August 2nd, 2011

[boys] benedict - oh god no why.

to-do list (soon to be a ta-dah! list. ...get it?)

Okay, it's time to get real. I feel like I might be getting my mojo back, so here it is: a fic to-do list. Look at me, all responsible and shit.

  • more completely self-indulgent wincestiel porn with obstinatrix
    -We like to make them fuck in various positions, okay? And we won't apologize for that.

  • an 'as this sunset turns to morning' timestamp
    -This is for Amelie, who I don't think has an lj. She wants some sunset!Josh POV. It's the last fic for my light the night exchange, and it's been giving me troubles. *kicks it*

  • a 'Malibu Jared©' timestamp
    -This is for trueshellz and help_japan, and I have it all plotted out up in my dome, so I just need to get it out on paper screen.

  • a modern day 'Tangled' J2 AU
    -Okay, straight up. I'm obsessed with Tangled. And I love doing movie rewrites. So yes, it's happening. Jensen = Rapunzel (without the hair) and Jared = Flynn. Jensen's going to have a hedgehog named Ringo, okay? Also, kazminka was nice enough to indulge my crazy and accept this as her help_japan fic.

  • a fluffy mishalecki AU
    -This is because my friends are dirty fucking enablers that talked me into signing up for sassy_minibang. I thought it'd be fun to try to write something new and out of my comfort zone. So I whipped up an idea that involves Jared and Jensen being childhood BFFs that drifted over time, and when they reconnect in California a few years later, Misha is Jensen's quirky roommate. Featuring adorable!Jared, odd-yet-endearing!Misha, and awesome!straight!BFF!Jensen This is only 10k and isn't due until October 28th. It's also dead last on my list of priorities because my other obligations come first. So yes. Mishalecki. Goddamn you, Misha Collins. (DRAFT COMPLETE for sassy_minibang. Will be posted on 12/13/11.)

  • 'Modern Love' - A J2 AU
    -This one is kind of hush hush, but it's going to be awesome. I think.