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fic: reinventing love 'verse - masterpost.

Note: Fics are in chronological order, not necessarily the order written.

things like chemistry (Jared, Jensen. R. 7,500 words.)
Coming out to your best friend isn’t easy. But then again, neither is falling in love with him. [pdf]

we must reinvent love (Jared/Jensen. Adult. 26,500 words.) *The one that started it all.
With high school graduation less than two weeks away, best friends Jared and Jensen find themselves scrambling to tie up a few loose ends before they’re forced into adulthood. Jared ropes Jensen into helping him get the alcohol for Sandy's graduation party, and what should be a simple night of partying ends up turning into a series of mishaps and misunderstandings that all come to head when Jensen finally tells Jared the secret he wasn't ever planning on spilling. If high school has to end, they're going out with a bang. (A J2 spin on the movie Superbad.) [pdf]

you can breathe now (Jared/Jensen. Adult. 12,000 words.)
When Jared decides to come out, it isn’t exactly a huge ordeal. Jensen is supportive and everyone else is an asshole. Which, come to think of it, isn’t really any different from normal. But hey, at least he’s getting laid. [pdf]

waste our weeks beneath the sun (Jared/Jensen. Adult. 30,000 words.)
It’s been a crazy summer for Jared and Jensen. They’ve graduated high school, lost their virginities, and came out to their parents. Not to mention falling in love – with each other. With only a month left before they have to kiss their childhood goodbye and head off to college, the two of them take off on a road trip. Along the way they learn what it really means to be in a relationship with your best friend. It may not always be easy, but it’s definitely always worth it. [pdf]

tell them we're like magnets (Jared/Jensen. Adult. 83,000 words.)
The story of Jared and Jensen's life together reads sort of like a fairytale. Come on, childhood friends growing up and falling in love? It doesn't get much sweeter than that. But now their perfect summer has ended, and it's time to go off to college. They're more than ready to tackle this new chapter of their lives together, but deadlines, scheduling conflicts, and epic misunderstandings threaten to make the journey harder, and the outcome uncertain. The boys soon learn that not everything comes easy, that sometimes just being in love isn't enough, and they find themselves struggling to keep their grip on what matters most - each other. [pdf]

the lights and buzz (Jared/Jensen. Adult. 7,000 words.)
Jensen has a nasty habit and Jared will do whatever it takes to help him kick it. [pdf]

full contact (Jared/Jensen. R. 4,200 words.)
In which Jensen continues to be accident prone and Jared continues to fret. At least it's nice to know that some things never change. [pdf]

this time is ours (Jared/Jensen. James/Misha. Adult. 33,000 words.)
Jared and Jensen have one year of college under their belts, and their big brothers have shiny new degrees. They might all be moving up in the world, but that doesn't mean that they need to move on. Especially not from each other. [pdf]

ficlets, timestamps, etc.

Note: Timestamps are in chronological order, not necessarily the order written.

out past curfew (Jared&Jensen. PG-13. 1,400 words.)
Jensen pines and Jared may or may not get into a fight with a squirrel. [pdf]
it'll be alright (Jared/Jensen. PG. 400 words.)
In which Jared is a crybaby and Jensen is an awesome boyfriend. [pdf]
our red crayons bright with love (Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 3,300 words.)
This thing between them goes back even further than they thought. Maybe it’s always been there, and they just needed a nudge in the right direction. (Jared and Jensen as little kids!) [pdf]
to be or not to be (Misha/James, Jared/Jensen. R. 4,400 words.)
James and Misha don’t really know how they feel about each other, but when they end up being alone in the dorms over break they know it’s time to figure it out. [pdf]
cyborgs from a very sexy future (James/Misha, Jared/Jensen. R. 1,600 words.)
James and Misha lose the sex-off, fail at making snow angels, and have to share the hot tub with two horny teenagers. It's the best vacation ever. [pdf]
we have a code green (Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 2,000 words.)
Jensen gets a cold and everyone immediately flees, including Jared. At first. [pdf]
best laid plans (Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 2,750 words.)
It's their first Valentine's Day as a couple, and Jared and Jensen are determined to make it perfect. It doesn't exactly turn out that way. [pdf]
baby mama drama (Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 1,700 words.)
Jared should be spending his spring break on a sunny beach, but instead he has to spend it dealing with Jensen and his shiny new addiction. [pdf]
fight or flee (Jared/Jensen. R. 2,200.)
It doesn’t matter that he’s on the varsity lacrosse team as a sophomore or that he can throw a baseball like nobody’s business. People look at him and see one thing. Pretty. [pdf]
a little bit of romance (James/Misha, Jared/Jensen. R. 2,900 words.)
Six months of his life and all that Misha can say with any certainty is that they’re definitely fucking. Awesome. [pdf]
you make my heart beat faster (Jared/Jensen. Adult. 3,800 words.)
Jensen has a new favorite song, and he really can't wait for Jared to hear it. [pdf]
stuffed (Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 3,300 words.)
"Jensen, I love you to the sky and back, but there isn’t a blindfold in the world that can hide the fact that we’re on an escalator at the mall. On my birthday. And I hate the mall. And people are probably staring at us." [pdf]
like vines we intwined (Donna/Alan. Gerry/Sherri. Jared/Jensen. PG-13. 3,300 words.)
This is the story of how Alan met Gerry, who fell in love with Sherri, who introduced him to Donna. It's a story about family, both born and made, and how fate had a very roundabout way of bringing together two boys that were simply made for each other.

podfics & podbooks

things like chemistry read by helloapollo.
we must reinvent love read by pennyplainknits. and podbook by cybel.
Tags: fic, jensen and jared are in love, reinventing love verse, rps, supernatural

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