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Oh,My Life is Good [entries|friends|calendar]
I think of ♥ You♥ and Everythings Alright

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[21 Aug 2004|01:55pm]

Yeah, I made this badboy LiveJournal FO for a few reasons
1) Once in a blue moon I update a lot from libaries and other computers/public places and I just do not like the feeling if people look under the history and are able to read my enteries.
2) Our days, it's hard to have a teenage girl feel safe and I do not want crusty old men with facil hair reading this.
3) It's a "family rule" now.
4) HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO MY HIGH SCHOOL? Gossip.. gossip.. bitch.. bitch.. like... really I do not want people reading my things and then using it against me.
5) I'm boring and I bet you would not be interested anyway.
6) I'm just plain old safe and old fashioned.
7) Journals are usually made to be personal so SOMETIMES I write stuff that I do not want the whole world knowing.
8) I hate drama both in real life and on the internet. Can't we just live in peace?
5 oN tUesdAy i aM faDing

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