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fic: you can breathe now (j2, nc-17) - Part 2.

you can breathe now (j2, nc-17)
Full header located in Part 1.

Josh and Jeff show up a few minutes before Jensen and his family, and Jeff corners Jared in the hallway to throw an arm around Jared’s shoulders to give him a noogie. Jared squirms and spits curses and Jeff lets him go, but as soon as he does Josh pins him to the wall.

“We got you something,” Josh says, eyes gleaming. “Now hold still.”

“You guys are assholes,” Jared sighs, and gives up struggling. Jeff chuckles and grabs the front of his shirt. Jared tries to look down but Josh forces his chin back up. When they finally let him go, Jared looks down to see a tiny rainbow flag pinned to his shirt. He rolls his eyes and looks up to see Josh and Jeff grinning at him.

“Congrats on being out and proud, little brother!” Jeff croons, reaching out to sock him in the shoulder.

“I smell enchiladas,” Josh says, sniffing the air. “Hell to the mother fucking yes.”

He disappears down the hallway, and Jeff follows, calling back to Jared that if he removes the pin he’ll kick his ass. Jared pouts and trudges down the hall after them, fingering the sharp edge of the pin.

The Ackles family enters the house without knocking, as per usual, and makes their way towards the dining room. Megan squeals at the sight of Mac, running over to greet her best friend.

“We’re going to be sisters!” She cries, and Mac and Megan bounce up and down while gripping each other’s shoulders. This has been happening more and more lately. It seems to be some sort of pre-teen girl ritual that Jared will never understand.

“So you’ve heard the news,” Alan calls out, reaching out to shake hands with Gerry, who nods with a smile.

“Who’s paying for the wedding?” Donna calls out, and then she and Alan both throw their hands in the air. “Not it!”

“Damn!” Sherri yells, and Jared comes up behind Jensen, slinging his arm around Jen’s shoulders. Jensen turns to press his forehead against Jared’s jaw.

“Slow down, y’all,” Jared laughs, and tilts his head down to catch Jensen’s lips in a soft kiss. Jared grins into the kiss, loving the feel of everyone’s eyes on them. He pulls away, nuzzling Jensen’s jaw for a moment. “I’ve wanted to do that for awhile.”

“Looks like you have been doing that for awhile,” Josh says, jamming his finger into the bruise on Jensen’s neck.

“Ow!” Jensen shouts, and Jared pulls Jensen tighter against him. Jensen lets out a happy sigh and bites Jared’s neck playfully.

“They’re disgusting, Mom,” Jeff says. “Completely sick. I can’t even look at them.”

“Oh shut up,” Sherri replies, smacking Jeff on the back of the head. “They’re adorable.”

“Okay, fine. They’re oh so cute, whatever!” Josh yells. “Where are my enchiladas, woman?”

That time, Josh is the one that gets smacked.

After dinner Jared and Jensen go lay on the back porch, shoulder to shoulder, the toes of their shoes knocking together as they look up at the sky and talk. Their joined hands rest on the cool hardwood, fingers linked tightly. That is how Josh finds them.

“Oh for the love of – you two are icky!” Josh shouts from the doorway, breaking the silence and making Jared and Jensen both jump. “Up and at ‘em, lovebirds. We’re heading into the city.”

“What? Why?” Jensen asks, propping himself up on his elbows. Josh has his face mashed up against the screen door, looking completely ridiculous.

“Chris and Steve are playing a show in Hollywood,” Josh says. “Starts in about an hour and we’re taking you because we’re awesome.”

“We’re leaving in five minutes!” Jeff shouts from inside the house. “With or without you.”

“Can I take off the flag pin?” Jared calls back meekly, making Jensen snort against his shoulder.


Jared’s answering pout is priceless.

They manage to sneak Jared and Jensen into the club without getting carded by passing them off as part of the crew. Tom and Mike have a booth near the stage saved and the four boys crowd into it alongside them.

“The J crew has arrived!” Mike bellows as they sit down. “How’s the honeymoon, boys?”

“Awesome,” Jared replies, sliding his arm along the back of the booth behind Jensen.

“Young love!” Mike calls out, leaning over the table to pinch their cheeks. He loses his balance and falls onto the table, sending empty beer bottles rolling in every direction. Josh and Jeff manage to catch them all before they crash to the floor.

“Mike got a head start,” Tom says instead of a hello. “You’ll have to excuse his stupidity.”

