in love.”

“Yeah, I’m young and in love, too,” Jeff retorts. “With sleep. And you two are keeping me from my one true love. All night long.”

“You’re just jealous you aren’t getting any,” responds Jared, smirking at his big brother.

“What, sleep?” Jeff asks. “Because I’ll have you know, I’m getting plenty of – “

“Okay!” Sherri shouts, effectively cutting off Jeff’s retort. “Knowing my children are having sex is one thing. Talking about it is another. Get the hell out of my kitchen.”

“You got us in trouble,” Jared grumbles, socking Jeff’s shoulder as they turn to leave.

“Dinner is at four!” Sherri calls after them. “Be presentable.”

Jared tangles his fingers with Jensen’s as he leads them out into the backyard. The day is bright and balmy, and they sit down on the lush green lawn.

“You really okay with this?” Jared asks, thumb skimming over Jensen’s knuckles. Jensen swallows hard, eyes trained on the ground as he absently picks at the grass with his free hand.

“I’m not looking forward to it, if that’s what you mean,” Jensen answers, images of his grandparents’ disgusted glares flashing unbidden behind his eyes. “But if it’s what my mom wants, then I’ll endure.” Jared just nods, letting go of Jensen’s hand to wrap his arm around Jensen’s shoulders instead. “They probably don’t know about you, so you can probably just play it casual.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jared asks, breath hot against Jensen’s temple. “The whole time I’m just going to be resisting the urge to kiss you, just to see the looks on their faces.”

“Don’t,” Jensen says, smirking a little. “No drama. Let’s just go eat some pie, and then come home.”

“Fine,” Jared replies, letting out an exaggerated sigh. “I’ll eat some pie. The things I do for you.”

“I ask a lot, I know,” Jensen says somberly, and Jared grins against his temple. Jensen turns his head and they share a soft kiss, California sunshine warm on their flushed faces.

“Can’t. Move.” Jared lets out a groan and rolls onto his side, face smashed into the couch cushion. “Dead from turkey. Tryptophan coma looming.”

An unpleasant gurgle sounds from somewhere near Jensen’s belly, and he slumps down onto the sofa.

The Padalecki clan (plus one Ackles) is scattered around the living room, all happy and overfed.

“Y’all got one hour to digest before we have to go eat some pie,” Gerry says around a wooden toothpick, letting out a sigh of relief as he pops the top button of his slacks.

“Can’t,” Jensen groans, slumping over until his head is pillowed on Jared’s thigh. “There is physically no more room in my body for anything ever.” Jared snorts and Jensen rolls his eyes, slapping at his stomach.

“I will puke on you,” Jared threatens, hands curling protectively around his stomach.

“Then there really won’t be room for anything in me,” Jensen mumbles, and hisses when someone punches him in the leg. He twists around to see Jeff giving him a dude, come on sort of expression. Jensen just grins serenely, practically purring when Jared reaches back to run his fingers through Jensen’s hair. He falls asleep like that, fat and content like a lazy housecat getting scratched behind the ears.

He’s woken up less than an hour later, feeling groggy and stuffed. He’s going to have to go on an extra long run tomorrow.

He and Jared wait by the front door, looking into the mirror hanging there. Jensen winces as he looks at his neck, and then flips up the collar of his blue polo shirt in a futile attempt to cover some of the marks. He isn’t sure what makes him look more gay – the hickeys or the popped collar.

He looks over and fiddles with the collar of Jared’s button down, lips pulled between his teeth in concentration.

“Dude,” Jeff says, smirking at them. “All the concealer in the world still won’t make it look like you two aren’t a couple of vampires.”

“Jensen said he’d break up with me if I wore a turtleneck,” Jared pouts, tucking his chin against his chest.

“Yup,” Jensen agrees, tilting his chin back and rubbing at a particularly dark mark just below his left ear. “Turtlenecks are a deal breaker. Fuck it. They’re gonna hate us anyway, so who gives a shit?”

“Damned if we do, damned if we don’t,” Jared replies, flipping his collar back down. Jensen fiddles with his hair, the action making his shirt ride up enough to reveal his tattoo, which is also surrounded with hickeys.

“Jensen, you are like the poster child of gay,” Jeff laughs, and Jensen scowls at him.

