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And now for the task of putting all my fic here.

It should only take, *looks at watch* eight days.

First off, Handcuffed.

Who could forget their first kiss, especially when it happened while you were handcuffed to your locker?

True story.

It was your average day at St. James. The sun was shining, the sky was bright. Birds were chirping and the air was crisp and cool. And Chris Hobbs was being a complete asshole.

As usual.

I was walking down the hall, somewhat late for class. See, my little sister tripped me on my way out the door, and I got mud on my pants. So I had to change. Then I missed the bus, and… Oh fuck it. I spent too much time jacking off in the shower.

I stopped at my locker to get my math book when all of a sudden I was pushed into the cold locker. Hard. I grabbed the sides and spun around, coming face to face with Chris fucking Hobbs. I peered at him from inside the locker, wearing what I hoped was a really scary expression. I doubt it was.

Chris and I have a mutual understanding. We understand that we hate each other. I think it all started when we were six. We were talking about crayons and then he pushed me into the mud so Anna Peyton would think he was cool. Fucking Anna Peyton.

That was ten years ago. You’d think he would have grown up a little, but no. He’s still that little six year old, giving noogies and wedgies. I rolled my eyes. Then I climbed out of my locker. I had kind of forgotten I was in there.

“Stuffing people in their lockers? Really Chris, can’t you think of something a little more original?” Then he got that look. The I-thought-of-something-really-clever-and-couldn’t-wait-to-do-it look. He gets that look about twice a year, if he’s lucky.

The results of that look are never pretty.

“No, I’ve got something better.” God his voice bugs me. So does his hair. Everything about him bugs me, pretty much.

“Oh, what’s that?” Then before I really knew what was happening he grabbed my wrist and snapped the handcuffs on. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets. I tried to run but he grabbed me and held me against the lockers while he leaned in and hooked the other side of the handcuffs to a loop on the side of the locker. He laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. I think I growled. Do you know how fucking hard it is to be tough when the schoolyard bully handcuffs you to a fucking locker?

“Oh, that is so, so fucked up. You’re done. Let me go.” Yeah, I’m tough. I wasn’t scared, just annoyed. I needed to get to class, and Mr. Crapbag was delaying that.

“I don’t think so, Taylor.” He dangled the key in front of my face and I rolled my eyes, blowing a lock of blonde hair from my face. I raised my eyebrows.

“You’re just going to leave me here?”

“Looks that way.” He then tossed the key down the hallway. I watched it skitter along the tile and stop in a corner. I looked back at Chris and sighed. He gave me a smug smile and trotted off down the hallway. Fucker.

I look down at my hand, trapped mercilessly in the handcuffs. What’s a poor defenseless gay boy to do?

Then I glared at the handcuffs, as if they were going to say ‘Oh shit man, look at his face. He’s serious’ and just pop open. That didn’t work. I sighed and leaned back against the locker. I wasn’t scared. It wasn’t like I was going to die there. I was just stuck there for an hour until class ended, and then I was open to public embarrassment and humiliation. I’ve had my fair share of that.

After ten minutes or so, I totally went into McGuyver mode. I was thinking about getting the gum from my backpack and chewing it up, and then taking the shoelaces from my sneakers, and tying them together. Then I’d add a paperclip as a weight and stick the gum on it. Then I’d throw it, and hit the key with the gum and drag it over. Yeah, I’m so McGuyver.

My McGuyver plan tanked when I remembered I was wearing shoes without laces. Out of all the fucking days in the world, I choose the day I get handcuffed to my locker to wear those stupid shoes.

After that I got all bitter. I wanted to be McGuyver. It totally would have worked.

Another five minutes passed. I was right in front of the clock, so I stared at it. That made time move slower. Then I started humming and doing little dances. I decided that being handcuffed to your locker in the middle of the day was the most boring thing ever.

I heard the door to the main office creak open. I looked up and hoped it was a teacher, or a janitor. Someone old who wouldn’t torment me. Kids can be so fucking cruel. I blinked, and when I opened my eyes again the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen in my entire pathetic little life was standing right there.

Oh shit, insta-boner.

Then I started thinking of really disgusting shit, like cockroaches. But the word cockroaches got me thinking about cock, which made me wonder if the very very pretty boy had a big cock. That didn’t help my hard on.

Naked grandmas. Ok, that’s helping. My grandma naked, fucking my naked grandpa. Ew. Mission accomplished.

The pretty boy started walking my way, studying a piece of paper intently. It looked like a schedule. He must be new. Score one for Pittsburgh. He hadn’t seen me yet, so I hid my cuffed hand in the locker and leaned against it casually. Damned if pretty boy would make my acquaintance while I was handcuffed to the fucking school.

He looked up and locked eyes with me. They were the most beautiful hazel color. I stared at them for a long time, until I saw him raise one elegant eyebrow and realized he was talking to me.

Way to go, dumbshit.

“Hi.” That’s all I could say. I am so special ed. I’d bet I was blushing too.

“Hey, I’m Brian.” That’s my new favorite name. It just rolls right off the tongue. Brian. Oh yeah, he probably wants to me say something back.

“Justin.” Ok, more than one word would have been just fabulous.

“Nice to meet you.” He stuck out his hand and I awkwardly stuck out my left hand so he could shake that one, since my shaking hand was occupied. He shook his head and switched hands. “I was just wondering if you could help me out. It’s my first day here, and I was wondering if you could show me around?”

Oh, I’ll show you around. No! Bad Justin! I’m such a fucking nympho, and I hadn’t even kissed a guy yet.

Then I started wondering if pretty boy, Brian, was gay. I looked him over and he did the same, smirking in this sexy way. My gaydar started pinging like mad.


