August 19th, 2004

Good morning

Do you ever wake up, craving life?
Wanting more out of the days you live?
Placing yourself above all else...
Believing in yourself more than you've ever believed in another human soul?
Knowing you deserve something better?
With the realization life is short?

Edit: Im writing a private entry and it just occured to me, I havent written a private entry in more than 7 months it seems...

.... Thats how I woke up today....

...Side note, I gave all I could & you threw it back to me, because you don't want it...
...I am capable of more than you give me credit for...

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third and last update:

Its funny how everything can change in a matter of a few hours.
some alone time, & i got a good grip of the lil bit of sanity I had left.
thank u guys for all ur IMs
& comments.

i can do this.
I will not become "that girl"
especially because i no longer seek sympathy.