“As per usual,” Jared replies, his fingers curling in the soft hair at the nape of Jensen’s neck. “And what about you?”

“Driving the van,” Tom says bitterly, holding up a short straw.

“Fuck yeah!” Josh exclaims. “So we can catch a ride with you guys and I can give the kids my car. I’m going to get a round,” Josh says, sliding out of the booth as Jared and Jensen share an exasperated look.

Halfway through the set Chris steps up to the microphone and points out at their booth, tossing them a wink. For some reason, Jensen thinks this is a very bad thing. He is quickly proven right.

“Tonight’s set is actually dedicated to a couple friends of ours,” Chris says, and Jensen drops his head to the table. He really needs to stop coming to Chris and Steve’s shows.

“Yeah,” Steve says into his mic, looking up from tuning his guitar. “Jared and Jensen, stand up!” Jared and Jensen both start shaking their heads in perfect sync.

“Get the fuck up!” Chris shouts. “I will not shut up until you stand up. So you better get up or you’ll have this whole crowd pissed at you, because they came to hear some music, not me bitching at you two assholes.”

Jensen looks at Jared and shrugs, because Chris isn’t lying. He really will go on and on until they comply. Jensen slides out of the booth and stands, Jared following after. They glare daggers at Chris and Steve, who merely laugh into their mics.

“That’s Jared and Jensen,” Chris says. “Now aren’t they just the cutest couple y’all ever did see?” Jared and Jensen both stick up their middle fingers even as the crowd starts applauding.

“These guys deserve a little celebration tonight, as we hear it. Especially Jared,” Steve adds, taking off his cowboy hat and setting it on a stool.

“It gets big Jay real riled up when he sees his Jen singin’ on a stage,” Chris drawls. “So how’s about we get him up here to sing a song with us?”

No!” Jensen shouts over the sudden roar of the crowd. He turns to Jared to see him looking at him with big, innocent eyes. “Oh no. No way.”

Jared gives him his best puppy eyes, lips turned out into a pretty little pout.


Jensen closes his eyes for a moment, cursing the world, and then climbs onto the stage amidst thunderous applause. Chris sticks Steve’s black cowboy hat on his head and Jensen tips it down a little to cover his eyes. Steve hands him a third mic (fuckers had this planned) and Jensen takes it from him. Chris hands him the customary shot of tequila and he knocks it back, barely wincing at the burn.

“Hi, I’m Jensen,” he says to the crowd, “and I hate everyone on this stage. And in that booth,” he adds, pointing to where his brothers are sitting with Mike and Tom. Jared is missing, and a quick scan shows him that Jared has made his way to the front of the crowd gathered in front of the stage. “Most of all, I hate this guy right here,” he says, pointing at Jared.

Jared just lets out a loud whoop and claps, and Jensen lets out a chuckle and winks at him. “What the fuck are we singing, you country bumpkin assholes?”

A familiar beat starts up and the crowd erupts into applause. Jensen starts nodding his head to the song that Chris and Steve wrote as an ode to their wild parties. He takes his place between Chris and Steve, keeping Jared in sight as he starts singing along with Chris.

So you’re tired and you’re beat and you worked all week, and you need a place you can let it go. Where the girls go wild and the boys play hard and you need a little more than just the radio. Well here’s your open invitation, with just a couple regulations. Let me warn ya son, only come to have fun. We don’t take kindly to serious. So leave your troubles at the door unless you want some in here.

Jared lets out another shout and Jensen tips the cowboy hat at him, enjoying the way the cry dies on Jared’s lips. That’s when the thrill of being on stage really hits him, and he throws himself into the chorus with Chris. It doesn’t hurt that he knows Jared is watching him, and he knows how his ass looks in these jeans.

Welcome to my house, buckle up tight. Everybody sings and drinks and laughs and gets high. It’s county music, a little soul; it’s a rock and roll rodeo. We don’t tolerate no sittin’ around. Everybody’s dancin’, groovin’, and getting’ on down. So before you come in here with some kind of attitude, you better read the house rules.

By the time the song ends, Jensen is breathing hard and flushed a pretty shade of pink, a fine sheen of sweat clinging to him. He tips his hat to the crowd, blushing at their applause. He hands the mic back to Chris when he slaps him on the back and ducks when Steve tries to take his hat back.

“Mine, asshole.” He looks down at the crowd but he doesn’t see Jared. He climbs off of the stage, letting out an unmanly yelp when he’s grabbed by the shirt and yanked backwards towards the side door.

