Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

Dear you-
Im sorry for all the uncertainty I bring to your life. I'm sorry for any pain.. or chaos. I'm sorry for all the self doubt & the forced lies.
I guess I just never want you out of my life again.. Even as just a friend.. I want you in my life.
I promise to be there for you and be the best friend you allow me to be. Through pain, through happiness, through battles within yourself... I promise to always be there for you.
I promise to give you a hand if you ever fall into a hole.
I promise to be here if you need a shoulder to cry on.
If you ever need me, I am here.
Someone I care about told me that as long as he's in my life, he would try to stop me from getting hurt.. if he can help it, of course.
I say that to you.
As long as Im around, i will try my hardest to keep you away from pain.
Even as just a friend.
I will always love you, please... never forget that.

...Sorry... another dream I had.
...Better entry coming soon...

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