“You’re the poster child of asshole,” Jensen replies. “Are you riding with me and Jared?”

“Yeah,” Jeff responds. “Gotta make sure the two of you don’t get randy in the middle of the whole six block trip and pull over somewhere to fuck. How the hell are the two of you still walking? You’ve been buried in each other for the better part of a week.”

“Would you like a play by play?” Jared asks, and Jensen laughs when Jeff makes a disgusted face and shakes his head rapidly. “Then shut the fuck up.”

The rest of the family finally meets them in the foyer and they head out, piling into two cars to make the short trip. Jared opts to drive, giving Jensen ample time to get nervous, full belly rolling unpleasantly. Jared must sense his discomfort because he reaches over to put his hand on Jensen’s knee, squeezing reassuringly.

When they pull up to Jensen’s house, he sees Jared give Jeff a pointed look out of the corner of his eye. Jeff clears his throat and pats Jensen on the shoulder before exiting the car. Once they’re alone Jared pockets the keys and turns as much as he can to face Jensen over the console.

When Jensen turns to meet his gaze, he doesn’t see pity in Jared’s eyes. He doesn’t really see understanding. He just sees concern. And love. It makes him stronger.

“You don’t have to do this,” Jared says gently, reaching over to cup the back of Jensen’s head. Jensen lets out a harsh sigh and leans into Jared’s touch.

“I just want to get it over with,” Jensen mumbles, looking down at his lap.

“Hey, look at me,” Jared commands, and Jensen lifts his head to meet Jared’s gaze. Jared’s expression is protective and determined, and he leans in closer, arm curling intimately around Jensen’s neck.

“They can hate you all they want,” Jared starts, voice pitched low and passionate. “They can hate you with every fiber of their being, with every bit of themselves, and it will still never even come close to how much I love you, Jensen.”

Jensen sucks in a deep breath, his gaze locked on Jared’s gorgeous hazel eyes.

“And I’m not the only one,” Jared continues. “You are surrounded by people that love you for who you are. Two people that are too stupid to do the same don’t stand a chance against all that, okay?”

“I know,” Jensen says, nodding. Jared smiles and leans in to give him a soft but fervent kiss. Jensen draws strength from it, sighing against Jared’s lips as he pulls away.

“Thanks,” he breathes, and Jared gives him a radiant smile.

“No problem,” Jared replies. They get out of the car and meet the rest of the family on the porch, entering the house without knocking. Jared and Jensen bring up the rear of the group, and when they enter the dining room they take the two seats farthest from his grandparents at the giant dining table. They barely spare him a glance, instead staring ahead stonily.

“Hey guys!” Donna says cheerily. “How was your dinner?”

“Fantastic!” Gerry says, patting Alan on the shoulder as he takes his seat. Mac gets up and throws her arms around Jensen’s neck.

“Hey kid,” Jensen says fondly, kissing his little sister’s forehead. She returns to her seat and cuts him a sympathetic look. An awkward silence settles across the table, and Jensen stares down at his empty plate.

“Well, that was a lovely meal, Donna,” his grandmother says primly. “But I think we’re going to turn in for the night.”

“Susan, with all due respect,” Donna says through clenched teeth. “This is my house, and Jensen is my son. He has been forced to stay away from his own home because of your intolerance, and frankly I am done with it. Now you can either sit down and eat some pie with your entire family, or you can get the hell out of my house.”

Jensen’s eyes widen and his grandparents give his mother a scandalized look. Susan’s harsh gaze snaps to Alan, eyebrows arching as if she expects him to protest. Alan just shrugs his shoulders.

“She’s right,” he says, looking firm on his stance but also slightly uncomfortable. “You are my parents, but Jensen is my son. And he will be treated with respect when he is in his own home.”

Warmth floods through Jensen as he witnesses his parents standing up for him, but it’s quickly doused by an icy glare from his grandmother. Jared takes his hand under the table and Jensen squeezes it as he juts his chin out.

“Well then,” his grandmother says icily, sitting back down. “We can be civilized, can’t we?”

“We’ll see,” Donna says, and pastes on a tight smile as she passes a pumpkin pie over to her loathsome mother-in-law. “Pie?”

