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fic: tell them we're like magnets (Part 9)

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Jensen is actually glad to get back to school, eager to get back into their routine now that things are peachy keen between him and Jared.

He’s back to sleeping curled around Jared on their crappy air mattress that keeps going flat because he’s pretty sure Jared poked a hole in it with his protractor, and he couldn’t be happier.

He slowly comes to awareness on Tuesday morning, waking up without opening his eyes. Something is touching his face, soft as butterfly wings, and Jensen fights to keep from smiling when he realizes that Jared is tracing his face with the tip of his finger.

He stays perfectly still, breathing in and out evenly. Jared drags his finger along his jaw and across his bottom lip, sliding up the bridge of his nose and along one eyebrow. Jared lets out a contented sigh and traces the curve of his ear.

Jensen’s heart starts pounding and he can’t keep the smile off of his face anymore.

“Busted, creeper.” His eyes pop open just in time to see Jared blush, smiling sheepishly at him. “Watching me sleep?”

“Maybe,” Jared says, sliding his hand up Jensen’s bare flank. “I think I’m entitled to creepily stare at my boyfriend without his knowledge.”

“I assume so,” Jensen agrees, grinning sleepily. He shares a soft kiss with Jared that tastes like sleep and toothpaste. Jared pulls back enough for Jensen to see a mischievous grin on his face. His eyes glint dangerously and that’s all the warning he gets before Jared rips a loud, long fart.

“Oh god!” Jensen shrieks, eyes widening when Jared pulls the covers over his head and pins him down. “Jared, you asshole!” The smell hits him then, burning his nostrils and making his eyes water. He thrashes wildly, punching at Jared through the blankets and cussing up a storm. Jared cackles with glee, his head safely out of the toxic cocoon. Jensen bucks up and slams his foot down on the bed, ripping a hole right through the plastic. All of the air rushes out of the bed and they hit the floor with a thump.

“Shit!” Jared calls, still laughing as he pulls the blankets away from Jensen’s face. He stares at Jared through narrowed eyes, but he can’t help but chuckle. Jared’s laugh is addicting.

“You’re an asshole. And you owe us a new bed. This is like the third one we’ve popped,” Jensen says, waving his hand in front of his face. “This is how you treat your boyfriend? Make him inhale your toxic ass stink? I could have died.”

“That’s how I treat my best friend,” Jared says, his laugh finally subsiding. “This is how I treat my boyfriend.”

Jared leans in to press his mouth against Jensen’s neck, licking and sucking as his hand slides under the waistband of his pajama pants. Jensen lets out a low groan as Jared combs his fingers through the coarse hair at the base of his cock, sucking a purple mark into the hollow of his throat. Jensen hardens quickly under Jared’s ministrations, arching up a little when Jared wraps his giant hand around his dick.

“I can’t believe you’re gonna jerk me off with the stench of your fart still in the air.” Jared ignores him, sliding down to tongue at a nipple. Jensen hisses, burying his fingers in Jared’s messy hair.

“How about I blow you instead?” Jared says throatily, kissing his way down Jensen’s stomach. Jensen grins wolfishly and pushes Jared down by his shoulders.

Their alarm goes off, and Jensen reaches over to hit snooze just as Jared sucks him into his mouth.

Thanks to Jared’s sensational morning blowjob, Jensen is running late for work. He rushes down the hall in nothing but his glasses and his bathrobe, hair sticking up from a vigorous towel scrubbing. When he gets back to their room Jared is hopping into a pair of jeans. Showering for a morning class isn’t high on Jared’s list of priorities.

Jensen tosses his robe on the bed as soon as the door is shut, shivering as the cool morning air hits his naked body. He pushes his glasses up on his nose and goes over to the nightstand, searching for his contacts case.

“Hey, have you seen my contacts?” Jensen asks, glancing at the clock.

“No,” Jared replies roughly. “But I do see me skipping class to fuck the shit out of you.”

“I have work,” Jensen says absently, forgoing contacts and crossing to the dresser to get his clothes.

“But you’re naked,” Jared whines, coming up behind Jensen, slinging an arm around his waist and kissing the side of his neck. Jensen sighs and slumps against Jared for a moment, his jeans dropping to the floor. “And wearing your glasses.”

“I have work, baby,” Jensen says again, but tilts his head to the side. Jared slides his fingers along the crease of his ass, one fingertip pressing against his hole. Jensen whimpers, hips twitching slightly. “Jared. Come on.”

“Bet your ass tastes so good,” Jared breathes into his ear, mouthing at his jaw. “All clean from your shower. Wanna make you dirty, Jen. Wanna lick you open.”

“You’re going to fucking kill me,” Jensen whimpers, turning around in Jared’s arms and pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “I have work, and you have class. When we meet back here in three and a half hours, you can have your wicked way with me.”

“Fine,” Jared relents, tangling his fingers in Jensen’s damp hair. “You promise?”

“I wouldn’t lie about letting you fuck me,” Jensen replies, smirking and tracing the shell of Jared’s ear with his tongue. “Gonna think about your cock.”

“Gonna think about your ass,” Jared responds, cupping one bare cheek and squeezing. “All the things I’m gonna do to you.”

“Yeah, well,” Jensen responds, suddenly pulling back and slapping Jared on the ass. “As long as there is a new bed in here by then.”

Jared pouts as Jensen gets dressed and they both grab their bags and head out the door. Jensen glances towards the left and sees Misha leaning again the doorjamb of James’s room. Jensen falters in his step and reaches out to grab Jared’s arm. Something must be going on, because James rarely wakes up before lunchtime.

