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Something that amazes me :)

--Everytime I have a low, I come back 5 times higher. Maybe I needed a rejuvination.
There is so much in me that is dying to come out
and sometimes... I take that energy and misinterpret it.
I want do good for the world.
I want to be known.
I want to come out of a fight as the bigger person.
I want to learn.
I want to struggle, because the taste of victory when you struggle is that much sweeter.
I want, I will.

I am dying for school to start :) is that normal?!xoxo!
I feel a wonderful post comin soon. watch out, rawr!

M0shCavefelt: tune in next time to see how jared wins the broken heart of ms.italian wonder


M0shCavefelt: chiara if u hurt urself i will come bite u and u will be in more pain. dont be an idiot. ive never met a girl more excited about life.if u werent such a goof u could do well for urself and get urself a guy like me. ill make u want to wake up everymorning just to hear me sing to u.oh!brb i gotta go bite nick cause he hurt himself! im a man of my word. bye ms.italian wonder.

muahahahha .... CHIARA AINT ON THE MARKET!
M0shCavefelt: shoot

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