July 25th, 2004

Agree or Disagree?

In your life, you are always going to have certain people under certain roles... In my opinion, of course.

You're always going to have the "best friend" who claims to love you, but hooks up with your boyfriend, or your ex's...You know, the one that attempts to smooth things over between you and your ex... and gets close to him or her... and ends up taking him or her out... You know that best friend, Im sure you have one, and if you dont... you will.
You're always going to have the love that lingers. An ex boyfriend or girlfriend that months or even years after, you are still in bed with, after having broken up... You know, the only one who kisses you right, the only one who knows exactly how to make love to you, how to kiss you...The only one you feel comfortable with, even if you don't want to admit it. The one, that you think about even when you are dating someone else.. late at night, he's still in your thoughts. Again, if you don't have him or her yet, you will, Im sure of it.
You're always going to have the good friends that you grow distant from, but somehow every time you reunite, even if its just for a month, its the most satisfying feeling in the world. You know, the one who calls you months later, and asks you how you are, and asks you to coffee, and you end up hanging out with for days. Only to reach another temporary dead end...
You're always going to have someone you deeply admire, even if at times you're ashamed of it. You secretely jot down certain things they do, or ways they deal with certain issues...
You wont admit reading everything they write... You wont even admit to looking at them when they are talking, watchin their lips move..
of course, all this in a NON psycho crazy obsessed way...
You are always going to have those people that truly do accept you for who you are. Whether it'd be a friend, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, mother, father, brother, sister.. someone. Someone you can laugh in front of, you know, the real way you laugh, not the way you laugh in front of people you barely know. Someone you can talk shit about someone else to, even when its so obvious that you are jealous and in reality feel so inferior.Someone you can burp in front of, fart in front of, be silent with when the mood doesnt call for talking...Some one you can go to parties and be antisocial with , when you feel like it... and when you dont, go be VERY SOCIAL WITH :)
You're always going to have that one teacher that sticks out in Highschool.
....That crush from a million years ago, that maybe you might have now, or you might not...
....That kid you used to bully in middle school ((We all did it, if it wasn't beating up for money, it was certainly in a softer way... more delicate perhaps emotional verbal beating up))

Although our lives seems so different from one anothers sometimes... The basics are there. We all get hurt. We all love. We all trust. We all admire. We all get hurt some more.All our wounds scar, and we all learn from our battles... We all do things that we know aren't good for us, you know.. the guilty pleasures... We are all ashamed of something in our past, we've all messed up... We are all insecure.. We all love some more.. and if we allow them to, others can love all of us back too... Its one big cycle..
Don't ever feel alone

Because you aren't.