He sees a hand, strong and tan and unmistakably James’s, come out and wrap around the back of Misha’s neck. Jensen’s eyes widen and he pushes Jared back into their room, peeking his head around the door to spy.

“What are you doing?” Jared asks, and Jensen shushes him, motioning him to look as well. Jared sticks his head out right over the top of his own, and Jensen grins as he watches James step out into the hall. He wraps his arms around Misha’s shoulders, leaning in to brush their noses together before giving him a soft kiss. Jensen slaps his hand over his mouth to stifle his squeak.

James and Misha have been dancing around each other for months, and Jensen is so fucking thrilled that they finally seem have given up the ghost. He hears Jared make a soft aww sound overhead, and Jensen bites his lip.

James and Misha are whispering to each other, lips close enough to brush. Misha laughs at something James said, lips stretched wide. He’s never seen Misha look so relaxed and happy, and he’s never seen James look so calm.

James puts his hands on Misha’s cheeks and kisses his forehead, giving him a lingering smile before heading back into his room. Misha stares dopily at the closed door for a moment, biting on his bottom lip. Jensen and Jared both let their heads tilt to the side, sticking obviously out into the hallway.

Misha turns and freezes when he spots them, blinking rapidly before his normal irritated expression slips into place.

“If it isn’t the fucking Bobbsey twins,” Misha groans, eyes narrowing at them when they both just smile sweetly. “Oh, shut the fuck up.”

He tries to storm past them but Jared catches him around the waist, spinning him around to face them.

“Details, Mish-Mash,” Jared singsongs, and Misha rolls his eyes as he extracts himself from Jared’s grasp. The blue of Misha’s eyes used to shock Jensen every time he looked directly into them, but he’s used to it by now. They’re so intense, like the color of the sky after a storm.

“We fucked,” he says simply, but Jensen raises an eyebrow when the apples of his cheeks turn a delightful shade of pink.

“That didn’t look like the morning after of two people who just fucked for the hell of it,” Jensen replies teasingly, biting on the tip of his tongue at Misha’s angered expression. “That looked like two people who loooove each other.”

“Who want to kiiiiiss each other and hooold each other,” Jared sings, planting a wet kiss on Misha’s flaming cheek. He pushes them away, trying valiantly to fight back the smile tugging at his lips.

“I see that!” Jensen cries, poking at the corner of Misha’s mouth. Jensen’s expression goes serious as he looks at Misha. “You guys are good together. I’m happy for you.”

“Whatever,” Misha grumps, but he’s smiling fondly at Jensen. “Don’t you two lovey-dovey assholes have a class to skip off to together?”

Without waiting for an answer, he turns to head down the hallway towards his room. Jared and Jensen share a look, clasping their hands together.

“We should totally double!” Jared calls out, and Misha just raises his middle finger up in the air without looking back.

“Go learn something for once, asshole!”

Jensen snickers and pulls Jared over to James’s door, grabbing the dry erase marker hanging from a string with his free hand. After pulling the cap off with his teeth, he writes a message. Busted, homo! We want all the dirty deets. – J&J

“We are like, beyond late,” Jared informs him after peeking at his cell phone. Jensen starts a little and pulls Jared towards the stairs.

They part ways at the main entrance, sharing a lingering kiss before Jared goes right and Jensen goes left.

Turns out, they do double that weekend, but not with James and Misha.

They meet Josh and Sandy at a nice Italian restaurant in town, and they plop down into the booth across from them. Candles flicker on the table and Jared grabs a breadstick in lieu of a greeting, tearing off the end and feeding it to Jensen.

“This is so gay,” Josh mumbles, huffing a sigh. “I cannot believe I’m on a double date with my brother.”

“Believe it, baby,” Jared says around a bite of bread, and Sandy leans in to kiss Josh’s cheek.

“Even more,” Josh continues. “I can’t believe I’m dating the girl my little brother’s boyfriend used to beat off to. It’s so down home country cooking.”

Jensen chokes on his bread, Jared flushes beet red, and Sandy punches Josh hard in the shoulder.

“I didn’t – I mean, not a lot. Oh god.”

“It’s fine, Jared. I’ve thought about you and Jensen to uh, help me fall asleep,” Sandy says, blushing a little. Josh turns to look at her, horrified, and Jensen’s jaw drops. A piece of bread falls out and lands on the tablecloth.

“Ew,” Jensen says, wrinkling his nose. Jared picks up the piece of fallen bread and eats it. “Ew!”

“We are such a fucking disgusting incestuous little group,” Josh laments, sighing and rolling his eyes. “Let’s just have a foursome and get it the hell over with.”

“I thought group sex was you and Jeff’s thing?” Jensen asks innocently, smearing butter on a new piece of bread. “I mean, you seemed to enjoy it.”

“I will kill you,” Josh grits out, and Sandy turns to stare at her boyfriend, eyebrow raised in question. “He’s kidding, baby.”

“Did Josh just ask us to gangbang his girlfriend?” Jared asks jovially, and Josh slaps a hand over his face.

“No one is going to gangbang me,” Sandy says delicately, but she looks like she’s trying not to laugh.

“Uh, I can come back?” No one noticed the waiter standing there until that moment, and they all turn to look as he scurries away. They all look at each other for a few minutes and then bust up laughing. Jared tries a few times to speak, but he’s laughing too hard.

“This – this is the best date ever.”

After dinner they all decided to cram into Jensen’s car and drive out to Santa Monica because, well, it’s Saturday and why the hell not?

What none of them took into account is that even though it’s southern California, December is still December and it’s freezing out. They brave the cool air and kick off their shoes to walk through the dry sand.