“What class do you have right now?” I asked, still leaning against my open locker. My hand was falling asleep. He looked down at his schedule for a second. He has such perfect hair.

“Math with Quay.”

“No way. I’m supposed to be in that class right now.”

“Oh, good. You can walk me there then.” Hell yeah. I stepped away for a second and felt the handcuffs pull me back. Nope.

“Uh, I’d love to, but...” I trailed off. I couldn’t think of an excuse. He looked a little hurt and started to walk off. I grabbed his arm with my free hand and turned him around. I dropped my head and stepped away from the locker, revealing my predicament. I was afraid to look up until he started laughing. “Thanks.”

“I’m sorry,” he got out between the laughter. He held his stomach and wiped his eyes as I rolled mine. “How the fuck did you get handcuffed to your locker?”

“This asshole likes to torment me.” He smiled, that tongue in cheek smirk again. I felt like I was falling. Maybe I was.

“Well that’s unfortunate. I don’t suppose you happen to know where the key is.” Brian shifted his weight and dropped his book bag near my feet. Ok, it should be a crime to make a school uniform that sexy.

“Actually, he tossed it over there. It’s in the corner.” I pointed to said corner and he turned to follow my finger.

Now please go bend over and pick it up so I can check out your ass.

Oh shit, he raised his eyebrow. Please tell me that I didn’t just say that out loud. I don’t think I did, but he looks amused. Oh god. Maybe I did. But he isn’t saying anything. Maybe he’s shocked. Maybe he doesn’t care. Maybe he wants me to check out his ass. I shook my head. Maybe I suck at life.

He started walking over to the corner, and I still didn’t know if I said that out loud. I had no clue if I just made a complete fool of myself. Brian reached the corner and lifted up his uniform blazer up in the back, wiggling his ass and making a show of bending over. He looked over his shoulder and winked at me.

Oh my fucking god. I am the biggest loser ever.

He has the hottest ass ever, and that’s more important.

So I’m standing there, salivating over pretty new boy’s ass as he retrieves the key to unlock the handcuffs trapping me half inside my locker. Ah, life is grand.

He came back over to me and stood a few inches in front of me. He’s tall. He stretched his arm above my head, dangling the key above me. That isn’t cool.

“Don’t you think I’ve suffered enough?” I gave him my biggest puppy dog eyes and he laughed.

“I don’t think so.” He raised the key higher and I sprang up, trying to grab it. My foot slipped out from under me as I landed and I slipped, falling right into Brian. My forehead hit his shoulder and my arm wrapped around his waist instinctively so I could regain my balance. I kept my face buried in the lapel of his blazer, frozen in embarrassment. I mentally surveyed my internal Crayola box, trying to guess what color my face was. I’d put money on candy apple red.

Let’s review, shall we? In the past five minutes I’d met Brian, revealed to him that a bully handcuffed me to my locker, told him that I want to check out his ass, and tripped and fallen into him, while still attached to the locker. I am smooth.

I remembered I was still clutching to him with one arm and was about to pull away when I felt his hands slide up my back. They were large, warm, and so strong. He leaned into me and my face slid up to his neck. He smelled of cologne and cigarettes, and I was instantly addicted to the scent. He gently pushed me back against the locker door and looked into my eyes. Then he licked his lips.

Ok, did he want me to cream my pants?

I spotted a hint of confusion in his eyes, like he wasn’t sure what was going on. But I could tell he wanted something to happen and I felt my heartbeat speed up. This couldn’t be happening. Then he leaned forward and placed his lips against mine, tenderly, apprehensively. It took me a full second to respond. I think my entire body sort of melted into him. His lips were so soft, so incredible. I felt a tingle down my spine.

The kiss deepened. His tongue slid into my mouth and I mimicked his actions. He placed his hands on my hips and I slid both hands up his back.

Wait a minute. Both hands. I was free!

I pulled away form the kiss and held my hands up, confirming that he indeed released me from my confines. The handcuffs were still attached to my wrist and I glared at them. He chuckled at my expression and took the handcuffs off of my wrist. He took my hand in his and lifted up my sleeve. There was a dark purple bruise forming on my wrist and he furrowed his brow and ran his finger over the bruise.

He so cares about me.

He lifted my hand and placed a soft kiss against my wrist before letting go of my hand. He took the key and the cuffs and slipped them into the pocket of my blazer.

“Keep those, they might come in handy someday.” He gave me a wicked smiled and another quick peck on the lips.

I gave him my most dazzling smile. Then the bell rang and the herds filed out of every doorway. He picked up his backpack and smiled at me, a shy, knowing grin.

“We should get to class.”

“Yeah.” I sounded like a dreamy schoolgirl.

“Later Sunshine.” He turned on his heels and walked down the hallway, mixing in with the other teenagers. I watched him until he was out of sight.


“And that’s the story of my first kiss,” I tell Daphne proudly as we walk closer to my house. I can’t keep the smile off of my face. It might be permanent.

“That’s so wild!” She exclaims. Her eyes are so big and bright. She’s so cute. I just want to hug her. So I do.

“It was amazing, Daph!” It really was. We turn onto my street and she starts asking questions.

“So are you guys like, boyfriends now?” I wish.

“We just met.”

“Do you want to be?” God yes.


“That’s awesome.” She looks up and nudges me. “Hey, looks like you finally got some new neighbors.” I look up and see a moving truck in the driveway of the house next to mine. A surly looking old man climbs out of it carrying a box.

“Brian!” He bellows. I think my heart just stopped.

No fucking way.

