i dont even know

hey yall i didnt have a really good day. it was fucked up.

i know i am not the only one who calls their boyfriend in this state. I mean what the fuck. all i know is that nate is pissed at me bc i keep calling him just to see how his day went. He didnt wait for me after any of my classes, he didnt wait for me after school to walk to our cars. He just leaves. So i go to my car with lacey and he is sittin in his truck waiting for his brother, so what do i do? i leave w/o saying bye to him. I gave him the most evil look i could before i left. If he wants to play this game i can play right along with him. God he is such a jackass. oh well i am done venting. ill ttyl

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well dang...i havent updated in a while. Not a lot is going on with me. I have been really bus with school and switching boyfriends. HAHA. But me and m FFA team made it to state conventions so thats good. ummm...i got my saddle. And im going to try out for cheerleading up here. They need some of that SOUTHERN SPIRIT! haha. jk

but yeah me and nate got caught at my house alone on monday so im grounded till sunday damnit! YAY its SPRING BREAK!

<3 morgeee
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