The pier looms in the distance, lights dimmed due to the late hour but there are still people lingering on it. After awhile, the two couples separate. Jared and Jensen trail nearly twenty feet behind Josh and Sandy. Jared and Jensen have their fingers entangled, hands swinging between them.

It’s peaceful, being out here so late. The waves crash against the shore and Jared takes a deep breath of the cool, salty air. Jensen moves a little closer to Jared as they walk, and Jared can feel him trembling.

Jared grabbed a hoodie on the way out, but Jensen is clad only in a button down shirt. Jared is actually warm, and as usual Jensen is freezing. He lets go of Jensen’s hand to shrug out of his jacket.

“Here,” Jared says, handing the jacket over to Jensen. He takes it with a grateful smile, but when they look up they see Josh putting his coat over Sandy’s shoulders. “Just so you know, this officially makes you the girl.”

“Fuck you and your jacket,” Jensen replies, tossing the hoodie at Jared’s face. “I’m fine. I’m warm like a man.”

“Jen,” Jared laughs, coming up behind Jensen and wrapping him up in the warm garment. “You’re shaking. Take the jacket, please.” Jensen huffs and slips his arms through the sleeves and Jared kisses the tip of his ear. Up ahead, Josh twirls Sandy in a circle then dips her, kissing her softly under the moonlight.

“Look at them,” Jensen snorts. “I think they’re trying to take our status as the world’s cutest couple.”

“Good luck,” Jared replies, looping his arm over Jensen’s shoulders. “No one can take our crown. We’re fucking adorable.”

Sandy jumps up onto Josh’s back as a wave crashes over Josh’s feet, and her laughter carries down the beach. Jared coughs and Jensen narrows his eyes.

“I could give you a piggyback ride if you want,” Jared offers, and Jensen scowls at him. “Or not?”

“I said be cute, not try to further cement my status as the girl,” Jensen grumbles. Jared snickers and kisses Jensen’s temple before squatting in front of him.

“C’mon! I know your tootsies are cold. Hop on!” Jared says, wiggling his butt. Jensen just huffs. “Don’t even act like you don’t want one.”

“Fine!” Jensen says, hopping on Jared’s back and looping his arms around Jared’s neck. Jared hooks his elbows underneath Jensen’s knees, chuckling when Jensen presses his frozen toes against his thighs.

“Besides,” Jared starts, carrying Jensen along the sand like he weighs nothing, “we win solely due to our back story. Little kids who grew up together and then fell in love totally trumps meeting in college. Everyone meets in college. So, we win.”

“I guess that’s true,” Jensen says, pressing his cold lips against Jared’s neck. Jared stops walking and turns his head to the side.

“Kiss me,” Jared demands, and Jensen is all too eager to comply. He cranes his head forward and presses their lips together. Jared gets too into it, forgetting to account for Jensen’s weight on his back as he leans into it. They go toppling backwards into the sand and Jared lands hard on top of Jensen, who lets out a gasp as the wind gets knocked out of him. “Oh shit! Sorry!”

“Your piggyback privileges have been revoked,” Jensen wheezes, shoving Jared off of him. “You crushed my nuts.”

“You’re still gonna ride me though, right?” Jared asks as he helps Jensen up, brushing the damp sand off of his clothes. “Like, in other ways.”

“Ask me that when I don’t have sand in my lungs, asshole,” Jensen replies, and then lets out a sharp whistle. “Hey, lovebirds! Time to go!”

“Why?” Josh yells back, arms looped around Sandy’s tiny frame.

“Jared has caused me grievous bodily harm!” Jensen yells, and Jared rolls his eyes. “Party over!”

“How are your balls?” Jared says, leaning in and cupping Jensen’s crotch. Jensen hisses, eyes narrowing as Jared leans in close.

“Depends,” Jensen grits out. “Gonna kiss them all better?”

“You know it.” Jared nips at the tip of Jensen’s nose, and Josh appears to slap Jared’s hand away from Jensen’s crotch.

“No!” Josh shouts, shaking his finger in Jared’s face. “Bad Jared. No.”

“Hey. You do not get to dictate when my boyfriend can and cannot touch my junk, okay?” Jensen tells him, and Jared just nods seriously. “Now, I would like to get home so the junk touching can actually commence.”

“Gross,” Josh groans.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Sandy chirps, and Josh’s eyes widen. He shoves Jared and Jensen in the general direction of the car.

“You heard the pretty lady. Let’s go!”

Jared and Jensen stumble giddily up the hall, interlocked hands dangling between them. The door to James’s room swings open and Misha tumbles out, but James quickly snags him around the waist. He pushes Misha up against the wall and kisses him passionately, arms locked around his waist.

“Aw, young love,” Jared coos, and Jensen smirks as they approach.

“Young something,” Jensen responds. “What a good role model, gyrating against his boyfriend out in the hall. After hours no less.”

“Come on, James,” Misha says, pulling away and turning his head to the side. James just groans and presses his mouth to Misha’s neck. “I need to fucking study at some point.”

“I am somewhat aroused,” Jared admits. “Is that bad?”

“Give it up, Misha,” Jensen calls out, ignoring Jared’s comment. “It’s midnight. You’re not gonna do any studying. Just let your boyfriend fuck you.”

“Mm, smart kid,” James mumbles, mouth dragging up to Misha’s ear. He lets out a breathy moan and Jared’s head tilts to the left. Jensen elbows him and Misha pushes ineffectually at James, finally settling for looking at them over his shoulder.

“Hey guys,” Misha laughs breathlessly. “James, give me two seconds!”

“What the hell is it with everyone trying to be cuter than us?” Jared demands, and Jensen laughs and squeezes his hand.

