January 17th, 2011

[boys] collins - kissy face.

this is an sfcon/brock kelly appreciation post.

OKAY. SO. I went to sfcon over the weekend and I had a COMPLETE AND UTTER BLAST. If I didn't get to hook up with you over the weekend, I am sorry! There will be more chances~~

I'm back at work chugging Red Bull and trying to decide if my throat hurts because of all the screaming or because Jensen gave my weak ass immune system his cold. He breathed right on my face (on accident) during our photo op, so who knows. (He chews spearmint gum, by the way.) Is it bad that I wouldn't really mind if Jensen got me sick? That's probably sad.

I suck at write-ups and I haven't really slept any actual good, restful sleep since Wednesday so I will try to save more detail for when I actually scan in all my photo ops and I can pretend to be witty or something.

Just know this: the Stongehenge Apocalypse drinking game is one hell of a good time and I got drunk enough to sing the Time Warp on stage with Richard, Gabe, and a few awesome friends. Aldis dragged me on stage during his panel to do the jerk with him so I got to make an ass of myself and that was nice. Aldis called me baby. Jared called me sweetie and winked at me. BROCK KELLY HUGGED ME.

I don't even care, you guys. I am so smitten with Brock Kelly. He's just so.. COOL. AHH I LOVE HIM SFM. That draaaawl, you guys. HIS EYES. *wanders off to write Mrs. Carly Kelly all over her notebooks*

But here, have this crappy picture I took of my picture with my phone. Oh, Jensen. OH JENSEN. This is what Jensen Ackles looks like with a COLD. I'm not wooooorthy.

ALSO HEY DON'T SKIP THIS JUST BECAUSE IT'S UNDER THE PICTURE. For curiosity/reasearch purposes, who on my flist is going to lacon next month? Drop a comment and let me know!

Lastly, if I married Brock Kelly, my name would be Carly Kelly which sounds a lot like Charlie Kelly and also a little like a porn star name, so obviously it's fate. I MADE BROCK KELLY BLUSH, YOU GUYS. And then he made me giggle like a little girl. Also, my iPhone auto-corrects his name to Brick Jelly and that's just hilarious.