August 18th, 2004

(no subject)

I close my eyes and I take a step ahead. Where do I stand? No longer in my bed. I open my eyes to see where I'm at, where am I? Standing on a red mat.
I look to my left, I look to my right, and thats where I notice, and I scream with fright. To my left is heaven to my right is hell, and the only scent in the air is the memory of his smell. I bite my lip, no longer afraid, but where exactly am I? What mess have I made. As I linger between inferno and perfection, where exactly lies my protection? And the cliff so high, so far of a drop... I can't just give up and still end up on top. Im tied to a rope, tugging me left and right... I start to sweat, so scared, I try to fight. One moment I'm happy the other I'm scared, when does this end, how much more can I bare?
And then it all goes silent.

english 1 (1703) 12:45-2:05 M W
math 31 (2375) 3:15-4:20 MTWTH
psych 1 (2728) 12:45- 2:05 T TH
italian2 (4269) 6:45-910pm MW