June 4th, 2009

[spn] winchesters - readin' porn!

the supernatural happy fun times any pairing goes porn meme!

The internet got you down? Have the summertime blues? Want to have some good, clean (or dirty, as the case may be) fun? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

the supernatural happy fun times
any pairing goes porn meme!

Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? The double entendre is very fitting, I think.

The rules are quite simple, people. All you have to do is post a pairing that is in some way related to Supernatural and/or RPS and a prompt, and hope and wish and pray someone writes some smoking hot porn for you. Any pairing goes! You want to see Jared and Jensen make sweet, schmoopy love under the stars? Awesome. You want to see Dean and Ruby have some hot, angry hate sex in a seedy motel room? That’s great too. Hell, you want Chad to tie Misha up in his basement and have his wicked way with him while the whole freaking CW crew watches? Have at it! There is no pairing too random, no kink too kinky!

To recap: Post a porny prompt and/or write a porny ficlet for an existing prompt. If you want to prompt yourself? Do it. (Play with others or play with yourself. No one will judge you!) It’s a porn FREE FOR ALL. There are just two things to remember.

  • HAVE FUN. This is by far the most important rule. The object of this meme is to take you mind off of anything that’s bothering you. No matter what it is. (Any hey, if it makes you a little tingly in the pants area? Bonus!)
  • NO WANK. Dudes, come on. Live and let live. I don’t want any hate in my journal. You don’t like the pairing or prompt someone posted? Skip it and move on. Any rude or hurtful comments will be deleted without warning.

    Pimp this shit out, guys! Post the banner in your journal, any community that will let you, Twitter it, whatever! I want every sadface in fandom to come over here and have a fucking blast, alright? I want sloppy grins and sloppier pants! I want your porn A GAME. So come on, just get in here already!

    That’s what she said. Come on, you had to have seen that coming.

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