I look up at the doorway and see Brian come out of the house, wearing a pair of worn old jeans and a black tank. He walks down the driveway and takes the box from who is presumably his father and trots into the garage.

Brian is my new neighbor? Holy fuck.

Things are looking up.


And I thought I wasn’t going to like Pittsburgh.

It’s not that far from Philly, but far enough. I remember kicking and screaming, all in a very manly way of course, protesting our inevitable departure. But to no avail. We arrived in glorious Pittsburgh yesterday, and I was told I’d be starting school today. Not just any school.

Private school.

I remember standing in front of the mirror this morning, frowning at the uniform. Clothes make the man, as I always say. But now I’d just be the same as everyone else. I wouldn’t be a spectacle, wouldn’t stand out. I found that refreshing just as much as it pissed me off.

So I pulled up in front of the school in my trusty steed, also known as my Jeep. First period had already ended. I had put off going as long as possible. I strode into the double doors, exuding sex and confidence. I was going to take this school by storm. That’s what I told myself at least.

It was a passing period when I arrived, and I was thrust into the masses. I was the new kid.

At first, it sucked.

I got a few raised eyebrows, and the girls all ogled me. Which would have been cool, if I had any interest in pussy whatsoever. The guys were all second rate, which blows, and not in that good way. I walked into the office, my studly swagger perfected. It used to look like a drunken stagger. I have advanced.

Studly isn’t a word. I’m making it one. Because I’m Brian Kinney and I want to. Take that, Webster’s.

The receptionist lady was a bitch. I told her who I was and what I was doing there, and she threw me a schedule and told me to sit down and wait for the counselor. I looked over the schedule, basic classes. Boring classes.


The counselor was this tired looking man that looked like he lost faith in humanity around three hundred years ago. If I had to put money on someone blowing up the school, I’d put it on him. It’s a little unsettling when your counselor looks crazy.

After his little welcome to our school song and dance, he went back into his office and shut the door. He didn’t look at me once. My, people are friendly around here.

I stepped out of the main office and noticed the halls were empty. And I had no idea how to find my classrooms. I looked left, and then right, and locked eyes with a very attractive blond boy.

Holy shit.

There he was, leaning against his locker in the middle of an empty hallway. I could tell he was trying to look confident and bored. His blond hair fell in his blue eyes. I could see the blue from far away. He even made the stupid uniform look sexy. I could tell from first glance he was gay as the sky is blue. I smiled.

Things were definitely looking up.

I strolled up to him and said hello. His eyes looked glazed over and his perfect lips were parted slightly.

Yeah, I’m sexy.

When he showed me that he was handcuffed to his locker, I just about lost it. It was just such a random, unexpected sight. I laughed until my vision grew blurry. Then I sobered up.

Don’t want to piss off pretty blond boy, might ruin my chances.

When he told me someone actually did that to him, I found myself wanting to beat the guy to a pulp. Strange.

Then he said he wanted me to go pick up the key so he could check out my ass. I almost laughed again. I could tell he wasn’t saying it to be flirty or sexy, it was an accident. I could see it in his eyes. I just had to fuck with him a little. The look on his face was priceless.

Then he slipped and fell into me, grabbed me. His hair was like silk against my neck, the weight of his body felt perfect against me. He felt so warm, even through our matching uniforms. I had to do it.

How could I not kiss a mouth like that?

It was a little forward maybe, but hey, he enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. His lips were so fucking soft. While we were kissing I unlocked the handcuffs, and he didn’t even notice. So I kissed him harder, loving the control I had over the lithe little body. The things I could do to that body.

When the bell rang, I just walked off. I was too in shock to do anything else. The rest of the day kind of just floated by in a haze. There were classes, there were introductions, there were hellos, but there was nothing like Justin and his kiss.


That brings us pretty much up to date. I’m sitting here, in my sparse bedroom. It’s empty, lifeless, cold. Pretty much like my life. I’m in desperate need of some warmth.

As I change out of my uniform, I can’t stop thinking about Justin. His hair, his lips, his eyes, his body. I want to see that pale body splayed out on my black sheets. I want to hear the noises he makes as I fuck him. I want to taste every inch of his skin.

And now…I want to jack off.

So I do, but it feels empty. I have it bad for this kid. I really need to stop thinking of other teenagers as kids. It might get me into trouble some day. It’s not my fault most teenagers are bumbling idiots. Except for Justin. The lad is a genius, I can tell.


I shake my head get off of my bed, buttoning my jeans back up. I need to get my mind off of that blond. I don’t even know him. But I kissed him. And it was the best kiss of my life.

I stroll down the stairs and wander around our new living room. Then I hear my dad call me, or bellow for me rather. I run out the door and grab the box from him and take it into the garage.

Did I just see a flash of blond?

No fucking way.

I set the box down and stand up slowly. I walk backwards out of the garage, afraid to turn around. I see my dad go through the front door and I take a few more backwards steps.

Then I realize I probably look retarded, and that I never look retarded. So I turn around and come face to face with a girl with curly black hair. I jump backwards, surprised by her.

She just smiles at me and waves. I raise my eyebrow and cross my arms.

Who the fuck are you and why are you in my driveway?

”I’m Daphne,” she says, as if that explains everything. I notice she is wearing a St. James uniform. It looked so much better on Justin. Ah, Justin.

“And my best friend lives next door to you. I just wanted to say hi.”

Oh shit, she’s still talking. My bad. I shake my head and refocus my attention on her.

“Hey Daphne. I’m Brian.”

“I know.”

What the fuck?

“You’ve already met my best friend.”

“And who would that be?” She smiles and walks behind the moving truck. I lean forward a little bit, wondering what she’s doing. She reemerges, pulling on an arm, trying to drag somebody out from behind it. Please god don’t let it be some giggling schoolgirl with a crush on me.

