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Broken Knuckles, Broken Hearts, I Fell In Love And Fell Apart......

I Tried To Run You Tried To Hide, Still We Managed To Colide.

3 May
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Im Miranda im 15 if you want to know more ask me.

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Me and Michael
12 stones, 3rd eye blind, acoustic guitars, aim, amy lee, band shirts, beach, being a dork, being in love, being me, black, black roses, blindside, blink 182, blood, blue, boys, brand new, breaking benjamin, broken glass, broken hearts, butterflies, candles, chains, church, converse shoes, cookies, cows, crying, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, depression, despair, dreaming, dreams, drug free, emo, emo bands, emo boys, emo guys, emo hair, emo kids, emo lyrics, emo music, emotion, eyeliner, fairies, falling in love, family guy, first dates, fishnet, flying squirrels!, freaks, friendships, god, godsamck, good charlotte, green day, guitar, guys, halloween, happy bunny, harry potter, heartbreak, hoodies, hopeless romantics, hot guys, hot topic, hugs, humps, icp, ill nino, jelly braclets, kissing, knee high socks, korn, latenight phone calls, laughing my ass off, linkin park, livejournal, losers, love, lyrics, making people laughing, mixed cds, mixtapes, moo, music, new found glory, nickelback, nightmare before christmas, pacsun, pain, papa roach, peircings, pepsi, photography, pictures, piercings, pixies, pizza, poetry, punk, punk music, punk rock, punk rockers, rain clouds, rock, rock music, romance, roses, rufio, scars, screaming, shooting stars, simple plan, singing, sleeping, slipknot, something corporate, stars, studded belts, sum 41, sum41, switchfoot, taking back sunday, talking, tears, the 80's, the moon, the used, three days grace, thunderstorms, tinkerbell, trapt, vans, vintage, wishes, writing, yellowcard, ♥♥,