Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

Its like a total update!!!

Hey. Well.. I'd like to update on how my life is going.. Aside from all the pointless, useless, and ridiculous drama.. Everything is amazing. Oh, that and the fact I've gotta drop my English camp.. Airport campus? Yea right bitches.
Ally and I are becoming really close again.. And I love it. I've never in my life met a girl I felt so comfortable with.. I adore her. Spending everyday with her at school is just perfect.
I miss a couple of people, like Mowg.. She lives near me.. and I never see her.. and that = chiara being sad. And Wess/// Called me a bitch cuz I went to a party without telling him.. Im sorry my lil flower of pudding.. I love thee..
Seth (My first puppy love) moved to Oceanside.. & I miss the guy so much.
Adam and I are hanging out a lot again and he's funny as hell. We went and got his lip pierced today, hooray! Zoolander is by far the best movie ever, we agree.
Schools going super.. (english class, die)... And I am meeting the most amazing people ever.
My moms out of town till Sept 30th.. So I might have a kickback :)
I went grocery shopping and bought yummy stuff.. in fact, Im going to make TaQuiTos .
I heard the funniest thing about last night.. All I'm going to say is 2 guys, A chick.. and highlighters. (Ew)
Im happy. I like it. Here I go with one of those entries I completely bashed a few entries back. But I wanna show it off. I wanna show off the fact there are people making me happy... making me want to work hard to make them happy too.. Its beautiful.

Drama is infesting the world. Fuck Drama.
But as much as I hate drama, Im not going to risk what I stand for to avoid it. No, we can't be cool, I read all the shit you wrote about me, so don't ask me to forget everything. I'll forget you all together instead.

Oh man, I feel a goooood story comin on!!!!! AH! lol.. brain.. storm... motha.. fucka...

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