August 4th, 2004

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If you wanna know what my life is like now

xI love my friends// Everything is perfect... other than the fact John & Kyle r @ camp until Saturday...//comebackx
xLori is staying w/ me cuz of some family dramax
xI miss ****//Im glad things r the way they r, & that its nothing more// nothing less... feelings are starting to arise once again//x
xSmc sign up// .... happening ...//x
xLori & John & Kyle & I are getting an apartment togetherx
xWent to a stripper party last night... w/ Josh ♥// I like him... Shh.. xx Don't tell himx
((Stripper was sticking stuff in her fleesh & getting whipped cream licked off of her titty))
Saw: Mike E, Shayna, Danny, Tagore, Ace, Emile, & lots more..//x
xLove my friends// Love these boys// Josh so hot & emo.. such a girl.. lovely hair... Lori's fantastic.. bond sessions galore//
XxX I'm quitting smoking gradually... its happening...gone from a pack a day to about 3 or 4 cigs ... and less and less.XxX.

Much Love to you,