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fic: tell them we're like magnets (Part 10)

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Finals week gets off to a rough start.

Jensen nearly sleeps through his Biology exam, barely skidding into the classroom on time. He breaks both of his pencils and when he borrows one from the girl next to him she tries valiantly to get him to go to lunch with her. She flips her hair and bats her eyelashes and he’s so stressed he just kind of awkwardly tells her that he likes cock and runs away.

Things go downhill from there.

He doesn’t have any time to eat, let alone caffeinate, and he trips over the threshold of his Spanish classroom and faceplants in front of thirty stressed out college kids in need of a good laugh.

Basically, his entire day is fmylife.com material.

He escapes into his room, throwing his bag into the corner and climbing onto his bed, resisting the urge to curl into the fetal position. College is hard.

After a few minutes (in which he totally doesn’t play his CD of soothing ocean sounds, shut up) Jared comes in, still wearing his Ed’s apron and nursing an extra large icy cup of amazing deliciousness and caffeine.

Jensen whimpers and gets off of his bed, rushing over to Jared and crushing his face into Jared’s chest, wrapping his arms tight around Jared’s waist. Jared immediately wraps him in a hug, cold coffee cup pressed between his shoulder blades.

“Aw, babe,” Jared chuckles, pressing a kiss to his temple. “Long day?”

Jensen just whimpers again, very pathetically. Jared kisses his forehead and then pushes him back. He pinches the tip of his straw and sticks it between Jensen’s lips.

“Drink,” Jared says, and Jensen slurps down the coffee greedily. He makes happy noises when Jared puts the cup in his hand. “There we go. Oh, I got something for you.”

“Hm?” Jensen mumbles, lips still sucking at the straw. Jared laughs and digs something out of his pocket. He takes Jensen’s wrist and Jensen finally stops drinking, brows knitting. Jared ties a thin black leather bracelet onto his wrist, and then turns it over and thumbs at the thin cuff. There is a silver ring in the middle, and it’s warm against Jensen’s skin.

“Ed is letting this chick sell some of her stuff at work,” Jared explains, shrugging one shoulder. “I thought this would look good on you.”

Jensen blinks, tearing his eyes away from the bracelet and swallowing against the sudden swell of emotion in his throat.

“Thanks,” he breathes, bringing his wrist up to his face to examine the jewelry. “I love it.”

“Good,” Jared grins, and then groans when he glances at the clock. “I gotta go. I’m almost late for my exam.”

“Okay,” Jensen responds slowly, watching as Jared takes off his apron and tosses it into the corner. “Good luck.”

“Thanks, Jen.” He grabs Jensen around the waist and kisses his lips softly. “See you soon.”

He runs out of the room, leaving Jensen with his favorite caffeinated beverage, a new present, and a huge grin on his face.

The day is definitely looking up.

They survive finals thanks to a precarious cocktail of caffeine, sex, and power naps.

By Thursday, Jensen is running purely on adrenaline and endorphins, and he’s got one final to go. He stumbles into the dorm room to see Jared sitting at the desk, nursing a large iced coffee. He sees Jensen and gets up, stalking over to him and pressing him against the door as he kisses him.

“Mm, hey,” Jensen says, licking the coffee taste from his lips. “Good to see you too.”

“Hold this,” Jared says, thrusting the ice-cold cup into Jensen’s hand. As soon as Jensen has a good grip on it Jared drops to his knees, hands going for Jensen’s fly. “Finished my History exam and this was all I could think about. Wanna suck you so bad.”

“Shit – yeah, okay,” Jensen says, surprised and pleased. Jared yanks his pants down and wraps his hand around Jensen’s dick, getting him hard and then sucking him into his mouth. Jensen grunts, one hand tangling in Jared’s hair and the other squeezing the drink cup. He watches Jared suck him, insanely pink lips stretching wide around his shaft, dusky eyelashes skimming flushed cheeks. He absently brings the straw to his lips, gulping down coffee. He lets out another soft moan around the straw.

Jared looks up at him, one eyebrow raised as he sucks greedily at the head of Jensen’s dick. Jensen just smiles around the straw, one hand cupping Jared’s cheek.

“It’s like a fucking threesome,” Jensen mumbles around the straw, and Jared just rolls his eyes and then closes them as he bobs up and down on his dick. “The two loves of my life.”

It’s not long before he’s coming into Jared’s mouth, a soft cry escaping his lips as his hips jerk forward.