The mood over dessert is tense at best, and Jensen keeps a death grip on Jared's hand to ground him. Jared smoothes the pad of his thumb over Jensen's knuckles, and Jensen is immensely grateful, even cracking a smile as they both try to eat one handed.

“We were just out at your brother’s place, Alan,” Susan says, and Jensen’s father looks up at her, a put upon expression on his face. “His ranch is so lovely. I still wish you’d never left Texas, dear.”

She cuts Donna a look as she grits her teeth. Jensen is well-versed in Grandma bitchspeak by now. She wishes Alan had never left Texas so he never would have met Donna and ruined his perfect upbringing by falling in love with a crazy liberal Californian and having a queer son.

“Travis just got engaged to such a lovely girl,” Susan continues, referring to Jensen’s cousin. “What about you, Josh? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Uh, somewhat,” Josh says awkwardly, picking at his pie crust. “I’m actually seeing one of Jensen and Jared’s friends. Her name is Sandy.”

“Sandy?” She asks, and it’s amazing how she’s able to look from Josh to Jared without ever focusing on Jensen sitting between them. “I thought that was the girl you liked, Jared?”

“It was,” Jared says tersely, clutching tightly at Jensen’s hand, hidden from view under the table. “But something better came along. You wouldn’t believe how lucky I am, Mrs. Ackles.”

Jared squeezes his hand again and Jensen swallows hard, biting back a smile. Jensen slides his thumb across the back of Jared’s hand, eternally grateful.

Things quiet down after that, awkward silence filling the stuffy room. Finally Donna takes a deep breath and pipes up, pasting on a smile as she turns towards the boys.

"So, winter break is coming up," Donna says with forced cheer. "You boys doing anything special?"

"Well, our friend Misha's parents have this place up at Big Bear," Josh replies absently, his fork scraping across his plate. "We were thinking we might head out there for a week or so. Of course, we'd have to get the lovebirds over here their own cabin, right?"

Josh freezes in the middle of nudging Jensen's shoulder, eyes widening when he realizes what he said, and more importantly, who he said it in front of. Jeff rolls his eyes and stares Josh down from across the table and Josh squeezes his eyes shut, cursing silently.

"Excuse me?" Jensen's grandmother says, and Jensen feels his cheeks flush. "Oh, so now the boy has dragged others down with him, is that it?" She looks hard at Sherri. "And you condone this?"

"Condone it? I encourage it," Sherri replies coldly. "The only reason I tolerate you at all is because you are a member of a family I care a great deal about. But that does not mean I have to sit here while you disrespect my son and the person he loves. You should remember that."

Susan's eyes narrow and Jensen's grandfather puts his hand on her arm, as if warning her to calm down. She looks at him and then over at Donna, eyes blazing. Donna just raises her eyebrow, as if daring her to speak.

"Doesn't mean I need to have it thrown in my face,” Susan snaps, taking a deep breath as she looks Jensen right in the eye. “It’s disgusting. It’s shameful.”

Jensen sucks in a gasp, eyes stinging with tears as he looks down at the table, shoulders shaking slightly.

“Mother, that’s enough,” Alan says firmly, slapping his palm down onto the table hard enough to make the dishes shake. Susan glares at Alan and he glares right back at her – a standoff.

A tear slips from Jensen’s eye and he keeps his head down, prays no one will see it. He did this. He tore his family apart. It’s completely silent for a moment. All Jensen can hear is his own harsh breathing.

“No,” Jared says, eerily calm. Jensen looks over at him, pulling at his hand and praying that he doesn’t make a scene. “You’re the one that’s disgusting.”

“Excuse me?” Susan replies, gaping at Jared as he stands. He keeps his grip on Jensen’s hand, exposing their entwined fingers to everyone. Jensen tries to pull his hand away but Jared doesn’t let him. He’s shaking so badly, trying so hard not to lose it. When Jared glances at him, Jensen sees the fierce protectiveness in his eyes.

“Do you really think we care what you think about us?” Jared tells her, chest heaving up and down as he takes in deep, angry breaths. “We love each other, and you can sneer and snivel and make all the snide little digs you want, but you know what? Nothing you could ever say could change that or make it something to be ashamed of. You’re ignorant, and what you have to say is absolutely meaningless.”

“How dare – “ Susan screeches, but Jared cuts her off.