She tugs one last time and a blond comes stumbling out, blushing. My blond.

“Justin,” I gasp, irritated at how happy and surprised my voice sounds. He looks up at me and smiles sheepishly. He waves, and it’s so fucking cute. “You’re my new neighbor?”

“It looks that way,” he responds, bouncing from one foot to the other. He’s still in his uniform, except now he has his tie undone, and the strip of material hanging from his neck. The top two buttons of his shirt are undone, and it isn’t tucked in.

I think I may cream my pants.

I walk over to Justin and grab the ends of his tie, pulling him towards me without thinking. Then I remember my dad was walking in and out, so I let him go. He looks disappointed. I cock my head towards my house and shrug. He nods and smiles. “Later,” I mouth to him. He blushes.

“Do you guys have anywhere we can go to hang out?” I need my hands on Justin now. Daphne will just have to deal. Justin seems to share my predicament.

“My parents won’t be home ‘til late. We could hang out there.”

“It’s a plan.” I spin them around and hook my arms around their shoulders. As we walk, I let my right hand slip down under the collar of Justin’s shirt, desperately needing to feel his skin. I let out an inaudible moan as my fingertips slide along his creamy skin. I want to feel all of this skin on me, against me, under me, in me.

And I fully intend to. That’s a promise.

Justin’s house is nice, cozier than mine. Pictures of his family adorn the walls. Daphne is even in some of them. Justin leads us up a flight of stairs to his bedroom. They both just plop down on the floor, so I follow suit. I lean against the side of the bed and look over at Justin. I lean over and grab the ends of his tie again, pulling him close.

“Come here.” My voice is lower than I intended. Justin stares at me for a second before crawling forward. I pull him forward until he is sitting between my legs. He pulls off his blazer and leans back against me, his back flush against my chest. I place my hands on his stomach, slowly rubbing them up and down.

That’s better.

I look over at Daphne, who is grinning. I smile back and toy with the buttons on Justin’s shirt. I want to take it off, but that can wait until I get to know my new friends.

“So, Brian. What brought you here to Pittsburgh?” Daphne asks me, all exuberant and interested. I sigh and squeeze Justin a little tighter.

“The grass is greener here I guess. I don’t know.” It’s true, I really don’t. We just up and moved. “My parents just decided. We moved from Philadelphia.” Justin slips his hand into mine and squeezes it. I forgot I was talking.

“So what’s your story?” Justin asks me. I can’t really see his face from this angle. I use my free hand to tuck his hair behind his ear. My story?

“Um, I don’t really have one. My name is Brian Kinney. I just turned seventeen, and I’m a junior. I was the starting quarterback at Philadelphia High.” Their eyes widen. Shit.

“I’ve heard of you!” Justin exclaims. “You were in the paper.” He turns to look at my face.

“Girls were talking about you forever. You’re the hot quarterback from Philly.” Daphne tells me. I roll my eyes. I don’t even like football.

“It really isn’t that big of a deal. I won them some games.”

“And the state championship,” Daphne thoughtfully reminds me. “You were the only sophomore to ever be varsity quarterback. You’re practically a legend. Are you going to play for St. James?”

“Hell no,” I huff. “I hate football.” Justin turns and looks at me funny. Daphne gives me a similar look. I sigh. “It was just something I did my first two years of school to get my dad off of my back. He wanted me to do something butch and manly. Football really isn’t my thing.” It really isn’t.

“What is your thing?” Justin asks. I sit back and think about that for a second. I answer truthfully.

“I don’t really know.” He nods and snuggles back against me. Snuggling? I need to get a grip. “So what are your stories?”

“I’m Justin Taylor. I am at the tender age of sixteen, and I’m a sophomore. I’m an artist. That’s pretty much it.” There’s so much more I want to know. I want to know his favorite color, his favorite food. I want to know how he takes his coffee and what position he sleeps in. I want to know his deepest darkest secrets and desires, and I want him to know mine.

It’s official. I’ve gone insane.

“I’m Daphne Chanders. I’m also a sixteen year old sophomore, and I must be going.” She stands up and grabs her backpack.

“Why?” Justin asks. He doesn’t really seem to care. He seems much more interested in running his hand up and down my leg. Same goes for me.

“Lots of homework.” Justin tenses. “Not for any of your classes. Have fun you two.” She winks at me and lets herself out. She’s awesome.

“What shall we do to entertain ourselves?” I ask playfully. Justin laughs nervously. He is so adorable. I wonder what he’s done, how far he’s gone. I wonder if I’ll get to teach him anything new. I have a strong feeling that I will.

I place a soft kiss to the back of his neck and stand up. I sit on the edge of the bed and he stands and faces me. I grab his hips and pull him towards me until he’s practically straddling me. His face comes closer to mine and I lick my lips.

Now, about that promise I made earlier.


Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

I have a boy on my bed. A very, very hot boy. And I’m in his lap, and he’s kissing my neck. Oh my god. Breathe, Justin.

Oh my god.

He pulls his head away from my neck and kisses along my jawbone. His tongue licks at my skin and I shiver. Each kiss makes me feel more alive than the last. My entire body is tingling and warm. He kisses my chin and I part my lips, waiting for contact.

There it is. His lips are warm, moist, perfect against mine. I could never get sick of this, ever. I press my body against his until he falls back onto my bed, taking me with him. His hands slide up the back of my shirt, his strong, large hands. He caresses my skin with a gentle touch as his tongue invades my mouth. He invades my senses, all of him. I want to crawl inside of him and never leave. This feels like…home.