Jared pushes him up against the wall once he gets him outside, attacking his mouth before Jensen can even process the bright lights and cool air of the parking lot. Jensen laughs into Jared’s kiss, clutching at his slim hips as Jared bites and licks at his neck.

“So fucking hot,” Jared growls as he pulls the collar of Jensen’s shirt out of the way to bite at the skin there. “Everyone in there wanted you but I’m the one that gets to fuck you,” he breathes, and Jensen’s hips twitch, the cowboy hat getting skewed as he lets his head tip back against the wall.

“Where?” Jensen breathes, not even making a crack about Jared’s possessive streak because, well, he really wants to get fucked. That’s when Jared takes a step back, a sinful grin on his lips and a gleam in his eyes. He holds something up and it takes a moment for Jensen to look away from that mouth long enough to see what they are.

The keys to Chris’s van. Jensen’s eyes light up and he grins wickedly, biting his lip as Jared’s fingers curl in his sweat-damp shirt.

Jared pulls Jensen towards the van, keys jangling with each eager step. He takes Jensen’s hand and swings him around, both of them laughing as he presses Jensen up against the side of the van parked a few rows back.

“I like it when you sing,” Jared says softly into the juncture of Jensen’s neck and shoulder, biting there just to make Jensen squirm as he unlocks the side door.

“Really? I never would have noticed,” Jensen says, grinning and tugging on Jared’s belt loops. Jared smirks and slides the door open, pushing Jensen inside. Jensen lands on his ass and elbows, tossing his head back and laughing. The hat falls off of his head as Jared crawls in on top of him. Jensen scoots backwards onto the mattress that takes up the entire back of the van and Jared slides the door shut. Jensen tosses the hat up towards the driver’s seat and clutches at Jared’s shirt, letting his legs fall open so Jared can slip between them, fitting perfectly like he always does.

“Want you,” Jensen pants against Jared’s lips, rolling his hips up against Jared’s. The taller boy bites off a broken moan, reaching down to pull Jensen’s shirt up over his head. Jensen sits up, going for the buttons on Jared’s shirt as soon as his is off.

“You’ve got me,” Jared says, pulling his shirt off of his shoulders and pushing Jensen back down. He grabs Jensen’s foot, trying to pull off his shoe. Jensen laughs at Jared’s frustrated noises and pulls his foot away to pull his shoes and socks off on his own. Jared kicks off his own shoes and undoes Jensen’s pants, leaning down to kiss and bite at Jensen’s stomach.

He flips Jensen over as soon as he’s got him naked, shoving an arm under Jensen’s stomach to bring him up to his knees. Jensen reaches up to grab the back of the passenger seat with both hands, letting his head fall forward with a groan as Jared elbows his legs apart. Jared sucks kisses down his back, dragging his tongue down to the base of his spine as he kicks off his own pants. He pulls Jensen’s cheeks apart with his thumbs, wasting no time in dragging his tongue over the tight little knot of muscle. Jensen keens, breath coming out harshly as he arches back against Jared’s mouth.

“Fuck, Jared – shit.” Jensen whimpers as Jared presses his thumb to the hole, rubbing circles around it before pressing his mouth to it again, pushing his tongue inside. He mouths at Jensen’s ass until his chin is wet with spit, until he can’t ignore Jensen’s begging any longer, and then he shoves two fingers into his ass without warning. His dick twitches at the way Jensen moans so prettily, his back curving into an obscene arch.

“C’mere,” Jared breathes, putting his free hand on Jensen’s stomach and pulling him back until he’s on his hands and knees on the mattress. He slides his fingers in and out of Jensen’s ass, feeling the drag of too little lube and he realizes with a sudden jolt that he doesn’t have any supplies. He wasn’t exactly planning on this happening when Josh and Jeff dragged them out tonight, and he didn’t think to pocket any.

“I don’t have lube,” Jared laments, letting his fingers slip free as he drops his forehead to the base of Jensen’s spine.

“Do it anyway,” Jensen growls, pushing his ass back against nothing. Jared squeezes his eyes shut and digs his fingers into the firm flesh of Jensen’s ass. Jensen makes these desperate little noises, all breathy and sweet, and Jared lets out a sigh into the soft skin of his back.

“I’m not fucking you with spit,” Jared says, pulling himself up to sit on his haunches. “I’m not exactly lacking in that department. And we don’t have a condom.”