Jared swallows it all and then slinks up Jensen’s body, kissing his panting lips and then taking the cup back, slurping noisily until he finishes off the coffee. He kisses Jensen again, fucks his tongue into his mouth and lets Jensen taste the strangely addicting bitter taste of sugary coffee and his own come.

“Gonna let me fuck you?” Jared asks, tugging Jensen across the room. Jensen grins and falls back onto the bed, leaning up on his elbows as Jared undresses.

“Depends,” Jensen asks, fingers wrapping lazily around his dick, stroking himself back to full hardness. “Is the latte invited?”

Jared just growls and jumps on top of him.

Jensen takes that as a no.

The semester finally ends, and Christmas break is spent with their families. Jared had no idea how much he actually missed them until he was with them again, could hug his mother and carry his little sister on his back and feel his dad’s firm hand on his shoulder.

They’d spent all of Thanksgiving break on each other – fighting, making up, relearning each other, and their families had been neglected.

He and Jensen don’t talk much in the week leading up to Christmas, but that’s okay. This time they know where they stand. They can spend time with their families without worrying about their fate, because they’re better than they’ve ever been.

Jared can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, little boy restlessness he hasn’t yet outgrown. The house is quiet, everyone sacked out on eggnog and cookies, but he’s still wide awake. Humming Christmas carols doesn’t work, and he lets out a huff as he rolls out of bed.

He rubs at his eyes and then spots something on the nightstand, grinning to himself as he snatches it up and heads out of the room.

It’s cold enough outside that he drives over to Jensen’s, parking his truck behind Jensen’s car and staring up at his window. He smiles to himself and bypasses the front door, instead hopping onto the trellis that was seemingly tailor made for sneaking into Jensen’s room.

The window fogs up with his breath as he pushes it open and climbs inside. Jensen rolls over, sleepy eyes fluttering open blearily. He stares at Jared and then smirks, yawning hugely.

“You’re not Santa,” Jensen mumbles, rubbing at his eyes. Jared grins and closes the window, shivering a little as his body adjusts to the sleepy warmth of Jensen’s bedroom. He kicks off his flip-flops and climbs into Jensen’s bed, snuggling against his boyfriend and pressing his cold toes against his feet. Jensen hisses and wraps his arms around Jared, eyes slipping shut again. “You’re freezing.”

“Hey,” Jared whispers, digging the mistletoe out of his pocket and holding it above their heads. Jensen doesn’t respond, breath coming soft and shallow. “Hey, wake up.”

“Hm?” Jensen’s eyebrows rise slightly but he doesn’t open his eyes. Jared leans in and brushes their noses together, his hand curling around Jensen’s hip.

“Hey, look,” Jared tries again, and Jensen finally opens his eyes. Jared pulls back and shakes the mistletoe, grinning widely. Jensen looks up at it and then chuckles softly, fingers sliding up into Jared’s hair.

“You really need an excuse?” Jensen asks, voice low and raspy with sleep. “You can kiss me anytime you want to.”

Jared grins even wider, heart thumping against his ribcage as he tosses the mistletoe on the floor. He leans in to kiss Jensen tenderly, and his lips are warm and so soft. Jensen’s fingers are lazy but insistent, curling in his hair as he returns the kiss. It doesn’t end until they’re breathless, turning their heads to the side just to get some much needed oxygen.

Moonlight filters in through the blinds, falling in a line of stripes on the floor. They rest their heads on the same pillow and look at each other, pressed so close and staying so warm. Jensen’s eyes slip shut and he presses their foreheads together, fingers trailing down the back of Jared’s neck and making him shiver.

They’re quiet for a long time, just breathing each other in. He assumes Jensen has fallen back to sleep and he’s about to drift off as well when suddenly Jensen pulls him closer, lips brushing his ear as he starts to sing, soft as a whisper.

Moon pours through the ceiling tonight, embraces us tight, shows me we’re right for each other,” he sings, voice low and rough, the sleepy sound of it going straight to Jared’s heart. “And as we lie here and let the world fade away, the sunrise tries to end it while we try to stay.”

Jared’s throat constricts with emotion as Jensen presses their foreheads together, eyes closed and lips brushing Jared’s as he sings. Jared pulls Jensen even closer, gathers him up in his arms and tries to keep his emotions in check. Jensen hasn’t sang for him like this since they fixed everything, and Jared missed it terribly – missed the sound of Jensen’s sweet, rough voice in his ear as they lie tangled together in a dark, quiet room. It’s so intimate, makes Jared tremble with the force of it.

The rest of my life can’t compare to this night, and only the heartaches have given me sight. They bring me to you,” Jensen continues, voice slow and smooth like honey. He’s nearly boneless in Jared’s arms, so tired, but he continues to sing for Jared like he knows how much he needs it.

