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Deformed fetus army

beautiful fetus come to me

Deformed fetus army
5 September
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I want a fetus army , to help me take over the world , i am going to be queen one day so i suggest you be pleasnt to me = > , I like the colour green ,

BaNdS: my dying bride, placebo ,DYING FETUS, london after midnight , behemoth , cinema strange cruxshaodws , christian death the pixies,skinny puppy, switch blade symphony ,cannible corpse , OcToBrE MoUrNiNg,black tape for a blue girl , mindless self indulence , tragic black , switchblade alien sex fiend bauhaus,impaled , red tear memory ...
winter, wounds, wumpscut.
'80s, 1980's, 45 grave, 80's goth music, 80s, alien sex fiend, animal rights, art, avoiding stupid people, batcave, bats, bauhaus, behemoth, betty page, big boots, bisexuality, bisexuals, biting, blades, blind guardian, blood, boys wearing makeup, burning, camden, camden market, candlemass, cannible corpse, christian death, christian death the pixies, cigarettes, cinema strange, cinema strange cruxshaodws, coffee, cosmetics, creativity, cruxshadows, cry, cunt, cuts, darkwave, david bowie, dead can dance, dead people, death, demons and wizards, destinys end, dragons, drawing, drawn on eyebrows, dreams, dying fetus, entombed, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyes, fairys elfs pixies, fates warning, feather boas, fetus, fucking, gamma ray, glam, glam rock, glamorous, glitter, goth, gothic beauty magazine, gothic rock, green, hair dye, homosexuals, horror movies, iced, joy division, lesbian, liquid eye liner, london, london after midnight, make up, make-up, makeup artistry, mental hospitals, music, new romantic, nicky wire, no eyebrows, people watching, perfectionism, photography, piercing, piercings, placebo, pleistoscene, poetry, porn, pretty girls make graves, pretty people, razorblades, reading, sarcasm, scabs, scarification, scars, schizophrenia, sculptures, serialkillers, sex, sex gang children, shadow project, shaving, siouxsie, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, smell of nailpolish, spiders, steel prophet, suicide methods, sunglasses, switch blade symphony, switchblade symphony, symphony x, synthetic hair, tattoos, the cure, the forsaken, the pixies, the smiths, thrift stores, tiaras, tragic black, vegan, vegetarian, virgin steele