“Do it anyway,” Jensen says again, looking at Jared over his shoulder, eyes smoldering and desperate. Jared’s heart skips a few beats because fuck, he wants to. He wants to shove his dick in that tiny hole with nothing between them, wants to come deep inside Jensen’s ass.

“This is something we need to talk about,” Jared grits out, “and not in the back of a van.”

“Fuck!” Jensen shouts, scrambling forward to lean between the front seats. Jared nearly catches a foot in the face from all his flailing. Jensen looks ridiculous, all naked and contorted, one foot coming up to slam against the ceiling of the van as he falls forward with a loud curse.

Jared is too busy staring to dodge the tube of lube that hits him in the forehead, or the subsequent box of condoms that hits him in the chest. Leave it to Chris to always be prepared. Jensen climbs into the back of the van, cheeks flushed and eyes dark with desire.

“Fine, we’ll talk later,” Jensen pants, crawling forward like sin personified. He kisses his way up Jared’s chest, pausing to bite roughly at a nipple. He kisses Jared’s mouth, licking the taste of himself out of it. “But will you please fuck me now?”

Yes,” Jared growls, nipping at Jensen’s fat bottom lip before flipping him over again. Jensen hums his approval and tilts his ass up like an open invitation. Jared prepares him quickly, shoving his fingers in and out as he bites at the swell of his ass, licking away the sting.

He rolls on a condom and lubes himself up, spreading Jensen open with one sticky hand as he presses in nice and slow. They both moan, Jensen dropping his head forward and Jared watching that hungry pink hole swallow his dick.

“Yeah, shit. Do it,” Jensen moans, swiveling his hips and pressing back against Jared’s dick. Jared grunts and grabs onto Jensen’s hips hard enough to bruise, pounding into Jensen over and over, feeling the sweet drag of his dick over Jensen’s flared prostate on every other stroke. Jensen lifts one hand from the mattress to jerk himself off but he slips to his elbows instead, crying out Jared’s name.

Jared reaches around to fist Jensen’s cock, all sticky and wet. He strokes roughly in time with his quick thrusts. “Come,” Jared breathes, fucking into Jensen even harder. And then Jensen does, back arching up as he cries out, thick come coating Jared’s fingers. He slides his hand up Jensen’s chest, smearing the come into his skin before he grabs his shoulder, using the leverage to pull him back even harder onto his cock.

“Don’t – don’t come in me,” Jensen pants, and Jared’s hips falter for a moment. He’s just about there and it’s nearly painful to hold back.

“Why?” He asks, hand sliding down Jensen’s sweaty back. Jensen looks over his shoulder at him, lips swollen and red.

“I want it,” he says, still pushing back against Jared’s dick. “I want to get you off with my mouth.”

“Fuck,” Jared breathes, nearly coming right then and there. He pulls out of Jensen and falls back onto his ass, tugging off the condom quickly. Jensen licks his lips and turns around, glancing up at Jared from under his lashes as he wraps his hand around Jared’s dick.

He doesn’t last long, not with the way Jensen is sucking him, tongue fucking into the slit on the upstroke. He comes with a shout, his whole body tensing with it. He looks down to see Jensen sucking him clean, dick twitching as Jensen gives it one last lick. He sits back on his haunches and smiles at Jared, licking the last drops of come from his abused lips.

“Holy shit,” Jared breathes, collapsing onto the mattress. “I’m dead. You fucking killed me.” Jensen laughs and lies down next to him, both of them lapsing into silence as they try to catch their breath. Jensen traces patterns with his fingertips along Jared’s chest, pausing to lay his palm flat against Jared’s racing heart.

Jensen picks up the empty condom wrapper and sets it on Jared’s stomach. They both look down at it and Jensen places a soft kiss to Jared’s chest. “We maybe don’t have to, you know? Not if we don’t want to.”

Jared takes a deep breath and Jensen looks up shyly at him. Jared smiles and runs his thumb along Jensen’s jaw. He’s right. They don’t have to use condoms. It’s not like they’ve been with anybody else. Not that way, anyway. But they both have fucked around with people in other ways. Jared knows it’s a huge deal, fucking raw. It’s a trust issue, and Jensen obviously trusts Jared enough to offer up his body like that. The complete faith Jensen has in him makes Jared speechless for a moment, his throat working. That trust is something he will never take for granted.

“Yeah,” Jared finally gasps out. “We could go get tested, or something. Just to be sure. And then, yeah, maybe.”

“Let’s do that,” Jensen says against his shoulder, eyes drifting closed. “I want to feel all of you when you’re inside of me.”