“They don’t have matching tattoos,” Jensen reminds him, and Jared nods as Misha struggles out of James’s grasp and comes to stand in front of them. James clings to the back of him, mouthing at his neck. Misha just sighs and tilts his head to accommodate him.

“I just wanted to ask you guys before everything gets crazy with finals,” Misha says, reaching up to put a hand over James’s face and push him back. James growls and bites at his fingers. “You are coming up to Big Bear for New Year’s, right? I’m giving you two the other bedroom.”

“We were planning on it,” Jensen replies. “Why do we get the extra bedroom?”

“You’re Misha’s favorites,” James tells them, grinning against the curve of Misha’s shoulder. “His little pet freshmen.”

“I like you guys,” Misha shrugs, and Jensen raises an eyebrow. “You’re cute and in love, and if I have to hear anyone fuck all night I’d rather it be you.”

“Okay, you and James being together is awesome,” Jared exclaims. “Sex calms you down more than pot.”

“It’s true.” James nods, nipping at Misha’s earlobe. “Are we done with the polite conversation now?”

“Yeah,” Jensen laughs. “Go have your sex, and we’ll go have ours.”

“We could combine our efforts,” James says, winking as he nods towards his open door. “Might be fun.”

Jared and Jensen laugh, but James and Misha just raise their eyebrows. Oh, so not kidding, then. Jared laughs awkwardly and wraps his arm around Jensen’s waist.

“Sorry to disappoint, boys,” Jared tells them, fingers slipping under Jensen’s shirt to find his tattoo. “We don’t share.”

James and Misha just shrug and lean in to kiss their foreheads before hurrying into their room and slamming the door. Jared and Jensen share a look and then crack up, heading for their own room. Jensen was sleepy, but Jared’s fingers stroking possessively across his tattoo, trailing down the groove of his hip, wakes him up.

“So, we just got propositioned by our RA,” Jensen laughs, and Jared presses him up against the door and kisses him.

“And it might have been fun,” Jared breathes, “but I like the fact that no one has touched us but each other. Don’t wanna fuck that up.”

“Sentimental,” Jensen mumbles against Jared’s lips, but he feels the exact same way. They’re young and in college, supposed to be out experimenting and having fun. But he knows nothing will ever compare to the feel of Jared’s hands on him. Why would he go out looking for something else when he’s got everything he needs? “Fun night.”

He empties his pockets and dumps their contents on the nightstand as Jared flips the air mattress onto the floor, putting his foot on it to make sure it’s full.

“Josh and Sandy are cute,” Jensen says, eyes trained on Jared as he toes out of his shoes and pulls off his belt. “You – I mean, you’re good with that, right?”

“What do you mean?” Jared asks, pausing in unbuttoning his jeans. “Oh, come on, Jen. I haven’t felt that way about Sandy since we got together. You know that.”

“Yeah, it’s just sort of weird how everything turned out, you know?” Jensen asks, unbuttoning his shirt slowly as he thinks. “I mean, if Josh and Sandy ever get married, she’d be my sister.”

“And then when you and me get married, she’ll be my sister,” Jared says, pulling his shirt over his head. Jensen’s fingers skitter over the last button of his shirt and he freezes. Jared just mentioned them getting married so casually, like it’s something they’ve already discussed and Jensen just forgot.

“…What?” He asks eloquently, and his whole world tilts on its axis, skin flushing hot as he waits for Jared to answer.

“Well, I mean,” Jared continues. “Even though I don’t like her now, I used to. So that’d be an awkward story to tell at – “

“No, that’s not – “ Jensen interrupts, taking a step towards Jared and nearly tripping over the air mattress. “We’re gonna get married?”

“Well, yeah,” Jared says, rolling his eyes like Jensen is running a little slow. “Eventually.”

“Is this – “ Jensen trips over his words, starts again. “Are you proposing?”

“Give me some credit,” Jared snorts, seemingly unaware that Jensen is about to start freaking out. “When I propose, it’s gonna be fucking awesome. Ten bucks says I make you cry.”

“So – so you are going to propose?” Jensen asks delicately, kicking off his jeans and pulling his shirt off of his shoulders, leaving him in only a pair of black boxer briefs that he stole from Jared’s clean laundry. All the air seems to have been sucked out of the room, and Jensen struggles to breathe. They’re tossing around words like marriage and proposal like they aren’t just kids. Like they’re ready. Scary part is, Jensen thinks he might be.

“Yes,” Jared states, kicking off his own pants and sitting on the edge of his bed, feet propped up on the air mattress. He’s gorgeous and tan and he looks so serious. “What, do you not want to marry me?”

“No! I mean – oh god.” Jensen stumbles across the air mattress and falls into Jared’s lap, getting up on his knees to straddle his waist. Jared looks up into his eyes, and he actually looks a little weary as he cups Jensen’s elbows. “I – wow, I do. I just never really thought about it before.”

“Oh, well. I have,” Jared says simply, and Jensen wraps one arm around his neck, presses them skin to skin. “A little.”

“Oh.” They look at each other, and Jensen’s heart is beating so fast he’s sure Jared can hear it thundering against his ribcage. “So are we engaged?”

“No,” Jared replies, hands resting low on Jensen’s lower back. Questing fingertips dip below the waistband of his underwear and Jensen shivers. “I haven’t proposed yet.”

“But you said you’re going to,” Jensen tells him, fingers tangling in the baby soft curls at the nape of Jared’s neck. “And I said I would say yes. That’s pretty much what being engaged is.”

“Yes, but it hasn’t actually happened yet.” Jensen shivers as Jared leans in to press a kiss to his collarbone.

