I wore the time like a dress that year

you should know time's tide will smother you

"The landslide will bring it down."
-Fleetwood Mac

"Someday you will find me caught beneath the landslide."

"i fear that i am ordinary, just like everyone
to lie here and die among the sorrows
adrift among the days
for everything i ever said
and everything i've ever done is gone and dead
as all things must surely have to end
and great loves will one day have to part
i know that i am meant for this world
my life has been extraordinary
blessed and cursed and won
time heals but i'm forever broken
by and by the way...
have you ever heard the words
i'm singing in these songs
it's for the girl i've loved all along
can a taste of love be so wrong
as all things must surely have to end
and great loves will one day have to part
i know that i am meant for this world
and in my mind i was floating
far above the clouds
some children laughed i'd fall for certain
for thinking that i'd last forever
but i knew exactly where i was
and i knew the meaning of it all
and i knew the distance to the sun
and i knew the echo that is love
and i knew the secrets in your spires
and i knew the emptiness of youth
and i knew the solitude of heart
and i knew the murmurs of the soul
and the world is drawn into your hands
and the world is etched upon your heart
and the world so hard to understand
is the world you can't live without
and i knew the silence of the world."
-Smashing Pumpkins


"It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself." -American Beauty

"and i don't think war is noble
and i don't like to think love is like war"
-ani difranco

"However much we may admire the orator's occasional bursts of eloquence, the noblest written words are commonly far behind or above the fleeting spoken language as the firmament with its stars is behind the clouds. There are the stars, and they who can may read them. The astronomers forever comment on and observe them. They are not exhalations like our daily colloquies and vaporous breath. What is called eloquence in the forum is commonly found to be rhetoric in the study. The orator yields to the inspiration of a transient occasion, and speaks to the mob before him, to those who can hear him; but the writer, whose more equable life is his occasion, and who would be distracted by the event and the crowd which inspire the orator, speaks to the intellect and heart of mankind, to all in any age who can understand him." -Henry David Thoreau, from Walden

"I dream I never know anyone at the party and I'm always the host."
-Counting Crows

"...you make me feel so tall- I always want to be this tall 'cause maybe I'll be original and sometimes things you say just make me think in different ways so this is my way of saying I could be the one who's dragged home at night away from my hopeless dreams- you and me will forge some future because we don't want to be waiting for something right to go wrong." -Saves The Day

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