His tongue feels like warm velvet, strong and determined. I move my tongue with his, mimicking his actions and adding a few of my own. I explore every centimeter of his amazing mouth, claiming it as mine. He sucks and nibbles on my top lip before pulling away to kiss my neck again.

“Am I a good kisser?” I find myself asking. I roll my eyes at my own stupidity. Go Justin. He flips us over so he’s on top and props himself up over me with his hands. He gives me a questioning look and raises one eyebrow. Maybe he thought I was kidding. Then he leans down and runs his tongue up my jaw to my ear.

“Amazing,” he breathes. “But surely you knew that.”

“No.” I didn’t. How could I? “I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

I would have smacked myself, but he was pinning my arms down.

“Seriously?” He sits up. He seems shocked. Is he not going to want me because I’m not experienced? Oh god. I’m too young for this kind of rejection. “I was your first kiss?”

Yes, fucker.

“Uh huh,” I breathe. He gets that smirk on his face, the one that makes me feel like I’m falling. He looks smug, pleased with himself, and oh so sexy. I tilt my head up and kiss his neck. He still smells like cigarettes. It makes me want a smoke. It makes me want him more. He pins me back against the bed and flicks his tongue across my upper lip.

“Did you like it?” He asks.

Is he fucking insane? Of fucking course I did.

“Yes,” I manage to breathe out. This guy has a way with making your vocal chords go on strike. He smiles and kisses me softly. Then he runs his hand down my body an cups my groin. Oh holy fucking shit. If I wasn’t hard before I sure as hell am now.

“You’re hard,” he whispers in my ear. I gulp. Uh, just a little. “Want to experience another first?”

“Yes?” Shit. That wasn’t supposed to sound like a question. Be strong, be assertive. “Yes.” I push my hips up into his hand a little and he smiles. His lips cover mine again, and this kiss is harder, deeper, fucking intense.

I can’t breathe. I can’t think.

And I don’t want to, as long as he keeps kissing me like this. His tongue duels with mine fiercely. My dick is harder than it’s ever been. I can feel pre-cum soaking the tip, wetting the front of my underwear. Then I feel the button of my pants being undone.

My eyes pop open. Oh god.

He pulls the zipper down slowly, and every click of its teeth echo in my ears. He pulls my pants down a little. I’m frozen, afraid to move. My breathing gets heavier and my dick gets harder. He senses my tension and pulls away from the kiss. His pupils are dilated, his cheeks are flushed, and his lips are swollen. That’s all because of me.


Then I feel his fingertips slide under the waistband of my underwear. He strokes the skin there softly. He’s still staring at me.

“Do you want this?” He asks.

Oh fuck. I want it. All of it. Give it to me.

“Want what exactly?” I sound scared. I am. His eyes soften and he kisses me tenderly.

“This,” he whispers. He pulls my pants and underwear down until my hard cock springs free. The cool air hits it and I gasp. His eyes never leave mine as he wraps his strong hand around my dick and squeezes. He swipes his thumb across the tip, pressing it against my slit. He starts to move his hand up and down slowly as he stares deep into my eyes.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. This feels amazing. I can’t take it. I curl my toes and bite my lip. He sees me do it and pumps harder.

I jerk myself off all the fucking time and it never feels like this. It’s like tickling yourself. It just doesn’t feel the same. Focus, Justin. Don’t cum yet.

I let out a loud groan. Fuck that.

“Brian. Brian.” I grab his arm but he doesn’t stop. He’s still staring into my eyes. His eyes look green in this light, and so beautiful.

“Cum,” he says in a sexy whisper. That’s all it takes. I arch my back. I moan. I cum. He cups his hand over the head of my cock and catches every drop. I close my eyes and try to control my erratic breathing.

That was…unbefuckinglievable.

When I open my eyes, he is still staring at me. And he’s licking my cum from his fingers. I think I may have another orgasm.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?” He asks. I shake my head. He nods and licks another finger clean. “You should. It’s delicious.” He runs his pinky across my bottom lip, coating it in the sticky liquid. He sucks his pinky clean and leans down to kiss me. His tongue pushes my cum into my mouth. The taste is bitter, yet addictively sweet. He kisses me for a long time. While our mouths are fused together, I kick off my pants, underwear, and shoes and he unbuttons my shirt. He pulls the sides of my shirt apart and I take it all the way off and toss it aside. Brian stands up and looks down at me, naked and spread out on the bed.

Naked. I am completely naked in front of someone for the first time. My dick is hardening again already, reaching for my belly. I am so fucking scared, so excited. He grabs the hem of his shirt and I smile. He pulls it over his head and then unbuttons his jeans. I stare at him in awe.

It should be a crime to be so beautiful.

He pushes his jeans off all the way and my breath hitches in my throat. His dick is huge. That’ supposed to go…no way.

My eyes travel from his cock and back up his body. His hard, youthful muscles turn me on even more. His skin is tan, golden. He is so tall, so gorgeous, so mine.

He crawls back on top of me and I moan as his skin touches mine. It feels like heaven, but better. I run my hands up and down his back, watching in amazement as his muscles ripple beneath my fingertips.

He kisses down my chest and slides his tongue over to my hard nipple. I moan loudly and arch up into him as he sucks it into his mouth, worrying the nub between his teeth. He lavishes my body with kisses, sucking hard enough in some places that I know I’ll have reminders to look at in the mirror.

I moan and writhe beneath him. I slide my hand between us and grasp his cock in my hand. It’s so thick, so warm. Pre-cum bubbles from the slit and I collect it on my fingers. I lift his head and smear it across his lips and lick it off. What I say next surprises even me.

“Teach me how to suck your dick,” I hear myself mumble against his bruised lips.


