The "guess which songs these lyrics are from" meme...again

1. Life is short
    So love the one you got
   'Cause you might get run over
   Or you might get shot
   Sublime- "What I Got",  guessed by judasmoncoeur

2. If I was beautiful like you
    I would never be at fault
    I would walk in the rain between the rain drops
    Brining traffic to a halt
    But that will never be
    That will never, ever be
    'Cause I'm not beautiful like you
     I'm beautiful like me

3. Well you know that it's beginning
    And you know that it's the end
  Once again we are strangers
    As the fog comes rolling in
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Class schedule Fall 2008

Thursdays are going to be taxing but other than that I think I can live with this:

English 367: Shakespeare's Principle Plays 10am-11am, then DONE (zing!)

Physics 288: Physics of Music (for my Quantitative reasoning requirement) 1pm-2:30pm
English 313: Topics in Literary Studies- Jane Austen 2:30pm-4pm
English 341: Fantasy 4pm-5:30pm

English 367: Shakespeare's Principle Plays 10am-11am, then DONE (woot!)

English 367: Shakespeare's Principle Plays 11am-noon
Physics 288: Physics of Music 1:00pm-2:30pm
English 313: Topics in Literary Studies- Jane Austen 2:30-4pm
English 341: Fantasy 4pm-5:30pm

English 367: Shakespeare's Principle Plays 10am-11am
English 341: Fantasy 11am-noon
English 313: Topics in Literary Studies- Jane Austen noon-1pm

It's crazy to think that this would be my last year of school  if I wasn't doing a two year program for my library and information sciences degree...


On home and the tranferrance of it

I spent the entirety of Thanksgiving Break sleeping on my parent's couch (I no longer have a bed because my dad's sleep disorder drives my mother bonkers and my grandmother was in town). This meant four nights of watching television into the early hours of the morning and being woken up whenever my family got up (which was usually only four hours or so after I went to sleep). Relief washed over me when I realized I would be going back to the apartment today--relief bordering on pure joy.

I realized this morning that even if I slept in what was formerly my bed, I doubt I would have felt much more comfortable. This is not a slight against my family. I was happy to see them all. It's just that I no longer feel at home in their home. I still enjoy visiting from time to time but I can't help but think of my apartment as my home now. It's where I feel the most comfortable. This is especially true of my bed room. I realized today, upon my return, that this is the first time in my life that I've ever gotten to decorate my room the way I want to--the placement and selection of the furniture, everything.

I know I won't always live here but it's nice to know that I'm capable of making a space for myself in the world that I'm comfortable in.

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"Under a cherry tree
I found a robin's egg,
broken, but not shattered

I had been thinking of you,
and was kneeling in the grass
among the fallen blossoms

when I saw it: a blue scrap,
a delicate toy, as light
as confetti

It didn't seem real,
but nature will do such things
from time to time.

I looked inside:
it was glistening, hollow
a perfect shell

except for the missing crown,
which made it possible
to look inside.

What had been there
is gone now
and lives in my heart

where, periodically
it opens up its wings
tearing me apart."

-Phillis Levin,
                        "End of April"
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Nerdery are be having ate my brains!

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

While I don't so much agree with this description of Ron fitting me, I have been identifying with him more this time around. Mostly because he acts like a jerk sometimes but means well and seems to wrestle somewhat with his immature impulses, though they often get the best of him.

I'm two hundred something pages into Order of the Phoenix and I have to admit that it's been slow goings. I flew through the first four and actually enjoyed Goblet of Fire this time around, though one through three will probably always be my favorites (particularly three) unless seven is spectacular (I have hOpe that it might be but we'll see'm). I'm looking forward to the last portion of the book and to rereading Half Blood Prince (and obviously Deathly Hallows). I'm going to try to work on compiling some of my theories and predictions into a later post. I've been recording them in what used to be my film notebook and have devoted a page or two to each book. (I know, I know nerdy. This is the same notebook I wrote out a list of my favorite Buffy episodes in everytime I got bored in class and didn't feel like drawing clevah animals).
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