"Mom," he says, obviously speaking to Donna. "Dessert was fantastic, as always, but we’re leaving. Come on, Jensen.”

He tugs Jensen out of his chair and wraps one arm around his waist, looking at Jensen with a set jaw and a glint in his eye. Jensen swallows hard, desperate to get out of the room. He threads their fingers together again, tugging insistently as Jensen stumbles out of the dining room, eyes locked on the back of Jared’s head. As soon as they’re in the foyer Jared spins around, slinging one arm around Jensen’s waist and crashing their lips together, hard and insistent. Jensen knows they’re still in view of everyone in the dining room, can hear the shocked gasps, but he can’t bring himself to care. He kisses back and squeezes his eyes shut, causing a tear to slip out of his eye and slide down to their fused lips.

“Jared,” Jensen starts once he pulls away, but he cuts himself off when he catches the look on Jared’s face. He looks hurt and angry, eyes bright and feverish and cheeks flushed. Jared pulls open the front door and Jensen gasps as the cold air hits his flushed, damp cheeks.

“Jensen, wait!” Jensen turns towards the voice, breath catching in his throat when he sees his father running up to him. He places a hand on Jensen’s shoulder, regret vivid in his eyes. “I’m so sorry. I – you know I’m not them, right? You know I don’t think that way.”

“I know, dad,” Jensen replies, voice thick with emotion. He hates that his family is so divided, that his father has to choose. Alan looks over at Jared, reaching out to pat him on the back.

“Good job,” he says simply, and Jared looks surprised, eyes wide as he gives him a jerky nod. Alan squeezes their shoulders and then turns away, heading back towards the uproar in the dining room.

“Let’s go,” Jared says roughly, and Jensen can do little more than follow.

Jared drives quickly, jaw clenched so tightly his teeth ache. He hasn’t been this angry in a long time, and he’s never been witness to such blatant homophobia. It hurts to think that anyone could even dare to think he and Jensen don’t belong together. How can anyone be so fucking blind?

He wants to go out to Hollywood, up into the hills and canyons and drive recklessly, but instead he navigates them to the field of wildflowers. The ground is bumpy, not meant for cars, and the vehicle shakes until he stops underneath a tree. He cuts the engine and leans back in the driver’s seat, letting out a huge breath and dropping his forehead to the steering wheel.

“I’m sorry,” Jensen says, sounding slightly panicked. Jared resists the urge to roll his eyes. Of course Jensen would try to twist it all around and make it his fault.

“Don’t be,” Jared says, lifting his head and staring out of the windshield. The moon is fat and orange, hanging low in the sky and surrounded by glowing mist. “I’m just pissed off. And not at you.”

“This is one of the things I was afraid of,” Jensen admits quietly. “I never wanted you to have to deal with this kind of shit.”

“I knew what I was getting myself into, Jensen. At least I thought I did,” Jared says, twisting to face Jensen. He’s staring at Jared with wide eyes, lips bitten red. He’s so beautiful, and Jared loves him so fucking much that he gets angry all over again. “But who the fuck are they to tell me who I can and can’t love? What gives anyone the power to do that? All these straight people fucking each other over left and right, and that’s okay?”

“Are you getting all impassioned on me?” Jensen teases, and Jared cuts him a glare. “Okay, so we’re not joking yet. Good to know.”

“And your grandparents!” Jared continues undeterred, hands waving spastically in front of him. “They wouldn’t know real love if it crawled up their pedestal and bit them on the ass. They barely even looked at each other the entire time we were there.”

“Well, they’ve been married for over forty years,” Jensen says, as if that excuses them from passion and emotion. From love. As if infatuation and devotion have an expiration date.

“And?” Jared responds, unbuckling his seatbelt and turning fully to face Jensen. “In forty years I’m still not going to be able to take my eyes off of you. I’m still going to love you with everything I’ve got and I’m going to make sure you know that until the day I fucking die.” Jensen swallows, eyes fixed on Jared’s face and Jared can’t look away. “Time is relative when it comes to love, Jensen. It has no meaning other than there isn’t enough of it. Love doesn’t get stagnant. It gets stronger every single fucking day. Real love, anyway. The kind we have.”

“Jared,” Jensen whispers, eyes going soft and liquid. He reaches out to place his hand on the console, palm up, and Jared takes it.