Did he just say what I think he just said?

No way.

“You want me to what?” I ask him, smoothing his blond hair against his head.

“I want to suck your dick. I want to taste you.”

How could I say no to that?

“Are you sure?” I ask him. He nods exuberantly and I laugh. “It’s a big day of firsts for you.” He smiles radiantly and I kiss his lips. He is so fucking gorgeous. His skin is so pale, so smooth. And that mouth. That mouth is about to…

No. I can’t think about it. If I think about it, I’ll cum on the spot. Shit, and I need to make it through teaching him how?

Oh man.

“Ok, time for cock sucking 101. Are you ready Mr. Taylor?” I lay down on his bed, my dick leaving pre-cum on my stomach. I swallow hard. I can’t believe this is happening.

He climbs between my legs and licks the cum from my stomach. He moans at the taste and I almost fucking lose it. Oh god. I’m never going to last.

I sit up and lean against the headboard, so I can watch him, guide him. He sits back on his heels between my legs, watching me intently. He looks like he’s about to whip out a fucking notebook. I stifle a laugh and sigh. Where do I begin?

“Rule number one,” I start, my voice strong. “Cover your teeth. Always cover your teeth.” He nods. “Everyone has their own technique. You just have to find yours.”

Oh my god, he’s practicing covering his teeth. Ok, I can’t laugh. He’s so fucking adorable.

He leans forward and tentatively grabs my hand. He brings it up to his mouth and slides my index and middle fingers in between his lips. I don’t feel any teeth. Good boy.

He starts sucking on my fingers, letting them slide in and out of his luscious mouth. As he practices, I feel my eyes roll back into my head a little. If he can do that to my fingers, what is he going to do to my dick?

Oh god.

He lets my fingers slip from his mouth and he grins at me. I’m not sure what I’m doing. Grinning like an idiot, maybe.

“Ok, what next?” Did he say something? Oh right. I’m giving a lesson.

“Do you want me to show you?” I ask, leaning forward to grab his dick.

“No. Tell me what you want me to do.” Ooh, assertiveness. I love that in a man.

“Ok, well, I’m too far gone to teach you. Just, um, do what you were doing to my fingers to my dick.” He smiles and leans down to kiss my thigh.

“Will you tell me if I’m doing anything wrong?” He asks. I nod, not being able to manage anything else. He smiles and runs his tongue along my shaft. My cock twitches and I sigh. His tongue slides over the head, broad and wet. He licks the pre-cum up and moans. Then he presses the tip of his tongue into my slit and I gasp as a jolt of pleasure runs through me. He smiles and takes the head of my cock into his mouth, sucking softly. He flicks his tongue across the underside, hitting a bundle of nerves. My hips jerk and I moan.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” I gasp out. He’s fucking amazing.

“Just going with my instincts,” he mumbles around the head of my cock. He starts to suck harder and he takes more of me into his mouth. I groan and slide my fingers into his hair. It’s so soft I can barely feel it.

“You were born for this…oh god.” He’s bobbing up and down now, and you would never guess this was his first time. It takes all I have not to thrust my hips into his mouth. I don’t want to surprise him or choke him.

God, I’d hate to ruin this kid for cock sucking. He’s going to be a master.

“Play with my balls, Justin.” That really gets me. He doesn’t even slow down and his hand is right there, cupping, fondling. I groan again and tug slightly on his hair. He lifts up off of my cock and starts licking my balls, over and over. My hips jerk up and I moan. My cock is dripping and he slides back up to catch the juices. I feel him take more of me, and then more, and more…and then he gags.

He pulls off of my cock and sputters and coughs, and his whole face is red. I start laughing. I can’t help it. I sit up and rub his back, trying to calm myself down. He looks at me and looks so embarrassed that I sober up immediately.

“Hey, it’s ok. You were just a little too eager to deep throat me. You were doing fucking great.” He smiles a little and I kiss him softly. God, I am absolutely smitten with this kid.

Yeah, I said it. Smitten.

“Can I try again?” He asks timidly, and for a moment I feel like I’m taking away this perfect innocence. That’s hard to come by these days. He kisses me again, pushing his perfect pink little tongue into my mouth, and all those thoughts disappear.

“Sure,” I tell him after he pulls away. I lean back against the headboard again.

“Tell me how.” He is so awesome.

“Well, it’s like you’re swallowing it. You have to relax your throat and take it in slowly.” He licks his lips.

God, I can’t wait to suck him. I can’t wait to fuck him.

He takes my dick back into his mouth and I feel the head hit the back of his throat. I place my hands on his shoulders and rub them soothingly. I expect him to gag again, but he doesn’t. I feel myself slide down his throat. It’s so tight, wet, and oh god.

I can’t take it.

“Justin,” I grunt out. “Oh fuck yeah, Justin.” He starts bobbing up and down, sucking hard and fast. It’s too much. “I’m gonna shoot, Justin. You can swallow it if you want.” He starts sucking faster.

And I’m gone.

I pull on his hair as my balls empty into his mouth and all I see is a bright white light as I orgasm. I vaguely hear myself scream his name and I slump back on the bed, gasping for breath.

When I open my eyes, Justin has the biggest fucking grin on his face. I pull him onto my lap and kiss him intensely, tasting myself on his tongue.

“How did I do?” He asks. I smirk at him.

“Fishing for compliments, are we?” I tease as I run my hands up his porcelain skin. He blushes and I kiss his cheek. “You were fucking fabulous,” I whisper into his ear, and I feel him smile against my neck.

I want to taste him, so bad.

“Hey Justin, do you know what rimming is?”