“But it will,” Jensen breathes, and Jared chuckles against his skin, nodding. “So then, we’re like – engaged to be engaged?”

“Looks that way,” Jared says, lips finding their way up to Jensen’s ear.

“Oh, okay,” Jensen breathes, blinking and tilting his head to the side to give Jared better access. “Wow.”

“I can’t believe you’ve never thought about marrying me,” Jared says, lips pressing against the smooth skin under Jensen’s ear. He shivers, arms locking tighter around Jared’s neck.

“Jared,” he says, voice suddenly thick with emotion. “I pretty much got everything I ever wanted when I got you. I never even contemplated getting anything else.”

“Well, you’ve got me. Forever,” Jared breathes, tilting back to give Jensen a soft, loving kiss that Jensen relaxes into. Jared pulls back, a smirk on his plush lips. “You’re going to look so pretty in your dress.”

“See,” Jensen scoffs, pushing at Jared’s chest. “You act all sweet and then you ruin it. I hate you.”

“No, you love me.” Jared grins, hands sliding up Jensen’s back. “That’s why you’re gonna marry me.”

“Holy shit. I’m gonna marry you.”

They stare at each other for a few moments, and then Jensen surges forward to crush their lips together in an intense, passionate kiss.

Jensen is so gorgeous like this, skin flushed pink and all slick with sweat.

The air mattress was a good idea in theory, and it works for the most part. But for what Jared wants right now he needs a stable surface, and Jensen gasps as Jared presses his hips down firmly against the tiny twin mattress of the standard issue dorm bed. Jensen is on his stomach, head turned to the side as he takes in deep gulps of air.

Jared uses his knee to spread Jensen’s thighs and then lies down on top of him, blanketing Jensen’s smaller body with his own. His slippery cock slides across the firm curve of Jensen’s ass and he hisses, so hard and aching.

“Jared,” Jensen breathes, trying to arch his hips up but Jared won’t let him, keeps him pinned down so he can’t move and he has to let Jared do all the work. Jared arches up a little, keeps one hand flat against the small of Jensen’s back to keep his hips in place. His hole is all pink and shiny, stretched by his fingers, and Jared watches as he slides his dick inside, in awe of the way Jensen’s body swallows him greedily. “Oh god.”

“Feel so good around me,” Jared breathes, blanketing Jensen’s body again. Jensen puts his palms flat against the bed like he’s going to try and push himself up, so Jared grabs them and stretches Jensen’s arms over his head, fingers curling together.

Jensen whimpers and then relaxes; going boneless against the bed and surrendering to Jared, letting him do all the work. And he wants to – wants to show Jensen how much he’s cared for, how much he’s loved.

He pulls out torturously slow and slides back in even slower, angling for Jensen’s prostate and pressing against it. Jensen moans brokenly, clutching at Jared’s fingers. Jared gathers the sweat at the nape of Jensen’s neck with his tongue, tastes him and then sucks a mark there as he keeps his hips rolling at a slow, lazy pace designed to break Jensen apart underneath him.

“Still gonna let me fuck you like this when we’re married?” Jared rasps against Jensen’s ear, grinning when he feels Jensen shiver beneath him.

“You – ah, fuck – say that like it’s happening anytime soon,” Jensen grits out, hips making a useless effort to roll under Jared. He pushes in deep, pins Jensen down with his own hips.

“You don’t know when it will happen,” Jared says, nipping at the freckled tip of Jensen’s ear before pulling out and slamming in suddenly, making Jensen crane his head back and moan desperately. “I’m gonna be stealth with it, like a proposal ninja. You’ll never see it coming.”

“If you can fucking talk this much when your dick is in my ass, I must be doing something wrong,” Jensen snaps, and Jared chuckles. “Will you please shut up and fuck me?”

Jared presses a kiss to the spur of Jensen’s shoulder and begins rolling his hips in that same, lazy pace. He brings Jensen’s hands up to the headboard and curls his fingers around one of the slats, pressing against them to make sure Jensen keeps them there. He does, and Jared slides his free hand underneath Jensen’s neck, gripping his opposite shoulder and pulling him up into Jared as he fucks him.

Jensen whimpers again, soft little noises falling from swollen lips. He turns his head to the side as far as he can, feverish eyes pleading, and Jared leans in to kiss him at an awkward angle, hips speeding up when their kiss sends a spark up his spine.

He still won’t let Jensen move with him, just fucks into him at his own pace, trusting the bed to be enough friction against Jensen’s dick. He wants to make Jensen come on his cock alone, and he angles just so, hitting that spot inside Jensen with every stroke.

Jensen lets his head fall back to the bed, and he’s just broken, strung out on pleasure. He’s slick with sweat and trembling, the hand still holding Jared’s clenching in time with their thrusts.

“Need me to touch you, baby? Or is this enough?” He hits Jensen’s prostate again hard, hips rolling faster now. Jensen keens and shakes his head, eyelashes clumped with moisture.

“Wanna come like this,” he breathes, and Jared mouths at the nape of his neck. “I’m – I’m close. Please, Jay.”

“Mm, hey,” Jared pants when Jensen closes his eyes, teeth digging into his bottom lip. “I love you. Gonna do this with you forever.”

“Oh god,” Jensen moans, tensing and letting go of the headboard to clutch at Jared’s arm where it’s looped under his shoulders. “Love you.”

And then he comes, a sharp cry tearing from his lips as his ass clenches down on Jared’s cock, tight as a goddamn vice. He mumbles Jared’s name over and over, crying it out with each aftershock. He’s trembling in Jared’s arms, so fucked out and blissful, tight hole still clenching and unclenching around Jared’s cock.