“And according to them this insane, awesome, fucking incredible love that I have inside of me, that we have for each other, is wrong? How can something like this be anything less than a fucking miracle? I don’t get it.” Jared threads their fingers together, marvels yet again at how well they seem to interlock. He looks up to meet Jensen’s eyes, and they both lean in close enough that their foreheads nearly touch.

“I love you, Jensen,” Jared says, voice thick with emotion. He leans in to put his hand on Jensen’s cheek, fingers dancing across the freckled bridge of his nose. Jensen sucks in a breath, eyes wide and unblinking. He looks like he’s trying not to cry and Jared smiles fondly, leaning to press a feather light kiss just above his left eyebrow. “I will always be in love with you and no one can ever tell me that the best thing that ever happened to me is anything less than amazing. That you are anything less than amazing.”

“God, Jared, I – “ Jensen swallows thickly and presses their foreheads together. “You’re so – “

“Let me guess,” Jared interrupts, hand curling around the back of Jensen’s neck. “I’m awesome and you don’t deserve me, right?” Jensen just bites his lip and lowers his eyes. “Figured. It’s bullshit, Jen. You deserve every bit of happiness you get.”

They stare at each other for a long time. Jared watches Jensen’s throat work, Adam’s apple bobbing teasingly beneath marked skin. Jensen finally surges over the console and into Jared’s lap, wrapping his arms around Jared’s neck and fusing their mouths together.

It isn’t exactly what Jared was going for as far as a reaction, but he isn’t complaining.

Jared lets out a soft groan as Jensen cups his chin and pulls his mouth open, sweeping his tongue inside. He matches Jensen’s kiss with equal fervor, reaching down and fumbling with the levers until the seat rolls as far back as it can go. The back of the seat releases, crashing against the backseat and sending Jensen tumbling against his chest.

Jensen bites Jared’s bottom lip on the way down and licks over the sting before sucking it into his mouth. Jared tips his head back and reaches down to cup Jensen’s ass, thumbs curling into the waistband of his jeans. The moon is bright, casting enough light for them to see by. It reflects off of Jensen’s wide eyes, makes his skin glow an eerie blue.

“I love you so much,” Jensen says, breathing hot and ragged into Jared’s ear. “You’re so fucking incredible.” Jensen sits up on Jared’s lap and grabs the hem of Jared’s shirt, yanking it over his head. His eyes rake across Jared’s body, and he hardens under the intense scrutiny.

Jensen places a shaky hand over Jared’s sternum and drags it over until it rests firmly over Jared’s heart, which is thumping so hard against his ribcage he wonders if Jensen can feel it against his palm. Jensen is just staring at his splayed fingers, chest heaving as his breathing picks up. Jared puts his hand on top of Jensen’s, presses it even harder against his skin.

“It’s all yours,” he whispers, and Jensen’s eyes flick to his. There is something like awe in his expression, and he swallows hard and nods shakily. He slides their joined hands down Jared’s stomach and leans in to press his lips to the smooth skin over Jared’s heart.

“I’ll take good care of it.” Jared feels his eyes mist over and he tugs Jensen up by his armpits, fingers tracing the curve of his jaw as he kisses him. He can feel Jensen’s fluttering pulse under his fingertips and he presses his mouth there, drags his tongue across the spot. Jensen lets out a shuddering breath, tilting his head to the side as Jared’s mouth ventures down to his collarbone.

“I need to feel you,” Jared whispers, licking at Jensen’s earlobe as his hands go to the button of his jeans. “Okay, Jen? I – I need to be inside of you.”

And he does. The need to be connected with Jensen in the most intimate way possible is overpowering. Jensen nods like it wasn’t even a question, like he needs it just as bad.

It’s awkward to maneuver enough to get their clothes off. Jensen’s back bows against the roof of the car as he shimmies out of his jeans, and all that pale, freckled skin is nearly incandescent under the light of the moon. Once they’re both naked, Jared grabs Jensen by the back of the neck and pulls him into a fevered kiss, licking and nipping at his puffy lips. Rifling blindly through the center console, his fingers brush the sharp edges of condom wrappers and close around a sticky tube of lube. They use condoms sometimes if they aren’t at home and don’t want to deal with the mess, but Jared can’t stand the thought of anything separating them right now, not even the thinnest piece of rubber.