He pulls back a little and gives me a confused look. He shakes his head and my tongue finds it’s way into my cheek. I slide my hands down onto his perfect, pert little bubble butt and squeeze.

“Do you want to learn?”

“What is it?”

“I’ll show you. Lay down on your stomach.” He gives me a questionable look but climbs off of my lap and lies down. He crosses his arms above his head and rests his cheek on them. I climb on top of him, straddling his thighs. I feel him tense up a little and I lean down, inadvertently pressing my cock between the cheeks of his ass. It hardens again immediately. I lean down and press my lips against his ear. “Relax, you’ll love it.”

“Ok.” I smile and kiss the back of his neck, and then his shoulders. His skin is so flawless. I suck and lick along his shoulders before sliding my tongue along his spine. I run my index finger up and down the crack of his ass as I suck a dark purple mark into the skin at the base of his spine.

My cock is leaking. His ass is perfect.

I slide my tongue down and barely brush it against his hole. I moan at the taste and close my eyes as I begin to suck and nibble on the succulent bud. I lose myself in the sensations.

That’s when I hear it.

My eyes pop open and my dick softens. My tongue stops, mid probe.

“Brian!” It’s my fucking dad. I hear him calling me through Justin’s open window.


Cock blocked!

I sit up and sigh, mourning the loss of my hard on. Justin is still pushing his ass back. He’s lost. I laugh and slap his ass lightly. He shakes his head and rolls over.

“Why’d you stop?”

His cock is so perfect. Big, thick, pink.

“My dad is calling me.” I hear him yell my name again. Hey look, it made Justin’s cock soft too.

“Shit.” I climb on top of him and kiss him softly.

“When will your parents be home?” I ask him.

“Late, really late. They’re with my sister at some thing in Harrisburg.” I smile wickedly.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, and we’ll finish this.”

“I like rimming.” He tells me and I laugh out loud. I stroke his cheek and kiss him again. I lean towards the window.

“Coming!” I scream. I hop off of the bed and put my clothes back on quickly. I kiss Justin one more time.

I realize I really don’t want to leave him.

“Be back soon.” He smiles and I let myself out. As soon as I step off of his porch I pull my cigarettes from my pocket and light one. I walk over to my house and walk around the moving van to see my dad standing in the driveway. I lean against the van and take another pull of my cigarette. He raises his eyebrow.

“I just want you to know,” I start, turning to face him. “You just totally cock blocked me.” The fucker laughs.

“You found someone to fuck your skinny ass already?” He asks, amusement in his voice. He sets the box down and walks over to me.

“Actually, I found an amazing ass to fuck.” I tell him smugly.

“Same thing.”

“No, it so isn’t.”

“Don’t let your mother see you smoking,” he tells me. I laugh and take another drag. He looks around and holds out his hand. “Give me a drag.”

I love my dad.

“Don’t let mother see!” I say in a falsetto voice as I hand my cigarette over. He takes a long pull and hands it back.

“So, what’s his name?”

“Justin.” Ah, Justin.

“Where is he? Where were you when I blocked your cock, as you say?” I laugh and take another drag.

“Well dad, this house is awesome. It comes with a pool, spa, and hot gay blond boy right next door.”

“Right next door? Convenient.” I smile and pass him the cigarette.

“He was out here earlier. I went to kiss him but I remembered you were walking around wanting me to work and shit.” He laughs and crushes the butt of the smoke under his shoe. “I don’t want to move boxes. I want to go play with the boy next door. Can I daddy? Please?” I make my eyes all big and clasp my hands together. He laughs louder and cocks his head towards Justin’s house.

“Play safe now. And be home before midnight.”



This was so not what I expected when I woke up this morning.

Let’s review. I was handcuffed to my locker, and there I met the very pretty Brian. He rescued me, and kissed me. Then I find out he’s my new neighbor. He comes over, and we make out. He gives me a hand job. I give him a blowjob. He rims me. It’s quite possible that I could lose my virginity tonight.

First kiss to first fuck in less than eight hours.

This will be a day for the record books.

I’m standing at the stove, stirring some pasta. I wanted to make us dinner. I hope he likes pasta. I hope he comes back soon.

I’m wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms. It’s the first time that I haven’t felt self-conscious of my body. Brian makes me feel…beautiful.

I stir the sauce and set the lid on the pan so it can simmer. I hear a knock on the door and try my hardest not to squeal in excitement.

I fail.

I skip, yes, skip to the door and pull it open with a big smile on my face. Brian smiles back and steps inside. I throw my arms around him and kiss him hard. He kisses back and picks me up, spinning me around in a circle.

I’m falling fast.

“Hey,” he whispers. How can he make one word so sexy?

“Hey. What did your dad want?” I ask him as I shut the door and lead him into the living room.

“Well I was supposed to be helping them unpack.” He slides his hands up and down my back as he keeps me pressed up against him.

“How’d you get out of it?” His skin is so soft. My lips can’t get enough.

“I asked him if I could come back over here and be with you instead. Sharing my cigarette with him probably didn’t hurt either.”

Haha. Very funny. Wait, he doesn’t look like he’s kidding.

“You told your dad about me?” He kisses the tip of my nose.

“Yeah.” He kisses my cheek.

“What did you say?” He kisses my chin.

That’s really fucking distracting.

“I told him that a cute boy lived next door, and that I like him.” I pull back from him, my eyes wide in surprise.

“Shut up.”

“What?” He furrows his brows like he’s confused. He’s out to his parents? And just tells them about boys?

Wait…he said he likes me. More on that later.

“Your dad is cool with you being gay?”

“Oh. Yeah. I came out when I was fourteen. They’re really supportive.” He slides his hand up into my hair and I sigh. My parents would kill me.

