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Moondragon of Titan

Holy Words from the Priestess

Moondragon is from Marvel Comics. She's been an Avenger and a Defender. She doesn't suffer fools gladly.


Moondragon, born Heather Douglas, is the human daughter of Arthur Douglas and his wife Yvette. When she was three years old, after the death of her parents, she was taken from earth by the Titanian called Mentor, who was the benevolent ruler of the Eternals of Titan. Taken to the settlement of Eternals on the moon Titan, Heather Douglas was placed in the Shao-Lom monastery to be schooled in the arts and disciplines of the ascetic monks of Titan. (These arts and disciplines had their origins in the teachings of the Priests of Pama, a pacifistic sect of the alien Kree). The Shao-Lom taught her complete control of her body and mind as well as the total mastery of her latent psionic potential. She also became an acomplished athelete, martial artist, and geneticist. Although she herself was not an Eternal, Heather progressed far beyond her fellow students in the Shao-Lom arts of mind and body.

When her studies were finished, she chose Moondragon as her name within the order of priests. Leaving Titan after an attack by Thanos, Moondragon came to Earth where she began testing a number of Earth's superhuman champions for possible use in the war against Thanos.

Soon after this, Moondragon joined the Avengers, when their enemy, the time master Kang, believed that she might be the Celestial Madonna, the woman destined to bear humanity's future savior. However, it was Mantis, another associate of the Avengers, who was designated the Celestial Madonna, much to Moondragon's dismay. Nonetheless, Moondragon began to make her feelings of superiority to commonplace humanity (as well as to the majority of Avengers) known, eventually denying her humanity and claiming to be a goddess. She acted as the benevolent ruler of the planet Ba-Banis for a short period of time, maintaining telepathic contact with all of its denizens, but was eventually persuaded to relinquish rule. Offered membership in the Avengers, she refused, but continued to associate with them periodically, joining them to defeat numerous foes.

Moondragon joined the Defenders for a time, then joined the Infinity Watch, a team formed by Adam Warlock, during the Infinity War. She then undertook the training of the Kree Genis-Vell, the new Captain Marvel. Her closest affiliation is now with Genis, Rick and Marlo Jones, and of course Adam Warlock, Gamora, Pip, and the Eternals.

Strength Level: Moondragon posses peak athletic human strength.

Known powers: Moondragon possesses numerous superhuman powers, having been taught to achieve mastery of several psionic powers by the priests of Shao-Lom. She is an extremely powerful telepath, able to read the thoughts of others and project her own thoughts into the minds of others within an as yet undetermined radius. She can mentally stun or cause pain to other beings. Moondragon can also use her telepathic abilities to control the minds of others, and thus eradicate specific memories, effect personality changes, direct an individual's actions for the duration of her mental "contact," and perform other feats. It is not known how many minds she can infleunce at one time; she once maintained a psychic link with millions on the planet Ba-Banis.

Moondragon also has telekinetic powers, enabling her to levitate herself, other people, and objects. In levitating she uses psionic energy to interact with gravitons (the sub-atomic particles carrying the force of gravity) in such a way as to allow her to resist the force of gravity. She cannot fly, however; since she has no power of propulsion once she is airborne, she can only hover.

Moondragon can project psionic energy as concussive blasts, capable of causing death.

Moondragon is bisexual, and since her biological clock has started to tick recently, she's looking for a mate. She is currently in retreat on Titan, where the dating pool is quite small. She's considering developing a crush on Thor. She's never had much luck on the romance front, poor girl.