June 1st, 2011

[spn] dean - look away from me.

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Howdy y'all! (Yeah, I just can't pull that off.)

How was everyone's holiday weekend? Better than mine, I hope! It started off okay. I spent a day with my old friend Jason, and we went to get his hair cut, had lunch, and then saw Pirates 4 and Hangover 2. But then after he dropped me off at home I had yet another panic attack and landed myself in the ER with av IV drip of fluids and anti-anxiety meds.

Apparently I have (another) sever sinus infection which is slowly spreading to my ears and chest, which accounts for my persistent zombie fog. Sooo, I got discharged Monday morning with hardcore antibiotics and some anti-anxiety meds.

I really, really hope these antibiotics do the trick, because I'm over it. OVER IT.

So, of course, writing fell by the wayside AGAIN. I know I probably shouldn't feel guilty. I have a condition that makes me sick enough to land me in the hospital a bunch BUT STILL. I owe people fic and it frustrates me when I can barely focus enough to type up an LJ entry, let pull together the coherency required to write a somewhat enjoyable fic.

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