“I thought you said your dad made you play football?” I ask, running my hand up his forearm.

“He did. He wanted me to show everyone that fags could be just as manly and macho as straight guys.”

Good point.

“That’s really awesome,” I tell him. “My parents would kill me. My dad is totally homophobic.” He smiles sadly and cups my cheek in his hand. Then he leans in and kisses me, softly, tenderly. I swoon.

“Fuck ‘em,” he mumbles against my lips. Good advice.

“I’m making us some dinner.” I turn away and start to walk into the kitchen. He follows me.

“Aw, what a good little wife,” he teases. I blush profusely.

This does feel a little domestic.

He comes up behind me as I stir the sauce. He slips his arms around me from behind and rests his chin on my shoulder. I feel so safe and warm in his arms.

Fuck, he makes me feel mushy.

“What are we having?” He asks me as he smoothes his hands along my abs, or lack there of.

“Just some linguini in seven herb sauce. Nothing special.” I love to cook, so it really isn’t.

“Well aren’t you my little chef.” He kisses the side of my neck softly and I sigh.

With the way we’re acting, I half expect our kids to come running around the corner at any moment, demanding dessert first.

That’s a sobering thought.

It quickly goes away as Brian circles my belly button with his finger and dips it in and out as he licks my neck. He kisses down my back and crouches down until he reaches the top of my sweats. He pulls them down a little and kisses and licks my ass. I have to grip the edges of the stove.

I wince as he bites my skin and sucks harder. Fucker is leaving another hickey. While he was gone I counted. He’s left four. Four!

And that’s just in places I can see without the use of a mirror.

Not that I mind. I just want to talk about my awesome new hickeys.

His tongue circles my hole and I moan. My head falls forward and I open my eyes and stare into the boiling pans of water and sauce.

Well, this can’t be safe. He’s turning my legs into jelly over super hot objects. We must relocate, for my safety.

“Brian, we need to move. I’m concerned for my well being.” He slides back up my body and laughs softly.

“How much time until dinner is done?” His voice is deep with lust. His eyes are almost black. I pick up the timer and set it.

“Fifteen minutes,” I inform him. He smiles and picks me up, carrying me to the living room. He lays me down on the rug and places a throw pillow from the sofa under my hips. He climbs in between my legs and pulls my pants off quickly.

“I am so fucking determined to finish this rim job,” he laughs. I laugh too until he lifts my hips and leans down, returning his wet tongue to my puckered hole. The laughs die and are reincarnated as moans, emanating from deep in my throat.

I didn’t know I could make sounds like this.

I didn’t know I could tremble like this.

I didn’t know I could feel like this.

And it’s all thanks to Brian.

His tongue stiffens and slides slowly inside of me. I cry out his name and slide my fingers into his shaggy, chestnut hair. He places my legs on his shoulders and thrusts his wet tongue in and out of me.

Say good-bye to all coherent thought, Justin.

My body shakes, my hips jerk. I feel my lips moving but I don’t have any clue what I’m saying. My eyes roll back into my head and my back arches up. This is fucking amazing.

His tongue pushes deeper and I feel a jolt of pleasure surge through my body. Oh my god.

I’m pretty sure I just screamed, but right now all I’m aware of is his tongue in my ass, so warm, so wet, and so oh, right there.

I feel his hand wrap around my cock and he strokes it time with the strokes of his tongue.

Oh no. Oh please. So close.

Don’t stop.

My body is writhing, and I feel so wanton. I’m shaking, pleading, begging. That’s it. Right there. Don’t stop. More.

I see white spots. I can’t breath. I can’t think. But oh my god I can feel. At this moment, I never want to feel anything else. Ever.

He stabs my hole with his tongue and squeezes my dick tighter.

Here’s where I completely lose it.

I scream so loud that for a fleeting second, I’m afraid the neighbors might hear. I cum harder than ever before and my vision, my hearing, my everything goes blank. I lie there on my living room floor, in a puddle of quivering flesh.

My coherency comes back to me slowly as I feel his strong arms wrap around my torso. He kisses my chest, my neck, and then my lips. I feel his tongue penetrate my mouth and I can taste myself.

I taste good. I wonder what he tastes like. I’ll find out.

“Justin,” I hear him whisper into my ear. He tucks my hair behind it and kisses the lobe. “I want to be inside of you. Can I?”

Suddenly, the sleepy veil everything was shrouded in with my post-coital bliss is lifted and I’m very fucking alert.

Oh my god. This is it.

I get up and go into the kitchen. I turn off the stove and put lids on everything with very shaky hands. I feel Brian’s eyes burning a hole into my back.

“Brian,” I call over my shoulder.


“I hope you’re getting naked.” I laugh as I walk back into the living room. Brian kicks his jeans aside and leads me back up to my bedroom. I’m shaking, and I swear I can hear my heartbeat. I’m so fucking terrified.

But I want this.

Brian lays me down on my bed and climbs on top of me. He kisses me softly and looks into my eyes with such tenderness that I nearly cry. I lean up to kiss him again.

“Fuck!” He mumbles against my lips.

Now what?

“What?” I ask. He shakes his head.

“I don’t suppose you have any condoms,” he says. I’ve never even touched a condom.

“That would be a no.”

“Shit.” He climbs off of me and it finally hits me.

No condom, no sex.

For the love of god!

I have to laugh, because Brian looks like he’s going to cry.

“I’ll go get some. I’ll be right back. Again.” He sighs and I smile. “Don’t you dare put your clothes back on. Stay here. Naked.”

With that, he runs from the room and I collapse back against my pillows, a small smile on my face.
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