August 9th, 2004


All the same.

All of your touches are the same.
Cold. I don't feel a thing.
All of your glances relate.
You stare, attempting to disguise it.
You claim to see inside me.
You're concentrating on the color of my eyes.
All of you blind me.
I don't see a calm light around.
Your intentions are the same.
Each and everyone of you.
Let me fullfil ur needs
bursting passion's an excuse.
You are all the same.
You reach for my hand
instead of my heart.
You want my physical touch
but you don't see my heart.
If I drink at a party, fuck myself up
will you show up to make sure im ok?
None of you would
because you're all the same.
You want me to love you
Im sorry, I can't.
You want me to be there.
I'll be there in body
But my hearts all to my own.
All of you fight, to grab a hold of the key.
Not one of u knows the right way to turn it.
Not one of u asks.
Why? Because you're all the same.
Your touch is cold. Your eyes are dead.
Your kisses are dry, they lack passion.
they lack hope.
Not one of you has hope.
Because you are all the same.