Jensen opens his eyes then, biting his lip for a moment and pushing even closer to Jared, hand slipping up the back of his shirt and resting between his shoulder blades. He presses his lips to Jared’s forehead and continues, voice tinged with emotion.

It’s all about the first night and last, some people say,” Jensen sings softly, lips brushing Jared’s forehead. “Well, I love you so much more tonight, more than yesterday. The rest of my life can’t compare to this night.”

Jared blinks away the moisture in his eyes, arm locked tight around Jensen’s waist. Jensen exhales deeply, lips skimming across Jared’s eyebrow and down the slope of his nose. He nudges Jared’s nose with his own and then kisses him gently, plush lips pressing against his own. He lets his head drop to the pillow, burrowing his head under Jared’s jaw, lips pressed to the hollow of his throat.

“I love you,” Jared breathes, and he feels Jensen’s lips turn up into a lazy, sleepy smile against his skin.

“I love you,” Jensen repeats, sticking his warm feet up against Jared’s cold ones. “Merry Christmas.”

Jensen falls asleep, and Jared spends a long time just staring out at the moon, rubbing circles low on Jensen’s back.

It’s amazing, just how much love his heart can hold.

Misha’s cabin is more like a house – a relatively large house with two stories, situated on the edge of the massive lake. It’s pretty awesome.

Like, really awesome.

There are two bedrooms upstairs that Misha and Jensen have called dibs on so they can fuck their respective boys in relative private and everyone else has to crash on the floor wherever they happen to pass out. Jensen is pretty happy about that.

It’s thirty minutes to midnight, and Jensen is really fucking drunk. He’s perched up on the back of the sofa, sipping from something pink and strong that Sandy thrust into his hand. Jared is… somewhere else and the music is really loud.

Something grabs his foot and he absolutely does not shriek as he’s pulled off of the back of the couch, ass landing on the cushions with a bounce as he keeps his drink over his head. A lone drop splashes out and hits his cheek. He tries to lick it away as James flops down next to him. He leans in to lick the drink from Jensen’s cheek and he wrinkles his nose. It beats being sticky, he guesses.

“So you like sucking dick, right?” James asks, licking his finger clean and then taking a drink from Jensen’s cup. His first instinct is to protect his booze at all costs, but then he squints at James.

“Why would you ask me such a question?” Jensen says, and yeah wow, he’s slurring just a little. James rolls his eyes and slings his arm over Jensen’s shoulders.

“I mean, you genuinely get off on sucking dick,” James continues. “You don’t do it just to make Jared feel good, right?”

“Why do you say this?” Fuck, why can’t he talk properly? James bites his lip and gestures over his shoulder.

“Jared is like, really drunk,” he says, whispering like it’s a secret. Jensen can smell tequila on his breath. “And chatty.”

“Jared is telling people I get off on sucking cock?” He asks, and James nods. “Well, it’s not like he’s lying, but damn.”

“It’s just, I’ve always fooled around with guys, but it’s always been like a one night thing, you know?” James continues. “I was sort of talented at always finding myself on the receiving end of things. And now like, I have a boyfriend and I’m expected to be on my knees all the time, and it leaves a little to be desired.”

“And you’re asking me for advice because I love sucking dick?” Jensen asks, and James nods. “On my knees like a whore.”

“No!” James shouts. “Ugh, never mind.”

“I’m kidding,” Jensen laughs, letting his forehead fall onto James’s shoulder. “I do love it.” He lifts his head and looks James in the eye. “It’s the taste, right? You don’t like the taste.”

“That’s a big part of it,” James admits, and Jensen tries to nod and take a drink at the same time, which results in him spilling pink liquid into the creases of his neck. James leans in and Jensen smacks his palm against his forehead and pushes him back.

“Down boy,” Jensen says, and then takes another drink. “You know how me and Jared drink pineapple juice all the time? Always have it with lunch and stuff?”

“Yeah,” James replies, raising an eyebrow.

“It ain’t because we enjoy tropical fruit, man,” Jensen tells him, nodding at himself and then taking another drink. It’s almost gone and he has no idea what it was and he needs Sandy like, right now.

“What are you – oh. Wait, really?” James asks, eyes widening as Jensen nods.

“Our come tastes like candy, man,” Jensen tells him. “Can’t get enough of it.”

“That really works?” James asks, and Jensen lets out a long hum, staring mournfully into his empty red cup. “I gotta go tell Misha. Pineapple. Thanks!”