Jared nearly falters at the sheer sight of Jensen coming undone. It’s the most exhilarating thing Jared has ever seen. After just a few more thrusts his own orgasm hits, so intense he can’t help the hoarse cry that tumbles from his lips as he empties into Jensen, marks him in the most intimate way possible.

Jensen moans so loud at that, at just the feeling of Jared slicking him up inside, and Jared collapses on top of him. He pants harshly against the back of Jensen’s neck, arm going slack against the bed.

Jensen shakes in his arms and Jared fucking loves that, loves feeling him tremble because he came so hard. He moves to sit up and Jensen clutches at his arm, a choked off whimper coming from him. Jared shushes him, squeezing his hand.

“I got you,” he breathes, and reaches underneath them to touch Jensen’s dick. It’s still hard, wet and sticky from where it’s trapped against the bed. “You’re still hard for me, even after all this come.”

Jensen just whines when Jared touches him, too fucked out to even speak and god, that’s hot. Jared pulls out of Jensen and shakes his hand free of Jensen’s, maneuvering them onto their sides so Jensen is lying across his forearm, fingers still curled around Jensen’s dick. He takes his other hand and slides two fingers back into Jensen’s swollen hole, making him twitch and gasp.

“Can you come again?” Jared asks, his own voice still rough and shaky from his own orgasm. Jensen just whimpers, eyes wet and squeezed shut. Jared wraps his fist around Jensen’s dick and strokes lazily while he uses his other hand to finger Jensen, rubbing against his prostate with unrelenting pressure. “I bet you can.”

“Jared,” he breathes, eyes snapping open. A tear rolls down his cheek but Jared knows it’s just because of all the intense emotions running through him, all the pleasure Jared is giving him. Jensen is lax and pliant in Jared’s arms, just giving himself over to Jared, letting him do whatever he wants.

Jared sucks hard at the juncture of neck and shoulder and slides in a third finger. His own cock is stirring against his thigh but he ignores it. This is all for Jensen. He presses his fingers hard against his prostate at the same moment he rubs at the bundle of nerves under the head of Jensen’s dick. Jensen tenses, crying out as his second orgasm hits just minutes after the first. His dick spurts weakly, and Jared gathers the fluid on his fingers and paints Jensen’s lips with it. He turns his head with a sticky hand on his cheek and leans forward to kiss him.

“Knew you could,” Jared breathes, and Jensen just stares up at him with lust-blown eyes. Jared lets his fingers slip from Jensen’s ass, slick with his own come. He wipes them on the bed and turns Jensen around in his arms, pressing them chest to chest. “Feel good?”

Jensen nods weakly and seeks out Jared’s lips, kissing him softly and clutching at him as his hips jerk with aftershocks. Jared wipes Jensen off with the sheet and then rolls them straight off the edge of the bed, chuckling as they land on the air mattress with a bounce and Jensen lets out a squeak.

Jared just lies on his back and pulls Jensen up to his side, one arm looped around his waist as he pulls the blanket up over them. Jensen is down for the count, eyelids drooping sleepily as he pillows his head on Jared’s chest.

“One thing’s for sure,” Jared says, and Jensen lets out a questioning hum. “You definitely can’t wear a white dress.”

Turns out Jensen has just enough energy to hit him in the balls before falling asleep.

When Jared comes home from his last class on Thursday night Jensen is sitting at his desk, tapping idly at his notebook while staring blankly out of the window. He blinks and looks over his shoulder at Jared when he enters, narrowing his eyes at the grin on Jared’s face.

“Hey,” Jensen says, and Jared bites down on his bottom lip. His cheeks are pink and his eyes are bright. He’s up to something.

“Hey,” Jared replies, tossing his bag on one of the unused beds. He runs his fingers through his unruly hair and rocks back onto his heels. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?”

Jensen sighs, eyes flicking over to the calendar where today’s date is marked with Matt @ Hotel Café! in his own excited font. Almost a month ago Matt Nathanson announced on his website that he would be doing a tiny, intimate gig in LA and to get tickets while they were hot. Jensen had been so ready, marked the date and everything.

But then he and Jared broke up, and something like his favorite artist coming to town didn’t even seem like a blip on his radar. He slept right through tickets going on sale, and was still asleep when they sold out hours later. So he’s not going to get to see the show. No big deal. He’ll live.

Maybe. Doesn’t mean he can’t mope about it.

“No plan,” Jensen sighs, pushing away from his desk and spinning his chair around to face his boyfriend, who appears to be vibrating with barely contained excitement. “What’s up with you?”

“I got you something,” Jared says, the words tumbling out in a rush of air like he just couldn’t wait to say them. He pulls an unmarked white envelope out of his back pocket and taps it against his palm once before handing it over. Jensen takes it with a raised eyebrow and flips it over, sliding his finger under the flap and tearing it open.

Inside are two tickets to the Matt Nathanson show.

Jensen’s face flushes with heat and he may or may not let out a squeak. He pulls out the tickets and stares at them like they’re made of gold, turning them over in his hand and swallowing the lump in his throat. He looks up at Jared, noting the warmth in his eyes and his proud, pleased smile.

“How did you – Jared, oh god.” Jensen surges out of his chair and launches himself at Jared, throwing his arms around Jared’s neck and hooking his knees around his waist. Jared laughs and clutches at Jensen’s thighs, stumbling a little as he holds him up. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” Jared says warmly, one hand sliding up Jensen’s back as he clings to Jared tightly. Jared kisses the side of his head and Jensen lets his feet slip to the floor, one arm staying locked around Jared’s waist.

“How did you get these?” Jensen asks, looking down at the tickets in his hand again. Jared’s hand slides up the back of Jensen’s shirt, thumb tracing the dip of his spine.

