June 8th, 2011

[fic] reinventing love - boys in love.

fic: like vines we intertwined [love 'verse]

Okay, so. A new lengthy installment of love 'verse is at the beta (\o/) and should be up soon. In the meantime, have a special flist only treat!

Title: like vines we intertwined
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Alan/Donna, Gerry/Sherri, Jensen/Jared.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 3,300
Disclaimer: Look up the word ‘fiction’ in the dictionary. You will not find a picture of this story, but the definition of the word ‘fiction’, which this is.
Summary: This is the story of how Alan met Gerry, who fell in love with Sherri, who introduced him to Donna. It's a story about family, both born and made, and how fate had a very roundabout way of bringing together two boys that were simply made for each other.

Notes: Another charity fic! This one is for the lovely j_rea, who wanted some back story for Jared and Jensen's parents in the reinventing love 'verse. So that's what this is. Thanks to kamikaze_redux for the beta. ♥

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