Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

Out of my 600 songs:

Songs on my PLay List:

Dramarama- Anything Anything
Def Leppard- Put some sugar on me
The Killers- Somebody told me
Kill Bill Soundtrack- Bang bang
The Servant- Orchestra
+Dare you to Move
+Meant to live
+On fire
Matchbook romance- Promise
Hoobastank- Same direction
Eifel 65- Voglia di dance all night
Brand New- Mix tape
+Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
+Seventy times 7
+Soco Amaretto Lime
Foo fighters- Everlong
Counting Crows- Colorblind

(... Now that I think about it, my play list is really long... so...
To Be CONTINUED .... sometime in the future)

P.s. John & Kyle- Love u guys, my best friends, FAB 3 all the way.
// my new Toga Ladies :) lol.. are hott like fiya!

good times kids :)

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