“Uh, I basically stalked craigslist and every ticketing auction site I could think of,” Jared says easily, and Jensen gets a crinkle in his brow.

“How much did you pay for these?” Jensen asks, and Jared just shrugs. There’s no way the tickets didn’t empty out Jared’s meager savings account. “Let me pay for half.”

“No,” Jared laughs, kissing Jensen’s forehead. “It’s on me. Consider it an early Christmas present.”

Jensen stares at the tickets and then looks up at Jared, getting up on his toes and kissing Jared intensely, fusing their mouths together and fucking his tongue inside. They’re both breathless when Jensen pulls back, panting into each other’s mouths.

“Wow,” Jared breathes, the tip of his nose skimming Jensen’s cheek. “That will never get old.”

“Yeah well,” Jensen replies, grinning. “You just wait for tonight. Anything you want, baby. Name it.”

“Yeah?” Jared replies, eyes drifting to the left like he’s already got something in mind.

“Well, I’m hoping the night ends with me as the meat in a Matt and Jared sandwich,” Jensen jokes. “But if that falls through then yeah, anything you want.”

Jared rolls his eyes and swats Jensen on the ass before pushing him in the general direction of his closet.

“Hurry up and get ready,” Jared says, glancing at the clock. “If we want a good spot we better leave now.”

“Okay, I just have to change,” Jensen says, bouncing excitedly towards his closet. He has some new going out clothes he’s been waiting to wear and this is the perfect occasion.

“Of course you do,” Jared sighs, but the expression on his face is fond. He watches as Jared pockets the tickets and turns to face his closet.

God, he’s a lucky boy.

They get there early enough that they manage to snag a spot right in front of the stage. The concert is standing room only and the tiny venue fills up quickly, people crowding in on them from all sides.

Jared stands behind Jensen, hands on his hips as they wait for the show to start. Jensen is so impatient, hips wiggling as he taps his foot against the concrete floor.

There’s no opening act, just Matt and his guitar. Jensen checks the time on his phone obsessively and when the house lights finally dim, everyone erupts in applause.

Matt Nathanson takes the stage, acoustic guitar hanging from his shoulder as he adjusts the mic and waves to the crowd. Jensen lets out a wolf whistle and Jared snorts, so happy he’s nearly bursting at the seams.

Jensen loves music. He loves singing it, listening to it, and playing it. He loves Matt’s music in particular, and Jared is so happy he could give this to him.

“Hey guys, I’m Matt Nathanson,” he says, and the crowd bursts into applause again. “I’m not gonna lie. This is gonna be a fuckin’ awesome show. We’re gonna fuckin’ rock it tonight, okay?”

Jared laughs. Matt Nathanson’s onstage antics have been the subject of many of Jensen’s late night YouTube searches.

“One question before we begin,” Matt says, fiddling with his guitar as he speaks into the mic. “How many of you have made love to my songs? Don’t be shy.”

There’s a loud cheer and a multitude of hands go up, including Jensen’s. Jared smirks and hooks his fingers in the waistband of Jensen’s pants, unwilling to lose that contact even though the crowd is pushing them together.

“Fuck yeah!” Matt shouts. “That’s what I like to hear. Everybody ready?”

Jensen yells so loud it hurts Jared’s ears, and then Matt starts to play. He may be Jensen’s favorite musician, but Jared likes him too and he can’t deny that the man is fucking good at what he does.

Jensen seems to be having a blast, singing along to every song and laughing at Matt’s stories. Jensen keeps shooting Jared little glances, soft private smiles of gratitude, and Jared’s heart grows two sizes.

Jared loops his arms around Jensen’s waist, interlocking his fingers over his bellybutton and resting his chin on Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen leans back against him, hands resting on Jared’s wrists.

Up on stage Matt leans in towards the mic, eyes flicking over to them, and he nearly does a double take. He steps back and looks directly down at Jared and Jensen, only a few feet away.

“Holy shit. You two are fucking adorable,” Matt says, and Jared can hear Jensen gasp. Jared looks over his shoulder and then back at Matt, who points at them. “Yes, you. The striking gay couple front row center. Christ, you kids are fuckin’ cute.”

Jared and Jensen share surprised looks that quickly turn into dopey grins before they look back up at Matt.

“How long have you been together?” Matt asks, looking genuinely curious. It’s not unheard of for Matt to strike up a conversation with an audience member in the middle of a show, and even in the dark Jared can see the blush on Jensen’s cheeks.

“Forever!” Jensen shouts out, and Jared grins. “Or six months, if you want to get technical.”

“Well shit, forever it is,” Matt replies, winking at them. “This one’s for you, okay?”

Jensen nearly swoons.

The guitar starts up and Jensen cheers, throwing his arms in the air. Jared keeps his grip around Jensen’s waist tight, smiling when Jensen presses back against him.

“Thought you might like this one,” Matt says, throwing Jensen another wink. Then he starts to sing. Jared recognizes the song right away.

He and Jensen have fucked to this song so many times.

Jensen shimmies his hips with the music, ass swaying and grinding against Jared’s hips and he tries very hard not to think sexual thoughts. It’s not an easy task. Especially when Jensen turns his head, digging his fingertips into the soft skin of Jared’s wrists as he starts to sing along with Matt, breathing hot into Jared’s ear.

So come on, get higher, loosen my lips. Faith and desire in the swing of your hips,” Jensen sings, swiveling his hips and biting down softly on the lobe of Jared’s ear. Jared slides one hand under Jensen’s shirts, hand pressing against his tattoo and pinky dipping into his pants. “Just pull me down hard and drown me in love.”