Jared hums his approval, running his fingers through Jensen’s damp hair. They’ll talk about it later, when they’re not all fucked out and sleepy. Speaking of, he shakes Jensen’s shoulder, smiling at the crease between the older boy’s eyes and the groan of protest that falls from his lips. “Wake up. We gotta go back in before they come lookin’ for us.”

“Fuck off,” Jensen says, but counteracts the statement by burrowing closer to Jared. He rolls his eyes and flicks Jensen’s ear, making the other boy swat at him.

“We can’t sleep in the back of the van,” Jared says, rolling Jensen off of him and sitting up. He uses his undershirt to wipe the come from Jensen’s skin before pulling on his clothes. Jensen stays curled up on the mattress, letting out a sharp yelp when Jared smacks his ass. “C’mon. We’ll tell the guys we’re leaving and then I’ll drive you home.”

“I hate you,” Jensen grumbles as he sits up. Jared laughs and shoves Jensen’s clothes at him.

“It’s so obvious,” Jared grins, leaning over to give Jensen a kiss, “how much you hate me.”

They wrap the used condom up in Jared’s tee to be thrown away on the way back inside, and they even crack a window to try to air out some of the sex smell. They giggle at each other on their way back into the club. Chris and Steve’s set is over, if the rock coming from the jukebox is any indication.

They find all of the guys crammed into the same booth, empty bottles covering much of the surface saved for an empty spot in front of a very agitated looking Tom. Chris lets out a low whistle when they walk up, Jared’s arm slung around Jensen’s shoulders. They’re aware of how disheveled they must look, and Jared grins at them.

“What have you boys been up to?” Chris leers, and Jared’s grin widens as he pulls the keys to the van out of his pocket. He wiggles them in Chris’s face before letting them drop to the table. Chris stares at them in horror for a moment, Josh and Jeff making gagging noises as Jensen laughs against Jared’s shoulder.

“You didn’t!” Chris gasps, and Mike lets out an insane giggle. “That is fucked up.”

“Come on!” Tom yells, slamming his fist onto the tabletop. “We all have to ride in there tonight.”

“Don’t worry,” Jensen says, wrapping his arm around Jared’s waist. “We cracked a window.”

“Y’all are wrong,” Steve says, eyeing them both. “My hat better not have been a part of such disgusting acts.”

“It’s safe,” Jared says, smirking. “Can’t say the same for Chris’s emergency supplies.”

“Oh, come on!” Chris yells, shaking his head. Jared laughs again and holds his hand out towards Josh.

“Keys, drunk ass,” he demands. “I gotta get Jen home. He’s pretty worn out.”

“Very tired,” Jensen agrees, nodding gravely. Josh and Jeff grimace and Josh digs for his keys, teetering precariously on the edge of the booth. He holds them out to Jared but snatches them back at the last second.

“You got it all out of your system, right?” He asks, looking up at them with only one eye open. It’s a weird habit he gets when he’s drunk. “I’m not gonna like, find evidence of your filthy activities on my backseat, am I?”

“We’ll save it for the bedroom,” Jared says, and Josh shudders visibly as he hands over the keys. Jared and Jensen say their goodbyes and head back out towards the parking lot, their steps in perfect sync. Jensen reaches up to tangle his fingers with Jared’s next to his shoulder, bumping their hips together as they walk.

“You’re staying with me tonight, right?” Jensen asks around a yawn. Jared smiles and turns his head to kiss Jensen’s temple. He knows he can go over to Jensen’s, to his second home, and fall asleep curled around Jensen without worrying what will happen if his parents walk in. He actually can’t wait to fall asleep to the sound of Jensen’s breathing.

“Yeah,” Jared replies as he opens the passenger door for Jensen. He goes to get in but stops, turning back to look at Jared.

“I don’t hate you,” Jensen replies, picking up their earlier teasing from the van. “I actually sort of love you.”

“Imagine that,” Jared replies, leaning over the door of the car. “I kinda love you, too.”

Jensen lets out a mock gasp of surprise and then smirks, reaching out to push at Jared’s shoulder. Jared laughs and catches Jensen’s hand in his own, pulling him forward until their lips meet.

The kiss is sweet and playful, soft and loving. It’s everything they are to each other. It’s them, plain and simple.


sequel: waste our weeks beneath the sun

Notes, acknowledgments, and music.
Tags: fic, reinventing love verse, rps, supernatural, you can breathe now

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Recent Posts from This Journal

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