He leans in to plant a kiss on Jensen’s cheek but sort of gets his nose and his upper lip instead. It tickles and Jensen instinctively slaps at him, shouting an apology as James runs away.

Sandy!” He calls, but to no avail. His cup stays devastatingly empty. Jared drops down next to him and leans in to kiss at his neck.

“Mm, you’re all sticky,” Jared says, tongue peeking out to lap at Jensen’s skin. Jensen hums and tilts his head to the side. Then he pushes Jared back and glares at him.

“Why are you telling everyone I get off on sucking your dick?” Jensen says, scowling. Jared just looks confused and drunk and adorable. Jensen sort of just wants to make out with him all night.

“I’m sorry?” Jared replies. “That’s not exactly a secret, dude. Everyone knows you’re a slut for my cock.”

Or not.

“If it’s any consultation,” Jared says, leaning in to trace his tongue along the curve of Jensen’s jaw. “The feeling is mutual.”

“Did – did you just say ‘if it’s any consultation’?” Jensen asks, throwing his head back and laughing. Jared snorts against his neck, his hand falling heavily onto Jensen’s thigh.

“’M really drunk,” Jared laughs, kissing his way up to Jensen’s ear. “And you’re really hot.”

“Two things I was already quite aware of, thanks,” Jensen replies, spotting James and Misha over at the liquor table. James is pouring pineapple Malibu into Misha’s cup and Jensen rolls his eyes. “It has to be real pineapple, dumbass!” He shouts, and James shrugs his shoulders. Jensen watches him mix the rum with orange juice and he licks his lips. “Bring me one!”

Jeff wanders over with a beer in hand, and he goes to sit next to them but then spots Jared’s tongue firmly attached to Jensen’s neck and scoots over a cushion before dropping down. Jensen looks over at him, fingers curled loosely in the soft curls at the base of Jared’s neck.

“How goes it?” Jensen asks, nodding in thanks when James hands him a full red cup. He takes a sip, tastes the sharp tartness of pineapple juice and winks at James before pulling Jared’s head back so he can have a sip. Jared lets out a soft hum and gulps it down.

“Oh, I’m just trapped in a vortex of unspeakable evil, and you?” Jeff scoffs, nursing his beer with a scowl. “It’s a total fucking banana factory in here. There are two girls, and ten guys. Ten! And the two girls are ridiculously hot and no amount of alcohol will get them to leave their stupid boyfriends. Or make out with each other.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Jensen says. “Given enough alcohol I would put money on Sandy and Sophia touching boobs by the end of the night.”

“Really?” Jared and Jeff say in unison, and Jensen flicks the end of Jared’s nose. “Ow.”

“I brought you something pink!” Sandy exclaims, popping up from seemingly nowhere and dropping onto Jensen’s lap. She leans in to give him a peck on the lips and Jensen wrinkles his nose.

“You’re not allowed to do that anymore,” Jensen says, rubbing at his mouth. “Your lips have been on my brother.”

“All the tiiiime,” Sandy giggles, leaning in to kiss Jared as well. Jeff narrows his eyes at her and she juts her lips out into a pout.

“What’s up, Yoko?” Jeff says, and Sandy rolls her eyes. “Just walkin’ around with that sexy little body, breaking up the band and shit.”

“Don’t be like that,” Sandy chides. “What can I do to cheer you up, Jeffy?”

“Make out with Sophia,” Jensen supplies, and Sandy smirks. “All the straight boys here would enjoy that. But Jared isn’t allowed to watch.”

Fucked up,” Jared tells him, but Jensen just smirks and kisses his temple.

“No, seriously,” Jeff says, leaning in with bright eyes. “How much alcohol would it take to make this happen?”

“Is that all?” Sandy says, hopping drunkenly off of the couch. “Sophia!”

“Oh shit. Later, homos!” Jeff exclaims, following Sandy across the room. Jared and Jensen watch as Sandy hops onto Sophia’s lap and plants a kiss on her lips. Chad drops his beer and Josh’s eyes widen.

“That’s it!” Josh cries out. “No more hanging out with the gays. It’s fucking contagious!” Chad just looks over at them and mouths thank you, giving them a double thumbs up.

“Girl kissing!” James exclaims. “Someone break out a camera, now. Twitter it, throw it on your Facebook wall! I want this all over every social networking site within the hour!”

“You’re welcome!” Jensen shouts back. Chris looks over at them and tips his cup. Jared and Jensen both nod back at him, happy that there’s no lingering animosity between them. He looks back at Sandy and Sophia, wrinkling his nose. “I just don’t understand the appeal.”

