Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

Part 1

"I just don't get it." I took a sip of coffee and starred deeply into Matt's eyes. I had said that same phrase to him a year ago when he broke off a 2 year relationship with me. Now, we had somehow switched roles.. and we had become best friends.
"What don't you get?" he said, smiling. "A man is supposed to spread his seed Kristie. It's just normal for a man to be dating more than one chick at once. But if a girl tries to pull that shit, she's a whore. Don't like the double standard? Become asexual."
I guess I had always been the type of girl to completely emotionally attach and devote myself to ONE man. I just couldn't understand what a guy got out of dating more than one woman.
"Is it like, more icrecream flavors on the same cone or something?" God, I sounded like such a child. But I have to admit ,I looked up to Matt. He was a good guy and he completely understood me, even when I sounded ridiculous.
"I guess. Its just a nice fuckin feeling not to feel tied down and shit. Especially when women can be so God damn emotional"

That moment right there, was the moment I decided to follow up with an experiment. I would find guys, of all different "flavors" and just taste them all out.
"Oh wait" I shouted after him as he was getting into his car. "Am I supposed to tell them about each other?"
He laughed. "No baby, thats when you're REALLY good."
So I guess if you can still have a hold over a guy even when he finds out you're seeing someone else.. OH! THATS when you're good.

I went home that night and wondered, can a woman do this? Its like, everyone says, women are more emotional and men... well.. men are more rational. Women tend to make decisions based on the heart, whereas men.. regardless of how they feel, will attempt a rational decision. So what? I've got to start thinking like a man? One would think that idea would sounds great. Admit it. Women really are more prone to get hurt. Men seem so much happier when it comes to break ups.. or what-not. But ... I took a drag of my cigarette which interrupted my train of thought.
The phone rang.

"Hey Kristie, it's Mark. Uh.. We met at Susan's engagement party. Listen, I'd love to take you out to dinner tommorow night, lets say... uh... 8? Great. I'll get your address from Susan. See you then"

I guess at that point, I lost all train of thought. I put the cigarette out and closed my eyes.
Can I do this?

To be continued/

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