He manages to coat his fingers without breaking their kiss, and Jensen rises up on his knees when Jared’s hand trails between his legs. He rubs some slick against Jensen’s hole, the tip of his finger slipping inside.

“Don’t need a lot,” Jensen pants against his lips, hands gripping Jared’s shoulders tightly. Jared slips his middle finger in all the way to the knuckle and he can feel the shiver than runs through Jensen’s body. “Hurry, baby. Wanna feel you. C’mon.”

Jared kisses him, silencing his pleas as he prepares him, one hand splayed across his lower back and the other between his legs. He quickly works Jensen open on three fingers, cock leaking at the sight of Jensen rocking back against his hand, letting out little hiccupping breaths like it’s not enough.

Please,” Jensen gasps, and Jared is happy to comply. He withdraws his fingers and places his hands on Jensen’s hips, smearing sticky lube across his skin.

“Okay, Jen. Do it, baby. Let’s go.” Jared bites down on his bottom lip, eyes locking on Jensen’s as he reaches down to grip Jared’s cock, guiding it into him. He sinks down slowly, hips circling until he’s sitting fully on Jared’s lap. “Fuck, Jen.”

“So full,” Jensen breathes, clenching his muscles experimentally as he rests his elbows on Jared’s shoulders. They kiss languidly, sharing the air between their mouths until Jensen starts to move up and down, so lazy and slow. A needy groan escapes Jared’s lips but he refuses to close his eyes, not wanting to break their gaze. He slides his hands up Jensen’s trembling thighs, feels the muscles bunching with exertion. He puts his hands on Jensen’s hips and helps relieve the strain as best he can, helping to lift him up.

Jensen has one arm wrapped around his neck, chests pressed together and leaking cock trapped between their bellies. It’s getting hot and muggy in the car, windows fogging so much that the outside world is barely visible. Jared likes that, wants Jensen all to himself in their own little bubble, tucked away from the cruel, harsh world.

Their skin grows slick with sweat and they’ve barely stopped kissing since they started all this. Jared’s lips feel big and clumsy, numb from overuse but he never pulls away. The pace gets a little more frantic, a little more erratic as the pleasure builds up. Jensen lets out a ragged moan, angling his hips and pressing his chest forward in a way that allows him to get some friction on his dick. Jared starts to slide his hand between them, but Jensen stops him without even breaking their kiss. He grabs both of Jared’s hands, threading their fingers together. He pins one of Jared’s hands against the cool glass of the window and the other against the center console, using his knees to move himself up and down. It’s sort of the hottest thing Jared has ever seen.

Jared feels Jensen tense up and drop down fully on his cock, burying it as deep as it will go as he presses his face into the sweaty curve of Jensen’s neck. Jensen lets out a sharp, ragged cry as his orgasm hits, slicking the space between their stomachs. Tight muscles spasm around Jared’s dick and he’s done, his orgasm hitting him so hard he nearly screams, clutching at Jensen’s hands so hard his knuckles turn white.

When it’s over he sags against the seat, panting harshly as his hips twitch with aftershocks. Jensen is trembling, thighs quivering the way they do after a really amazing orgasm. He shakes his hands free from Jensen’s grasp and wraps his arms around his waist, fingers tracing indistinguishable patterns up and down his spine.

He’s feeling loose-limbed and sleepy, eyelids drooping. He hears a hiccupping breath and a quick sniffle near his ear and that’s when he realizes Jensen is shaking more than usual, shoulders quaking against Jared’s chest. Brows furrowing in confusion, he slips a hand around to Jensen’s chest and pushes him back softly.

Bottle green eyes stare back at him, tears leaking down flushed cheeks. Jared cups Jensen’s cheek tenderly, thumb sweeping under one eye.

“What is it?” He asks softly, and Jensen brings a hand up to cover Jared’s, hips shifting slightly as Jared’s cock softens inside of him.

“It’s just –” Jensen sniffs. “You and me, what we have. It’s intense.”

Jared’s heart skips a beat and he grins so wide his cheeks ache. He palms Jensen’s face with both hands and drags him in, kissing under each eye before placing a loving peck on his lips.

Jared knows how intense it is – enough to overwhelm him every single day.

Onto Part 9.
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