Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

After a discussion w/ Kevin Finkmister.

The Election.
You tell me what you are fighting for.

George Bush is running for office again. Hasn't he caused enough problems? Now... I'm not saying it's all his fault...And I very well believe that shit can go wrong w/ any president.. Republican or Democrat. But lets see... He was informed of the 911 attack... & continues to have the children he was with read to him for another 18 minutes was it? Go ahead and tell me you think he handled it well...Like others might... But as Michael Moore said, I think I'd be a little worried if someone informed me of something like that.. I'd calmly excuse myself & go find out what the fuck is going on, and how my fuckin country is under attack. ((Or was he ready for the attack??))
Whatever, off topic.
Anyway. What gets me... is the whole Nader thing. People wanting to vote for Nader. DO YOU NOT REALIZE YOU ARE BASICALLY TAKING VOTES FROM KERRY AND BASICALLY GIVING VOTES TO BUSH?? Yea.. So then their response is something about once a third party gets a certain (i believe its 5%) % of the votes.. they get matching funds. Last year, Nader ran for the green party.. and got them, their matching funds... ((Note, once a party gets matching funds, they have matching funds for ever)) This year, he's running for the Independent party... THEY ALREADY HAVE MATCHING FUNDS !! from Ross Perot. So what the fuck are you saying now?
Whats your excuse?
Realistically, its going to be Kerry or Bush. Most votes that are going to Nader, would be going to Kerry if the voter had to choose Republican vs. Democrat..... So why would you choose to waste your vote on Nader... when he's not going to win?.... fine.. go ahead. ..... do it..... IM NOT 18 yet! so I CANT VOTE......................

....... fuck.

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