“Yeah,” Jared says, looking over his shoulder at them and then turning back to Jensen, pulling his legs across Jared’s lap. Jensen raises an eyebrow, smirking warmly.

“Right,” he says slowly, taking another sip of his drink as Jared stares at him. “You don’t find that hot?”

“You know what I find hot?” Jared says, sliding his giant hand up Jensen’s thigh to his hip, pulling him fully on his lap. “You.”

“Yeah?” Jensen asks, setting his cup down on the floor so he can loop an arm around Jared’s neck. He’s looking at him with this warm, liquid gaze and it makes Jensen’s heart speed up.

“Yeah,” Jared replies lowly. “Two girls kissing might be nice to look at, but you in your old man pajamas flossing your teeth in the bathroom mirror will always be hotter.”

“Shut up,” Jensen says, slapping Jared’s chest as his cheeks heat up. Jared laughs softly and catches Jensen’s wrist, slotting his fingers with Jensen’s and squeezing.

“It’s true,” Jared retorts. “The way you get up on your tiptoes and lean in, stretching until your shirt pulls up and I can see your tattoo.”

Jensen swallows as Jared’s free hand trails under his shirt, fingers rubbing across his inked hip. He shudders slightly and leans in, pressing his head to Jared’s shoulder.

“And when you fall asleep while you’re studying,” Jared continues, fingers stroking soothingly across his tattoo, “and you drool all over your textbooks. So hot.”

He reaches up to put his fingers under Jensen’s chin, lifting his face until they’re eye to eye. Jensen licks his lips, eyes drooping as he stares at Jared’s face. He’s drunk on alcohol, drunk on Jared, and he’s warm and tingly all over. His thumb swipes gently across Jensen’s lips and he nearly moans.

“But when you kiss me?” Jared says, voice pitched fond and low. “Explosive.”

Jensen pushes up a little, presses his lips to Jared’s in a soft kiss. The sensation is such a rush every single time. They keep at it – soft little kisses and gentle swipes of their tongues. Jensen is still breathless when Jared pulls away. He keeps his lips pressed to the corner of Jensen’s mouth, words spoken into soft skin in a near whisper.

“And when I’m inside you?” Jared says, and Jensen shivers. “When I’m making love to you, Jen, that’s fucking molten lava. Nothing hotter.”

“Do it,” Jensen breathes, arms tightening around Jared’s neck, his ass snug against Jared’s lap. “Take me upstairs. Make love to me.”

“There’s something we need to do first,” Jared replies, chuckling as he slips his hand up the back of Jensen’s shirt. Jensen sighs, leaning in to kiss under Jared’s ear.

“What could be more important than you and me,” Jensen breathes, nipping Jared’s earlobe, “tangled up together, naked between the sheets?”

“It’s almost midnight,” Jared tells him, glancing at the television. Dick Clark continues to defy the laws of nature by being alive, and the ball is close to dropping. “They say that whatever you’re doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing all year.”

Jensen pulls away from Jared’s neck and looks around the room. Josh and Chad have reclaimed their girlfriends and their mouths, lips locked together. James and Misha are curled up together in a recliner, looking adorable with their foreheads pressed together. Everyone is having such a good time, and everyone is so drunk. Jensen smiles, feeling so grateful to have such a fantastic group of friends. He’s lucky to be here in the middle of them all, wrapped up in Jared’s arms.

“So you’re saying we’re going to spend all year watching our friends make drunken asses of themselves?” Jensen asks, turning his head to look at Jared. Jared just smiles fondly, reaching up to push Jensen’s hair back from his face.

“If we’re lucky,” he says, lacing his fingers with Jensen’s again and kissing his knuckles. “But I was actually talking about us. We’re going to be together, kissing at midnight and we’re gonna be together all year and then when next year rolls around we’ll kiss again, and it’ll go on like that forever.”

“Forever, huh?” Jensen replies, smiling fondly and leaning in to press their foreheads together. Jared grins, and he’s so beautiful it knocks all the air from Jensen’s lungs.

“Hell yeah,” Jared replies, and then reaches up to cup Jensen’s cheek, looking soft and warm and so serious. “I love you.”

The countdown starts then, everyone in the room screaming out the numbers at the top of their lungs.

“I love you too,” Jensen responds softly, their lips nearly brushing. “Always will.”

“Three, two, one!”

“Happy New Year,” they tell each other in unison, and their lips meet in the middle of all the chaos. Amidst the shouts and the screams, all the confetti raining down, there is only them.

Only them, forever.


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