Jensen licks a wet stripe up the side of Jared’s neck, sucking at the hollow behind his ear. Vivid images flash behind Jared’s eyes, memories of Jensen fingering him open while this song played in the background, of Jensen singing the words into his bare skin.

I miss the pull of your heart. I taste the sparks on your tongue,” Jensen sings, and Jared can barely hear Matt anymore. “I see angels, and devils, and God when you come… on. Hold on.”

Jared grins, his hand slipping across Jensen’s hip as he finishes the rest of the song. Near the end, he lifts a hand and turns Jared’s chin so their eyes meet. Jensen’s gaze is intense, eyes dark jade in the dim light of the club.

Cause everything works, love,” he sings, full lips curving into a smile. “Everything works in your arms.”

Their lips meet on the last note, and they kiss sweetly to the sound of cheers, applause, and Matt Nathanson cooing into his microphone.

They stumble into their room late that night, high on a post concert buzz, ears still ringing from being so close to the speakers.

They’re covered in sweat that has long since dried tacky, disgusting because most of it isn’t even theirs but that’s okay. They’re happy.

Jared toes off his Chuck Taylors as Jensen sticks their signed ticket stubs to the corkboard with brightly colored pushpins. The grin hasn’t faded from his face since Matt walked out on the stage and god, Jared loves that smile.

“I can’t believe you actually asked Matt Nathanson to sign your tits,” Jared snorts, and Jensen turns around. He pulls up his shirt, proudly displaying the messy scribble between his nipples, one of which Matt turned into a smiley face.

Jared sort of hates seeing someone else’s name inked into Jensen’s skin, even if it is temporary, and even if it doesn’t mean anything.

“Dude, whatever,” Jensen replies, looking down at the sharpie marks on his pale, freckled skin. “You know that shit was hilarious.”

It was. Meeting Matt after the show was pretty incredible. They skulked around the tour bus with the other fans until Matt came out with a wide smile and a sharpie in his hand.

He remembered them, and when he gave Jensen a hug he nearly choked on his gum. They chatted for a bit, took some pictures, and Matt signed their ticket stubs and Jensen’s chest, which Jared has on video. Which is totally going on YouTube.

“So you had fun, I take it?” Jared asks, and Jensen walks over to him. He links their hands together, kissing Jared’s knuckles before looking up at him.

“So much,” he says adamantly. “Thank you, Jared.” He presses their lips together softly. “I love you.”

“Mm, love you,” Jared replies, hands slipping under Jensen’s shirt to rest on his stomach.

“So, I believe I promised that you could have me however you wanted,” Jensen says with a flirty grin. “Any ideas?”

Jared looks hard at Jensen’s mouth, at the soft pink skin of his puffy lips, at the curve of them. He thinks about how they felt against his skin when Jensen was singing to him, thinks of the rush he gets when they touch his own.

He reaches into Jensen’s pocket and pulls out his phone, fingers dancing across the shiny touch screen.

“On the bed,” Jared says softly, and Jensen grins, pulling off his tee shirt as he goes. Jared sets the phone down in its dock on the nightstand, taking off his own shirt as he climbs onto the bed next to Jensen.

“I set an alarm for an hour from now,” Jared says, pressing his hand to Jensen’s collarbone, sliding up until his fingers find Jensen’s pulse and press against it softly. “I want you to kiss me.”

“And?” Jensen asks, reaching up to wrap his fingers around Jared’s wrist as Jared’s hand curls around his neck. The amount of trust they have in each other is insane, and Jared loves the calm, relaxed look in Jensen’s eyes, even with a hand wrapped loosely around his throat. Jared squeezes, just slightly, and Jensen lets out a breathy sigh.

“That’s it,” Jared replies, sliding his hand away from Jensen’s neck to rest over his heart. “I want you to kiss me, and I want you to still be kissing me when that alarm goes off an hour from now.”

Jensen looks surprised for a moment before his lips curve into a soft smile, eyes locking on Jared with such reverence that Jared’s breath catches in his throat.

“I can do that,” Jensen whispers, reaching up to curl his arm around Jared’s neck and pull him down on top of him. Their lips meet as Jared blankets Jensen’s smaller body with his own, slipping one thigh between Jensen’s legs and pressing their bare chests together.

Jensen likes to kiss with both hands, palming Jared’s cheeks as he parts Jared’s lips with his tongue. Jared barely lets their tongues touch before he’s pulling away, kissing Jensen’s bottom lip and then the top, sealing their mouths together again and reveling in the feel of Jensen’s lips against his own.

It’s soft and lazy for the most part, hard dicks ignored in favor of their kisses. Jensen smells like sweat and smoke and the barest hint of his lavender shampoo and Jared buries his face in Jensen’s neck just to inhale the scent of him, dizzy and overpowering.

They kiss until they’re lightheaded from lack of air, until their lips are numb and clumsy from overuse. It feels hot in the room but it’s probably just them, temperature skyrocketing as they stay pressed together skin to skin, arms wrapped around each other and hands roaming lazily. Jensen bites down softly on Jared’s bottom lip, tugs it just slightly and licks away the sting. Jared licks the crisp taste of sweat away from the bow of Jensen’s upper lip before sucking it into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth until he’s almost sure it will bruise.

The alarm goes off and Jensen pulls away, eyes half lidded and sleepy as he looks up at Jared with a swollen smile. He pushes Jared’s sweaty hair away from his face, cups his cheek in one hand and just stares at him, gaze intense as the alarm blares from the nightstand.

Finally Jensen reaches over, pressing snooze before lifting his head to kiss Jared again.

Onto Part 10.
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